Thursday, October 15, 2009

Humanitarian Awards

SG Pipes and Drums playing aboard the Intrepid to benefit "Heal A Soldier 's Life."
This past Tuesday night in New York, Barry Diller, Chairman and CEO of IAC, presented architect Frank Gehry with The New York Stem Cell Foundation Humanitarian Award at Breaking Ground, at the NYSCF's 4th Annual Dinner Celebration at The Rockefeller University. More than 300 attended.

Also, NYSCF Board Member Dr. Zach W. Hall presented The New York Stem Cell Foundation Leadership Award to Joel S. Marcus, Chairman and CEO of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. The award honors individuals in public life who have resolutely and courageously supported stem cell research;

Barry Diler.
Dr. Hall noted that Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. has become the nation's most prominent developer of real estate for the life sciences.

Susan L. Solomon, CEO and co-founder of the foundation said that "This has been a watershed year for stem cell research and for NYSCF."

She noted that in recent weeks several NYSCF-Druckenmiller Fellows have published research that is moving scientists toward understanding and curing some of the most devastating diseases of the day. "What we have been able to achieve – with the support of so many people in this room – is nothing short of astonishing, though there is much more to accomplish."

Mr. Gehry received The New York Stem Cell Foundation Humanitarian Award, created to honor people, including non-scientists, who have resolutely and courageously supported stem cell research during a time of exceptional challenge for advanced scientific research in the United States.

As an architect, Mr. Gehry has always worked at the cutting edge of science and technology, and for more than four decades has been actively involved in the work of the Hereditary Disease Foundation, which supports critical research in the life sciences. Most recently, he worked with the foundation to create the Leslie Gehry Brenner Award for Innovation in Science to honor the memory of his daughter, who died in 2008 of uterine cancer. NYSCF saluted Mr. Gehry for his lifetime of support for advanced scientific research.

Frank Gehry.
The program also featured remarks by NYSCF Board Member John Eastman and NYSCF Board Chairman Roy Geronemus MD.

Attendees included dinner co-chairs Chuck Close, Fiona and Stan Druckenmiller, Dorothy Lichtenstein, and Martha Stewart.

Also attending: Henry Buhl, Karen E. Burke, MD, PhD, Russ and Judy Carson, Lewis Cullman, Elizabeth Kabler, Evie Lipper, MD and Bill Speck, MD, Richard D. Kaplan and Edwina Sandys, Richard Meier, Alice Rogoff, Shirley Lord Rosenthal, and Ambassador Carl Spielvogel and Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel.

Honorary co-chairs included Senator Charles E. Schumer, Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Senator Arlen Specter, Representative Michael N. Castle, Representative Charles B. Rangel, Congressman Jerrold Nadler, and New York State Senator Thomas K. Duane.

Dinner committee members included Maryam and Jonathan Dickey, Jodie and John Eastman, Eileen and Richard Ekstract, Gail and Roy Geronemus, MD; Paul Healy, Debbie and Peter Kahn, Lynn Mackler, Carol Roaman, Lisa and Michael Schultz, Susan L. Solomon and Paul Goldberger, and Susan Towers.

The event took place in conjunction with NYSCF's Fourth Annual Translational Stem Cell Research Conference on October 13 and 14, 2009, which is devoted to demonstrating the potential of stem cell research to advance cures for the major diseases of our time.
Amelia Granger, Kacey Koeppel, Sarah Warnock, Dr. David Kahler, and Lauren Bauer
Candice Morgan and Missy Falkenberg
Dr. David Levy and Elizabeth Kabler
April Gow, Richard Kaplan, and Edwina Sandys
Karen Burke and Eileen Ekstract
Barry Diller, Nancy Wexler, and Frank Gehry
Barbara Marcus, Harold Koplewicz, and Tijana Marcus
Olivia and Adam Flatto
Eric Martineau-Fortin, Jodie Eastman, Dieter Egli, and Gigi Martineau-Fortin
Tijana and Barbara Marcus
Dorothy Lichtenstein, Frank Gehry, and Martha Stewart
Donnie Strossberg and Joel S. Marcus
Joshua Siegal and Camilla Marcus
Barry Diller and Susan L. Solomon
Shirley Lord Rosenthal and Peter Heywood
Carl Spielvogel, Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, and Lewis Cullman
Daylon James, George Schieren, and Chris Fasano
Dr. Dieter Egli and Tony Carroll
Fiona Druckenmiller and Russ Carson
Dr. Insoo Hyun, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Kathy Goodman, and Michael Manganiello
Jill and Bob Smith
Frank Toich and Dr. Sidney Larson
Gordon Keller and Nancy Witty
Jason Fotinatos and Annie Kim
John King, Caroline Naggiar, and Bruce Ricci
John Foley, Jill Foley, and Jason Fotinatos
Harvey Sigelbaum and Frank Gehry
Kirsten Carmel and Michael Werner
Kevin Eggan, Lewis Cullman, and John Eastman
Dr. Michael Conboy and Dr. Irina Conboy
Dr. Roy Geronemus, Gayle Geronemus, Carol Einiger, and Roger Einiger
Kirsten Carmel, Dr. Jason Carmel, Dr. David Carmel, Dr. Y. Yung, and Helen Lang Suskin
Mary Elizabeth Bunzel and Thomas Campbell Jackson
Rudy Leibel, Tania Blanich, and Dr. Caroline Marshall
Richard Meier, Jodie Eastman, and John Eastman
Peter Kahn, Debbie Kahn, Jonathan Dickey, Maryam Dickey, and George Schieren
Dr. Zach W. Hall and Joel Marcus
Steven Marcus and Michael Schultz
Shahin Rafii, Olivia Flatto, Gordon Keller, Nancy Witty, and Dr. Insoo Hyun
Dr. Y. Yung and Dr. Jason Carmel
Tom Cortese and Rachel Eckenthal
Dr. Antonio Gotto and Sean Doolan
Annie Childs, Dr. Justin Ichida, and Dorothy Lichtenstein
Photographs by

The Scots Guards Pipes and Drums came to New York and played at the British Garden in Hanover Square this past September 22nd to commemorate the memory of those who lost their lives on September 11th and to pay tribute to the long history of shared bloodshed between the Scots Guards, US Army and US Marine Corps. The American-Scottish Foundation was the joint sponsor.
Scots Guards Pipes and Drums at Hanover Square
Ian A.L. Bain, Robert Douglass, Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, Heather L. Bain, Margaret R. Kennedy, Robert Callendar, and Alan L. Bain
That evening they played at a gala aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The evening was attended by HRH The Duke of Kent, Colonel of the Scots Guards.

The Guards will be returning to Afghanistan in March 2010 "to fight alongside the Amerian military in Helmand Province.
Annette Conway and General Sir John Kiszley
Capt. Neil Gow, General James Conway, and Lt. Col. William Swinton
Gail Hilson, General James Conway, and April Gow
Edwina Sandys and Richard Kaplan
Elizabeth Stribling & CeCe Black
Duncan Bruce, HRH The Duke of Kent, Col. Alastair Mathewson
Alan L. Bain, HRH The Duke of Kent, and Captain and Mrs. Roddy Gow
Karin Wyser Pratte & Barbara Tober
Captain Roddy Gow, Camilla Hellman, and Captain Neil Gow
Evelyn Thompkins and William Bruder
Photographs by Cutty McGill

Last Wednesday night Hunt Slonem received the D&D's Stars of Design Award in the Category of Art at a dinner at the D&D Building.

The annual event recognizes the significant achievements of one individual or firm across eight design fields including: lifetime achievement, art, architecture, interior design, landscape design, jewelry design, graphic design, and photography.

The Award was established more than a decade ago in Los Angeles by Charles Cohen at the Pacific Design Center. Since that time Mr. Cohen has introduced the awards at all of his design centers to acknowledge talent nationwide. 2007 was the first year the awards were presented at D&D in New York.

D&D 2009 Stars of Design
Hunt Slonem, Art
Thomas Britt, Lifetime Achievement
Ellie Cullman, Interior Design
Costas Kondylis, Architecture
Michael Van Valkenburgh, Landscape Design
Robert Lee Morris, Jewelry Design
Jessica Helfand, Graphic Design
Scott Frances, Photography
Jessica and William Helfand
Eric Lystdahl and Damien Bosco
Amy Lau and Alex Gorlin
Lester and Robin Friedlander
Marisa Marcantonio, Amanda Misbit, and Anne Patterson
Urban Karlsson, Juan Montoya, and Phil Greenwald
Jared Sevinor and Brooke Cohen
Margarita Papadimitriou and Douglas Samuel
Tatiana and Campion Platt
Collette Arredondo and Alan Greenberg
Sophie Donelson, Marisa Marcantonio, and Rita Konig
Urban Karlsson, Juan Montoya, Charles Pavarini III, and Judy Sheridan
Thomas Britt, Judy Sheridan, Charles Pavarini III, and Billy Cunningham
Patti Frances, Scott Frances, and Evan Frances
Louie and Sheila Metzner
Patti Frances, Scott Frances, and Evan Frances
Susan Morris and James Andrew
Hunt Slonem and Ann Rapp
Doug Jones, Billy Cunningham, and John Couric
Carolyn Sollis, Robin Gordin, Amy Breedlove, Sabine Rothman, and Phillip Gorrivan
Mario Buatta and Brad Ford
Steven Aronson, Paige Rense, and Thomas Britt
Susan Van Verg, Scott Salvatore, Darren Hennault, and Michael Zabriskie
Mario Buatta, Grace Meigher, and Chris Meigher
Geoffrey Bardfield, James Andrew, and Sue Chalom
Heather Clawson and Anne Patterson
Geoffrey Bradfield, Sue Chalom, Campion Platt, and Alex Gorlin
Amy Lau and friends
Susan Morris and Robert Lee Morris
Benjamin Huntington and Mindy Miles Greenberg
Ellie and Edgar Cullman
Robin Gordon and Phillip Gorrivan
Robert Lee Morris, Charles Cohen, and Ashlee Harrison
William and Jessica Helfand
Sue Chalom and Geoffrey Bradfield
Robert Lee Morris and Susan Morris
Eugenia Santiesteban and Alison Hall
Tess and Thomas Schutte
Tom Britt
Ellie Cullman
Phil Grenewald and Caroline Sollis
Ellen Rubin and Sophie Donelson
Charles and Brooke Cohen
Hunt Slonem
Michael and Caroline Van Valkenburgh
Photographs by Rob Rich © 2009


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