Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Orchids and Exhibitions

The New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner at Rainbow Room.
Last Tuesday night, the New York Botanical Garden hosted its annual Orchid Dinner at the Rainbow room. All proceeds support the development of the Garden’s orchid research collection. In addition to maintaining the highest horticultural standards of orchid conservation, the Garden has been designated a Plant Rescue Center through the Convention of International Trade in endangered Species. Improperly documented shipments of endangered wild orchids are seized at international borders and sent to these centers. Through careful research and the application of appropriate horticultural techniques, Garden staff members have been successful in bringing a majority of these ailing specimens back to health. Many are on view year-round in orchid displays at the Botanical Garden.

The evening’s chairs were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Miniter and Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Royce.

Chairs were Fernanda Kellogg, President of the Tiffany and Company Foundation and Lisa Newsom, Editor-in-Chief of Veranda.
Deborah and Charles Royce
Angel Sanchez, Naz, and Robert Ruffino
Gillian Miniter and Sheri Babbio
Vanessa Eastman, Natalie Kaplan, and Lee Eastman
Betsy Lawrence and Peter Millard
Alexis Clark, Charles Atkins, and Liz Peek
Douglas and Liz Quinn
Alease Fisher Tallman, Phillips Watson, and Lynn Wheat
Donna Vock
James Benenson III, James Benenson Jr., Sharen Benenson, and Clement Benenson
Andreas Beroutsos, Abigail Hirschhorn Beroutsos, Carol Ostrow, and Michael Graff
Christine de Saint Andrieu
Gregory Long
Phillips Watson and Alease Fisher Tallman
Ann Crool
Carmen Benenson, Amanda Gordon, and John Knowles
Jon Peter, Marc Hachadourian, and Travis Beck
Charlotte Moss and Carolyn Englefield
Jennie and Chris Coyne
Ekwong Leecharon and Laura Maiyoo
Ploy Leecharon
Fernanda Kellogg and Vin Cipolla
Jennifer Foster, Graham Foster, Maureen Chilton, Kevin Granath, and Danielle Granath
Cayra and Alexis Michas
Jackie Brown, Susan Sennett, and Rosemary Ferrer
Jennie Coyne and Stephanie Terelak
Patricia Burns, Berman Brown, Annette Brown, Barrett Burns, and Ritzy Weld
Katie Meyer and Vicente Wolf
Catherine Davis and Jaime Jimenez
Cayra Michas, Alex Roepers, and Shafi Roepers
Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg
Christian Leone, Shauna Brook, and Malcolm James Kutner
Hunt Lawrence and Susan Perkins
Cathy Thomas and Wibby Sevener
Dan Dahl, Lauren Malang, and Brian Bowman
Larry and Sheri Babbio
Deborah Berger and George Perezman
Kirk Hesckel, Marlene Hess, and Vin Cipolla
Michael Zimmerman, Bill Harrison, and Tim Sennatt
Rod Winterrowd
Iliana and Lansing Moore
Kitty Hawks and Larry Liederman
Maureen and Richard Chilton
Katie Brockman and Christine de Saint Andrieu
Lauren Hurst and Brendon Crane
Tom Roberts, Karen Roberts, Tess Wachs, and Robert Wachs
Peter Kukielski, Karen Daubmann, and Travis Beck
Lee Cavanaugh and Leslie Coleman
Patti Fast, Anne Miller, and Phil Miller
Liz and Jeff Peek
Jane Pauley, Lisa Newsom, Gregory Long, and Carolyn Englefield
Nathalie Kaplan and Malcolm James Kutner
Patti and Eric Fast
Wendy Snyder, Alan Tanksley, and Jane Pauley
Sherry Cohen-Shaw and Jeffrey Shaw
Mary and Marvin Davidson
Paulette Cushman and Roswell Perkins
Patti Fast and Julie Graham
Philip Gorrivan and Anthony Buzzetta
Shauna Brook and Paul Tumpowsky
Robin Graham and Ann Crool
Sarah Morse and Montana Timchula
Susan Sterling, Jane Pauley, and Bella Meyer
Tim Paterson
Tatiana Ahlers, Alexandra Pappas, and Fiona Benenson
Phillips Watson and Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Stephen Elrod and Michael Walter
Last Tuesday night at the residence of Emily and Len Blavatnik, The Atlantic magazine and Celerie Kemble and Boykin Curry hosted a dinner “on the evening of the President’s Joint Address” to Congress.

The Atlantic and the Currys have been hosting this dinner for a few years now. It is a cocktail followed by a pre-speech discussion led by some journalists or political writers. The Atlantic’s Jeff Goldberg and a contributing editor, Ta-Nehisi Coates led with some discussion and commentary. Afterwards there is more discussion and comment on the speech, the man and the time. It’s a great way to take in the President’s speech and it serves to stimulate all attending.

Among the guests: Ellen Abrams, John Stossel, Nicole Alger Guest and Zachary Karabell, David Appelson, Andre Balazs, Jeff Bercovici, Alex Blavatnik, Leonard and Emily Blavatnik, Janet Cerrutti, Ravenel and Beth Curry, Sean Dooley, Marc Ecko, Allison Ecko, Frederick Fekkai and Shirin von Wulffen, Jeff Goldberg, Eric Grannis, Eva Moscowitz, Zachary Karabell, Gayle King, Rick Lazlo, Joel Klein, Chancellor New York City Department of Education; Jay Lauf, Publisher The Atlantic, Julie Macklowe and Billy Macklowe, Leslie Marshall and Bill Weld, Felicia Taylor, Peggy Siegal, Connie and Ted Roosevelt 4th, Kati Marton, Philip Howard, Steve Schwarzman, Frank McWhorter, Richard Meier, Sherman Meloni, Chris Meloni, Eric Mindich, Moby, Deborah Needleman, Jacob Weisberg, Susan and Alan Patricof, Michael Douglas E. Schoen, Ph.D., Dan Senor, Marcy Simon, Justin Smith, President of The Atlantic, Eliot Spitzer, Tom Stewart Julia Stiles, Peter Thoren, Jada Yuan.
Bill Weld and Eliot Spitzer
Gayle King
Frederic Fekkai and Stephen Schwarzman
Boykin Curry, Julia Stiles, and Justin Smith
Cory Booker, Marc Ecko, and John McWhorter
David Appelson and Laurel Greenman
Richard Meier and Ravenel Curry
Zachary Karabell and Kati Marton
Celerie Kemble, Chris Meloni, and Sherman Meloni
Deborah Needleman and Celerie Kemble
Kristin Cummings, Lindsay Cowan, and Megan McGuinn
Jacob Weisberg, Jeffrey Goldberg, Ta-Hehisi Coates, and Justin Smith
Ta-Hehisi Coates
Julie Macklowe and Michael Peterson
Jeffrey Goldberg
Emily and Len Blavatnik
Joel Klein and Kati Marton
Beth Curry and Jeffrey Leeds
Allison and Marc Ecko
Eric Grannis, Eva Moskowitz, and Jay Lauf
Justin Smith and Janet Cerutti
Peggy Siegal and Ted Roosevelt IV
Rick Lazio and Dan Senor
Andre Balazs, Frederic Fekkai, and Shirin von Wulffen
Ted Roosevelt IV, Leslie Marshall, and Bill Weld
Artist Gregory Johnston hosted a reception for the opening of his new show of paintings, dubbed Passepartout, at Stephen Haller Gallery (542 West 26th Street) in Chelsea.

Among the guests were Lewis Kruger, President of the Museum of Arts and Design; Laura Kruger, Curator of the Hebrew Union College Museum; artists Anton Perich and Colette; the gallery owner Stephen Haller; Rodrigo Solomon, Giovanna Federico and Stephen Becker; Frank Ginsberg, Adrienne Foran; Stacey Elgin, Ross Meltzer, Carol Jansing, Cynthia Griffin, Roy Kean; Betsy Goldman; Michael Dare, Markos Kaminis; the artists wife Cecilia Lind and his 8-year-old son Henry, who spent the evening following in his dad’s footsteps taking artistic photographs. Also: Mark Langrish, Raj Tolaram, Justine Pojanowski, Marvin Berk, Susanna Kise, Iris Rossi Jim Luce, Lee Miller, Ron Glickman, Marcy MacDonald, Jake Bright, Judith Nilson, Omri Semadar, Juan Pablo Mantilla, Christopher Hawkins, Douglas Maxwell, Nancy Pothier and Dick Wright.
From Artist Gregory Johnston's Passepartout exhibition
The exhibition at Stephen Haller runs through March 28th.
Laura Kruger, Gregory Johnston, and Lewis Kruger
Cecilia Lind and Henry Johnston
Rebecca Silver and Roger Webster
Iris Rossi, Giovanna Federico, and Dr. Steven Becker
Ross Meltzer, Gregory Johnston, and Carol Jansing
Frank Ginsberg
Roy Kean
Judith Nilson and Marvin Berk
Collette the artist with John Wegorzewski
Lee Miller and Zoltan Csanadi
Susanna Kise
Mark Langrish and Raj Tolaram
Cynthia Griffin, Stephen Haller, and Adrienne Foran
Stacey Elgin and Betsy Goldman
Jamie Kole and James Colarusso
Earlier last month Panthera and the members of the Cat Advisory Council held a reception and discussion about the new paradigm of Big Cat Conservation, hosted by Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan, founder and executive chairman of Panthera, and Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, president and CEO of Panthera with honored guest Paul E. Klotman, MD of Mount Sinai Medical Center.
Dr. Mel Sunquist and Susan Blond
Tom Anderson
Mark and Nicolle Wallace
Steve Winter and Dr. George Schaller
Dr. George Amato, Dr. Paul Klotman, and Dr. Thomas Kaplan
Dr. Christine Breitenmoser, Dr. Thomas Kaplan and wife Daphne, and Dr. Urs Breitenmoser
Anne Thompson and Dr. Luke Hunter
Dr. Urs Breitenmoser
Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and Dr. Paul Klotman
Dr. Alan Rabinowitz
Dr. Laurie Marker and Nicolle Wallace
Dr. John Seidensticker, Kathy Zeller, and Dr. Howard Quigley
Dr. Mary Klotman and Dr. Salisa Rabinowitz
Tiger Beer
Dr. Gus Mills with his wife, Margie

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com; Ann Watt and Matthew Carasella (Johnston)

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