Monday, January 19, 2009

Music Lovers Convene

Dinner at New York City Opera's Antony and Cleopatra Winter Gala at Carnegie Hall.
Last Thursday night the New York City Opera held its Antony and Cleopatra Winter Gala at Carnegie Hall. Nomi Ghez was honored.

After the cocktails and dinner there was a gala concert of Samuel Barber’s Antony and Cleopatra, honoring the great American composer’s centennial year. The superb cast was headlined by City Opera favorite Lauren Flanigan as Cleopatra, debuting baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes as Antony and rising dramatic tenor Simon O’Neill as Caesar.

Dinner chairs included Penelope and John Biggs, Brooke Hayward Duchin and Lorry and Mark Newhouse.
Nicholas Firth and Marie Nugent Head Marlas
William Little and Sulvia Chan
Mindy Papp and Michael Siegal
Hope Whitehead, Lorry Newhouse, Mark Newhouse, and Faith Whitehead
Ansso Wang, Huey Din, Helen Little, Michael Tong, and Karen Li
Paul Cronson and Caroline Cronson
Brett Egan and Lorry Newhouse
Patrick Daughtry, Maria Beth Buck, and Thom Collins
Brooke Duchin and Michael MacLeod
Nomi Ghez, Michael Siegal, and Lynn Loacker
Fred Richmond, Jil Spalding, Robin Withington, and Frederic Withington
Roy and Dawn Ferguson
Sheila Stephenson and James Neuberger
Bill Cunningham
Nomi Ghez
Hope Whitehead, Michael MacLeod, and Sarah Gartner
George Arwady, Faith Whitehead, and Pamela Arwady
Princess Alexandra of Greece and Oliva Flatto
Sam Sporn and Helen Sporn
George Steel, Barbara Landau, and Mary Kelberg
Alexia Dellner, Katherine McMahon, and Karen Hsu
Vicky Lunt and Nabil Chartouni
Bianca Kawecki and Michael Gary
Betsey Selkowitz and Francis Houghton
Brooke Duchin and Michael MacLeod
George Stephenson, Donna Schwartz, and Patrick Daughtry
George Steel and Susan Baker with friends
Emily Roy Corey and Barry Goldberg
Princess Alexandra of Greece and George Steel
Helen Little and Kathy Sloane
Donna Leeb
Jesse Lovejoy, Bebe Broadwater, Derek Davis, and Rachel Davis
Helen Stambler Neuberger and Marvis Schwartz
Sylvester and Gillian Miniter
Arthur Selkowitz and Betsey Selkowitz
James Chang and Michael Tong
Last Monday night at a private penthouse in Tribeca, KiptonART and 21C Media Group hosted a private short musical performance by mezzo-soprano Joyce Didonato, highlighting her debut album Furore on Virgin Classics.
Bill and Robin Tabachnik
Joyce DiDonato, Whitley Bouma, and Hannah Castro
Michelle Edgar and Alessandro Mattarini
Albert Imperato and Chris Kenny
Ed Bennett and Philippe Hoerle
Joyce DiDonato
Rita Cavases, Julia Moore, and Donna Simonelli
Eric Lewis
Whitley Bouma Herbert and David Herbert
Julia Moore, Kipton Cronkite, and Donna Simonelli
Emma Snowdon-Jones
Kipton Cronkite and Joyce DiDonato
Julia Moore
Michelle Edgar, Albert Imperato, and Whitley Bouma Herbert
Zoe Weisberg and Melissa Ferraro

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