Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lots of Drama

The Drama League Directors Project's 25th anniversary at the Rainbow Room.
This past Monday night at the Rainbow Room, the Drama League Directors Project celebrated their 25th anniversary at a black tie benefit gala. They honored producers Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley.

This annual benefit is down home New York theatre. Mainly civilians who love Broadway and want to find ways to support there and to get just a little closer. This benefit provides that. Entertainment – and entertainment is Primary at the Drama League galas -- was Chita Rivera, Donna Murphy, Christine Ebersole, Cady Huffman and Julie Halston. Plus show-stoppers recreated by the original cast members of “La Cage Aux Folles,” “Urinetown,” and “The Will Rogers Follies.” It delivers.
Cast of Hair
Leah Lane
Jeanie Lawrence and Cece Black
Daphne Rubin-Vega
Cast of Will Roger’s Follies
Benefit chair was Harriet Inselbuch; co-chairs were Jamie DeRoy, Katy McGovern, Julie Meister. Vice-chairs were: Cass and Jason Adelman, Edward Bell Leslie Feldma, Sharon Ferretti, Daisy and Jimmy Sinclair.
Julie Halston
Donna Murphy
James Barbour
Eloise Mumford
Barbara and Donald Tober and Christopher Mason
Lola and Julio del Rivero, brother and Ssister of Chita Rivera
Chita Rivera and Jamie de Roy
Bonnie Comley, Stewart F. Lane, and Jano Herbosch
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Chita Rivera, and Alysson Tucker
Lee Roy Reams and Stewart F. Lane
Keith Carradine and Kate Mulgrew
Jeannie Lieberman
Jamie deRoy and Kate Mulgrew
Diane Paulus and Darius Nichols
Cindy Adams and friend
Bettina Zilkha and La Mer had a cocktail reception to celebrate Oceana at Bettina's apartment overlooking the snowy park.
Jeff Goldblum, Maureen Case, Keith Addis, Joyce Varvatos, Sting, Bettina Zilkha, and Sam Waterston
There were several stars among the boldfaced ones, including Jeff Goldblum. No kidding.
Jackie Campfield, Jeff Goldblum, and Leann Lazar
Joyce Varvatos, Jeff Goldblum, Bettina Zilkha, and Sam Waterston
Joyce Varvatos and Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum and Sam Waterston
Jeff Goldblum and Sabrina Antolini
Alexandra Trower and Jeff Goldblum ...
Maureen Case, Jeff Goldblum, and Marcia Mishaan
Jeff Goldblum and Baroness Monica Von Neumann
Jeff Goldblum and Julianna Stein
Jeff Goldblum and SunHee Grinnell
Alex Salkeld, Jeff Goldblum, and Mary Skinner
Jeff Goldblum and Jane Larkworthy
Bettina Zilkha and Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum and Cecile Abeille
Jeff Goldblum and Beth Melillo
Jeff Goldblum, Baroness Monica Von Neumann, and Sabrina Antolini ...
Bettina Alonso and Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum and Maureen Case
Ning Chu and Lauren Cohen
Kari Molvar and Erik Petroni
Bettina Zilkha and Lori Tesoro
Tom Farley, Sting, and Janet Carlson
Andrew Saffir and Bettina Zilkha
Mary Skinner, Sam Waterston, and Beth Melillo
Renee Slas, Stephanie Longworth, and Anne-Marie Fuster
Nicole Catanese, Karina Petroni, and Mary Skinner
Alexandra Trower, Maureen Case, and SunHee Grinnell
Keith Addis and Sabrina Antolini
Mike Hirshfield and Cecile Abeille
Alex Salkeld, Cecile Abeille, and Bettina Alonso
DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS celebrated the launch of DINING BY DESIGN 2009 with wine and hors d’oeuvres at ADOUR. The afternoon brought together some of the most talented and celebrated individuals in the worlds of fashion, interior design, art, and architecture to create spectacular, over-the-top dining environments.

Among those attending: DIFFA Chairman David Rockwell, Trustees Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Meier, Carleton Varney and Chef Alain Ducasse. Other guests included: David Beahm, Geoffrey Zakarian, Preston Bailey, Paola Antonelli, Bill Sofield, Ali Tayar, Robert Verdi, Jason Wu, Tracy Stern, Clodagh, Thomas Noel, James Charles, Elaine Griffen, B. Smith and Gourmet’s Ruth Reichl.
David Sheppard
Richard Meier and Whoopi Goldberg
Robert Verdi
Carleton Varney and David Rockwell
David Sheppard and David Rockwell
Geoffrey Zakarian
Paola Antonelli, David Rockwell, and Chee Pearlman
Whoopi Goldberg and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

Photographs by and Ann Watt (Drama League).

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