Friday, January 16, 2009

Young collectors and gifted designers

Annabel Vartanian, Elizabeth Meigher, Scott Buccheit, Mallory MacDonald, Gillian Hearst Simonds, Laura Kornhauser, and Grace Gomez-Brea at the kick off for the 55th Annual Winter Antiques Show Young Collector's Night.
Wednesday night Rory and Elie Tahari hosted a kick off event at their Elie Tahari Soho Boutique for the 55th Annual Winter Antiques Show Young Collectors’ Night.

Young Collectors’ Committee members including Gillian Hearst Simonds, Dabney Mercer, Tatiana Boncompagni, Elissa Lumley, Elizabeth Meigher and Tatiana Papanicolaou, who were all dressed in Elie Tahari, as well as Kipton Cronkite, Edward Barsamian, William Gilbane III, Phoebe Gubelmann, and Luigi Tadini chatted with guests while enjoying drinks and hors d’oeurves. Guests Chessy Wilson, Jackie Astier, the renowned classical violinist Joshua Bell, Dalia Oberlander, Emma Snowden-Jones, George Wayne, Thom Felicia and Serena Nikkhah stopped by to help celebrate the upcoming evening which is being held at the New York Armory on January 29. Many shopped Elie Tahari’s latest fashions with a percentage of the evening’s sales benefiting the East Side House Settlement.
Alexandra Polier
Julia Moore, Rita Cabases, and Donna Simonelli
Annabel Vartanian
The Elie Tahari store windows featured works from Antik – a gallery specializing in works by artists and architects designing at the forefront of the modernist movement in Scandinavia. Furniture by Poul Kjaerholm and Josef Frank, wooden sculptures by Ralph Dorazio as well as paintings by American artist Sean Scherer are among the featured, museum quality pieces, which are also for sale through the store. Antik is one of the exhibitors at next week’s Winter Antiques Show.

The Winter Antiques Show opens on Thursday, January 22 at the New York Armory and will benefit the East Side House Settlement, a charity that provides education, counseling and other forms of assistance to the South Bronx community, one of the poorest congressional districts in the United States. Proceeds from the kick off event at the Elie Tahari boutique also benefited this esteemed charity.
Andrew Fry and Emma Snowdon-Jones
Bennett Leifer and Clay Floren
Ramona Brodsky and Caroline Dougherty
Christopher Rudolph, Emma Snowdon-Jones, and Cator Sparks
Bryan Mirabella, George Wayne, and Mark Tanksi
Billy Gilbane and Dabney Mercer
Cena Hackler Jackson, Kipton Cronkite, Krista Schulz, and Elissa Lumley
Chessy Wilson and Paul Slater
Grace Gomez-Brea and Scott Buccheit
Dalia Oberlander and Eugenia Gonzalez
Greg Calejo, Susan Magrino, and Hunter Hill
George Wayne, Scott Currie, and Mark Tanski
Lara Meiland-Shaw
Susan Kellogg, Caroline Dougherty, and Ramona Brodsky
Victoria Kirby
Jackie Jordan, Trisha Gregory, and Laura Lachman
Lucy Lang, Ian McLaine, and Georgina Schaeffer
Katie Walsh and Nathalie de Berry
Laura Kornhauser and Gillian Hearst Simonds
Mignonne Gavigan and Laird Roach
Mary Garth, Evelyn Dallal, and McKenna Olson
Elie Tahari, Rory Tahari, and George Wayne
Scott Buccheit and Gillian Hearst Simonds
Lyle Maltz and Ashley Baker
Tatiana and Thorne Perkin
This past Monday night ten of the world's most gifted young designers convened in New York for The Earth Awards, a global search for products and concepts that are sustainable, innovative and — for many — essential to improving basic quality of life.

Founded by Nicole Yap, the Earth Awards are an initiative of the ecoStyle Project established in 2007 by the Malaysian Government. The event is jointly produced by NYC Inc., kontentreal, and IMG Fashion, and underwritten by Tourism Malaysia. As a country, Malaysia is at the forefront of environmental sustainability and their support of The Earth Awards underpins the Government’s focus on environmental sustainability in its national policy and development plans.

Past initiatives of ecoStyle have seen various environment projects established in Kuala Lumpur and it is hoped that in the future, The Earth Awards will be hosted in other major cities around the world that are equally as passionate about a sustainable life on planet Earth. A prestigious and eclectic panel of creative thinkers have lent their support to The Earth Awards as members of the Selection Committee to judge the Awards. Selection Committee included: Paola Antonelli, Alice Bertoni, Adam Bly, David Buckland, Antonio de la Rua, David de Rothschild, Nicky Gavron, Scott Hahn, Peter Head, Graham Hill, Dr. Dan Kammen, Yang Lan, Thom Mayne, Michael McDonough, Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, Barry Nalebuff, Sergio Palleroni, John Picard, Werner Sobek, Terry Tamminen, Suzanne Trocmé, Dilys Williams, and Dr. Kenneth Yeang.
Dennis Basso and Fern Mallis
Hunt Slonem and Liliana Cavendish
Inga and Keith Rubenstein
Deborah Fenker and Zang Toi
Joerg Schwartz and Yoehlee Tang
Charlie Rose, Neri Oxman, and Azrene Abdullah
Kate Schelter, Todd Eberle, and Jennifer Creel
Lonneke Engel
Aaron Young and Laure Heriard
Nicole Yap
David Kuhn and Ghislaine Maxwell
Michael Klug and friend
Karena Albers and Fiona Desai
Kari Talley and Marjorie Gubelmann
Valesca Guerand Hermes
Andres Serrano and Irina Movmyga
Nominee Tom Sieu and Charlie Rose
Aimee Mullins
Paola Antonelli and Tunku Myra Madihah
Nominee Jacob Rutqvist
Nominees Amanda Jones and James Brown
Nominees Timothy Porter and Andrew Neal
Wednesday night at Cipriani, the National Board of Review Awards, on an evening sponsored by Bulgari, was a starry evening, with lots of Bulgari jewels and movie stars looking glam. It was the 100th anniversary of the NBR. Whoopi Goldberg hosted. Anne Hathaway was honored for her Best Actress award for Rachel Getting Married. Josh Brolin won Best Supporting Actor for Milk. Slumdog Millionaire continued to gathered awards with Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay and Breakthrough performance (by actor Dev Patel). Clint Eastwood won Best Actor for Gran Torino.
Dev Patel
Heather Graham
Beatrice Bulgari
Amy Adams
Haaz Sleiman
Philip Seymour Hoffman
John Patrick Shanley
Viola Davis
Clint Eastwood
Danai Gurira
Veronica Webb
Andrew Stanton
Melissa Leo
Regis and Joy Philbin
Anne Hathaway
Beatrice Bulgari and Nicola Bulgari
David Fincher
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber
Sir Howard Stringer
Diane Lane and Josh Brolin
Edward Norton
Eva Amurri and Tim Robbins

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