Friday, February 13, 2009

Parties to party

Outside Elaine's for Interview Magazine's 20th anniversary party for Patrick McMullan.
Wednesday night at Elaine's ... Interview Magazine held a 20th anniversary party for Patrick McMullan.
Matt Magee, Christophe De Menil, and Glenn O'Brien
Paul Sevigny, Waris Ahluwalia, and Andre Andre
Bettina Zilkha, Kathy Hilton, Rick Hilton, and Debbie Bancroft
Pat Cleveland and Paul von Ravenstein
Angela Chao and Bruce Wasserstein
Elaine Kaufman, Tony Shafrazi, Stephanie Seymour, and Peter Brant
John Reinhold, Stephanie Seymour, and Peter Brant
Alice Judelson, Daniel Rangel, and DPC
Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou
Lydia Hearst, LuAnn de Lesseps, Ali Hilfiger, and Anne Dexter-Jones
Hope Atherton and Gina Nanni
Betty and Ron Galella
John Demsey and Cornelia Guest
Marisa Berenson and Starlite Randall
Pat Cleveland, Djimon Hounsou, and Kimora Lee Simmons
Bill Diggins and June Haynes
Elaine Kaufman and Tony Shafrazi
J.A. Forde and Deborah Hughes
Fabiola Beracasa, Derek Blasberg, Ali Hilfiger, Christopher Bolan, Byrdie Bell, and Lyle Maltz
Frank Picchione and Michael Flocker
Joyce Varvatos and Susan Cappa
Stephen Burrows, Pat Cleveland, and Paul von Ravenstein
Desiree Gruber and Alina Cho
Lydia Hearst
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Aimee Phillips and Jake Shears
Glenn O'Brien and Christophe De Menil
Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl
Jean-Marc Houmard and friend
Cece Cord and Lisa Burgett
Liam McMullan and Paul Sevigny
Perry Rubenstein and Sara Fitzmaurice
Julianno De Rossi, Aimee Phillips, and Jake Shears
Dr. Mark Warfel and Tina Louise
Richard Christiansen and Scott Buchheit
Yvonne Force Villareal, Chris Taylor, and Celerie Kemble
Chris Beckman
Kenny Kenny, Susanne Bartsch, and Patrick McDonald
Stephen Burrows
Richard DuPont and Brigid Berlin
Vicky Sambunaris and Anita Antonini
Peggy Siegal
Allison Sarofim
Renata Mariam and Olivier Stip
Zaldy and Dimitry Komis
Richard and Marcia Mishaan
Tony Shafrazi and Michael Musto
Sally Randall Brunger and Alina Cho
Anne Slater, Sam Bolton, and Brigid Berlin
Charlie Scheips, Anita Antonini, and Sean Gannon
Valesca Guerrand Hermes
Stephanie Wei
Stephanie Seymour
Irina Alexander
Shauna Brook and Paul Tumpowsky
Susan Killkenny and Adam DePaulis
Lydia Hearst-Shaw
Gayle King, Patrick McMullan, Mary Boone, and Larissa
Greg Calejo, Susan Kellogg, Mark Tanski, and Scott Currie
Suzanne Bartsch and Greg Calejo
Elaine Kaufman and Charles Gargano
Earl McGrath and Charlie Scheips
Mary Hackley and Ruth Finley
Anne Slater and Geoffrey Bradfield
Ali Hilfiger and Tim O'Malley
Elaine Kaufman and Patrick McMullan
Tony Shafrazi and Desiree Gruber
Patrick McMullan and Sylvia Miles
Debbie Bancroft
Katie Ford and Bruce Levingston
Lyle Maltz, Lauren Santo Domingo, and Derek Blasberg
Patrick McMullan, Anne Slater, and John Cahill
Anthony Haden-Guest and Noonie Boylan
Countess LuAnn de Lesseps
Eric Villency and Kimberly Guilfoyle Villency
Iman, Patrick McMullan, and Stephanie Seymour
Patrick McMullan and John Reinhold
Waris Ahluwalia and Chiara Clemente
Liz Smith
Marquette de Bary and Mary McFadden
On Saturday, February 7, The Library Cubs Program invited members and guests to the Library’s landmarked Fifth Avenue building for its fourth annual Valentine’s Celebration.

Guests had an exciting afternoon creating valentines, learning to make paper the old fashioned way by hand. Guests also enjoyed coloring and personalizing bookplates at a craft table hosted by the party’s sponsor, Crewcuts. And, of course, a trip to the Library wouldn’t be complete without story time. Luckily, Children’s Librarian Sarah Belanich was there to read Cece Bell’s Bee-Wigged, a story about friendship.
Committee member Kathryn Tucker and her daughter making a perfect Valentine.
Cubs take action and meet their favorite puppets from the afternoon’s show.
Among those attending last Saturday’s event with their little ones were Cubs Committee members Nancy Donahoe, Carey Mangriotis, Hannah McFarland, Katie Michel, Sarah Min, Galt Niederhoffer, and Vicky Ward.

The New York Public Library Cubs Program ( is an important initiative that raises funds to further the Library’s mission of providing free and open access to knowledge, while promoting the importance of reading and libraries to families. For an annual $1,000 membership, there are a series of events held exclusively for the Library Cubs families throughout the year.
Families enjoy making valentines for a special someone
Guests dive into the crafting fun
Committee member Kimbrough Towles and her son design their own Crewcuts book plate
Cubs learn the art of making paper by hand
Moms and their daughters enjoy the party
Jenna Lyons Mazeau and her son entranced by the puppet show performance at the party
Billy Crudup helps his son sign up for a Library Card
Cubs Committee Co-chair Gretchen Rubin and her daughter enjoy coloring at the Crewcuts craft station
Tod's and W Magazine hosted a benefit party for Love Heals Wednesday night at the Tod's store on Madison Avenue.
Peter Tannenbaum, Jim Downey, and Sarah Mohr
Theo Grate, Sheryl Martinelli, and Nancy Catri
Amanda Selton and Dreama Walker
Jasmine Nielsen, Marco Giocometti, and Nina Lawrence
Emanuele Della Valle
Kianeand Charlie Von Mueffling
Emma Snowdon-Jones
Gerry and Carroll Gertz
Athena Liu and Kathy Kuo
Kristian Laliberte
Lucy Sykes
Alison Brokaw
Jose Maria Trullos and Alexandra Vidal
Brooke Magnaghi, Nina Lawrence, and Sophia Chabbott
BJ Coleman and Raul Barrera
Denise Libert, Marie-Noelle Pierce, and Amanda Mosle-Friedman
Louis and Lauren DePalo
Lisa Anastos and Jennifer Gerry
Marco Giacometti, Kiane Von Mueffling, Charlie Von Mueffling, and Nina Lawrence
Alex Shen, Charlotta Roudeva, and Nelly Pakh

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