Tuesday, September 7, 2010

35th annual Hampton Classic Horse Show

The scene at the 35th annual Hampton Classic Horse Show.
This past weekend in Bridgehampton on the 65 acre showgrounds on Snake Hollow Road, they wrapped up the 35th annual Hampton Classic Horse Show.

The Hampton Classic Horse Show is the premier show jumping competition in Bridgehampton, New York.

As the first U.S. stop in the East Coast World Cup League, the quest for the coveted spots on the World Cup Finals squad kicks off here. And with more than 50,000 attending and $600,000 in prize money, the event is one of the largest and most prestigious equestrian events in the U.S. Of the more than 5,000 horse shows each year in the United States, experienced equestrians say The Hampton Classic is the most glamorous and excessive.
McLaine Ward, riding Sapphire, winner of the FTI GP & FEI World Cup
Hillary Dobbs, winner of the $30,000 FENDI Open Jumper Challenge
Under the Grand Prix Tent
Troffa/LaRosa table
Nicolock table
Southampton Hospital table
Troffa/LaRosa table
Held the week just prior to Labor Day, the Classic features eight days of competitions from junior levels up to the pinnacle of the sport – grand prix show jumping.

The Classic is also one of the biggest social bashes in the Hamptons and signals the finale of the summer season.
Cohn/Pevaroff table
Beach Acre Farm table
ASPCA table
Prudential Douglas Elliman table
Kramer table
Rechler Equity table
Rocafellow table
With eighteen stabling tents house more than 1,600 horses, almost two acres of party tenting, five show rings, another half-dozen warm-up areas, more than 70 shops and restaurants and the Exhibition Tent first time visitors are astounded to see this mini-city that has sprung up from amidst the farm fields of Bridgehampton.

The VIP tent contains festively decorated tables for the show's many sponsors and exhibitors from the large stables. This is the place to be, especially on the final Sunday when the $250,000 FTI Grand Prix & FEI World Cup Qualifier takes place.
Fendi table
Sotheby's International Realty table
Betty Knight Scripps table
Bloomberg table
Leat table
Puris/Topper table
Hermes table
Bridgehampton Florist table
Wolffer Estates table
Warren table
Quoge Pony Farm table
Phillip Lyster, Dave Pattison, Kyle Sheldon, Cassandra Seidenfeld Lyster, and Robert Lyster
Louis Roederer group
Ringmaster Alan Heeley, Betty Knight Scripps, and Cliff Robertson
Rosanna Scotto and family
Marty Richards, Sale Johnson, Ava Johnson,Rashid Ahmad, Marcy Warren, and Michael Warren
On Sunday, McLain Ward, riding Sapphire, won his second consecutive $250,000 FTI Grand Prix at the 2010 Hampton Classic. Ward made Hampton Classic history last year when he won his fourth Grand Prix, more than any other rider in the 33-year history of the event. He extended that record this year with his fifth win, and his victory marked only the third time that the same horse-and-rider team won the class in two consecutive years.

On Saturday afternoon, Marengo, owned by the Dobbs Group, gave Hillary Dobbs of Sussex, NJ, a blue ribbon, the perfect accessory for her win in the $30,000 FENDI Open Jumper Challenge.
Christie Brinkley
Sydney Oliver and Steve Tanger
Rod and Judy Gilbert
Andrew Fox, Caroline Hirsch, and Robert Zimmerman
Allen Keely and Kelly Klein
Joy Marks
Marty Richards and Michael Cancellare
Emma Snowdon-Jones and Lacary Sharpe
Sybil and David Yurman
Brad Waywell and Isabel Escher
Sessa von Richthofen and Richard Johnson
Debi and Lou Dobbs
Lucia Hwong Gordon
Victoria Wyman and Isabel Escher
Ed and Tricia Burke
Jason Hirsch and Brooke Milstein
Marianne Howatson
Janna Bullock and R.Couri Hay
Paul Libin, James Lipton, and Robert Wendell
Jean Shafiroff, Sandy Stone, and Wendy Dietz
Matt and Annette Lauer
Christopher Robbins and Paula Wolffe
Reed and Hella Goodwin
Dottie Herman and Kathy Rae Moley
Amber Aylsworth, Bridgette Marks, and Scarlett Aylsworth
Michael Bloomberg and Diana Taylor
Roman Roth, Indira Roth, Eve Bishop, and Dushi Roth
Howard Lorber, Dottie Herman, and Neal Sroka
Jennifer, Glenn Myles, and Maria Elena Christensen
Suzanne Shaw and Peter Cook
Michael Hirtenstein and Gina Hale
Katie DeLeon and Tricia Eichenberger
Debra Halpert and Christina Greeven Cuomo
Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley
Shamin Abas and Michelle Farmer
Kelly Ripa

Photographs by Rob Rich/516-676-3939
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