Monday, April 20, 2009

Revelry and Community

Junior Committee members Lauren Remington Platt, Paul Dupont, Stacy Slate, Hadleyn Nagel, Luke Siegel, and Lake Bell at a reception at Gracie mansion to build awareness for Solar One and its June 2nd "Revelry by the River" Gala.
Hartley du Pont, Christine M. Biddle and Carole Bellidora-Westfall hosted a  reception at Gracie mansion to build awareness for Solar One and its June 2nd "Revelry by the River" Gala. Hartley duPont, Chairman of the Gala and Susan Danilow of the Gracie Mansion Conservancy welcomed the guests. Chris Collins, the Executive Director of Solar One, spoke about creating  energy sustainability in New York City and Solar One's  Green Energy, Arts and Education building soon to be replaced by Solar 2.
Solar 2, Green Energy, Arts and Education Center in New York City ( ) to be located in Stuyvesant Park at East 23rd Street, will break ground in 2009 and be the first Platinum LEED certified public building in the nation to leave a “zero carbon footprint," generating more energy than it consumes, becoming a prototype for many major cities in this country.
Bob McMullan, Susan McMullan, Hartley duPont, Dean Snook, and Karen Kirby
One of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s 14 energy initiatives in the PlaNYC2030, Solar One has already educated more than 19,000 area students in grades K-12 about public awareness, energy efficiency and conservation and delivers a unique blend of youth education, information forums and world-class exhibit space, offering interactive learning on topics as diverse as recycling, energy conservation in apartment living, green job training and estuary systems of the East River. Thousands attend Solar 1's film, dance and solar powered concerts on the river.

On June 2nd Matthew Modine and will receive the Solar 1 Green Energy Arts and Education Center's Sustainability Award, Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy will receive the Solar 1 Green Energy Arts and Education Center's Young Environmentalist Award, and HSBC will receive the Environmental Steward Award.
Barbara and Bruce Winston
Chris Collins, Angela Susan Anton, and Jason Feinberg
Paul Dupont, Susan McMullan, and Karen Kirby
Caroline Niemczyk and Chris Collins
Cynthia Lufkin and Hartley duPont
Francesca White, Chris White, and Melissa and Thor Thors
Laurie Parise, Stuart Sundlun, and Myra Scheer
Carol Higgins Clark and Carole Bellidora-Westfall
Chris Garvin and Russell Tencer
Roddy Gow and Robin Bell
Daniela and John Punnett
Martin Shafiroff, Ann Rapp, and Jean Shafiroff
Olyia Mimkho, Luke Siegel, Robin Bell, and Lake Bell
Jamie Paquette and Paul Dupont
Deputy Consul General of Switzerland, Daniel Haener with his wife, Lola
Peggy Race, Hilary Block, and Emery Westfall
Rick Cherry, Chris Collins, and Larry Graham
Myra Scheer and Wendy Sarasohn
Robin Bell and Robin Reardon
Stacy Slate, Paul Dupont, and Lauren Remington Platt
Yvonne Leopold, Meghan Brophy, and friend
Spencer Millius and Hadley Nagel
Stephen and Kristin Fealy
Susan Beer, Andrew Flake, and Wendy Sarasohn
The Lenox Hill Neighborhood House held its Spring Gala dinner dance at Sotheby’s last Thursday night.

Rod Winterowd and Victoria Lindgren in front of his table, dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor.
In the final days before the evening, there was a surge in ticket sales. That, and the raffle (two watches – a man’s and a woman’s, donated by the evening’s underwriter Rolex USA) up the final tally for the amount raised to $650,000. Much needed, especially in these shaky times.

Charitable organizations like Lenox Hill Neighborhood House not only feel the effects of economic hardship in their fundraising but even more they feel the demands of a pinch in the community they serve.

LHNH serves 20,000 (!!) people in the neighborhood, from ages three to 103. Their programs serve working parents with little ones and senior citizens including those afflicted with Alzheimers; as well as shelters for those of us who are homeless, as well as recent immigrants, disabled people and many others.

The current economic situation is going to require some budget cutting also, which means those most in need will be affected. However, in hard times, COMMUNITY needs strength and focus. That benefits all of us. Difficult times create difficult circumstances, but you can do something. Anything you can contribute to the cause is a vote for a strong, safe community. This is the key for all of us.
Anne and John Manice
John Rosselli and Renee Landegger
Anne Marie Van Tricht and Marc Van Tricht
Alison Minton and Bettina Prentice
Charles and Clo Cohen
Ashu and Vinayak Singh
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Warren Scharf
Jill Esterman, Karen Marx, Barbara Friedmann, and Deborah Buck
John Loring, Andrea Denise, Margo Langenberg, and Jamie Figg
Thomas Edelman and Allen Brill (CEO of Rolex)
Anne Worth and Guy Harley
Barbara Regna, Chappy Morris, and Melissa Morris
Carla Uzel and Sarah O'Connell
Hugh Tilney and Helene Tilney
Debbie Bancroft, Mark Gilbertson, Richard Mishaan, and Geoffrey Bradfield
Joe Girben, Elizabeth Spinak, Jane Spinak, and John Manice
Jill Ross and Paul Cole
Barbara and Peter Regna
Carlos Picon and Jennifer Bradford Davis
Denise DeLuca and Victoria Ashley
Carl and Kari Tiedemann
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Alice Frelinghuysen, and George Frelinghuysen
Diana Quasha and Clo Cohen
Anthony Thompson and Chris Spitzmiller
James and Alice Ross
Harriet Norris
Kathy Angele
Lois Nasser
Lesley Schulhof
John and Tanya Ajay
Prakash and Anjali Melwani
Lorna and Larry Graev
Liz Kruger, Thomas Edelman,and Ingrid Edelman
Roric Tobin and Geoffrey Bradfield
Lindsey Harper and Harry Heissmann
Brian Stewart, Stephanie Krieger, and Harry Heissmann
Lorie and Paul Adams
Margot Takian and Elise Lelon
Susan Penry-Williams and John Tamerin
Mish Tworkowski and Betsey Ruprecht
Philip Gorrivan, Lisa Gorrivan, Victoria Lindgren, and Lisa Arliss
Patrik Lönn and Olivier Giugni
Lara Glazier and Kelly Mallon
Trey and Blakely Griggs
Victoria Lindgren and Rod Winterrowd
Last Tuesday night Peggy Siegal staged one of her famous screenings for HBO Films’ New York Premiere of “Grey Gardens” which aired this past Saturday night on television. The film was a smashing success with the audience which was wild about the performances of the two actresses in the starring roles of the mother and daughter -- Edie Bouvier Beale, big and little -- Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. Then there was the smashing after party at the Pierre.
Beverly Camhe, Albert Maysles, Nan Talese, and Raghida Dergham
Catherine Thomas and Dave Westreich
David and Angela Coatsworth
Celine Actray, Laura Brown, Neil Burger, and Diana Kellogg
Drew Barrymore
Lee Harris, Chris Benz, Bonnie Morrison, and Brian Coats
Deborah Harry
Genevieve Hudson Price and Olivia Thirlby
Drew Barrymore and Kristen Wiig
Lizzie and Kitty Nastor
Vincent De Paul, Scott Pinker, Brian Coats, and Lee Harris
Rachel Albee and John Kwiatkowski
Bonnie Morrison
Sam Sheppard, Jessica Lange, and Steve Buscemi
Vicky Ward
Michael Gross, Barbara Hodes, and Guy Talese
Michael Gross, Barbara Hodes, and Guy Talese
Jeanne Tripplehorn and Albert Maysles
Nan Richardson and Olivia Cameron
Rachael Horovitz and Jessica Lange
Vincent DePaul and BD Wong
Peggy Siegal and Len Amato
Last Tuesday night on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman, the store's Jim Gold and Linda Fargo threw a cocktail party in honor of Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier and a new section devoted to the full range of the label's immaculate products, from leather desks to leather bags.

The desirability of Maier's designs had already been proven in other, more lucrative ways, too: All 25 limited-edition oxidized deerskin Felice bags at $2700 each, had sold out in a week.

The Bottega furniture, ready-to-wear, housewares, and accessories take up more square footage than Bergdorf's has ever devoted to a single designer.

Mr. Maier was in attendance along with Graydon Carter, Chanel Iman, and Cordula Reyer. Toward the end of the reception, Julianne Moore came by to take the designer off to dinner at La Grenouille where they were joined by Rosario Dawson, Martha Stewart, and Mamie Gummer, et al.
Rosario Dawson
Carey Lowell, Harry Benson, and Gigi Benson
Martha Stewart
Chanel Iman
Christina Greeven Cuomo and Arlenis Sosa
Amy Fine Collins
Gianluca Flore, Tiina Laakonnen, and Marco Bizzarri
Amy Fine Collins and Andre Leon Talley
Carey Lowell
Linda Fargo
Cornelia Guest
Arlenis Sosa and Serena Boardman
Gianluca Flore and Marco Bizzarri
Linda Gaunt and Darby Gaynor
Andre Leon Talley, Tomas Maier, and Amy Fine Collins
Marco Bizarri and Serena Boardman
Cornelia Guest and Tiffany Dubin
Tina Barney and Bob Liebreich
Beth Gold
Christie Brinkley again chaired the second annual luncheon and education panel to benefit, the Northeastern Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY). held at Guastavino’s last Tuesday. The Luncheon Chair was Margo M. Langenberg.

Brian Halweil,
a Senior Researcher with Worldwatch Institute and editor of Edible East End, Manhattan and Brooklyn moderated the panel discussion with Honorees Deirdre Imus, of the Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology and Imus Ranch; Bart Potenza and Joy Pierson, of Candle Cafe and Candle 79 and Elizabeth Henderson, from the Governing Council of NOFA-NY and co-chair of the Organic Committee of the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture. 

The conversation which included questions from the 275 guests, was about how food has never been more pertinent in the national consciousness as it is today, how school districts involved in the farm-to-cafeteria movement is soaring, how everyone is spending more time and energy on their food, and how more of us are using food as a way to change the world around us.

Each of the honorees made clear in their remarks why everyone plays a role in creating a healthier food chain, whether farmers, chefs, restaurant owners, butchers, food makers or plain old eaters. Or in the case of Deidre Imus, who sees the food community as an important voice to catalyze change in the hospital and healthcare world.
Margo Langenberg with the honorees.
NOFA-NY is committed to bringing education and information on economically sustainable agriculture to the public.  It supports local farmers, gardeners, and consumers who contribute to a healthier way of living by providing universal access to a fresh, regional food supply. It has broadened its mission beyond promoting organic, to promoting healthy local food systems--particularly relevant in the face of large-scale food recalls, climate change, and loss of local food traditions.

Among the luncheon guests were Junior Chairmen: Lauren Bush and Hadely Nagel, Patti D’Arbanville, J. Pepe Fanjul (who helped fill the goodie bags with pounds of Florida Crysals organic sugar and organic brown rice, one of the heaviest bags crammed with organic goodies) , Karen Kieselstein Cord, Cornelia Guest, (who has become an organic farmer), Mario Buatta, Stephanie Krieger, Jamie Figg, Catherine Cahill, Sharon Handler, Carol Higgins Clark, Dr. Woodson Merrel, Rex, and Connie Farr, Nonnie Sullivan, Thor Thors, Chris Collin.

To learn more visit:
Barbara Winston and Deirdre Imus
Carol Higgins Clark
Deirdre Imus and Scott Chaskey
Rex Farr and Bart Potenza
Christie Brinkley
Peggy Race and James Figg
Sharon Bush, Lauren Bush, Margaret Hedberg, and Hadley Negal
Christopher Collins and Deirdre Imus
Greg Swartz and Kate Mendenhall
Myra Scheer, Patti D'Arbanville, Wendy Sarasohn, and Laura Blair
Meline Dickson and Allison Bourke
Henry Heller and Woodson Merrell
CB Whyte and Barbara Winston
Renee Brown and Margo Langenberg
Connie Farr and Nonie Sullivan
Robin Bell and Hilary Block
Caroline Niemczyk and Wendy Sarasohm
Cornelia Guest and Christie Brinkley
Allison Bourke, Margo Langenberg, Rex Farr, and Nonie Sullivan
Dawn Mangrum and Renee Brown
Stephanie Stokesa and Margo Langenberg
Anabelle Mariaca and Susan Nagel
Lauren Bush and Hadley Nagel
Spencer Millius and Wendy Sarasohn
Jean Shafiroff, Sharon Bush, and Patricia Shiah
Margo Langenberg and Deirdre Imus
Hilary Block, Cornelia Guest, and Margo Langenberg
Margaret Doyle, Hartley DuPont, and Robin Bell
Mario Buatta and Stephanie Krieger
Mika Sterling and Jean Safiroff
Sharon Bush and Debbie Bancroft
Also last Tuesday in New York, Michelle Marie Heinemann and Alex Lari hosted the Auction Preview Party for the Diller-Quayle School of Music on 75 East 77th Street.
Agniesza and Witold Balaban
Alex Lari and Sylvana Leoni
Claudie Tierney and Steve Shafer
Frank and Kristen Rodriguez
Roselyn Crystal, Jim Crystal, and Kirsten Morgan
Michelle Marie Heinemann and Jon Heinemann
Kirsten Morgan and Claudie Tierney
Kathleen Giordano and Michel Witmer
Laurie Everett and Kimberly Hutfild
Alison Minton
Samuel Won, Jon Heinemann, and Greg Ivancich

Photographs by; Tina Guiomar (Gracie).

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