Thursday, December 23, 2010

Five Days of Christmas Luncheons

Doubles’ annual Five Days of Christmas Luncheons have grown to become one of New York’s great established traditions. Strolling carolers added to the sumptuous holiday background. This season Wendy Carduner welcomed almost 1,000 guests.

As always, the piece de la resistance was the fabulous dessert buffet: Crème Brule, Eggnog Basked Alaska, Gateau St. Honore, Croq en Bouche, Seven Nut Torte, Bouche De Noel, Coconut Snow Puff Cake, Chestnut Cheese Cake Graham Cracker Crust, Raspberry and Pistachio Daquaise, Stilton Cheese and Crackers, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberries, Cherries, Christmas Stocking Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet- Red Meringue Cake and on and on.
Ulla Parker, Serena Boardman, and friends
Rachel Hovnanian, Tory Burch, Elizabeth Lindeman, Jamie Tisch, and Ros L'Esperance
Heidi Roberts, Patricia Weeks, Lisa McCarthy, CeCe Black, and Rosalind Myerson
The Dessert Table
There were way too many to list but here are a more than a few of those we spotted: Tory Burch, Joan Rivers, Charlotte Ford, Cynthia Lufkin, Kimberly Rockefeller, Heather Leeds, Susan Fales Hill, Jamie Tisch, Daisy Olarte de Kanavos, Joan Schnitzer, Pat Patterson, Karen LeFrak, Eileen Ford, Serena Boardman, Janna Bullock, Amy Fine Collins, Fey Fendi, Lauren Veronis, Joanne de Guardiola, Geoffrey Bradfield, Grace Meigher, Jennifer Creel, Jamee Gregory, Diana Quasha, Somers Farkas, Felicia Taylor, Barbara Corcoran, Diana Feldman, Barbara Tober, Sharon Bush, Mary Davidson, Noreen Buckfire, Elizabeth Stribling, Barbara de Portago, Betty Gaudreau, Nicole Miller, Debbie Bancroft, Mai Harrison, Lisa McCarthy, Denise Rich, Amanda Haynes Dale, Nazee Moinian, Erin Gaudreau, Amy Hoadley, Kamie Lightburn, Martha Glass, Marianna Kaufman, Patsy Tarr, Sabrina Forsythe, Michael Kovner, Margo Langenberg, Virginia Melhado, Jean Doyen de Montaillou, Vivian Chambers, Larry Kaiser, Suzanne Clary, Rachel Hovnanian, Cynthia Maltese, Kipton Cronkite, Elizabeth Lindeman, Ros L’Esperance, Gigi Mortimer, Miriam Erbeia, Leslie Schulhoff, Elizabeth Bach, Caroline Dean, Amy Rosenblum, Jean Shafiroff, CeCe Black, Heidi Roberts, Patricia Weeks, Rosalind Myerson, Vanessa Noel, Ann Rapp, Tiffany Dubin, Marola and Charles Persico, Ed Ory, Iris Bianchi, Camille Gladslin, Cornelia Bregman, Carolyn McGinnis, Katie Tozer, Kim Heirston, Roric Tobin, Natalie von Bismarck, Dominique Milbank, Alease Fisher, Deborah Royce Darby Cartun, Sabrina Forsyth, Ji Eun Wax, Maria Roach, Vanessa Noel, Sharon Handler, Myrna Haft, Carolyn MacKenzie, R. Couri Hay, Carol Ann Rubin, Donna Davis, Catherine Carey, Sunny Brownstein, Ellen Sandler, Holly Arnold, Jem Doy, Aleas Tallman, Chris Rae, Courtney Rae, Arlene Blau, Kaur Cohen, Judy Mey, Karen Klopp, Cynthia Ott, Podi Constantiner, Linda Weiss, Adrianne Silver, Renee Belfer, Betsy Engle, Susan Sassoner, Rita Schneider, Charlotte Schone, Sarah Nelson, Carol Mack, Bambi Putnam, Deborah Tanger, Kathryn Beach, Clelia Zacharias, Agatha Herrero, Alisa Roever, Brenda Von Schweickhardt, Donna Soloway, Helen Remmel, Kim Hicks, Kira Faiman, Lucia Hwong-Gordon, Tom Gates, Ann Watt, Margot Linton, Marie-Claire Gladstone, Mary Hackley, Norah Lawlor, Paula Bacchini, Robin Cofer, Sonja Caproni, Tera Davis and Zoe Remmel.
Ulla Parker and Jamee Gregory
Ulla Parker and Daisy Olarte de Kanavos
Leslie Schulhoff and Elizabeth Bach
Barbara de Portago and Kimberly Rockefeller
Marianna Kaufman and Karen LeFrak
Katie Tozer
Barbara Corcoran with Michael Kovner
Sabrina Forsythe and Michael Kovner
Miriam Erbeia
Vanessa Noel and Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Marola Persico, Eileen Ford, and Iris Bianchi
Suzanne Clary, Camille Gladslin, and Carolyn McGinnis
Noreen Buckfire and Patti Weeks
Mary Davidson, Erin Gaudreau, and Betty Gaudreau
Amy Rosenblum, Joan Rivers, and Cynthia Maltese
Joanne de Guardiola and Karen LeFrak
Susan Fales Hill and Vivian Chambers
Virginia Melhado and Diana Quasha
Somers Farkas and Mai Harrison
R. Couri Hay, Kimberly Rockefeller, Janna Bullock, and Karen LeFrak
Gigi Mortimer, Elizabeth Lindeman, and Tory Burch
Charlotte Ford and Diana Feldman
Margo Langenberg, Jean Shafiroff, and CeCe Black
A few days later, ‘twas the week before Christmas and Santa Claus, himself, arrived much to the delight of Doubles’ little boys and girls and their families and friends.
Janna Bullock, Muffie Potter Aston, R. Couri Hay, Roger Webster, Wendy Carduner, and children
Nick and Travis Acquavella and family
Santa's helper doing face painting
There were photos, food and lots of fun.
Mary Van Pelt and twins
Muffie Potter Aston and twinettes
Anya Shiva and daughter
John and Rosanna Castle and son
Eugenie Niven Goodman and son
Bonnie Comley and Stewart Lane with twins
Doubles 'Junior Chorus' sings "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
Clo Cohen and sons
Catherine Beach and son
Catherine Carey and twins
Lisa Elson, Alli Shever, and kids
Janna Bullock and R. Couri Hay
Amanda Espy and daughter
Leslie Heaney
Kamie Lightburn and daughter
Andrew Heaney and Andrew Thomas
Catherine Makk and family
Two weeks ago at the Urban Zen Center, the Aids Communithy Research Initiative of America (ACRIA) presented its 15th Annual Holiday Dinner hosted by Ross Bleckner, Bob Colacello, Francisco Costa, Ariel Foxman, Donna Karan, Martha Nelson and Isabel Rattazzi.

This year ACRIA honored Spyros Niarchos, Co-President and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for their enduring support.

Guests included Roberta Amon, Donald Baechler, Fabiola Beracasa, Chris Blackwell, Mary Boone, Nan Bush and Bruce Weber, Tom Cashin and Jay Johnson, Liliana Cavendish, Richard Chai, Suzanne and Bob Cochran, Brian Farrell, Shelley and Vincent Fremont, Prabal Gurung, Gillian Hearst-Simonds and Christian Simonds, Jane Holzer, Russell James, Calvin Klein, David Kleinberg, Richard Lambertson and John Truex, Adam Lippes, Helen Marden, Jessye Norman, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Allison Sarofim, Sheryl and Barry Schwartz, Stewart Shining, Darren Star, Antony Todd, Elettra Weidemann.
The Holiday Dinner ACRIA Gallery featured works on sale by some of the most celebrated and talented visionaries from the contemporary art world, including works by Vito Acconi, Michael Bevilaqua, Ross Bleckner, Steve Clark, Lydia Dona, Eric Freeman, April Gornik, Rebecca Horn, Terrence Koh, Jeff Koons, Sol Lewitt, Claes Oldenburg, Jules Olitski, Elizabeth Petyon, Robert Rauschenberg, Herb Ritts, James Rosenquist, Richard Serra, Pat Steir, Donald Sultan, William Wegman, William Wood and many more.
Deborah Hughes, ?, Marcus Teo, Owen Davidson, Javier Beral, Ross Fenton
Deborah Hughes, Marcus Teo, Owen Davidson, Javier Beral, and Ross Fenton
InStyle and The Urban Zen Foundation presented the event and sponsors included Calvin Klein Collection, Lococo Fine Art, People magazine, Studio3 and Stephan Weiss Studio.

Additional support for the evening was given by Xavier Flouret Wines, and Svedka Vodka.
Roberta Amon, Ross Bleckner, Mary Boone
Roberta Amon, Ross Bleckner, and Mary Boone
Sam Bolton
Sam Bolton and Guest
Martha Nelson, Scott Drevnig, Charla Lawhon
Martha Nelson, Scott Drevnig, and Charla Lawhon
Patti Cohen
Patti Cohen
Andrew Saffir, Dan Tietz, Daniel Benedict
Andrew Saffir, Dan Tietz, and Daniel Benedict
Beth Rudin DeWoody, Deborah Kass, Donna Karan
Beth Rudin DeWoody, Deborah Kass, and Donna Karan
Bob Colacello, Isabel Rattazzi, Dan Tietz, Benjamin Bashein
Bob Colacello, Isabel Rattazzi, Dan Tietz, and Benjamin Bashein
Scott Sartiano, Allie Rizzo, Christian Simonds
Scott Sartiano, Allie Rizzo, and Christian Simonds
Scott Buccheit, Allie Rizzo
Scott Buccheit and Allie Rizzo
Bruce Weber, Nan Bush, Bob Colacello
Bruce Weber, Nan Bush, and Bob Colacello
Marcus Teo, Ross Fenton, Javier Beral
Marcus Teo, Ross Fenton, and Javier Beral
Antony Todd, George Sotelo
Antony Todd and George Sotelo
Angela Morvani, Kate Dimmock, Tiffany Dubin
Angela Morvani, Kate Dimmock, and Tiffany Dubin
Tim Morehouse, Jackie Astier
Tim Morehouse and Jackie Astier
Kate Dimmock, Enrico Bonnetti, Francesca Bonnetti
Kate Dimmock, Enrico Bonnetti, and Francesca Bonnetti
Adam Lippes
Adam Lippes
Italo Zucchelli
Italo Zucchelli
James Reginato
James Reginato
Robert Burke
Robert Burke
Owen Davidson
Owen Davidson
Susan Kaufman
Susan Kaufman
Paul Beirne
Paul Beirne
James Clark, Svieta
James Clark and Svieta
Jessye Norman, David Bleinberg
Jessye Norman and David Bleinberg
Russell James, Deborah Hughes
Russell James and Deborah Hughes
Malcom Carfrae
Malcom Carfrae
Richard Chai
Richard Chai
Brian Farrell
Brian Farrell
Hal Rubenstein
Hal Rubenstein
John Truex, Richard Lambertson
John Truex and Richard Lambertson
Fabiola Beracasa, Jason Beckman
Fabiola Beracasa and Jason Beckman
Gillian Hearst Simonds, Christian Simonds
Gillian Hearst Simonds and Christian Simonds
Jane Holzer
Jane Holzer
Calvin Klein, Nicholas Gruber
Calvin Klein and Nicholas Gruber
Peggy Siegel
Peggy Siegal
Maggie Betts, Prabal Gurung
Maggie Betts and Prabal Gurung
Peter Castro
Peter Castro
Mazdack Rassi, Zanna Rassi
Mazdack and Zanna Rassi
Cheryl Schwartz
Cheryl Schwartz
Bonnie Young
Bonnie Young
Dawn Marie Grannum
Dawn Marie Grannum
Ariel Foxman
Ariel Foxman
Jackie Astier
Jackie Astier
Isabel Rattazzi, Spyros Niarchos
Isabel Rattazzi and Spyros Niarchos
Meanwhile, back at city life, there was a private tasting and preview of the already well-reviewed four new wines from CARTE BLANCHE at a midtown club. Hosted by his brothers Andrew Allen and Christopher Allen, Nicholas Allen introduced the select crowd, CARTE BLANCHE’s Chardonnay 2008 and Proprietary White 2009 from Sonoma and two wines from Napa:  Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 and  Proprietary Red from that same year.   

The guest list was made up of friends, family and business associates from the worlds of finance, investment, philanthropy and the arts, including Stephen Farrelly, Jake Ward, Will Krusen, and Tripp Ridder, among others.
Since 2007, Nicholas Allen has dedicated himself to developing world class wines in America, inspired by the French wine-making tradition.  Devoted to the notion of “terroir,” (from the word “terre” or “land” and the specific  geography, geology and climate of a certain place), viticulture and the honored tradition of winemaking, Allen chose Napa in California to begin. Together with Winemaker, Luc Morlet, Allen selects specific vineyard sites for each of the CARTE BLANCHE wines.
Mr. Allen explained to the guests that “By working with a ‘clean slate’ (hence, the name CARTE BLANCHE), we are able to develop unique, exceptional wines that enhance our celebration and appreciation of life."

Allen’s family has been in the wine industry for nearly a century, since his great grandfather Clarence Dillon acquired a First Growth Bordeaux Chateau in 1935.

“I gained an early education, appreciation and genuine passion about wine from my family, and much of the inspiration behind founding CARTE BLANCHE, comes from them.” 
Andrew Allen, Stephen Farrelly, Chris Allen, Louis Farrelly, and Nicholas Allen
Alan Houghton and James Ruddy Peter Pell and Kirk Materne
DJ Warner, Nicholas Allen, and Jake Ward Andrew Katchen and David Maher
Andrew McLaughlin, Jamie Johnson, and Stephen Farrelly
Peter Cocoziello and Trey Whipple Tripp Ridder, Michael Kammer, and Jeep Post
Nicholas Allen and Jack McNamara
Josiah Hornblower and Mark Fabry Josiah Hornblower, Jamie Johnson, and Andrew Allen
Thomas de Neufville, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Andrew Allen, and John de Neufville

Photographs by Cutty McGill (Doubles); Patrick McMullan (ACRIA & Carte Blanche)
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