Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A List Staffing at post-screening dinner for Precious, hosted by Marcia and Richard Mishaan at their Sagaponack home.
Last Friday night in the Hamptons at Goose Creek, Joel Schumacher, Bob Balaban, Bob Benton and Terry George hosted a private sneak of Lionsgate's highly anticipated "Precious" for its director Lee Daniels.
Dick Cavett, Martha Rogers, Dr. Jay Meltzer, and Pamela Meltzer
Marcia Mishaan, Kim Taipale, and Princess Alexandra of Greece
Pamela Johananoff and Matthew Addell
Lynn Grossman, Bob Balaban, and Peggy Siegal
Erica Schimik, R. Couri Hay, and Stacey Mooradian
Tiffany Chen and Terry George
Marcia and Richard Mishaan
Dennis Basso, Dana Taylor, Michael Cominotto, and Sarah Ayres
Andre Harrell, Lee Daniels, and Don Peebles
Nicholas Callaway and Giuliena Torre
Grant Greenberg and Ivan Bart
Antoine Verglas, Christiane Celle, and Brigg Therriault
Patricia Duff, Dr. Patrick Stubgen, and Dana Hammond Stubgen
Fran and Ros L' Esperance
Brian Farrell, Sonja Morgan, and Andy Sportsforzini
Ronald Gutman, Amy Gutman, David Salle, and Susan Capa
Daniel Benedict, Jean Francois Astier, and Jackie Astier
Tory Burch and Brooke Neidich
Frances Schultz and Tom Dittmer
Didier Phitoussi and Luca Brazzi
Tracy and Jay Snyder
Bettina Zilkha
Dana Hanmmond Stubgen and Farhad Farman-Farmaian
Linda Sirow, Iris Marden, and Anne Keating
Ariadne Calvo-Platero and Christopher Mason
Marilyn Heston and Waldo Fernandez
Patty Raynes and Tiffany Dubin
Frances Schultz, Bill Smith, and Beth Rudin DeWoody
Parry Williamson and Sally Quinn
Gianni Harrell, Storey Schifter, Alexandra Mishaan, and Anna McEnroe
Andrew Raquet and Lee Mendel
Charlie Ayres and Douglas Taylor
Iris Marden and Felicia Taylor
Tim Schifter and Helen Schifter
Brooke Neidich and Dan Neidich
Mike and Ashley Ramos
Dr. Harold Koplewicz and Carlton DeWoody
Kanye West and Amber Rose
Alvina Collardeau
Leslie Klotz and Marilyn Heston
Clifford Ross and Bettina Meinkohn
Eric Cahill
Ross Bleckner and Patricia Duff
Henry Heller and Jay Snyder
Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com

Just in time for the fall charity season, Robin Baker Leacock, Liliana Cavendish, Missy Hargraves, Deborah Hughes, Ross Bleckner on behalf of ACRIA and Henry Buhl for SoHo & Tribeca Partnership, hosted a special preview screening of “A Passion for Giving” at The Ross School in East Hampton. The night was a huge success; Countess LuAnn De Lesseps presented the film and Baron Christophe von Hohenberg was the special guest bartender.

Guests who showed their support included Donna Karan, Real Housewives of New York’s Jill Zarin, LuAnn De Lesseps and Kelly Killoren Bensimon; and Ann Rapp.

In this film, Robin Baker Leacock explores the people’s passion for giving through a series of quotes, art, music and interviews with a diverse group of people, some famous, some not. Subjects in the film include Ross Bleckner and Bob Colacello board members of ACRIA with Donna Karan; Gael Greene founder of City Meals on Wheels; Louise Stephaich for Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti; Alexandre De Lesseps, founder of BlueOrchid orphanage in Burma; Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels, founder of The Felix Organization; Henry Buhl founder of Soho + Tribeca Partnership; Missy Hargraves for Wildlife Rescue, John Sykes on behalf of VH1’s Save the Music; as well as cameo appearances by Russell Simmons, Dan Aykroyd and Richard Branson.

A Passion For Giving premieres in November on PBS in the New York area.
Luann De Lesseps, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Bobby Zarin, and Jill Zarin
Donna Karan and Chris Beckman
Sebastian Oppenheim and Hillary Saunders
Carmel Campos, Gary Swanson, Missy Hargraves, and Elise Bennett
Alissa Grad, Marc Simon, Anne Chaisson, and Ronni Ramirez
Jleslee Sosa Basualdo and Christine Delisle
Robert Leacock and Megan Leacock
Ben Bash, Sherry Dobbin, Norman McCrary, and Mae Mougin
Johan Svard, Sofia Staby, Jan Juran, and Ian Shapolsky
Gina Glickman and Richard Kubich
Carl Kempner and Valerie Kempner
Ann Rapp, Henry Buhl, Luann De Lesseps, and Mrs. Sicre
Lyman Ambrose, Jessica Ambrose, Anne Chaisson, and Ronni Ramirez
Bryan Moran and Julie Walker
Paola Rosenshein, Robin Baker Leacock, and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps
Ross Bleckner, Ben Bash, Victor Sadiarini, and Norman McCrary
Iris Zonligt Muster, Anke Hohm, and Gabriel Falco
Ralph Gibson and Michael Halsband
Robin Baker Leacock, Lady Fiona Dartmouth, Bob Colacello, and Lady Liliana Cavendish
Amy Gutman, Ronald Gutman, and Jo Gelgard
Anna Beck and Sabina Streeter
Jeff Oppenheim and Stephanie Oppenheim
Ross Bleckner and Ross Anderson
Christophe von Hohenberg
Lucia Mae Hwong and Melissa Berkelhammer
Eric Stern, Julie Walker, Nancy Pearson, and Bradley Irion
Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com

Closing Day at the 34th annual Hamptons Classic Horse Show brought out the social set attending the FTI Grand Prix and World Cup.
Jared Clarke, Susanne Fuller, Nicky Phelps, Philip Rogers, and Christine Partin
Marcy Warren, Debbie Loeffler, and Ben Lambert
Charlotte Stubgen and Dana Hammond Stubgen
Nathanial Kramer, Terry Allen Kramer, The Kramer Children, and Nick Simunek
Bob Lyster, Cassandra Seidenfeld Lyster, Richard Johnson, and Sessa von Richthofen
Donna Soloway and Richard Soloway
Camille von Ardem and Paige Pedersen
Debbie Bancroft, Richard Mishaan and Michelle Patterson
James Fairchild, Whitney Fairchild and Nicole Miller
Leif Bringslimark and Joy Marks
Kathy Hilton, Margo MacNabb Nederlander, Somers Farkas, and Nicole Miller
Nathan Bernstein and Katharina Otto Bernstein
Ben Lambert and Cheri Kaufman
Paul Stephaich, Robin Baker Leacock, Billy Hillman, Allison Warmeger, and Robert Leacock
Peter Cook, Suzanne Shaw and Benny Shabtai
Gail Atkins and Charles Atkins
Judy Licht and Jerry Della Femina
Margo MacNabb Nederlander and Jimmy Nederlander
Debra Halpert and Kelly Klein
John Wambold and Melanie Wambold
Neil Hirsch and Audrey Gruss
Donald Zilkha
Anait Bian and Darrell Dunbar
Elaina Scotto
Jamie Krauss
Pepe Fanjul and Peggy Siegal
Sale Johnson and Ava Monroe
Lesley Schulhof
Whitney Fairchild and Terry Allen Kramer
Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com


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