Thursday, June 25, 2009

Like Kids in a Candy Shop

Children playing at Cocktails in Candyland at Dylan's Candy Bar for the Association to Benefit Children.
We covered the Wildlife Conservation Society's annual spring gala in the Central Park Zoo a couple of weeks ago. So did the indefatigable Patrick McMullan, who provides a larger pictures of the guest list than we did ...
Richard Mishaan and Pamela Fiori
Sharlynn Tuohy, Maryann Herklotz, and Linda Snyder
Stephanie and Fred Clark
Steve Shapiro and Dr. Amy Attas
Tanya Barrett and J.C. DeSilva
Simone and David Levinson
Tom and Danielle Walker
Vivia and Theo Bleckmann
Lucy Martinez
Michael and Eleanora Kennedy
Tom Walker
Adrienne Vittadini and Leonard Stern
Virginia Schwerin and Antonella Preve
Veronica Gledhill and Jeanine Celeste Pang
Allison and Leonard Stern
Debbie Bancroft
Avery Hayes, Robert Cluesman, Jack Bryan, and Megan Zilis
Tess Wachs
Avery and Susie Hayes
Jamie Figg and Margo Langenberg
Alison Morrow
Aubrey Rubin and Dr. Xiuli Meng
Ann Unterberg and Cynthia Friedman
Andrew Robertson, Caroline Gogolak, and Clayton Spencer
Barbara Hodes and Michael Gross
Brian and Darlene Heidtke
Brian Stewart and Stephanie Krieger
Bianca Kawecki
Caroline Fink and Mattie McDaniel
Richard Mishaan and Lynn Sherr
Aliza Gale, Valerie Lettan, and Jane Harrison
Beth Gordon, Eddie Stern, and Dr. Stephanie Rein
Ben Pyne, Helena Martinez, and Roman Martinez
Barbara Smith, Somers Farkas, and Bettina Zilkha
Richard Mishaan, Marcia Mishaan, and Lynn Sherr
Amy Weinblatt, Heather Summe, and Matt Aleksinas
Bob Bradley and Linda Ramsden
Cassandra Baptista, Remington Curtis, Ted Geary, Harry LeFrak, and Dominique Brennan
Gordon Pattee, Liz Berens, Tony James, Amie James, and Rod Berens
Karen LeFrak and John Cantrell
Cornelia Bregman and Peggy Bonapace
Chris Ford and Brian McGinnis
Clive and Bonnie Chajet
Deborah Grubman, Jerry Inzirello, and Georgette Mosbacher
Chris Lentz and Alexandra Wolfe
Carl and Christine Bernstein
Candace DiConza and Brendan Maher
Diane Kaufman and Nicolas Luchsinger
Ed and Shari Rollins
Diahn and Tom McGrath
Dale Brooks, Joan Morgan, Pat Werblin, and Tom Werblin
Gabriella Fitzgerald and Dave O'Brien
Carol Large, Jim Large, and Norah Walcott
Ethan Leidinger, Tathiana Monacella, and Hudson Morgan
Gillian Hearst Simonds and Christian Simonds
W. Graham Arader III and Josephine Arader
Gillian Miniter and Muffie Potter Aston
Georgette Mosbacher
Hugh Freund and Alison Morrow
Dr. Herbert Gould and Hayden Hosford
Jay Benach and Aliza Pearlson
Inga and Keith Rubenstein
Kendall Swenson, Lindsay Rhoads, and Joanna Lee
Jack Bryan and Megan Zilis
Cheryl Krongard and John Veronis
Cynthia Lufkin and Paul de Kanavos
John Cantrell
Ranke Thye, Pamela Thye, and John Frederick Thye
Nick Hunt
Deborah Grubman and Andrew Fox
Frank Stella and Harriet Stella
Jim and Mary Maher
Katherine Bryan
Lisa and David Schiff
Maria Kisch and Lou Rabinowitz
Dr. Holly Anderson and Jamie Niven
Lee Niven and Richard Nye
Mary Gleason and Dana Akerfelds
Mary Phipps, Sue Chin, and John Gwynne
Mattie McDaniel and Joan Morgan
Helen Crowley, James Sullivan, and Lucy Martinez
Lisa and David Schiff
Manny Weintraub and Johanna Berkman
Nyla Chbib, Kristen Harris, and Cassie Moore
Ogden Phipps and Liz Berens
Ken DePaola, Andrea Stern, and Trevor Stuart
Jerry Inzirello, Caroline Hirsch, and Ron Weintraub
Maria Rodriguez and Alan Atkinson
Petra Benova and Carl Lopp
Mrs. and Mr. Carney Hawks
Lauren Veronis and Buzzy Krongard
Melissa Berkelhammer and Ethan Leidinger
Rob and Jacquie Garrett
Mary Snow, Nina Delano, and Alixe Laughlin
Richard and Karen LeFrak
Martin and Cornelia Bregman
Pat Beh Werblin and Harriet Mays Powell
Last Wednesday at Dylan's Candy Bar, Assocation to Benefit Children hosted Cocktails in Candyland ...
Ariana Thomas, Vanessa Asare, and Rachel Blankfein
Claudia Davidson, Lindsay Siegel, and Natasha Norman
Gretchen Buchenholz, Jamie Davidson, and Jessie Della Famina
Delvina Smith and Jamie Davidson
Brooke Richman and Marisa Bass
Davy Gardner and Miranda Kaltaria
Justin and Danielle Hanser
Britney Friedlander and Aaron Grossbard
Gretchen Buchenholz, Jack Hadlock, and Judy Hadlock
JT Della Famina and Jessie Della Famina
Jill Marino and Laura Blankfein
Kylie Gattinella and Zack Chodorow
Judy Licht and Jerry Della Famina
Jen Ross, Jessica Hodin, and Emily Washkowitz
Zoe Marcuse and Katrina Frantz
Jessica Fisher, Jonathan Slinger, and Sarah Thompson
Katheryn Dennison and Ann Kenny
Jessica Fisher and Jessie Della Famina
Jennifer Glickel and Elizabeth Allison
Jacqueline Marino and Cayley Dickenson
Grace Gummer and Paul Arnhold
Isaac Flanagan
John Coleman and Carey Hueston
The Cinema Society with Links of London and Grey Goose hosted a screening of “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh,” based on Michael Chambon’s best-selling novel. The film’s stars Sienna Miller and Peter Sarsgaard were there, joined by director Rawson Marshall Thurber and Cinema Society’s Andrew Saffir for the screening and Mary Giuliani-catered supper at the Cooper Square Hotel afterwards.

Glitterati, the CS signature audience, everywhere: Anna Wintour, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emma Roberts, Zoe Kravitz, Olivia Thirlby, Chris Diamantopoulos, Paul Blackthorne (“Lipstick Jungle”), Ben Shenkman, Alexie Gilmore, Rachel Zoe, Kelly Bensimon, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Keira Chaplin, Rachel Roy, Russell Simmons, Amy Sacco, Olivia Palermo, Johannes Huebl, Jessica Gomes, Elise Crombez, Nicole Trunfio, Jasika Nicole (“Fringe”), Celina Carvajal, Tony Okungbowa ("Ellen"), Irina Pantaeva, Marcus Schenkenberg, Gilles Bensimon, Vogue’s Sally Singer and Meredith Melling-Burke; Stefano Tonchi, Gilles Mendel, Olympic medalists Jason Rogers and Tim Morehouse, Richard and Sessa Johnson, Sante D’Orazio, Daniel Benedict, Marina Rust Connor, Rosanna Scotto, Mick Rock, Helen Schifter, Jennifer Creel, Robert Kennedy III, Jessica Joffe, and Links of London's Paul Woods.
Alexie Gilmore
Bobby Kennedy III
Beth Ostrosky
Chris Diamantopoulos
Emma Roberts
Amy Sacco and Andrew Saffir
Gilles Bensimon
Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict
Gilles Mendel, Genevieve Bahrenburg, and Justin Giunta
Helen Lee Schifter
Jackie Astier
Marcus Schenkenberg
Nur Khan
Jasika Nicole
Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Maximiliano Palacio
Paul Woods
Jennifer Creel
Jessica Gomes
Kiera Chaplin
Paul Blackthorne
Johannes Huebl, Dominick Melchior, Greg Chan, and Tyson Ballou
Jessica Joffe and Hunter Hill
Rawson Marshall Thurber
Tim Morehouse and Jason Roberts
Tony Okungbowa
Marina Rust Connor
Nicole Trunfio
Olivia Palermo
Peter Sarsgaard
Russell Simmons
Sienna Miller and Anna Wintour
Sante D'Orazio
Lyn Mayo, Mick Rock, and Thomas Mayo
Richard Johnson, Sessa von Richchofen, and Niki Beel
Irina Pantaeva
Rachel Roy
Rachel Zoe
Zoe Kravitz
Photographs by ©

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