Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hamptons Hoedowns and One To World

Tony Woods gets dumped at the Hamptons Hoedown.
This past weekend in East Hampton, Caitlin and John Tashjian and Vaughn and Michael Dorrian (of Dorrian’s) held their 3rd annual Hoedown. Guests came in all kinds of Wild West and Western get-ups. Menu for hors d’oeuvres was bruschetta and guacamole with margaritas flowing. Dinner was macaroni and cheese and ribs, of course.
The victor at this particular moment in time ...
There were Beer pong and mechanical bull riding contests. The guys who were in control of the mechanical Bull were a lot kinder to the cowgirls than the cowboys. As the photos aptly demonstrate. Those varmints! Western music was in full swing. Any one not suited up was an Urban Cowpoke. People got into it, as you can see.
Harvard Winters, Natasha Fekula, Elizabeth Gordon, and Frank Cappello
John Richter, Julie Pruitt, Nina Richter, and Anthony Addison
Dave Gulick and Vanessa Martinez
Amanda Mosle Friedman
Caitlin Tashjian, John Tashjian, and Vaughn Dorrian
Lizzie Weiser, and Julie Pruitt
Anne Callender and Will Callender
Cyrilla Yanez, Beth Amorosi, and Maresa Laino
Angel Fischer, Tim Fischer, and Anne Callender
Meredith Whitney
Pete Doyle, Vanessa Martinez, Jeff Thompson, and Niki Thompson
Angel Fischer, Becca Dorrian, and Vaughn Dorrian
Debbie White and Alison Pappas
Becca Dorrian and Carol Carbonetti
Kevin Palmer, Russell Byers, and John Schuster
Eleanor Dejuous and Mariah Davis
David Zorn
John Hawes and Amanda Church
Hope Bertrand, Rory Shaw, and Holly Cassin
Natasha Fekula and Harvard Winters
Michael Dorrian, Vaughn Dorrian, Caitlin Tashjian, and John Tashjian
Pamela Ludwick, Enrica Arengi Bentivogli, and Vaughn Dorrian
Derek and Tiffany Brody
Blake Davis, Mariah Davis, Adrian Keevil, and Alieda Keevil
John and Hope Bertrand
Kirk and John Tashjian
Mark Fabry and Thelma Kravitz
Rob Kneip, Katherine Richards, Rory Shaw, and John Bertrand
Tony Woods, Cornelia Woods, and Kenny Gleacher
Janie Wainwright and Mary Durkin
Nick Jakobson and Dave Gulick with the mystery man
Ralph Destino Jr., Michael Dorrian, and Kevin Palmer
Photographs by

This past Monday night, Meera and Vikram Gandhi opened their townhouse, the former residence of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, to One To World, a New York City-based non-profit organization that brings Americans and Fulbright Scholars from around the world face-to-face to share their lives and perspectives in life changing ways. The event was attended by over 100 Fulbright grantees and internationalists from the corporate, educational and non-profit sectors.
The Ghandis have been involved with One To World since 2007 when the organization honored the couple at its annual Fulbright Awards Dinner. They received the Humanitarian Award in recognition of their sustained commitment to furthering cross-cultural understanding and charitable action.

Since then, they have remained active in the organization, hosting events and helping One To World further the goal of bringing Americans and international students together to learn from one another and, together, become active citizens in a global society. Additionally, Meera Gandhi has served as Co-Chair of the 2008 and 2009 Fulbright Awards Dinners, using her role to increase the visibility of and support for One To World.
Peter Roggermann and John Pinto
Elsteth Kelly, Becky Akinyode, and Kiran Gandhi
Meera Gandhi and Richard Johnson
Emre Erturk and Bianca LaSalle
Katya Musacchio, Nohemi Perez, and Diana Roggermann
Ellen Sweeny and Clodagh
Kreanne Rabadi and Tracey Thorne
Maria Azarm, Bill Stern, and Bess Wyrick
Sam Warshauer and Alexis Rudisill
Meera Gandhi and Wenke Thoman Sterns
Kshitija Ajit Sawant and Saira Sheikh
Jaswant Lalwani and Resham Shaam
Ayesha Hakki and Jackie Melwani
Ron Shah, Katya Musacchio, and Kshitija Ajit Sawant
Victoria Cordi and Jehann Jack


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