Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Celebration of Life

Barbara Posner, Christine Biddle, Catherine Gropper, Fabien Cousteau, Melissa Wolff, Stephanie Iris Weiss
Barbara Posner, Christine Biddle, Catherine Gropper, Fabien Cousteau, Melissa Wolff, and Stephanie Iris Weiss at the inaugural Guardianship of World's Waterways Award
Fountain Gallery, the premier venue in New York City representing artists with mental illness, welcomed nearly 600 guests as it marked its 10th Anniversary at the annual Celebration of Life Benefit two weeks ago.

A collaboration of the commercial real estate industry and the New York arts community with Fountain Gallery took place at Citi Executive Conference Center, where the 14th floor was transformed for the occasion into a series of charming salons. Many original artworks by Gallery artists were sold from among the 100 pieces on display.
Co-Chairs Peter L. DiCapua and Jerry Schumm, Honorees Dario Gristina and Richard Daly, Fountain House President Kenn Dudek, and Co-Chair Rick Froio
The 2010 recipients of the Esther Montanez Leadership Award were: Richard J. Daly, CEO of Broadridge Financial Solutions, for many years a significant employer of Fountain House members through the Fountain House Employment program; and Dario Gristina, CEO of Genergy, whose friendship and dedication have been instrumental in the flourishing of Fountain Gallery and the Celebration of Life Benefit he co-founded. The Esther Montanez Leadership Award is presented in honor of the memory of the founding director of Fountain Gallery.

Co-Chairs of this year’s Celebration of Life were: Peter L. DiCapua, Matt Duthie, Rick Froio, Carmel W. Fromson, Carl T. Hagberg, Leslie Harwood, John McGinley, Richard D. Parsons, Bob Schifellite, Jerry Schumm, and Andrew Stenzler. Co-Founders: Dario Gristina and Jerry Schumm.
Book Arts project
Ms. Harwood and Messrs. DiCapua, McGinley, and Stenzler are past recipients of the Esther Montanez Leadership Award.

Among those attending were: Maryellen Andersen, Phong Bui, Michael Danoff and Jo Backer Laird, Richard Demato and Harriet Sawyer, Elizabeth Fiore, Lorna and Larry Graev, Erika and Peder Hagberg, Rich Hiler, Andrew Hurewitz, Deborah Krulewitch, Elizabeth Szancer Kujawski, Suzanne Lemakis, Marcia Mann, Donna Moylan, Lynn and Nick Nicholas, Sasha Nicholas and Steven Caputo, Nancy Paul, JuneAnn Patrick, Mary Pontillo, Ann Pyne, Betsy Seidman, Kathleen Shannon, Adam Shopkorn, Gabriel Stefania, Bonnie and Jay Stockwell, Stephanie Stokes, Lynn Epsteen Tesher and Dr. Martin Tesher, and Henry van Ameringen.

Fountain Gallery was founded by Fountain House in 2000 as a not-for-profit exhibition space for artists living and working with mental illness. The Gallery sells original artworks and collaborates with a wide network of artists, curators and cultural institutions. Embracing artists who are both emerging and established, trained and self-taught, Fountain Gallery cultivates artistic growth and makes a vital contribution to the New York arts community. For more information, please visit:
Richard Rainey, Rich Hiler, and Ed Wasilewski
Jyotsna Bean and Sasha Nicholas
Co-Chair Peter L. DiCapua, and John Bennardo
Judy Finneran, Stephanie Stokes, and Lorna Graev
Robyn Marks and Bernie Stote
Daniel Nir, Leslie Harwood, and Jenna Block
Jean Gillman and Greg Haggerty
Kimberly Perrins, Eva Greco, and Fountain House President Kenn Dudek
Joseph Intonato, Jeanette Hubley, and Brian Rothschild
Martin Cohen, Kathleen Shannon, Norma Vallego, and Rocky Nigro
Arlene and Chester Salomon
Cheryl and David Smith with Co-Chair Carl Hagberg
Henry van Ameringen
Art Advisory Board members Harriet Sawyer and Richard Demato
Deborah Standard
Art Advisory Board member Phong Bui and Fountain Gallery Director Jason Bowman
Jeffrey Feldman and Honoree Dario Gristina
Tom Zoufaly, Deborah Krulewitch, and Art Advisory Board member Elizabeth Szancer Kujawski
Curators Steven Caputo and Sasha Nicholas
Co-Chair Andy Stenzler and Honoree Dario Gristina
Charlie and Marilyn Marsden
Scratchboard art project
Rifky Grossman
Eldad Shepen, Bernie Shepen, Andrew Schonebaum, and Lee Cutrone
Justine Hall
Brett Fromson, Ekaterina Borisov, Elizabeth Borisov, and Bonnie Stockwell
Marking 80 years of exemplary service to New Yorkers in need, Little Flower Children & Family Services of New York held a fundraising gala, “Looking Back and Moving Forward” at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Palm House. The evening offered cocktails, a buffet dinner, live music, dancing, raffles and a live auction. Proceeds will support Little Flower’s broad array of social services that help children, families and developmentally disabled adults. The event will also benefit educational and professional development programs for foster children across New York City and Long Island, as well as new services for those with autism.
Fred Johs,  Allison Steele, Tom Cullen (Sisters Agnese, Doris Marie,Rita, and Sister Michele (not in that order), Father Patrick West
Fred Johs, Allison Steele, Tom Cullen, Sisters Agnese, Doris Marie, Rita, Sister Michele, and Father Patrick West
Nearly 200 civic-minded New Yorkers, including leaders of business, philanthropy, industry and religious institutions were on hand as Little Flower honored the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth for providing more than seven decades of compassionate service to Little Flower. Honorary Chair Monsignor Robert Emmet Fagan was joined by event Chairs Colleen and James Kenny, Heather and Greg Leder, and Kathryn and Michael Rafferty. The event’s Founding Chairwoman is Susan Lucci.
Gregg Leder, Laura Finnegan,Chris Finnegan, Diane Barish, Bill Barish, Brendan Lavelle
Gregg Leder, Laura Finnegan,Chris Finnegan, Diane Barish, Bill Barish, and Brendan Lavelle
Allison Weisser, Gabrielle McManus, Evan Bell, Kerry McCooey, Ellen Fell
Allison Weisser, Gabrielle McManus, Evan Bell, Kerry McCooey, and Ellen Fell
Allison Dillmeier and Joanna Rosato
Monsignor Robert Harris and Bishop Joseph Sullivan
Grace LoGrande, Sister Agnese Palczynski, Sister Rita Wasilewski, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio
Grace LoGrande, Sister Agnese Palczynski, Sister Rita Wasilewski, and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio
Kate Von der Heyden, Linda Leonard, Arthur Leonard, Melinda Logan
Kate Von der Heyden, Linda Leonard, Arthur Leonard, and Melinda Logan
Ellen Knarr, Kerry McCooey, Kaitlyn Barnett, Alex Barnett
Ellen Knarr, Kerry McCooey, and Kaitlyn and Alex Barnett
Rob Girffith and Father Patrick West
Billy and Maura Roberti
Jim Wenk, Maura Manning, John Donovan
Jim Wenk, Maura Manning, and John Donovan
Arthur Leonard, Brendon Lavelle, Peter McShadrry
Arthur Leonard, Brendon Lavelle, and Peter McShadrry
Keth Fell, Matt Clinton, Billy Roberti
Keth Fell, Matt Clinton, and Billy Roberti
Liz Reilly,  Mary Liz Kade, Catherine Ryan
Liz Reilly, Mary Liz Kade, and Catherine Ryan
Ellen Sweeny, Jim.Murphy, Liz Cook
Ellen Sweeny, Jim Murphy, and Liz Cook
Patrick Clarke, Barry Jacobson, Pat Clarke
Patrick Clarke, Barry Jacobson, and Pat Clarke
Monsignor Robert  Fagan, Catherine Rafferty, Michael Rafferty
Monsignor Robert Fagan with Catherine and Michael Rafferty
Modistine Pearson, David Williams, Grace LoGrande
Modistine Pearson, David Williams, and Grace LoGrande
Catherine Rafferty, Jimmy Kenny, Colleen  Kenny
Catherine Rafferty with Jimmy and Colleen Kenny
Keith Fell, Father Paul Jervis, Michael Rafferty
Keith Fell, Father Paul Jervis, and Michael Rafferty
On November 20th SOHO House was buzzing with Catherine Gropper's inaugural Guardianship of World's Waterways Awards. Fabien Cousteau was chosen as honoree for his dedication to "planet ocean" and his Plant A Fish programs, re-vegetating natural waterway habitats with mangroves, oysters, turtles and other aquatic life, educating school children.

Fabien's pledge to donate contributions for restoring the Gulf waterways and the other beneficiary, Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary inspired Catherine to choose both organizations. Seabird Sanctuary was a must, being the oldest avian hospital in North America; they just cleaned and released 77 Gannetts!
welded recycled sculpture, Catherine Gropper
Welded recycled sculpture, Catherine Gropper
Delfina Muriz Barretto photograph sent from Argentina
Delfina Muriz Barretto photograph sent from Argentina
SpongeBob, Nickelodeon's S.Hillenburg, inspired from Jacques Cousteau
SpongeBob, Nickelodeon's S.Hillenburg, inspired from Jacques Cousteau
Shannon Rynd-Ray mother child photograph
Shannon Rynd-Ray mother child photograph
Anne Seelbach oilandwater10 donated work
Anne Seelbach oil and water
Seventeen artists donated their works to raise money and awareness, with all proceeds going to programs. Artists included James D. Albinson, Nancy Leigh, Eileen Casey, Amy Penn, Christopher Engel, Shannon Rynd-Ray, Delfina Murriz Barretto, Jackie Fuchs, Gayil Nalls, Anne Seelbach, Ann Watt, Melanie Wyler, Catherine Gropper, Vincent Gagliostro, Keith Haring, and Stephen Hillenburg.

Guests were a young and exuberant crowd of East and West Coast eco and wildlife minded friends from film and patrons of arts and sciences. Next year's event is now in planning stages. Realizing that art and science can come together through a common goal, and sharing whatever is needed to do whatever is required to restore nature.
Larry Rosen, RayThorman, Deb Sherman(with winning bid), Greg Bobyock
Larry Rosen, Ray Thorman, Deb Sherman, and Greg Bobyock
Christine Biddle, Catherine Gropper, Susan McPherson, Laura Leinweber
Christine Biddle, Catherine Gropper, Susan McPherson, and Laura Leinweber
Gayil Nalls, Christine Biddle
Gayil Nalls and Christine Biddle
Catherine Gropper (founder),Fabien Cousteau
Catherine Gropper and Fabien Cousteau
Christopher Engel with his sold Turtle to Larry Rosen, Greg Bobyock
Christopher Engel with his sold Turtle to Larry Rosen, and Greg Bobyock
Artists James Albinson, Gayil Nalls, collectors Greg Bobyock, Barbara Posner, Larry Rosen
James Albinson, Gayil Nalls, Greg Bobyock, Barbara Posner, and Larry Rosen
Katherine greeting Steven Kaplan
Katherine greeting Steven Kaplan
Nancy Leigh(artist) Mr.Leigh
Nancy Leigh and Mr. Leigh
Isaac, Greg, Alek
Isaac, Greg, and Alek
Emma Engel, Langur monkey from Tiger Indian Reserve photo by Ann Watt
Emma Engel and Langur monkey from Tiger Indian Reserve
Ron Albinson
Ron Albinson
James Albinson with his painting
James Albinson with his painting
Carol Wilkenson, Alessandra Mattanza
Carol Wilkenson and Alessandra Mattanza
Guests honored Sirio Maccioni and the Maccioni family at Le Cirque at a benefit called the PONY Award (Pride of New York Award) for Maryhaven Center of Hope, located in Port Jefferson - Long Island’s largest home for disabled children and adults.
Michelle Walker, Steve Boxer, Dr. Shiren Fernandez, Pamela Morgan, and Michael Trokel
In attendance were 80 guests. Steve Boxer served as chairperson. Among the guests: Jill and Bobby Zarin, Dr. and Mrs. Howard Sobel, Anna and Dr. Stephen Victor, Drs. Larry and Sandy Rosenthal, Colleen and Gary Rein, Suzanne and Jerry Kremer, and more. Guests enjoyed a four-course dinner, silent auction and dancing.
Pauline and Gary Bencivegna
Daniella Nik and Dr. Feder
Arlene and Alan Lazare
Anna and Stephen Victor
Michael Trokel, Alan Lazare, and Steve Boxer
Michelle Walker and Steve Boxer
Candice and Steven Stark
Mara and Jacques Khodhari
Rich Stablile, Pamela Morgan, and Joyce Stabile
Bob Roberts and Lauren Day Roberts
Anna Victor and Sandy Rosenthal
Sandy Rosenthal and Jane McEvoy
Dr. Howard Sobel and Gayle Perry Sobel
Sherrie Cohen and Jill Zarin
Anna Victor, Steven Victor, Jane McEvoy, and Kenny Witler
Colleen and Gary Rein
Vicky and Gary Boxer
Suzanne and Jerry Kremer
Jill Zarin, Bobby Zarin, and Denise Wohl
Colleen Rein, Michael Trokel, and Lauren Day Roberts
Dr. Sharon Giese and Peter Faucetta
Iris Schwartz
Steve and Gary Boxer
Pamela Morgan and Michael Trokel
Mauro Maccioni, Pamela Morgan, and Marco Maccioni
Lauren and Steve Boxer
Robert Lyster, Colleen Rein, and Cassandra Seidenfeld Lyster
Gary Bencivegna and Steve Boxer

Photographs by (Fountain House); Rob Rich (Little Flower, PONY); Ann Watt (Cousteau)
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