Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'll Take Manhattan

Andrea Spiridonakos
Ambassador John Loeb, Sharon Handler, Lora Drasner, and Fred Drasner
Edward Villella’s triumphant return to New York – “Miami City Ballet Takes Manhattan!” was performed last week at the New York City Center and presented by sponsors Lora and Fred Drasner.
Adrienne bon Haes and Marvin Ross Friedman
Alex Wong and Christopher Surridge
Brett and Kate Shevack
Daniel Sarabia, Pat Lowry, James Hopkins, and Rolando Sarabia
Carlos Miguel Guerra and Jennifer Kronenberg
Ann Meras and Ann Barish
Betsy Perry and Donald Fresne
Betty Ann Blatt and Lisa Reneau
Cory and Joe Vecchiolla
Margaret Eidson, Meike Miniaci, and Dominick Miniaci
Mr. and Mrs. Broshy
Casey Skinner and Jesus Vazquez
Dan and Natasha Tauber
Mr. and Mrs. Goodstein
Heather Croner and Katherine Manisco
Harry Hurt III and Sabina Streeter
Ellin and Ron Delsener
Eric Rhein and Jamey Stowell
Jacqueline and Jerome Chaves
Fred Drasner, Lora Drasner, and Edward Villella
Margaret Douglas-Hamilton, Michael Lonergan, and Rose Lee Goldberg
Edward and Linda Villella
Fran Nelson and Marisel Diaz
Frances Sevilla-Sacasa and Brian O'Neill
Lisa and Dick Cashin
Haiyan Wu and Yang Zou
Nancy Davis and Jimmy Merrill
James Kosakow and Rebecca Michaelman
Kelly and Carling Talcott
Lisa Selby and Christopher Heath
Marisa Martin, Kara White, Paul Busch, and Nicole Stalken
Ambassador Herbert Okun
Minnie Osmena and Lydia Bravo-Weiss
Vicki Haupt and Dr. Amy Buchman
Nancy Collins and Paige Peterson
While much of America watched with pleasure as President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama swirled around the dance floor at one of the 10 parties where they made appearances that night, several hundred revelers at The Southampton Inn’s Inaugural Ball cheered with enthusiasm and rattled noisemakers.

Gordon Herr, himself the newly elected Chairman of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee, and Grania and Tip Brolin, organizers of the black tie gala along with Dede Gotthelf Moan, owner of the Southampton Inn warmly greeted the almost 300 guests who braved the ice and sub freezing temperatures to be part of a historic celebration. The Inn’s new restaurant OSO was seated for a lavish gourmet dinner of New York Strip Steak, Grilled Salmon and Risotto with Truffle Oil; and a Hazelnut Chocolate Cake all prepared by Chef Brian Naylor. Throughout dinner, large screen TVs displayed the various D.C. affairs.

It was a rare opportunity for the Meadow Club set and the town’s old families to mix with the Black, Latino and Shinnecock communities -- certainly a sign of the changes being wrought with this new administration even on its first day.
Dan Flynn and Cecilia Serrano
Gettin' Down on the Dance Floor Southampton Inn Inaugural Ball
The musical entertainment was by a number of diverse artists -- James Lamb 3rd, a native of Southampton who has gone on to a great career on gospel stages, sang with members of the choir at Kings Chapel Church Of God In Christ; former Metropolitan soprano Rhonda Liss performed, and Shinnecock native Charles Certain, kicked in with some smooth jazz on his sax; also El Salvadoran singer Carlos Ponce and his Potencia Band. Mr. Ponce also brought his favorite D.J. to spin Latin favorites for dancing getting everyone up on dance floor.

The gala also celebrated the election of Sally Pope of Remsenburg who won the Town Councilwoman seat and Andrea Schiavoni of the well known Sag Harbor family who will take over as Town Justice.

More than a few of the guests had been to Washington earlier in the day, many of them by special invitation of Congressman Tim Bishop including Southampton Councilwoman Anna Throne Holst. Also in the crowd were Lucius Ware, President of the NAACP Eastern Division, Shinnecock Elder Elizabeth Thunderbird Haile, legislator Jay Schneiderman, Dushy and Roman Roth of Wolffer Estates, Michael and Valorie Hunter, France Posner, Isabel Sepulveda de Scanlon, Irene Donahue, Pamela Harris, Sandra Ferguson, sculptor Dorothy Frankel, NPR radio host Bonnie Grice, Eve Molyneux, Lee Moorhead, Lisa Votino Tarrant, Nella and Al Lanuto, artist Joe Strand with Eileen Casey, Nicole and Bill Brewer, Emmy award winning Mitchell Kriegman, owner of the Wainscott and East Hampton Film Studios, Margaret and Kevin Bodkin, Jackie Worth and Terry Moan.
Bonnie Renick and County Legislator Jay Schneiderman
Councilwoman Anna Throne Holst and Town Justice Andrea Schiavoni
Councilwoman Anna Throne Holst and Committee Chairman Gordon Herr
WLIU's Bonnie Grice, Dede Gotthelf Moan, and Isabel Sepulveda de Scanlon
Sandra Ferguson and Dorothy Frankel
Davo, Kathie Russo, and Mitchell Kriegman
David and Hala Lawrence
France Posner, Roman and Dushy Roth
Gordon Herr and Kim Macurak
Michael and Valorie Hunter with Tip Brolin
Ivan Kustura and Kerstin Rhodie
Gail and Frank Zappone
Isabel Sepulveda de Scanlon and newly elected Town Councilwoman Sally Pope
Nella and Al Lanuto
Gala chairs Grania and Tip Brolin
Omar Gould chats with Lucius Ware
Irene Donahue and Pamela Harris
Joy Flynn and David Lawrence
Ron Pallaci and Jackie Worth
Joelle Missonier and Stan Cohen
Tommy John Schiavoni and Andrea Schiavoni
Terry Moan and wife Dede Gotthelf Moan
Shinnecock Elder Elizabeth Thunderbird Haile with Committee Chair Gordon Herr
Edward Callaghan with Nicole and Bill Brewer
Michelle Marie Heinemann was surprised by over fifty friends, with a birthday celebration dinner organized by her husband Jon in the private dining room at Orsay.

The birthday girl was stunned when the lights came on to reveal a cheering crowd including Hunt Slonem, Ann Rapp, Roger Webster, Barbara de Portago, Robert Rufino, Marianne Strong, R. Couri Hay, Kamie Lightburn, Richard Steinberg, Alison Minton, Ben and Iffie Aitkenhead, Alex Lari, the artist Colette, Jason Grant, Michael and Terri Lindvall, Edna Abad and Gerald Rotonda, Stacy, Chloe, and David Kallenberg, Ian and Kerri Devine, Naz, Tom Lampson, Marilyn Lester, Vivian Chambers, Kathleen Giordano, Scott Rudd, Florence Peyrelongue and Jose Guerra, Chris and Shelly Lanning, Yen and Eeling Liow, Anthony and Sandy Carpet, and Eric and Natalie Ross.
Sandy and Anthony Carpet
Edna Abad, Kamie Lightburn, Alison Minton, and Michelle Marie Heinemann
Richard Steinberg
Marianne Strong and Marilyn Lester
Naz, Tom Lampson, and Robert Rufino
Chloe Kallenberg and Hudson Heinemann
Hunt Slonem and Ann Rapp
Barbara De Portago and Jon Heinemann
Alex Lari
Jon, Hudson, and Michelle Marie Heinemann
Eeling and Yen Liow
Chris and Shelly Lanning
Florence Peyrelongue and Jose Guerra
Michael and Terri Lindvall
Jason Grant, Colette, Roger Webster
Vivian Chambers and Kerri Devine
Kathleen Giordano and Edna Abad
Stacy and David Kallenberg
Iffie and Ben Aitkenhead

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