Thursday, March 12, 2009

New York, New York

Burwell Schorr, Cynthia Lufkin, Allison Rockefeller, Phoebe Gubelmann, and Heather Mnuchin at the Director’s Council of the Museum of the City of New York's Winter Ball.
Tuesday night, the Director’s Council of the Museum of the City of New York held its annual Winter Ball. This is one of the social events of the winter season, a kind of de rigueur fashion parade for a certain set of New Yorkers. And it is fun. The girls get really dressed for it. Versace was a sponsor this year with LeViev diamonds and so it was no accident that many of the women who organized this were sparkling in Versace and loving it; although Eliza Bolen was in Oscar de la Renta (I’m guessing but it’s calculated).

Anyway, there are a lot of beautiful women in New York; they all looked great. The men looked spiffed up and fresh in their black tie. The Ball part – with DJ David Chang, begins after the dinner which is supposed to start (sitdown) at 8:30 but never gets underway until about 9:30 which means by 10:30 quarter to 11, these “kids” are getting sleepy and thinking about those early morning hours awaiting for tomorrow’s labor in the mines. They’re not dancing quite as much these days. Although when they are ...
Tristram Deery and Ellen Niven-Deery
Peter and Kara Georgiopoulos
Rachel Hovnanian and Calvert Moore
Meredith Melling Burke
Robert Lindgren and Chris Spitzmiller
Marisa Lefoscia and Daniela Vitale
Ara Hovnanian and Lise Arliss
Lauren Duff, Melissa Morris, and Kate Allen
Brian Reyes and Gillian Miniter
Peter and Jamee Gregory
Jim Dunning
Stephanie La Cava and Maggie Betts
Celerie Kemble and Kilian Van Rensselaer
Juno and Avanti Madon
Bruce Addison and Isabel Carden
Leviev models
Becca Thrash and Tony Ingrao
Alan and Julie Behr
Louis and Alex Lind Rose
Dr. Patrick Stubgen and Dana Stubgen
Alexandra Kotur, Miguel Fabergas, and Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan
Scott Currie and Kim Heyman
Carol Mack and Markham Roberts
Nancy Tilghman, Wilbur Ross, and Jackie Williams
Celerie Kemble and Bronson van Wyck
Jack Bryan and Edward Barsamian
Georgina Schaeffer and Antony Todd
Last month, Mayor Michael Bloomberg thanked the Harris Obesity Prevention Effort (HOPE) and its founders, Nicki and J. Ira Harris, on behalf of New York City at NYU Child Study Center’s HOPE Benefit honoring Dr. Thomas Frieden, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The event at Planet Hollywood raised over a half million for HOPE.

NYU Child Study Center Founder and Director Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D. introduced Mayor Bloomberg, who praised HOPE’s commitment to primary prevention of obesity among low-income and ethnic minority communities and to changing the early family and school environments for children at high risk of obesity.

Doug Teitelbaum
During his remarks, Dr. Frieden applauded HOPE’s nutrition-related initiatives and how they dovetailed with the New York City Health Department’s efforts to combat obesity. The city is working to combat obesity by eliminating trans-fats from restaurants, posting calories on menus, encouraging an increase in physical activity and improving access to fruits and vegetables.

Over 250 attended the event, including soap opera actress Caitlin Van Zandt of “Guiding Light;” Robert E. Nederlander, Sr.; Sondra and David Mack; Melissa and Chappy Morris; NYU Child Study Center Board Chair Brooke Garber Neidich and Daniel Neidich; and Caryn and Jeff Zucker, CEO, NBC Universal. The benefit co-chairs were Nicki and J. Ira Harris; Doug Teitelbaum; Jackie Harris Hochberg and Robert J. Hochberg; and Jen and Jon Harris.

Other attendees included Mark Strausman, Gary Cohn and Lisa Pevaroff Cohn; Joann Kruger and Robin Avram; Rodney and Eleanor Propp; Ronnie Barnes: Cathy and Mark Bern; Dr. Christine Ren and Dr. George Fielding; Pat Cook; Roxanne Palin; Dr. Laurie Brotman; Erica and Michael Karsch; Dean Palin; Allison and Andy Brod; Stanley Shopkorn; and Louise and Vince Camuto.

Half of New York’s children are overweight or obese, and Americans consume 200-300 more calories per day than they did 30 years ago, mostly due to sugar-sweetened beverages. Super-size sodas are super-sizing kids, with each additional daily sugar sweetened drink increasing their risk of obesity by 60 percent.
The Gypsy Queens (band) from the French Riviera
Established in 2005 by the J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Foundation, HOPE is a leadership initiative by the NYU Child Study Center and NYU Langone Medical Center to prevent child and adolescent obesity. Under the leadership of Laurie Miller Brotman, Ph.D., HOPE brings together a world-class multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians, and educators to address the nation’s obesity crisis.

The New York University Child Study Center is the nation's leading organization for research, prevention and treatment of child and adolescent psychiatric and learning disorders. Through science-based clinical care, cutting-edge research, expert professional training, and extensive public education, the Center strives to generate new knowledge about child mental health, improve the practices of healthcare professionals who serve children, and influence child-related public health policy. Most importantly, the Center provides hope, help and care to children and their families who suffer from these disorders.

The NYU Child Study Center is committed to giving children back their childhood. To learn more, visit
Brooke Garber Neidich and Lisa Pevaroff Cohn
Rodney and Eleanor Propp with Nicki Harris
Dr. George Fielding, Dr. Christine Ren, Dr. Thomas Frieden, and Dr. Laurie Miller Brotman
Dr. Harold Koplewicz and Jackie Harris Hochberg
Mayor Michael Bloomberg and J. Ira Harris
Robert Hochberg with Melissa and Chappy Morris
Roxanne Palin, Erica Karsch, Michael Karsch, and Dean Palin
Alison and Andy Brod
Madison Avenue attorneys Mark W. Smith and Tim Valliere hosted a Spring Fling to honor The Humane Society of New York on the roof-deck of Hudson Terrace on March 7th. The evening also served as a preview for the charitable organization’s upcoming Fine Art Photography Auction this fall. CeCe Cord and Cornelia Guest lent their support along with 250 of New York Times bestselling author Mark W. Smith’s closest friends.
Ariel Moses, Justin Lee, Briana Swanson, and David Chines
Sandra DeFeo, Mark Smith, and Anne Marie Karish
Anait Bian, Cindy Guyer, Sarah Bradford, Richard and Nancy Maltz, Sebastian Bland, James Taranto, Dr. Paul Morgan, Alison Minton, Kathleen Giordano, Michael Kantor, Brett Joshpe, Ed Dempsey, Arlene Delgado and casting agent Adrienne Stern checked out the adoptable dogs on-hand with The Humane Society of New York’s Sandra DeFeo and Anne Marie Karish while enjoying Humane Societinis.

DJ Scott Melker spun while tarot card readers provided a look into the future for guests. Diane Dimond, filmmaker Brooke Goldstein, United Nations’ Stadler Trengrove, Noelle Ashley Dunphy, CNN’s Emily Barsh, Mary Ann and Vincent Gerbino, Leo Kayser, Dr. Valerie Goldburt and Carbon NYC’s John W. Munson took in photographs of Madonna and Barry Diller by Patrick McMullan, curated by his son Liam.
Syl Tang and Duffy-Marie Arnoult
Kathleen Giordano and Alison Minton
Tim Valliere and Mark Smith
Anait Bian
Cindy Guyer
Sarah Bradford
CeCe Cord
Brett Marcus Coady, Miguelina, and Kristian Laliberte
Dr. Paul Morgan and Annie Balliro
Liam McMullan and Mark Smith
Karrah Kaplan and Laurie Weiner
Roger Webster and Kelvin Kugroho
Robin Ross and Tia Walker

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