Monday, April 27, 2009

Lectures, luncheons, premieres, rooftop parties, and more ...

Lunch in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the 19th Annual Spring Environmental Lecture and Luncheon.
Last Thursday the American Museum of Natural History held its 19th annual Spring Environmental Lecture and Luncheon focusing on “What It Means to Go Green."
Panel discussion with Lynn Sher, James Gustave Speth, Alisa Gravitz, and Sloan Barnett.
The guests listening to the panel discussion in the LeFrak IMAX Theater.
Lynn Sherr, correspondent for ABC News 20/20 moderated. Panelists were Sloan Barnett, contributor to NBC’S Today Show and Green Editor for KNTV, the NBC affiliate in San Francisco, Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director of Green America; James Gustave Speth, Professor in the Practice of Environmental Policy at Yale.
Panelist Alisa Gravitz, Museum President Ellen V. Futter, moderator Lynn Sherr, and panelists Sloan Barnett and James Gustave Speth.
Chairs Katheryn Kempner, Catherine Sidamon-Eristoff, Suzanne Cochran, Veronique C. Pittman, Connie Spahn, and Mary C. Solomon.
Jacqueline Sackler, Annie Churchill, Jason Willard-Sparrow, Claire Bernard, Melissa Bent, and Amy Greenspon.
Approximately 600 attended this important annual luncheon.
Anne Sidamon-Eristoff and Payne Middleton
Claire Bernard and Dani Stahl
Panelist Alisa Gravitz and moderator Lynn Sherr with panelists Sloan Barnett and James Gustave Speth
Laura Murawczyk and Vera Aryeh
Chairs Katheryn Kempner, Connie Spahn, and Catherine Sidamon-Eristoff with panelist James Gustave Speth
Melinda Blinken and friends
Chairs Catherine Sidamon-Eristoff and Connie Spahn
Eleanore Kennedy and Gillian Miniter
Derek Blasberg
Susan Burke and Gail Hilson
Jacqueline Sackler and Libby Karmely
Susan Rudin and friends
On Thursday night last, Save Venice benefited from the La Notte Arancione launch of Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur at the Collection Rooftop.
Richie Rich, Kristian Laliberte, and Annabel Vartanian
Peter Davis, Tinsley Mortimer, and Richie Rich
Tinka Milinovic
Lynn Atallah, Stefano Zanchetta, and Kirsten Jordan
Ted Roman and Nicole Cloutier
Zakiya Boyd and Ainka Shackleford
Tinsley Mortimer
Patriza Denardi and Friend
Melissa Berkelhammer
Noora Raj and Blake Morris
Viola Hutten, Patriza Denardi, and Claudia Wagner
Susan Shin and Anisha Lakhani
Adelina Wong and Alexandra Lind Rose
Mark Ellwood and Sara Meltzer
Michelle Garrard and Stephanie Furr
Christina Bok, Will Ayres, and Jamie Manalio
Carla Carston and Alana Jones-Mann
Cassady Nordeen, Brian Bittner, and Kalyn McCutcheon
Alison Brod and Tinsley Mortimer
Alexandra Lind Rose, Susan Shin, and Adelina Wong
Joe Green and Richie Rich
Tinka Milinovic
Leah C., Carlos Suarez, and Lizzie Asher
David Foote
David Waldman and Jon Weiner
Arttist Mouthapong, Lauren Manalio, and Jamie Manalio
Faisal Sublaban and Jessica Levatino
Anisha Lakhani and Sarah Basile
Cayte Grieve
Anna Sekula and Michael O'Connel
Charlotte Boisey, Noah Rothbaum, Nicole Cloutier, and James Curich
Dominique Gentile, Colin Darretta, and Amy Stahulak
Alex Bahadori and Alexandra Lind Rose
The Parkinson's Disease Foundation and the Young New Yorkers for the Fight Against Parkinson's Committee met this past Thursday at the Hudson Terrace on 621 West 46th Street for drinks, dancing and celebrating Spring.
The scene at Hudson Terrace
More than $100,000 was raised for the cause ...
Kofi Boakyu, Kyle Wu, and Cory Luke
Dean and Janette Vanderworker
Robin Elliot and William Sheehan
Emily Davis, Will Rabbe, Randy Adler, and Susan Heiden
Brenda Black
Tracy Brady and Katie Cram
Peter Neu
Tony Schiena and Emma Snowdon-Jones
Elizabeth Meigher and Georgina Schaeffer
Katherine A Zuckerman and Robert Schroeder
Bill Koch, Penn Egbert, and Emily Shanks
Missy Egbert Sheehan and William Sheehan
Gillian Gossov and Adrian Shea
Nick Stevens and Paul Neu
Phoebe Vick and Julianna Starbuck
Jeff Caldwell
Jackie Hamilton, Gerhardt, and Tina Fry
Matt Holt, Christina Bennison, and Penn Egbert
Krista Schultz and Kay Sheils
Caroline Perkin and Missy Egbert Sheehan
Stella Karantzoulis and Elle Sakellis
Last Wednesday night the Tribeca Film Festival screened Woody Allen's "Whatever Works" and held an after-party at the Royalton Hotel.
Soon-Yi Previn, Woody Allen, Patricia Clarkson, and Michael Barker
Patricia Clarkson and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Jeff Gilmore, Jane Rosenthal, Alan Patricof, and Susan Patricof
Tony Mazzulli and Jennifer Buque
Nicole Renna and Barbara Kopple
Larry David, Robin Steinberg, David Steinberg, and Susie Essman
David Salidor, Donna Dolenz, and Mickey Dolenz
Matt Goldman, Zach Wigon, and Daniel Spence
Geoff Kirsch and Mary Boone
Evan Rachel Wood
John and Ruth Berenzy
Patricia Clarkson
Nancy La Scala
Nathan Bernstein and Katharina Otto-Bernstein
Jeannie Lewis and John Hart
Henry Cavill
Scott Lenhardt and Parker Posey
John Sykes
Mona Lerche and Paige Parker
Patty Harris and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Melissa Lonner, Jules Stringer, Paige Nelson, and Rob Wiesenthal
Patty Newberger and Mary Solomon
Li Xue and Randall Stempler
Dr. Debra Abell, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Kathy Lacey Hoge
Hamida Belkadi and Bob Silverstein
Ben Pundole and Jessica Baker
Peter Jacobson
Julie and A.J. Jacobs
Mary-Kate Olsen
Rob Wiesenthal and Paige Nelson
Kris Kahler
Melissa Leo and Lel Won
Angelo Perutsi and Maryse Thomas
Debra Messing
Alan Patricof and Lorinda Ash Ezersky
Debra Messing and Nicky Spielberg
Dr. Jamie Grifo, Cynthia Lufkin, and Anne Grifo
Arnold Baker, Ida Rosenthal, and Drew Nieporent
Adriane and Robert Birnbaum
Bleona Qereti
Chad Harbold
Cynthia Lufkin
Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro
Chris Terrio, Jon Robin Baitz, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Bradley Cooper
Gerry and Liz Byrne
Alex Emmanuel and James Moorehead
Also last Thursday night at the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza, they held the 12th annual Bergh Ball "Rescue Me" for the benefit of the ASPCA. There were several pups attending from the ASPCA on East 92nd Street, including an 8-year-old shih-tzu who is joining this writer's household. Older dogs are often avoided by those adopting, forgetting that an older dog is sweeter with time and a great pleasure to love and be loved.
Hunt Slonem and Bernadette Peters
Marcia Levine and Robert Albertson
Catherine Malandrino, Freddie Jackson, and Michele Gradin
Chuck Scarborough and Jimmy Nederlander
Martha and Alexis Stewart
Anne Ames, Brian Stewart, and Stephanie Krieger
Chris Spitzmiller, Melanie Holland, and Anthony Thompson
Pamela Gross, Jonathan Farkas, and Angela Ho
Isaac Mizrahi, Margo Nederlander, Michele Gradin, and Somers Farkas
Jamie Niven and Isaac Mizrahi
Melissa Morris and Jacques Leviant
Mark Badgley
Jonathan Farkas and Pamela Gross
Elaine Sargent and Tommy DeMaio
Richard Lindy and Bernadette Peters
Steven Ames, Anne Ames, Brian Stewart, and Stephanie Krieger
Melanie Holland and Mia McDonald
Isaac Mizrahi and Arnold Germer
Janna Bullock and Somers Farkas
Steve and Daryl Roth
Jimmy Finkelstein, Sharon Handler, and Chappy Morris
Marilyn Malkin, David Malkin, and Felicia Taylor
Elke and Ben Gazzara
Alison Aston and Amy Smilovic
Bill Smith and friends
Carolina Bortago and Bernadette Peters
Alex Coleman and Shafi Roepert
Tata Harper
Charlie Cruz and Pamela Gross
Diane Passage and Ken Starr
Bernadette Peters
Alexis Stewart
Olivier Giuni
Bonnie Pfeiffer
Geoffrey Coley and Anastasia Coleman
Ann Coley, Ian Snow, and Caroline Dean
Dorothy Bandier, Barbara Sloan, and Sharon Dorram Krause
Margo and Charlene Nederlander
Jack McCauley and Marty Goldstein
John Auerbach and Andrew Black
Tuesday night City Harvest held its 15th annual "An Evening of Practical Magic" at Cipriani 42nd Street.
Rachael Ray with City Harvest Drivers.
David Arquette was emcee. Rachel Ray and Eric Ripert were honored.
Christine Quinn
Crishell Stause
Nina and Mitchell Davidson
David Arquette
Marisol and Rob Thomas
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
Jill Kalman and Jilly Stephenson
Pamela and Marc Murphy
David Arquette
Alexandra Guarnaschelli and Brandon Clark
Rob and Marisol Thomas
Nina Davidson and Inge Rennert
Simone and David Levinson
Sandra and Eric Ripert
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Mark Gilbertson
Heather Mnuchin
Josh and Shoshanna Gruss
Kristen Dalton
Ali Puliti and Jamie McCarthy
George McNeely and David Arquette

Photographs by; © D. Finnin/AMNH

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