Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"An Unconditional Love Story" and "Money Never Sleeps"

Post-screening supper at the oceanfront estate of Julia and David Koch for "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps."
This past Sunday night in East Hampton they screened "My Dog; An Unconditional Love Story," for the benefit of the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) of East Hampton. The screening was followed by a cocktail reception at the Maidstone Hotel.
Amelia Saint-Amand, Ed Pantzer, Pamela Pantzer
Amelia Saint-Amand, Ed Pantzer, and Pamela Pantzer
Liz Temkin, MoneyPenny, Pat Iuto
Liz Temkin, MoneyPenny, and Pat Iuto
Mark St. Germain, Daryl Roth
Mark St. Germain and Daryl Roth
Lisa McCarthy, Polly Brookmann, Sara Davison
Lisa McCarthy, Polly Brookmann, and Sara Davison
Drew Beebe
Drew Beebe
Cathy Dransfield
Cathy Dransfield
Randy Wallace, Kathy Wik, Jamie Berger, Sara Davison
Randy Wallace, Kathy Wik, Jamie Berger, and Sara Davison
Jane Curcio, Tina Brennan, Donna Ceriano, Donna Conlon
Jane Curcio, Tina Brennan, Donna Ceriano, and Donna Conlon
Maggi St Germain, Mark St Germain
Maggi and Mark St Germain
Jennifer Wakeford, Garth Wakeford
Jennifer and Garth Wakeford
Wilson Stone, Emily Cobb, Dorothy Stone
Wilson Stone, Emily Cobb, and Dorothy Stone
Charla Krupp, Anne Keating, Bernadette Toomey
Charla Krupp, Anne Keating, and Bernadette Toomey
Randy Wallace, Garth Wakeford
Randy Wallace and Garth Wakeford
Michele Forrester, Jamie Forrester, Sarah Alward
Michele and Jamie Forrester, and Sarah Alward
Sharon Benko, Jack Crispi, Jane Kratz
Sharon Benko, Jack Crispi, and Jane Kratz
Kristyn Forrester, Bucky Benzenberg
Kristyn Forrester and Bucky Benzenberg
Peri Wolfman, Liz Temkin
Peri Wolfman and Liz Temkin
Lisa Nadler, Amy Israel
Lisa Nadler and Amy Israel
April Gornik, Carole Muske-Dukes
April Gornik and Carole Muske-Dukes
Kelly Matis, Kate Mack
Kelly Matis and Kate Mack
Also Sunday night in Southampton at the UA Cinema they screened Oliver Stone's sequel to his orig 1987 Oscar winning "Wall Street." The new entry, "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps," was screened before an audience of indefatigables curious to see what Hollywood has done with the financial world's dramas, and to see the select members of the community who made brief appearances and "cameos" in the film.
Ed and Annie Pressman
Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky Stern
Maria Bartiromo and Jonathan Steinberg
Senator Frank Lautenberg
Hana Soukupova
Judith Nathan and Rudy Giuliani
Samantha Boardman, Aby Rosen, Gabriel Rosen, and Johnny Rosen
Roger Waters and Laura Durning
Bob Colacello and Virgina Coleman
Celine Rattray and Dee Poku
Lea and Alexander Lis
Ulla Parker
Steven Gambrel and James Anderson
Harry Brant, Peter Brant, and Peter Brant
Bob and Veronique Pittman
Tory Burch
Anne Eisenhower and Adriana Echavarria
Alina Cho, Celine Rattray, and Dee Poku
Ninah and Michael Lynne
After the screening, Peggy Siegal's guest list of local glitterati adjourned to the oceanfront estate of Julia and David Koch where tents was erected (to keep everyone dry) and tables were set for dinner.
Averell Mortimer, Aby Rosen, and Elie Tahari
Dave Ganek, Marjorie Gubelmann, and Tamara Mellon
Serkn Sarier, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, and Eric Cahan
Sarah Ayres and Danielle Ganek
Maria Bartiromo with Ed and Annie Pressman
Cynthia Rowley
Count Carl-Eduard von Bismarck and Countess Natalie von Bismarck
Crystal Wu and Yelena Zazalishcheza
Victoria and Anki Leeds
Spencer Segura, Valerie Post, Helen Comfort, and Joel Post
Valerie Post and Helen Comfort
Howard Cox and Susan Gardner
Lawrence Robins and Roger Waters
Jolene Bolton and Bronson Van Wyck
Claudio Conti, Peter Marino, and Randi Michel
Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, Alina Cho, and Jeffrey Sharp
Joanne de Guardiola
Julie Skarratt
Meredith Ostrom, Tabitha Simmons, and Dee Poku
Kelly and Jay Sugarman
Maria Bockmann, James Anderson, and Peggy Flesher
Nina Griscom and Leonel Piraino
Titine Joyce, Maily Smith, and Bettina Prentice
Diana and Fred Elghanayan with Annie Pressman
Somers Farkas, Margo Nederlander, and Ed Pressman
Laurie and Michael Gelman
Ron Glickman and Vanessa Davidson
Alex Riewoldt and Mattie Siegal
This past Saturday night at Killcare in Wainscott, Eleanora and Michael Kennedy hosted a dinner for Susan and Tim Malloy of Palm Beach and Connecticut. This is an annual visit for the Malloys and the Kennedys.

Eleanora gathered together friends and fellow Society members of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center from Southampton to East Hampton. Olivier Cheng catered the summer party and began the evening with a specialty -- a "Malloy Cooler," and ended the evening with a birthday candle in Susan's mini strawberry cheesecake.
"Malloy Cooler"
Tim Malloy has recently become Journalist-in-residence at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut after a long tenure as an Emmy award winning investigative journalist in New York and Florida. Tim will use his extensive experience as a war correspondent as the basis for a series of lectures at Quinnipiac University on war reportage.

Among the guests: Priscilla Rattazzi and Chris Whittle, Catherine and Bryan Carey, Kathy and Andrew Thomas, Kathy and Billy Rayner, Christine and Steve Schwarzman, Tom Leeds, Alex Powers, Polly Onet, Anne Keating, Jessie and Rand Araskog, Robyn and Ken Joseph, Anna and Michael Safir, Amy Hoadley and Bobby Gianos, Lisa Selby, Dee Dee Ricks, Burt Minkoff, Shelley and Michael Carr, and Lisa and Brian McCarthy.
anne keating, susan malloy, christine and steve schwarzman
Anne Keating, Susan Malloy, and Christine and Steve Schwarzman
lisa and brian mccarthy, kathy and andrew thomas
Lisa and Brian McCarthy with Kathy and Andrew Thomas
Tim Malloy and Rand Araskog
Michael Kennedy and Amy Hoadley
michael kennedy, eleanora kennedy ,susan malloy, tim malloy
Michael and Eleanora Kennedy with Susan and Tim malloy
kathy thomas, tim malloy, dee dee ricks, andrew thomas
Kathy Thomas, Tim Malloy, Dee Dee Ricks, and Andrew Thomas
priscilla rattazzi, chris whittle, robyn joseph
Priscilla Rattazzi, Chris Whittle, and Robyn Joseph
Bobby Gianos and Burt Minkoff
Billy and Kathy Rayner
ken joseph, tim malloy,tom leeds
Ken Joseph, Tim Malloy, and Tom Leeds
Alex Powers and Eleanora Kennedy
Michael, Anna, and Baby Ava Safir
christine schwarzman, rand and jessie araskog
Christine Schwarzman with Rand and Jessie Araskog
polly onet and burt minkoff
Polly Onet and Burt Minkoff
catherine and bryan carey
Catherine and Bryan Carey
the staff from olivier cheng
The Staff from Olivier Cheng
Photographs by Matthew Carasella (Eleanora Kennedy);
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