Monday, March 2, 2009

Leading Ladies (and men too)

21st Annual BAILEY HOUSE Auction and Party at Roseland Ballroom.
Last Thursday night Simon Doonan and Tim Gunn hosted the 21st annual Bailey House Auction and Party at the Roseland Ballroom on West 52nd Street.

The auction included such items such as four nights at Twin Palms, the original Palm Springs estate of Frank Sinatra, four nights at the Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Costa Rica, original art by, Herb Ritts and Larry Fink. Plus experiences including lunch with Anderson Cooper, a studio tour with Katie Couric, and a backstage tour of the Rachel Maddow show. There was something for everyone to bid on and at every price.

Since 1983, Bailey House has been a leader in the field of AIDS housing. While the focus of the AIDS epidemic has shifted, Bailey House's commitment to provide housing, based on the idea that the future starts with a place to live, has remained constant.

Bailey House's commitment is to empower people living with HIV/AIDS, their loved ones and the communities and agencies that serve them to achieve their fullest potential through the development and provision of housing and vital services.
Arthur and Stephanie Atkins
Atif Toor, Emir Khan, and Francis Smith
Daniel Kile, Will Higdon-Sudow, and John Scott Johnson
Anne Peters and Kevin Jacobsen
Robert Verdi
John Bartlett
C. Hugh Hildesley
Gina Quattrochi
Tony Monteleone, Gina Quattrochi, Empress Robin Kradles, Gabriel Della Notte, and Anne Tique
Brandon Cardett and John Targon
David Gault and Ryan Regan
Jeffrey Schneider, Ryan Ross, Lucinda Ross, Peter Maitland, Ronda Schwartz, and Ryan Cummings
Jane Pauley
Tim Gunn and Simon Doonan
Jonathan Adler
"B" Empress XXI
Douglas Keisler
Robert Tanis-Evon
Tom Lampson
John Bartlett and Joseph Magnome
Annie Rourke and Paul Phillips
Conrad Wool and Birch Cooper
Derek and Drew Riker
Greg Nakama, Jayne Baum, and Michael Daly
James Salaiz, Katie Dennon, and Mark Welsh
Jillian Mason and Jay Billiet
Anne Tique
Bill Murphy
Laiea Smith
David Duplantis and Chris Norquist
Kevin Fernandez, Jori Haank, and Kevin Dumais
Natalie Zurkett, Noelle Mongtota, and Marla McCormick
Katie Cooke and Jordan Spilman
Noe Dewitt
Traci Alleman and Jori Haank
Robert Verdi
Michael Moeller, Traci Alleman, and Ted Mayer
Terrance Meck, Brady Schweitzer, and Corey Hill
Mike Banat and Kim Swift
Paul Phillips
Michael Weber and Jennifer Smith
Scott Duquette, Scott Sundburg, Caroline Landry, and Brandon Hernandez
Tammy and Cathy
Kelly and Jeffery Gray
Trish Scalp, Matt Jones, and Jane Gunther
Derek Riker and Rebecca Riker
Corey Hill
Thomas Ferrell and Annalou Dehavenon
Also last Thursday night, EDIT loves ASPCA Shopping Benefit was held at the EDIT Townhouse.
Jaimee Bloom and Prabal Gurung
Valerie Feigen, Alissa Emerson, Shugar the Dog, and Emma the Dog
Allison and Jay Aston
Andrew Heaney and Anthony Thompson
Ania Poinvil, Michael the Dog, Elizabeth Silverman, Lady the Dog, Elaine Florio, and Mel the Dog
Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, Jennifer Kennedy, and Mark Gilbertson
Felicia Taylor and Linda Garnett
Alexis Van Der Mije and Bill Manger
Barbara and Peter Regna
David Chines and Melissa Berkelhammer
Candice Postel and Holly Weston
Alissa Emerson
Devon Schuster and Antonia Thompson
Brad Aston and Jay Aston
Lynne Tobias, Eileen Himmel, Andrea Milstein, and Janet Greenberg
Cindy Adams
Lady the Dog
Ashley Stark and Laurie Nehmen
Elaine Florio and Mel the Dog
Dani Eisman and Eve Gertzman
Jaimee Bloom, Matthew Bloom, Eileen Himmel, and Ali Himmel
Lesley Schulhof
Susan Tabak
Jessie Epstein, Josephine Stevenson, Peter Weiss, and Merritt Schlanger
Georgia Danos and Arielle Greenberg
Geoffrey Bradfield and Mr. Willoughby the Dog
Leslie Heaney and Linda Garnett
Melanie Charlton Fascitelli and Wendy Clurman
Prabal Gurung and Caitlin DiStefano
Michele Gradin and Lindy Gadd
Michael Molinoff and Emma the Dog
Margo Neiderlande and Mia McDonald
Last Wednesday night, East Side House Settlement, a leading social services agency that serves children and families in the South Bronx, hosted a kick-off party at Wally Findlay Galleries to honor the Benefit Committee of the East Side House Settlement Gala Preview Party of the 2009 New York International Auto Show.

More than100, hosted by this year’s benefit committee co-chairs, Kipton Cronkite, Paige Hardy, and Tatiana Platt, attended.

The event was sponsored by Porsche who displayed a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet outside the gallery courtesy of the Greater New York Dealer Group. The event officially revved up this glamorous crowd for the Gala Preview on April 9, 2009.

Guests included: Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, Harrison LeFrak, Tana Dye, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Susan Shin, Bill Elder, Campion Platt, Tripp Hardy, Stephen Jacoby, Melissa Berkelhammer, David Chines, Whitney Potter, Lisa McCarthy, Alicia Galitzin, Catherine Moellering, John Sanchez, Peter and Lenore Standish, Phillip L. Yang, Jr. and Maria Yang, Brian Miller, Stacee Mahony, Stephanie Borynack, James Borynack, Rebecca and Luke Davis, Philip McCarthy, Beth Amorosi, Liz Myers, Christopher Breck, David Gunning, Patty Raynes, Heather and Douglas Borthwick, Charlotte Afaff, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Molly Middleton, Shannon Signorini, Patricia Shiah, Anna Rothchild, Robert McCarthy, Carolyn Pastel, and more.
Tripp Hardy, Paige Hardy, Campion Platt, and Tatiana Platt
James Borynack and daughter, Stephanie Borynack
Carolyn Pastel, Robert McCarthy, and Lisa McCarthy
Phillip L. Yang, Jr, Gala Chair, and wife Maria
Tana Dye, Bill Elder, and Gillian Miniter
Liz and Scott Anderson
Catherine Moellering and Giuliano Iannaccone
Christopher Breck
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
David Chines and Melissa Berkelhammer
David Gruning and Roy Kean
Christina Finigan, and Meghan Wolcott
Kipton Cronkite and John Sanchez, Executive Director, East Side House Settlement
Benefit Committee co-chairs, Tatiana Platt, Paige Hardy and Kipton Cronkite sitting in the back of a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet in front of Wally Findlay Galleries
Peter Standish, Stacee Mahony, Tatiana Platt, Stephen Jacoby, and Campion Platt
Charlotte Afaff and Lady Liliana Cavendish
Andrew Raquet, Phil McCarthy, and Miles Ladin
Stephanie Borynack and Lisa McCarthy
Heather and Douglas Borthwick
Liz Myers
Molly Middleton and Amanda Friedman
Patty Raynes
Emma Snowdon-Jones and Brian Cook
Beth Amorosi and Molly Middleton
Rebecca and Luke Davis
Last Monday night in New York, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts celebrated the opening night of the new Alice Tully Hall with the gala, “Leading Ladies of New York Celebrate Alice Tully," featuring Dawn Upshaw, the Juilliard Orchestra and the Emerson String Quartet, and honoring Laurie Tisch. The evening was generously sponsored by Graff jewels.
Arthur and Susan Rebell
Christie Quinn, Laurie Tisch, and Emily Tisch Sussman
Chris and Wade Berrettini
Bob Lipiro, Natalie Kleinberg, and Stanley Kleinberg
Barry Satchwell, Jackie Davis, Ric Scofidio, and Elizabeth Diller
Nancy and Jeffrey Lane
Patti Harris and Carolyn Wakeman
Robert and Anne Essner
Ann Unterberg, Robert Towbin, Lisa Towbin, and Tom Unterberg
David and Julia Koch
Abby Beroutsos and Thanassis Mazarakis
Daria and Kevin Parr
Henri Barguirdjian and Marianne Lafiteau
Kate Levin
Jason Ewell, Ayesha Almeda, Jud Linville, Cindy Linville, Ian Woolley, and Devika Mathrani
Joan and Steve Tisch
Ingeborg and Ira Rennert
Jeanine Flynn and Paul Puzzanghera
Jeannie and George Irish
Jim O'Shaughnessy and Melissa O'Shaughnessy
Richard DeSherer, Jenny DeScherer, and Mikhail Baryshnikov
Candace and Ron Austin
Jennifer Raab and Anne McNulty
Joshua Dachs and Ako Dachs
Joy Berta, Chuck Ojerholm, and Pauline Tautu
Laurie Tisch and Frank Bennack Jr.
Kathy Brown and Nat Leventhal
Laurie Tisch, Carolyn Tisch Sussman, Joan Tisch, and Emily Tisch Sussman
Lisa and Robert Towbin
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Jonathan Tisch, Lizzie Tisch, Laurie Tisch, Carolyn Tisch Sussman, Joan Tisch, Emily Tisch Sussman, and Steve Tisch
Elizabeth Cooke Levy, Richard DeScherer, and Jenny DeScherer
Frank Bennack Jr. and Mary Lake Bennack
Gail Nayowith, Kate Heiberg, and Susan Fuhrman
Jonathan Tisch, Lizzie Tisch, Henri Barguirdjian, and Marianne Lafiteau
Laurie Tisch and Steven Sanders
Sabine Geissler and Thomas Geissler
Sophie Anache and Brooke Travis
Whitney and David Bloom
Ric Scofidio and Reynold Levy
Jonathan Sheffer, Christine Quinn, and Jonathan Tisch
Norma Hurlburt and Theresa Lepore
Graff Model
Stephen and Fredi Friedman
Tina Lundgren, Tom Harvey, Terry Lundgren, and Cathie Black
Graff Model