Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Picnicking for Fresh Air

the scene at the 22nd Annual Southampton Fresh Air Home American Picnic.
The Southampton Fresh Air Home kicked off the Fourth of July weekend festivities with its 22nd Annual American Picnic and Grucci fireworks bursting in air over Shinnecock Bay.
Highlights included a picnic buffet; carts filled with popcorn, ice cream, hot dogs and other all-American treats; arts and crafts, and carnival booths with games and prizes on the grounds of an ocean-front estate. Picnic Chairmen were Pamela and Alex Camacho, Tania and Brian Higgins, Lara and William McLanahan, Christl and Ken Meszkat, Alexia and Baird Ryan and Stephanie and David Wolkoff.
Adam Growald, Schuster Tanger, and Rob Katz
Isabelle Davis, Audrey Rap, and Kara Rosenblum
Arabella Navab, Mary Kathryn Navab, and Julian Navab
Andre De Baubigny, Charlotte De Baubigny, and Juliet De Baubigny
Claire and Joe Dimenna
Alvina and Catherine Ting
Brian Carey, Brian Carey, Catherine Carey, and Paul Carey
Audrey Rap, Kara Rosenblum, Isabelle Davis, and Hayley Mogul
Ann Grimm
Alexia Ryan and Laura McLanahan
Christl Meszkat and Barbra Smith
Emily Post and Katlean DeMonchy
Fausta Lita and Atalita Morais
Aleksander and Darya Schiavetta
Fred and Carole Guest
Georgina Hickey and Lindsay Quackenbush
Joe Fuchs, Mildren Brinn, Michael Weissman, and Sheila O'Malley Fuchs
Claus Moller and Cici Wilkison
Brooke and Laura McLanahan
Donna Younis, Chloe Younis, and Nahill Younis
Jessie and Catherine Ting
Carole Cavaluzzi, Bradlee Kraus, and Patty Kraus
Elizabeth Kilgallon, John Kilgallon, and Suni Harford
Jeff Liddle, Alexa Liddle, and Tara Liddle
Diana DiMenna, Claire DiMenna, Tess Dimenna, Mckenzie Coty, Matthew Coty, and Caren Coty
Steve Hessler, Declin Hessler, Dashiell Hessler, and Stephanie Hessler
Harrison Hochberg, Jackie Hochberg, Alexander Hochberg, and Robert Hochberg
Gabriel and Paula Viscogliosi
Nicolas Errico, Alex Errico, Robert Errico, and Lisa Errico
Paloma Prychodko, Talya Prychodko, David Schlachet, Talin Schlachet, and Laura Schlachet
Nancy Hevert and Elaina Scotto Faucetta
Herb Schmertz and Kay Gilman
Noah Katz, Anton Katz, Ty Katz, Robin Katz, and Nia Katz
Jean and Martin Shafiroff
Lance and Linda Kabot
Lydia Touzet and Carole Nobbs
Pamela Rollins Camacho and Charlotte Camacho
Tory Burch
Ilona Quasha
Sara Saelim Luisa Errichetti, Lily Gilef, and Lindsay Shapiro
Linda Egelan
James Cavaluzzi, Patty Krausm, and George Kraus
Marianna Rounick, William Rounick, Gabriel Viscogliosi, and Paula Viscogliosi
Katlean DeMonchy, Jean Shafiroff, and Gregory Delia
Luke and Randi Jacklin
Kim White, Barbara Kugler, and Mildred Brinn
Lisa and Gregory Pamel
Mildred Brill, Kim White, Pamela Rollins Camacho, and Barbara Kugler
Monica Forman and Kim White
Nia and Robin Katz
Tanya Higgins and Randi Jacklin
Nouriel Roubini, Jim Coleman, and Arnold Resenshein
William McLanahan, Laura McLanahan, and David Ganek
Inside Broadway held its Broadway Beacon Awards at the Players Club, honoring Constantine Maroulis (Rock of Ages), Laura Benanti (Tony Award-winner for Gypsy), and Steven Pasquale (star of the recent Reasons To Be Pretty). Also honored was Alan Momeyer, Vice President of Loews Corporation.

Inside Broadway, founded and directed by Michael Presser and now in its 26th year, works with schools throughout New York City, introduces children to musical theatre and develops their creativity through CASA (Cultural After-School Adventures) and other programs.
Judy Kuhn and Malcolm Gets
JHS 278 performs
William Tung, Mrs. George Stonbely, Mr. Stonbely, and Mrs. Tung
Laura Benanti and Steven Pasquale
Alisa Cohen, Irwin Fingerit, and Roger Dryer
Michael Presser, Paul Greenfield, and Martin McLaughlin
Michael Presser with Joan and Alan Ades
Julie Chang and Constantine Maroulis
Mark McAndrews and Laurie Stevens
Charles Barrett and David Jaffe
Michael Presser, Alan Momeyer, and Andrew Tisch
Ashley Catherine Schmidt and Nick Sala
Remember the vintage 70s margarine commercial that proclaimed “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature?” Well, Mother Nature also knows better than to mess around with Audrey Gruss, who summoned up a perfect evening amidst the wettest June on record to kick off this year’s upcoming Summer Party to benefit Southampton Hospital. Audrey and husband Martin greeted guests poolside surrounded by Edwina von Gal’s jaw-dropping landscape designs -- tsunamis of hydrangea ready to exploded, century-old trees relocated “just so” and a serene pond centered on a lush lawn.
Diane Holmes, Steven Stolman, Sheila O'Malley Fuchs, Millie Brinn, Jean Remmel FitzSimmons, Christine Gray, Barbara Smith, and Audrey Gruss
And what about the house, christened “Fairwood?” As imposing as the new shingle-style manse is, it’s been carefully crafted to look as though it was built a century ago- painted a soft grey with white trim and dressed with gentle striped awnings that define old Southampton style.
New York First Lady, Michelle Patterson and Debbie Bancroft
Margo MacNabb Nederlander, Greg D'Elia, Sue Madonia, and James Nederlander, Jr.
Robert Chaloner, Jean Remmel FitzSimmons, George and Patty Kraus, and Nancy and Peter Larsen
There among the crowd: grand dame Jean Remmel FitzSimmons, Summer Party chairman Sheila O’Malley Fuchs and her husband Joe, Millie Brinn, Jean Shafiroff, Barbara Smith, Kay Gilman and Herb Schmertz, Melanie and John Wambold, Margo and Jimmy Nederlander, Diane and Charles Holmes, Ann and Jack Grimm, Rev. Peter and Nancy Larsen, Barbara and Alan Glatt, Lisa and Rome Arnold, Steven Stolman, Sandra McConnell and Chris Obetz, Ken Wyse, Shelley and Gilbert Harrison, Maribeth and Ellen Welsh, Debbie Bancroft, Kirk de Gooyer, Denise Johnston, Peter Hallock, Susan Madonia, Greg D’Elia, Adam Mahr, Jeff Pfiefle and other supporters of the Hamptons only hospital, now celebrating its 100th year.
Bill Whitener, Kirk DeGooyer, and Ken Wyse
Ladd and Haley Willis
John and Melanie Wambold
Martin Gruss, Ann Grimm, Audrey Gruss, and Jack Grimm
The South Street Seaport Museum hosted its Annual Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street last Wednesday, June 24, 2009. More than 200 guests attended the event which honored The Kingdom of the Netherlands, with Gajus Scheltema, Consul General in New York, accepting the award. Michael Gargiulo of WNBC-TV hosted the festivities. Contributions from the evening will benefit the Museum’s operations and programs. 
Gajus Scheltema, Consul General in New York of The Kingdom of the Netherlands and Frank Sciame, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the South Street Seaport Museum
Floris van Hovell, Counselor of Public Diplomacy, Press and Culture at the Royal Netherlands Embassy with Henry C. Barkhorn
Cherrie Nanninga, Chief Operating Officer, New York Tri-State Region, C.B. Richard Ellis, Inc.
Simone Kreutzer, Consul for Press and Cultural Affairs for the Consulate General for The Kingdom of the Netherlands New York and Frank Sciame
Edward Kelly, Executive Director of the Maritime Association of the Port of New York
James and Patricia Devine with Brian McAllister
Michael Gargiulo and Mary Ellen Pelzer, Director of the South Street Seaport Museum
Photographs by ©PatrickMcMullan.com; Blanche Williamson (SH Hospital); Elena Olivo (Beacon); James Pyun (South Street).

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