Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Glorious summer afternoons

The children raised $403 from the sale of lemonade and Tate’s brownies at the launch of The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Park Avenue Potluck CELEBRATIONS.
On a glorious summer afternoon, families from all over the Hamptons came by ferry to Bridge Street, the central gathering place on Shelter Island laid out by Frederick Law Olmstead in the early 1800s and now a historic landmark, to celebrate the hugely successful launch of The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Park Avenue Potluck CELEBRATIONS. Members of The Society of MSKCC and Florence Fabricant, co-authors of the cookbook and entertaining guide, autographed copies of the book which has become a best seller in America and an international phenomenon in over 12 countries.

Florence Fabricant autographing copies of Park Avenue Potluck CELEBRATIONS.
Shelter Island residents also turned out for the celebration hosted by Bridge Street Gifts, located in one of historic district’s original clapboard buildings.

Abundant presentations of recipes from the book -- gazpacho served in individual small glasses, and platters of tea sandwiches and asparagus canapés were prepared as a gift for The Society of MSKCC by Shelter Island’s greatest chefs -- Chef Justin Smillie of Sunset Beach, Lisa and Terry Harwood, Owners/Chefs of Vine Street Café, and Matt Danzer and Ann Redding, Owners/Chefs of Reddings Market.

The delicious menu tastings and The Mecox, a limoncello and vodka libation donated by Shelter Island Wines & Spirits, were served on the house to the delight of the authors and their guests.

In heat that felt like 100 degrees in the shade -- where a glass of cold lemonade was a welcome relief -- members of The Society of MSKCC’s Kids Kick In Committee, school age children (age 3 to 14) who raise funds to bring happiness to MSKCC’s youngest patients in Pediatrics throughout the year, unveiled their new sidewalk lemonade stand, hand painted by local artist Mary Larsen. At the end of a very busy afternoon, Bryan Carey II, who hosted the stand with his twin brother, Paul Carey II and over 20 members of the Kids Kick In committee said, “I wanted to sell lemonade and brownies today because we give it to the children at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and it makes me feel happy.” The children raised $403 for MSKCC's Department of Pediatrics from the sale of lemonade and brownies contributed by Tate’s Bake Shop and set the record for one-day sales at a Kids Kick In sidewalk lemonade stand. Paul Carey II (age 5 3/4) said, “I can count more than 64, but we raised too much money and I can’t count this much!”
Members of the Kids Kick In committee make $403!
Nancy McCarthy, proprietor of Bridge Street Gifts, a destination for the ‘hostess with the mostest’ welcomed Florence Fabricant along with members of The Society of MSKCC who signed books including Board President Heather Leeds who was surprised with a birthday cake from where else but Tate’s, Kathy Thomas, Barbara Tollis, Jessie Araskog, Chesie Breen, Catherine Carey, Shelley Carr, Webb Egerton, Lisa Errico, Amy Hoadley, Kelley Johnston, Robyn Joseph, Leslie Perkin, Dee Dee Ricks and Tracy Snyder. Others who joined the celebration were Tom Leeds, Bryan Carey, Andrew Thomas, Scott Johnston, Ambassador Jay Snyder, Bobby Gianos, Caroline Perkin, Lino Lategan, Sacha Newley, Ginna Cronin and Chris Cronin from Boston, Tanya Traykovski, Kiki Boucher, Carrie Emery, Kim Spivack, Ronnie Estadella, Antonio Estadella, Marianne Carey Hayes, Helen Carey O'Neill, Amanda Russekoff, Donna Jones Marfino and many other friends and families of The Society of MSKCC.
Jay Snyder, Tracy Snyder, Tom Leeds, and Heather Leeds
Dee Dee Ricks
Nancy McCarthy
Tom Leeds, Catherine Carey, Bobby Gianos, and Bryan Carey
Lisa Errico and Kathy Thomas
Heather Leeds blowing out her birthday candles
Bo Hershey and Rudy Helbock
Robyn Joseph, Webb Egerton, and Amy Hoadley
Heather Leeds, Catherine Carey, and Bryan Carey
Heather Leeds and Tracy Snyder
Chesie Breen and Kathy Thomas
Heather Leeds and Nancy McCarthy
On Saturday, July 24th, the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, (SASF), hosted its 1st Annual “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” benefit, hosted by Liz Brown and Leslie Alexander at their magnificent, oceanfront home in Southampton. World renowned photographer, Bruce Weber and Nan Bush served as the Honorary Chairs, Nancy Corzine, Sandra McConnell and Andy Sabin, as Event Co-chairs and April Gornik and Jayne Young as Chairpersons for the Charity Buzz online auction. The View’s Joy Behar was Honorary Host.
Justin Molnar, Eileen Hughes, Terry Makin, Amy Molnar, Dr. David Hadland, and Valentina Hadland (Shinnecock Animal Hospital of Hampton Bays)
Drinks & “BITES” were served as guests gathered to honor Bernadette Peters, founder, along with lifelong friend, Mary Tyler Moore, of Broadway Barks. Due to Bernadette’s recruitment back to Broadway, by Stephen Sondheim, to star in A Little Night Music, NBC Anchorman and avid animal activist Chuck Scarborough, accepted the “ANIMAL WELFARE” award on her behalf.
Edward Emmanuel, Joanna Fernandez, Corrine Capilet, Tatiana Saleh, and Barry Gebhard
The mission of the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is to provide for the welfare of animals and reduce the number of homeless pets. SASF’s goal is to promote and nourish the bonds between people and animals through adoption, education and community outreach. Their vision is that every animal receive a loving home with medical care, training, shelter and human companionship.
Mike Kavanai, Matt Valentiino, Cathy Ferraro, Logan, JR, and Suri
Angela Giovanniello, Lisa Moore, and Lauren Giovanniello
Richard DeMato and Harriet Sawyer
Ron Hoffman and Laurie Cowan
Sandra McConnell and Tony Urrutia
Andy Sabin and Sally Fan
Lisa Venus, John Grunow, Rebecca Blissett, and Mark Blissett
Joan Salvani, Ann Hammond, Jonathan McCann, and Harriet Sawyer
Susan McConnell and Sony Schotland
Elizabeth and Jean Shafiroff
Susan Galardi and Beth Troy
Susie Essman and Joy Behar
Leslie Alexander, Liz Brown, Isabel van der Linden, and Ms. van der Linden
Melanie Endsley, Caroline Sipourene, Penny Gutman, and Alexis Weaver
JR and Matt Valentino
Arielle Engeberetson, Jonathan Jienbock, and Rebecca Jienbock
Linda Shapiro
Elsie Nelson, Bobby Liberman, and Barbara Liberman
Mike Lorber, Thea Lorber, and Howard Lorber
Stanley Herman and Jeffrey Banks
Chuck Scarborough and Jill Lynn Brody
April Gornik and Jayne Young
Diane Brody, Chris Brody, Dana LaBianca, and Jill Lynn Brody
Suri gets some affection from Rene Schlathur
Hans Kertesss and Antoinette Guerrini-Maraldi
Bill Anderson and Schuyler Campbell
Kristi Witker and Cathy Duemler
Andy Sabin, Tommy Edwards, Rebecca Edwards, and Sally Fan
Leslie Alexander and Howard Lorber
Ellen and Chuck Scarborough with JR
Jeffrey Banks, Stanley Herman, and Robert Zimmerman
Emilie Puzio, Corey McCutcheon, and Ann Ciardullo
Mary Gray and actor Kevin Conway
Amy Ellis, Jana Herbosch, and Alessa Herbosch
Linda Felner, Bruce Weber, and Nan Bush
Jane Gil, Peter Hallock, and Barbara Sloane
This past Monday night on the rooftop terrace of the Hotel Empire, Via Spiga celebrated its 25th anniversary and its collaboration with the irrepressible Kenneth Jay Lane, the world-renowned jewelry designer and a new collection of Via Spiga shoes designs by the company’s creative director Paola Venturi.
Pam Dederer, Tanya Paizas, Marc Dimov, Jamie Streep, Karen Yashen
Pam Dederer, Tanya Paizas, Marc Dimov, Jamie Streep, and Karen Yashen
Elena Lazarevic, Zack Harris, Lindsay Dutfield, Justin Attwell, Erica Alexander
Elena Lazarevic, Zack Harris, Lindsay Dutfield, Justin Attwell, and Erica Alexander
Juan Carlos Castro, Amy Jackson, Bora Park, Stephanie Horton
Juan Carlos Castro, Amy Jackson, Bora Park, and Stephanie Horton
Heidi Hovland, Dawn Lengeland, Chris Shepard, Jen Lamoureux
Heidi Hovland, Dawn Lengeland, Chris Shepard, and Jen Lamoureux
Charlie Gellman, Shirley Lin, Franco Sarto, Sonny Shar, Sammy Demas
Charlie Gellman, Shirley Lin, Franco Sarto, Sonny Shar, and Sammy Demas
Patrick Zangrilli, Debra Lewis, Geoff Green, Gretchen Mathews
Patrick Zangrilli, Debra Lewis, Geoff Green, and Gretchen Mathews
?, Ariel Bronson, ?
Guest, Ariel Bronson, and Guest
Kenneth Jay Lane, Ashley Haas
Kenneth Jay Lane and Ashley Haas
Renee Nelson, Yung Mee Kim
Renee Nelson and Yung Mee Kim
Lindsay Dutfield, Franco Sarto, Rebecca Nixon
Lindsay Dutfield, Franco Sarto, and Rebecca Nixon
Jay Schmidt, Paola Venturi
Jay Schmidt and Paola Venturi
Beautiful legs
Beautiful Legs
Stephanie Hensley, Kym Toscano
Stephanie Hensley and Kym Toscano
Dana Loach, Camilo Veleze, Jami Galloway, Brian Adams
Dana Loach, Camilo Veleze, Jami Galloway, and Brian Adams
Tami Jury, Shiela Zurwig
Tami Jury and Shiela Zurwig
Kenneth Jay Lane, Paola Venturi
Kenneth Jay Lane and Paola Venturi
DJ Kass
DJ Kass
Sheena Meekins, Jenny Bay
Sheena Meekins and Jenny Bay
Ashley Haas, Chiara Leonetti, Autumn Goldmark
Ashley Haas, Chiara Leonetti, and Autumn Goldmark
Gaynor Sherer, Rob Sherer, Hillary Bialek, Adrienne Sabora
Gaynor Sherer, Rob Sherer, Hillary Bialek, and Adrienne Sabora
Kristina Chu, Alicia Reina, Rory Gartleman, Tracey Long
Kristina Chu, Alicia Reina, Rory Gartleman, and Tracey Long
Lisa Coar, Sumana Setti
Lisa Coar and Sumana Setti
Rebecca Nixon, Jim McGuigan
Rebecca Nixon and Jim McGuigan
Kate P{ollman, Angela Pitt, Sarah Burlison, Jeniffer Pitt
Kate Pollman, Angela Pitt, Sarah Burlison, and Jeniffer Pitt
Eli Delcarman, Hollie Oswald, Jessica Pienkos
Eli Delcarman, Hollie Oswald, and Jessica Pienkos
Mia Tucker, Mary Krajick
Mia Tucker and Mary Krajick
Dan Friedman, Julia Kreibich
Dan Friedman and Julia Kreibich
Ariel Bronson, William Frawley, Bonnie Klein
Ariel Bronson, William Frawley, and Bonnie Klein
Greg Baldwin, Ramy Guzman, Ron Robles
Greg Baldwin, Ramy Guzman, and Ron Robles
Diane Sullivan, Jay Schmidt
Diane Sullivan and Jay Schmidt
Max Sarto, Agusta Morosi
Max Sarto and Agusta Morosi
Rick Thornton, Tricia Jackson, Pat Hogas
Rick Thornton, Tricia Jackson, and Pat Hogas
Niki Breedlove, Jessie Adelman, Lisa Robertz
Niki Breedlove, Jessie Adelman, and Lisa Robertz
Rick Gilbert, Tracey Abbott
Rick Gilbert and Tracey Abbott
Bruce Moynegh, Jennifer Masella
Bruce Moynegh and Jennifer Masella
Nancy Noble, Betty Aviles, Susia Owens-Thompson
Nancy Noble, Betty Aviles, and Susia Owens-Thompson
Yesenia Castleberry, Makenzie Desuza, Roenne Walker
Yesenia Castleberry, Makenzie Desuza, and Roenne Walker
Roberto Giovannoni, Paola Venturi
Roberto Giovannoni and Paola Venturi
?, Camilo Veleze, Jami Galloway
Guest, Camilo Veleze, and Jami Galloway
Jen Lamoureux, Don Friedman
Jen Lamoureux and Don Friedman
Last Friday afternoon in Southampton, Marzia Precoda and Tiffany & Company hosted a luncheon at a private estate on Lake Agawam, “The Orchard” celebrating the upcoming “An Enchanted Evening” and honoring Jean Shafiroff and the Past Chairs of Southampton Hospital’s Annual Summer Party.
Ali Hubbell, Nancy Larsen, and Cindy Willis
Raya Knight, Barbara Glatt, and Phyllis Toohey
Betty Sherril and Marzia Precoda
Bob Chaloner and Patty Kraus
Bonnie Comely, Sharon Kerr, and Laura Lofaro Freeman
Ann Grimm and Sheila O'Malley Fuchs
Tony Urrutia and Sandra McConnell
Daisy Olarte de Kanavos and Andrea Greeven Douzet
Jean Shafiroff, Marzia Precoda, and Jean Remmel FitzSimmons
Mary Unsworth and Lisa Arnold

Photographs by Rob Rich (MSKCC & Animal Rescue); (Via Spiga).
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