Monday, September 28, 2009

Busting a move, back flips included ...

DIOR BEAUTY Party to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of J'Adore at The Boom Boom Room at The Standard New York.
DIOR BEAUTY celebrated the 10th anniversary of J’Adore with a glittery event at NYC’s newest hot spot, The Boom Boom Room @ The Standard New York.

Guests were dripping in gold, as was the venue’s décor, all in celebration of the fragrance.
 Highlights from the event included: Ally Hilfiger and crew busting a move, including back flips, to 80s flashback “Come on Eileen,” Theodora Richards rocking a vintage blue velvet blazer with embroidered flowers and gold embellished buttons, plucked straight out of father Keith Richard’s closet, and Derek Blasberg and Tinsley Mortimer posing for prom style pictures whilst recapping summer’s best highlights with the paparazzi.
Harley Viera Newton
Joy Bryant
Lake Bell
Coco Rocha
Ally Hilfiger and Ed Moerland
Waris Ahluwalia
Elisa Sednaoui and Alex Valverde
Nicky Hilton
Ashley Madekwe
Dianne Vavra and Pamela Baxter
Fernanda Niven and Marjorie Gubelmann
Allejandro Santo Domingo and David Schulhof
Bil Donovan and Sarah Brown
Pete Born and Steve Eichner
Amanda Hearst
Coralie Charriol Paul
Elisa Sednaoui
Giada and Alexi Lubomirski
Brian Clarhaut, Azura Kirk, and Brendan Ordonez
Britt Sponzo and Mark Mullett
Helen Lee Schifter
Jauretsi Saizarbitoria
Kim and Emily Holt
Lesley Schulhof
Happy Massee, Lucy McIntyre, and Ken Lerer
James Taylor, Lykke Li, and Magnus Berger
Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl
Sarah Brown and Jordan Doner
Isabel Dupre
Theodora Richards
James Conran and Coco Rocha
Luba J cuff
Ricky Wilson and Coco Rocha
Joey Jalleo
Lydia Hearst-Shaw
Stephen Lang and Jauretsi Saizarbitoria
Tinsley Mortimer
Last Thursday at Studio 450 on 450 West 31st Street, they celebrated the upcoming Point Suite Art Book.

The Point Suite Art Book will display works of forty talented emerging artists, and will contain all-original essays discussing the artists, their art, and the current artistic climate.
Christen Cuculich, Jessica Kumari, and Kathleen Noreau
Claire Rhae and Jourdan Donoho
Denise Woods and Lisa Ferber
Kristina Alexandra and John Magzalcioglu
Annika Connor and Jessika Connor
John Magzalcioglu and Christopher Quincy
Ina Lou and Annika Connor
Karen Summerton, Adam Aleksander, and Andrea Summerton
Evan Geoffroy, Bradford Kirby, Ljubo Koracevic, and David Pitts
Danielle Hacet and Gregory Littley
Amelia Martin
Diana Montoriol and Antoine Chiche
Hayley Sarno and Alexis Hove
Monique Menests, Julie Ho, Annika Connor, and Barbara Chan
Leah Whisle and Marit Vagstad
Jill Jeannides, Annika Connor, Nicholas Papadakis, Jason Cuvelier, and Steven Day
Danielle Pollack, Hope Gangloff, and Ben Degen
Monique Menests and Ray Kim
Andrea Summerton, Annika Connor, and Rachel Mary Cox
Reuben Strayer and Melanie Jelacic
K.P. Cote and Marina Zelle
Serena Sarant and Antoine Chiche
Rachel Mary Cox
Photographs by

Tommy Hilfiger and 20th century photographer Sam Haskins celebrated the launch of their first joint book publishing project Fashion Etcetera by Sam Haskins: Tommy Hilfiger Special Edition. The event marked the opening of a Milk Gallery Project six-week exhibition at Milk Gallery in New York City featuring over 100 of Sam Haskins’ original prints. The exhibition will run through October 26th.

Guests included: Tommy Hilfiger, Dee Hilfiger, Ally Hilfiger, Ludwig Haskins, Oren Haskins, Zoe Kravitz, Rebecca Minkoff, Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, Pippa Cohen, Christopher Makos, Andres Serrano, Sante D’Orazio, Lady Lilliana Cavendish, Christina Kruse, Jamie Burke, Sam Schaffer, Kate Schelter, Julia Stegner, Jamison Ernest, Nicky Hilton, Carlos Souza, Samantha Mathis, Robert Verdi, Nick Brown, Jesse Frohman, Nemo Librizzi, Mary McFadden, Eric Cahan, Eli Reed, Ralph Simmons, and Alexi Lubomirski.
Amy Finlayson and Nicole Trunfio
Ally Hilfiger, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dee Ocleppo
Carlos Souza and Julia Stegner
Carol Han and Kristian Laliberte
Giada and Alexi Lubomirski
Julia Stegner
Melissa Eastman and Chau Ngo
Christopher Makos, Jeffrey Costello, Robert Tagliapietra, and Paul Solberg
Scott Buccheit and Naeem Dellbridge
Jamison Ernest and Marija Skara
Maddy Simpson and Steve Garbarino
Mary McFadden
Steve Gold
Donna Cerruti, Mazdack Rassi, and Marek Milewicz
Jamie Burke, Thomas Hayo, and Dean Dodos
Mazdack Rassi, Nicole Trunfio, and Hunter Barnes
Nicky Hilton and Nadine Johnson
Oliver Hartman, Frances Tulk-Hart, and Darrell Hartman
Photographs by

New Yorkers got a taste of the impossible made real as  Heather Graham unveiled the extraordinary Spider Silk exhibit in the American Museum of Natural History at an intimate and private reception honoring Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley, the dreamweavers behind the one of a kind textile made from the silk of more than a million spiders.  
To imagine a textile woven from the gossamer threads of spiders has long been the stuff of dreams and fairy tale. Peers and Godley have turned it into the warp and weft of a unique and fabulous cloth to touch and admire. Drawing inspiration from an eccentric history of attempts to use the silk of spiders in weaving, this unique textile took almost five years to make, using a painstaking technique and required teams of collectors, 'silkers,' throwers and weavers to produce. More than a million Golden Orb spiders from Madagascar were collected, silked (ultra fine, naturally golden-colored silk was carefully extracted by hand from the female spiders’ spinnerets) and released.
Heather Graham, Nicholas Godley, and Simon Peers
The result was silk untrammelled,  untouched and untreated which then was thrown and mounted on a loom to be woven as pure as the silk in a web. Imbued with metaphor and poetry, with nightmare and phobia, with tales and myths that resonate within us all, this spectacular textile encompasses an extraordinary history, embodying the diverse meanings and associations that inspire and fire the imagination. Few textiles can claim such a rich heritage. 
Some might have said that The UN and Presidential gridlock that caused the unexpected Park closing made getting to the AMNH impossible that night but dedicated guests made it, some walking 10 blocks in 4-inch heels or resorting to the subway in their golden silky chic-ness. A sparking gold carpet and bubbly Veuve Clicquot welcomed guests as they entered the Grand Gallery. 
Spider Silk Textiles.
Donna D’Cruz spun gossamer for guests like Waris Ahluwalia, Victoria Aitken, Count “Calle” and Countess Natalie von Bismarck, Phillip Bloch, Geoffrey Bradfield, Coralie Charriol, Alina Cho, Alistair and Blair Clarke, Colin Cowie, Peter Davis, Lydia Fenet, Lucia Hwong-Gordon, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Zelda Kaplan, Anisha Lakhani, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, vocalist Pamela Luss, Lara Meiland Shaw, Nicole Miller, Mia Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer, Duncan Quinn, Sessa von Richthofen, Mimi So, Susan Shin, Carlos Souza, Tracy Stern,  Gigi Stone, Antony Todd, Eric Villency, Joel Warren, Arden Wohl, Daphne Zuniga and more.  
Heather Graham, Kirsten Lewis, Nicole Miller, and Daphne Zuniga
Coralie Charriol Paul
Carlos Souza, Donna D'Cruz, and Eric Villency
Nicole Miller, Nicholas Godley, Simon Peers, Heather Graham, and Daphne Zuniga
Maria Paz Gaviria
Beata Boman
Douglas Marshall and Laura Lane
Jason Carrol and Alina Cho
Lydia Fenet
Bianca Pratt and Sumi Trenholme
Michelle Jonas and Taylor Mikolasy
Donna D'Cruz and Lucia Hwong-Gordon
Yaniv Raz, Heather Graham, and Zelda Kaplan
Aria Das
Carrie Cloud and Laura Maryland-Shaw
Anisha Lakhani and Charles Darling
Ling Tan and Lea Miller
Colin Cowie and Stuart Bronstein
Tinsley Mortimer
Waris Ahluwalia
Lea Miller and Zoltan Csanavi
Anisha Lakhani, Alex McCord, Simon van Kempen, and Maggie Rizer
Robert Fowler and Raquel Tresvant
Mark Mitchell and Maggie Rizer
Tracy Stern
Roric Tobin and Geoffrey Bradfield
Mimi So, Mia Morgan, and Zelda Kaplan
Nick Dietz, Jared Clark, and Suzanne Fuller
Photographs by


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