Friday, October 30, 2009

Back to Basics

KAGENO Harambee "Back to Basics" Annual Benefit at Hudson Terrace.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Bruce Hoeksema hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the great success of "Valentino; The Last Emperor" at Hoeksma's VBH on Madison Avenue and 74th Street. And Valentino himself, as well as Giancarlo Giametti, was there, plus a host and a gaggle of some of the hipper, more fashionable ones from around the town.
Valentino Garavani, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bruce Hoeksema
Daphne Guiness, Bruce Hoeksema, and Valentino Garavani
Valesca Guerrand Hermes
Amanda Ross and Zani Gugelmann
Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezavic
Alek Wek and Bruce Hoeksema
Caroline Dean
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos
Graydon Carter and Anna Scott Carter
Lori Baker and Berthil Espegren
Carlos Mota and Amy Fine Collins
Carlos Souza and Lori Baker
Hamish Bowles
Jennifer Creel and Bruce Hoeksema
Charlotte Sarkozy, Linda Wells, and Shala Monroque
Zani Gugelmann
Molly Sims, Bruce Hoeksema, and Gwyneth Paltrow
Erin Featherston
Joanne de Guardiola
Kelly Vitko and Cena Jackson
Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl
Ellen Saltzman
Jamie Yike, Daniel Cappello, and Elizabeth Brown
Julia and David Koch
Giancarlo Giammetti and Valentino Garavani
Matt Tyrnauer, Daphne Guiness, Bruce Hoeksema, and Valentino Garavani
Brian Atwood and Bianca Barnhill
Lauren Remington Platt
Michelle Trachtenberg
Giancarlo Giammetti and Peggy Siegal
Princess Rosario Nadal and Valentino Garavani
Shala Monroque
Bruce Hoeksema and Phillip Bloch
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Tuesday night's Pre-Carnegie Hall cocktail party for Iranian composer Hafez Nazeri at a private residence.
Chris Alder, Hafez Nazeri, and Yolanda Borras
Greg Spears and Dana Schimmel
Annalise Carol and Stephanie Tuck
Hamid Biglari, Vishakha Desai, Roya Heidari, and Hafez Nazeri
Hafez Nazeri, Roya Heidari, John Pierce, Marie-Noelle Pierce, Will Owens, and Alex Montagu
Chadwick Bell and Nazy Nazhand
Iran Issa-Khan and Maryam Ansary
Jamie Metzl, Hafez Nazeri, John Pierce, and Marie-Noelle Pierce
Kurt Gottschalk, Urania Mylonas, and Hafez Nazeri
Shahrokh Ahkami, Nahid Ahkami, and Zia Ghavami
Laura Checkoway and Abby Addis
Massoud Heidari
Stephanie Tuck and Jamie Metzl
Marina Abramovic, Hafez Nazeri, Roya Heidari, and Vishakha Desai
Benjamin Genocchio and Rachel Cooper
Heidi Arajomand and Siavosh Arajomand
Nazy Nazhand, Roya Heidari, Layla Diba, and Iran Issa-Khan
Leila Taghinia Heller, Iran Issa-Khan, and Dahman Kia
Maryam Filsoof, Rachel Cooper, and Hafez Nazeri
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This past Tuesday night at the Waldorf, the 2009 Alzheimer's Association Rita Hayworth Gala themed "So Near Yet So Far" honored Muffie Potter Aston in the Grand Ballroom.
Brooke Shields and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan
Jody Sarsfield and Chele Chiavacci
Buzz and Lois Aldrin
John Catsimatidis Jr., Margo Catsimatidis, John Catsimatidis St., and Andrea Catsimatidis
Chris Cox, Andrea Catsimatidis, Patricia Nixon Cox, and Ed Cox
Louise Kornfeld and Lonnie Wollin
Dr. and Mrs. John Potter
Alexis Clark
Deborah Grubman
Andrea and Margo Catsimatidis
Hilary and Bryant Gumbel
Dan Ackroyd and Donna Dixon Ackroyd
Debbie Bancroft, Somers Farkas, and Alexandra Lebenthal
Roger Waters
Debbie Bancroft and Barbara Bancroft
Jonathan Farkas, Somers Farkas, and Felicia Taylor
Prince Dmitri of Yugoslavia and Diandra Douglas
The Pointer Sisters
Dayssi Olarte de Kanarvos
Leann Clinton
Nikki Haskell
Georgette Mosbacher and Nichael Novogratz
Marc Rosen and Arlene Dahl
Georgia Mouzakis Tavlanios and Michael Wise
David Bieber, Yanna Myronovska, Dr. John Connolly, and Ingrid Connolly
Philip R. Piccigallo PhD, Harry Johns, and Joseph J. DiTrapani
Jennifer and Lonnie Wollin
Jay McInerney
Michele Herbert and Laura Hunt
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Last Sunday they held the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's "Kids for Kids Carnival" at Industria Superstudio ...
Margaret Colin and Matthew Settle
Peyton List and Spencer List
Ron and Emily Insana
Elizabeth Vargas
Jake Glaser and Nigel Barker
Jonah Bobo
Gilbert Gottfried
Meredith Hagner
Howard Cross
Jason Meyers, Jack Mackenroth, and Kevin Christiana
Cristen Barker and Nigel Barker
Daniel Tay
Emily Osment
Jessica Carlson
Jack Mackenroth and Kevin Christiana
Hallie Kate Eisenberg
Meredith Hagner and Pete Harper
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Last Monday night Elle Decor held its 2nd Annual Salutre to Women In Design at the Times Center ...
Anna Magliozzi, Bettina Prentice, and Sarah Mafel
Jennifer Powell and Alison Beale
Cara McCarty, Caroline Baumann, and Sophia Amaro
Cara McCarty, Caroline Baumann, and Sophia Amaro
Christine Szymanski, Diane Erich, and Susan Helpern
Daniel Aubry, Etienne Coffinier, and Ed Ku
Beth Rudin DeWoody and Christina Grajales
Alvin Chereskin and Mary Little
Ashley Thomas, Leslie Lowe, and Karen Present
Ann Feldstein, Michael Devine, and Alex Lerman
Diane Brandt and Eileen Smith
Eric Perez and Jessica Joyce
Jill Gogal and Jocelyn Taffe
Katie Reback and Deborah Ragasto
Carlton Bush and Sharon Hoge
Ellen Hamilton and Cat Lindsay
Evangeline Morphos and Pamela Newkirk
Gretchen Dale, Jeffrey Williams, and Cathy Cloutier
Rick Spears, Hillary Merrill, and Geert Martens
Muffie Cunningham and Lisabeth Bastone
Jayne Michaels, Tony Victoria, and Joan Michaels
Liz Nightingale, Joel Woodward, and Susan North
Katherine McDonald and Jennifer Bush
Charlotte Moss
Sarah Christensen and Dara Keithley
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Earlier this month, The Caramoor International Music Festival opened its first ever Fall Festival with a gala evening in a “garden of great music” in the Venetian Theater with Alan Gilbert, who is in his inaugural season as the New York Philharmonic’s Music Director, leading the Orchestra and legendary pianist Emanuel Ax in an all-Beethoven program: Piano Concerto No. 4 and Symphony No. 7. The concert at Caramoor is a highlight of the first weeks of Alan Gilbert’s inaugural season as the 25th Music Director of the New York Philharmonic.

The Opening Night Gala honorees were the William Petschek Family. Gala Co-chairs were Patricia and Edward Falkenberg.
Emanuel Ax and Alan Gilbert
Floy and Amos Kaminski, Margot Kaminski, and Jim Brown, Sr
Adela and Larry Elow with Michael Barrett
Howard and Sarah Soloman
Judy Evnin and Deputy County Executive Susan Tochin -White Plains
Barbara Goodkind, Michael Barrett, Zith Rosenthal, and Gail Binderman
Charles Petschek, Alan Gilbert, and Elaine Petschek
Patricia and Edward Falkenberg
Susan and John Freund
Edward Falkenberg, Barbara Spector, and Philip Schlussel
Karen and Bill Watt
Ken and Laurie Goodman
Managing Director Paul Rosenblum with Michael and Nina Stanton
Nancy and Morris Offit
Michael Barrett and Bill Watt
Paul Welch, Michael Barrett, Patricia Falkenberg, and Lisa Welch
Max and Christine Petschek
Michael Barrett and Amos Kaminski
This past Monday night Kagene Harembee "Back To Basics" held its annual benefit at Hudson Terrace.

Kageno Worldwide, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization currently operating community development projects in Rwanda and Kenya, with children’s outreach programs in the USA.

Kageno's MISSION is to transform communities suffering from inhumane poverty into places of opportunity and hope by identifying and delivering actionable programs. Kageno builds Innovative Community Centers that provide access to clean water, food, sanitation, health care, education, and income generation.
Alina Goncalves, Priscilla Zoullas, Frank Andolino, and Danielle Levine
Baroness Mariuccia Zerilli-Marimo, Lillian Vernon, and Paolo Martino
Bill Weber, Edith McBean, and Hank Lowenstein
David Hochberg, Vincent Martinelli, Luigi Messana, and Liz Stern
Brian Farrell
Lillian Vernon and Paolo Martino
DJ Cassidy
Alina Goncalves, Stephanie von Watzdorf, Priscilla Zoullas, Alexis Zoullas, and Cynthia Clift
Michael Andolino, Frank Andolino, and Bart Andolini
Ken Belden, Kelly Fisher, Dr. Louis Re, and Damian Weyand
Tommie Lathuras, Jack Levin, Heidi Schuster, and John Helfst
Carlyla Dawson and Chad Wolf
Samira Nasr and Tracee Ellis Ross
David Wassong and Alexis Zoullas
Damian Weyand, Caroline Russo, Scott Zmrhal, Brian Steinwurtzel, and Scott Palumbo
Rick Friedberg and Francine LeFrak
Liz Stern, Margo Rosato-Stevens, and Susan Flakus
Robin Renzi, Frank Andolino, Ricardo de Oliviera, and Nadina Lambert
Edith McBean and Pattie Sullivan
Eric Gartner, Vee Muka, and Frank Andolino
Dr. Louis Re and Justin Noto
Photographs by

The Orthopaedic Foundation for Active Lifestyles (OFAL) hosted its 5th anniversary gala fundraiser a week ago Thursday at The Brae Burn Country Club in Purchase. Enjoying the reception and dinner presentation from the finest chefs of Greenwich, they honored orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine expert Dr. Kevin Plancher, and raised over $425,000 for the foundation’s medical research and educational programs.

Committee board members Richard Berman, Donna deVarona, Duane Hill, George and Karen Kollitides, Albert and Dana Nickel, Morton and Lois Seaman, FOX News anchor Jon Scott and Suzanne Smith were joined by many to honor Kevin D. Plancher, MD for his outstanding work on behalf of the foundation.

Kevin Plancher MD, Heidi Albertsen, Judy Collins, and Raymond Hakimi
Guests including Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, model Heidi Albertsen, Craig Callen, Elizabeth and David Jensen, Bunny and Bob Plancher, Dana Hill, Christopher Dapolito, Sue Merz, Richard Grace, Raymond Hakimi, Ligaya Wakefield, Jackie and Peter Blank, Jamie Plancher, Megan Plancher, Lisa and Adam Hodes and Jerry and Gloria Landsberg.

The cuisine was provided by Valbella, Morello Bistro, Myrnas, Aux Delices, Thomas Henkelman, Tengda, Susan Kane Catering, and Sweet Lisa’s.

ABC 7 Eyewitness News Meterologist Bill H. Evans was emcee. The great Judy Collins performed a song dedicated to her friend the late Mary Travers, whose husband Ethan Robbins was in attendance. Comedian Jane Condon left ‘em laughing.

Proceeds from the evening benefit the Orthopaedic Foundation for Active Lifestyles, developed by Dr. Plancher, a not-for-profit foundation whose principal mission is to promote, support, develop and encourage research and education concerning orthopaedic care and advancements in technologies and treatment of arthritis, orthopaedic injuries and musculoskeletal diseases.
Bill Evans
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
Ethan Robbins
Jane Condon
David Jensen and Elizabeth Jensen
Gloria and Jerry Landsberg
Lisa and Adam Hodes
Jon Scott
Janine Bahar
Susan Smith and Hope Horton
Craig Callen
Lee Hill, Duane Hill, and Dana Hill
Bunny and Bob Planchard
Jessica Adams, Ligaya Wakefield, and Karen Kollitides
Jamie Planchard and Christina Mandia
Kevin Planchard MD and George Kollitides
Trish and Michael Spain
Al and Dana Nickel


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