Friday, June 19, 2009

Moonlight and more

Moonlight in Venice.
Supporters of Venetian Heritage, an organization dedicated to the preservation of Venetian art and architecture, gathered in Venice June 3-6 for its Biennale gala weekend. Those in attendance included the TSH Prince and Princess Pierre d'Arenberg, who were Chairmen of the weekend. On the first evening, Marchese Alberto and Marchesa Barbara Berlingieri gave a welcoming cocktail party at their Palazzo Treves di Bonfili, overlooking the Grand Canal.

The group's activities included a private visit to the newly restored Fondazione Querini Stampalia, housing a spectacular library, then a tour and lunch in the courtyard of Palazzo Grimani, also recently restored and not yet open to the public.
Karlheinz & Elizabeth Muhr, Pat Patterson, and Dr. William Haseltine
Akis Stephanides and Susan Schwartz
Marchese Alberto Berlingieri, Muffy Miller, Marchesa Barbara Berlingieri, and Don Miller
Noreen Buckfire, Larry Lovett, and Daisy Soros
Diana Moli and Elizabeth of Bavaria
Sibilla de Luxembourg, Stephane de Billy, and Helene de Pourtales at Palazzo Grimani
Kenneth J. Lane, Princess Michael of Kent, and Toto Bergamo Rossi at Fondazione Querini Stampalia
Gary Parr, Chairman of Venetian Heritage and Laurie Dhue at Palazzo Grimani
The next day, after a refreshing stop at Villa "La Malcontenta," home of Count and Countess Antonio Foscari Widmann Rezzonico and called "the most beautiful house in the world", the group went on to Padua for a concert, a walk through the dazzling Basilica of St. Anthony and especially a view of the Chapel of St. Anthony, recently restored by Venetian Heritage, under the guidance of Toto Bergamo Rossi, which revealed the exquisitely carved marble wall panels representing the miracles of the Saint. Every year over six million people visit the Chapel, one of the holiest sites in Christendom.
Villa "La Malcontenta"
Art at "La Malcontenta"
Sibilla de Luxembourg
Sybile of Luxembourg
Angelique de Maleingreau
Other private events scheduled, which kept the group hopping and also away from the tourist crowds, were a preview visit to the Biennale, a concert under the glowingly lit golden dome of St. Mark's Basilica and a tour of the new Francois Pinault museum, the Dogana della Punta, the former customs house on the tip of the Dorsoduro section of Venice.
Basilica of St. Anthony, Padua
Interior of Basilica
Restored artifact in chapel, had been painted black during the war
Astab Jafferjee, Barbara Berlingieri, and Toto Bergamo Rossi in Chapel of St. Anthony, Padua
One of the restored marble wall panels in the chapel
Acqua Alta in St. Mark's Square
La Punta della Dogana
Altar at Church of San Salvador, being restored
Princess Michael of Kent, Luigino and Roberto Rossi, Maurizio Plessi, and Gary Parr at Palazzo Curti Valmarana
On Saturday, stalwarts braved the acqua alta in St. Mark's Square and visited the Church of San Salvador to see Venetian Heritage’s restoration work in progress and to learn about its future restoration of the 14th century silver altarpiece. Then, off to luncheon as guests of Roberta and Luigino Rossi in their Grand Canal Palazzo Valmarana, where their collection of Andy Warhol drawings was on view.
Muffy Miller, Monique Veaute, and Hilary Geary Ross at La Punta della Dogana
Becca and John Thrash
Julian Farrow of Jet Republic and Natalia Nasova
Rima Brihi and Dahlia Dana
Comte Eric d'Hauteville and Emmanuelle Chaufour
The weekend's highlight was the ball at Villa Pisani, in Strà, just outside of Venice. The villa, called “the Versailles of the Veneto,”, was built by the Pisani family in the early 18th century to celebrate the election of Alvise Pisani as the 114th Doge of the Venetian Republic.
Villa Pisani in Strà
Cocktails at Villa Pisani
Dinner at Villa Pisani
Villa Pisani draped in purple
Brett Price, Holly and Michael McCloskey, Laura Evans, and Tom Quick
The gang after dinner
After drinks on the terrace, a quick stroll through the enfilade of rooms, including the dining room recently restored by Venetian Heritage, dinner was served in the ballroom, under Titian’s magnificent ceiling fresco of “The Glory of the Pisani Family”. And late into the night, lit by a full moon and colored lights on the Villa's facade, guests danced and danced. In such an atmosphere no one wanted to go home!
Pia Getty
Lucy Forster, Dahlia Dana, David Forster, and Rima Brihi
Marie Chantel and Pavlos of Greece
Maria Manetti Farrow, Cristina Pinto, and Elizabeth Muhr
Donna and Ben Rosen
Frank and Victoria Wyman
Patricia Cisneros
Rebecca Carcelle, Becca Thrash
Comte and Comtessa Marc d'Andlau-Hombourg
Hilary and Wilbur Ross
Patricia and Sylvia d'Arenberg
Francesca Meinl, Sylvie d'Arenberg, and Safia al Rashid
Pierre and Sylvie d'Arenberg
Dancing the night away
Back in wacky New York ... The Arts Corporation and the Acettes came together this Tuesday to host a party at the newly opened High Line.
Hikari Yokoyama, Debora Warner, Amanda Peters, Leah King, and Bon Jane (ACETTES)
Acettes Performance
For years it was abandoned and gradually grew New York shrubbery, that is until Mayor Michael Bloomberg got involved. The southern section has since been developed and was re-opened on June 9, as a public use elevated park. On Tuesday, the Acettes gave a live performance under The High Line at W. 25th street.
Bon Jane
Christina Guadalupe, Christine James, Gustavo Erangaza, and Lisa Anastos
Debora Warner
Leah King
Hikari Yokoyama
Amanda Peters
Bagua Jody and Joanne Vandermollen
Kelly Framel
Jori Klein and Sabrina Wirth
Cipriano Zeharo, Claire Distenfield, Jessica Vitagliano, and Evan Ross
Lisa Anastos, Mike Latham, Angel Cheng, and Lidia Amirova
Leigh Newman and John Mollett
Allison Dalton and Daniel Leal
Debora Warner, Evaeva, and Leah King
Nick Robinson and Cyan D
Abby Henson and Madeleine Turner
Aaron Fedor, Luke Fedor, and Tori Golub
Amanda Peters and Elise Gallardo
Kelly Framel, Alexander Wolf, and Victoria Stevens
Spencer Product
Tori Golub and Joseph LaPiana
Mike Norkin, Russell Nelson, and Margaret Casagrande
Cat Wei and Melissa Skoog
Hikari Yokoyama, Lisa Anastos, and Debora Warner
Mike Latham and Trevor Stahelski
Two Saturdays ago up in Washington, Connecticut, The Library Luminaries, supporters of the Gunn Memorial Library, held their annual fund-raising event. Now in its 13th year, the Library Luminaries brought out more than 200 in support of the Library. Patrons made a contribution to attend a dinner with one of the several Luminaries.
Susan Payne, John Payne III, Jane Cook, and Peter Steiner
Carolyne Roehm, Christina Klemm, Dr. April Benasich, and John Maurer
Ambassador William J. vanden Heuvel and Eugene Kohn
Dr. April Benasich and Averil Smith (Co-chair)
Susan and Philip Markert
Linda Dishy, Bill Boggs, and Bernie Dishy
Linda Allard, Kirsten Peckerman, and Dr. Leo Altschul
Matt Lynn, Carolyn Klemm, Candace Bushnell, and Graham Klemm
Cynthia Oneglia and Averil Smith (Co-chair)
Ron Garfunkel
Keith Halstead, Joe Godfrey, Jerry Jones, and Mark Lamos
Sandy Flood, Alexandra Alcoff, Sam Alcoff, and Phil Farmer
Caroline and Leonard Kady
Judith Selkowitz, Caroline Mosse, and Jean Solomon
Eileen Field, Bill Fore (Co-Chair), and Joe Loose

Photographs by Mary Hilliard (Venetian Heritage); © (Acettes).

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