Monday, January 26, 2009

Opening Night ...

Blair Farkas and Jonathan Farkas
Cindy Adams, Amanda Byrne, Cynthia Spivey, Martha Stewart, and Austin Spivey
Eula Johnson and Clarence Wheat
The Winter Antiques Show's opening night Benefit Preview raises much needed funds for the East Side House Settlement. Eula Johnson, the Show Coordinator at East Side House Settlement, is celebrating her 21st year with the show and they do a great job and bringing out a stellar crowd for the event. Bank of America is Proud Sponsor and Chubb Pesonal Insuerance is the loan exhibition sponsor. Eli Tahari sponsors the Young Collectors Night.
Arie Kopelman, Leslie Brille, and Brian Brille
Amanda Byrne, Cynthia Spivey, and Austin Spivey
Blair Farkas, Jonathan Farkas, and Linda Fargo
Arie Kopelman, Coco Kopelman, Bunny Williams, and John Rosselli
Ellie Tahari, Rory Tahari, Peter Standish, Lucinda Ballard, and Michael Lynch
Corie Bowie, Ralph Harvard, Johanna McBrien, and Mary Beth Keene
Catherine Orentreich and Ken Brody
Alexander and Laurtel Acevedo
Amanda Byrne, Cynthia Spivey, Martha Stewart, and Austin Spivey
April and Roddy Gow
Anna Torres Maldonado and Josue Rodriguez
Fred Imberman and Robert Israel
Connie Verducci, Lucinda Ballard, and Laurie Tisch
Betsy Ruprecht and Elizabeth Stribling
Chandra Jessee, Jamie Niven, and Lee Niven
Jerry Lauren, Susan Rappaport, and Sy Rappaport
Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels
Alexandra Buckley and Laura Griffin
Andrea and John Kaplan
Alex Papachristidis and Fruzsina Keehn
Joshie Armstead
Charles Plante and Ross Fusca
Florian Knothe, Tina Oldknow, Amy Swartz, and Warren Bunn
Courtney Riordan, Alice McAdams, and Blair Douglas
Duane Hampton and Edward Lee Cave
Elissa Panetta, Ali Harmer Jr, and Mieke van Helsema
Ellen Israel, Carrie Imberman, and Marcie Imberman
Helen Marx, Noel Jeffrey, and Lynn Jeffrey
Hannah Pakula, Donald Newhouse, and Susan Newhouse
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Iliana Moore, Michel Witmer, and Deborah Royce
Blair Farkas and William Noortman
Finn and Jillian Duggan
Grace Snyder and Jeanne Jones
Jennifer Dorsey
Ellen McDermott and Bridget Scialds
Jeanne Lawrence, Ed Lobrano, Iris Love, and Tom Gates
Hilary Geary Ross and Wilbur Ross
Hans Peter Krauss Jr.
Janna Bullock and R. Couri Hay
Mary Beth Keene, Diana Anderson, and Johanna McBrien
Felipe Propper and Kenneth Rendell
Katherine Hart, Heidi James, and Kathryn Goetzke
Jean Shafiroff and Joyce Cowin
Lee Kogan, Harvey Kahn, and Stacy Hollander
Iris Love and Barbara Camp
Kathy Batista, Brian Marks, and Tim Hunt
Kate Nintzel and Lucinda Blumenthal
Linda Fargo
Kimberly DuRoss and Earle Mack
Ben Foreman, Barbara Camp, and Jamie Drake
John Loring and Linda Buckley
Jim and Connie Malone
Max Donnelly, Margot Johnson, and Nonnie Frelinghuysen
Jeff and Liz Peek
Robin Roberts and Beth Roberts
Lucinda Ballard, Sarah Donnem, and Liz Sigety
Lee and CeCe Black
Lisa Cholnoky, Tom Cholnoky, and Maureen Chilton
Laura Lofaro Freeman and Jim Freeman
Larry and Marilyn Friedland with Larry Shir
Mildrid Brinn, Jean Shafiroff, and Joyce Cowin
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Lana Turner and Kathryn Zimmerman
Lenore and Peter Standish
Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Susan Zizes Green
Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch
Kathy Irwin and Anne Smithers
Lucia Hwong Gordon
Richard Jamkowski and Lisa Hayes
Mario Buatta, Hilary Geary Ross, and Wilbur Ross
Lisa Selby and Christopher Heath
Mary Galbin and Dawn Meiners
Massimo and Lella Vignelli
Shayne Doty and Irene Aitken
Randy Kemper, Susan Magrino, Mark Gilbertson, Linda Fargo, and Tony Ingrao
Morgan and Jennifer Stebbins with Harry and Jill Kargman
Melissa and Chappy Morris
Peter and Jamee Gregory with Betsy and Bill Ruprecht
Jacques Leviant
Laura Aronson, Norma Barratt, Nicholas Vincent, Jamie Kingsbury, and Margaret Floryan
Mary and Marvin Davidson
Will Kopelman, Andrea Kaplan, and John Kaplan
Nina Griscom and Leonel Piraino
Peter Standish, Lucinda Ballard, and Michael Lynch
Tom Kearns
Martha Stewart
An antique show regular
Thomas Jayne
Shelia Kotur, Alexandra Kotur, Marjorie Buckley, and Alexandra Buckley
Maria and Sherlock Hackley
Tom Kearns, Massimo Vignelli, Lella Vignelli, and Kate Kearns
Peter Foley and Kathleen Giordano
Marjorie and Alexandra Buckley
Tom Lampson and Estelle Greer

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