Thursday, November 11, 2010

Helping hands and strands

Marcia Gay Harden with graduates at Help USA's Domestic Violence Graduate Scholarship Awards Luncheon.
Tuesday night at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory held its 5th annual Double Helix Medals dinner and honored Evelyn Lauder for her efforts in founding the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Nobel Laureate Dr. John Nash (subject of the movie "A Beautiful Mind") and Dr. Mary-Claire King who discovered the first breast cancer susceptibility gene BRCA1.
Cynthia Polsky, Leon Polsky, Evelyn Lauder, Bill Lauder, Tom Quick, Lori Tritsch
Cynthia Polsky, Leon Polsky, Evelyn Lauder, Bill Lauder, Tom Quick, and Lori Tritsch
Roy Zuckerberg, Tara Kelleher
Roy Zuckerberg and Tara Kelleher
Bruce Stillman, Grace Stillman
Bruce and Grace Stillman
David Koch, Deborah Norville, Karl Wellner, Lesly Smith, Jim Walsh
David Koch, Deborah Norville, Karl Wellner, Lesly Smith, and Jim Walsh
Irwin Staller, Jan Eisenman, Lou Gasorek, Laurie Landeau
Irwin Staller, Jan Eisenman, Lou Gasorek, and Laurie Landeau
Jamie Nicholls, Eduardo Mestre, Gillian Mestre
Jamie Nicholls, and Eduardo and Gillian Mestre
Harry Slatkin, Laura Slatkin
Harry and Laura Slatkin
John F. Nash , Jr., Mary-Claire King, Evelyn Lauder, Bruce Stillman
John F. Nash , Jr., Mary-Claire King, Evelyn Lauder, and Bruce Stillman
Eduardo Mestre, Terry Lindsay, Bob Lindsay, Mary Lindsay
Eduardo Mestre, and Terry, Bob, and Mary Lindsay
John Passarelli, Heidi Smith
John Passarelli and Heidi Smith
Mary Lindsay, Jan Eisenman
Mary Lindsay and Jan Eisenman
Fanny Luke, Howard Morgan, Eleanor Morgan, David Luke
Fanny Luke, Howard and Eleanor Morgan, and David Luke
Tom Quick, Gail Hilson, Lesly Smith, Jim Walsh
Tom Quick, Gail Hilson, Lesly Smith, and Jim Walsh
Paul Taubman, Danielle Napolitan
Paul Taubman and Danielle Napolitan
Cathy Soref, Sophie Ayres
Cathy Soref and Sophie Ayres
John Phelan, Melva Bucksbaum, Roy Zuckerberg, Amy Phelan
John Phelan, Melva Bucksbaum, Roy Zuckerberg, and Amy Phelan
Dennis Choi, Jim Simons, Marilyn Simons
Dennis Choi, Jim and Marilyn Simons
Bruce Stillman, Patrick Kennedy
Bruce Stillman and Patrick Kennedy
Bill Miller, Irene Miller
Bill and Irene Miller
Liz Greco, Steve Greco, Ed Travaglianti, Pat Travaglianti
Liz Greco, Steve Greco, and Ed and Pat Travaglianti
David Spector, Melissa Lesh, Mona Spector
David Spector, Melissa Lesh, and Mona Spector
David Luke, Bill Miller, Eduardo Mestre
David Luke, Bill Miller, and Eduardo Mestre
Bernadette Castro, Leon Polsky, Gail Hillson
Bernadette Castro, Leon Polsky, and Gail Hillson
Hillie Mahoney, James Watson, Liz Watson
Hillie Mahoney, James Watson, and Liz Watson
Cheryl Gursky, Ed Matthews, Deane Gilliam
Cheryl Gursky, Ed Matthews, and Deane Gilliam
Ed Travaglianti, Pat Travaglianti, Robin Vermylen
Ed and Pat Travaglianti, and Robin Vermylen
Leonard Lauder, Phil Donahue
Leonard Lauder and Phil Donahue
Also Tuesday night at MacKenzie-Childs on 14 West 57th Street, Lee Feldman, CEO of MacKenzie Childs, Rebecca Proctor, Creative Director, and Anthony Shriver, Best Buddies Founder and Chairman, hosted a benefit evening.
Nicole Sexton, Anthony Shriver, Marlyne Sexton
Nicole Sexton, Anthony Shriver, and Marlyne Sexton
Galina Soldier, Alex Soldier
Galina Soldier and Alex Soldier
Ronald Rotter, Marilyn Rotter, Anthony Shriver
Ronald and Marilyn Rotter with Anthony Shriver
Griffin Lori, Zack Lori, Luke Lori
Griffin, Zack, and Luke Lori
Joe Infantolino, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Lee Feldman
Joe Infantolino, Emma Snowdon-Jones, and Lee Feldman
Santa Claus
Santa Claus
Nicole Friedman, Kristie Carney
Nicole Friedman and Kristie Carney
Somers Farkas, Chele Upton Chiavacci
Somers Farkas and Chele Upton Chiavacci
Rebecca Proctor, Lee Feldman, Mark Bergadon, Jamie Devault, Howard Cohen
Rebecca Proctor, Lee Feldman, Mark Bergadon, Jamie Devault, and Howard Cohen
Gabrielle Simon, Alyssa LeWinter
Gabrielle Simon and Alyssa LeWinter
Peter Rosenthal, Amy Rosi
Peter Rosenthal and Amy Rosi
Tracy Stern, Glenn Plaskin, Lucy
Tracy Stern, Glenn Plaskin, and Lucy
Howard Cohen, Lee Feldman
Howard Cohen and Lee Feldman
Paul McMenamin, Patty Raynes
Paul McMenamin and Patty Raynes
Johan van Kempen, Francois van Kempen, Alex McCord
Johan van Kempen, Francois van Kempen, and Alex McCord
Joe Infantolino, Darla Pasteur
Joe Infantolino and Darla Pasteur
Christine Matava, Berry Brown
Christine Matava and Berry Brown
Steve Kurlowicz, Rebecca Proctor
Steve Kurlowicz and Rebecca Proctor
Tatiana Platt, Anthony Shriver
Tatiana Platt and Anthony Shriver
Lee Feldman, Alex McCord, Simon van Kempen, Johan van Kempen, Francois van Kempen
Lee Feldman, Alex McCord, Simon van Kempen, Johan van Kempen, and Francois van Kempen
This past Monday night the New 42nd Street Gala honored Tony Award winner Bill Irwin celebrating the New Victory Theater Education Program. Nathan Lane, Jonathan Demme, the new vaudeville troupe The Handsome Little Devils, and Full Circle Productions were among the talent to pay tribute to Irwin.
Cocktails before the one-time-only performance of A Mixed Bill For Bill.
Terrence McNally and Bill Irwin.
Bill Irwin’s son Santos (center) and wife Martha Roth (right) with a friend.
New 42nd Street Board member Charles Shorter, Suzanne Randolph, and Lolita and Frank Savag.
Hugh Hardy and Linda LeRoy Janklow. Robert Kory, Jenny Gersten, and 42nd Street President Cora Cahan.
Mary Rodgers Guettel and New 42nd Street Board Chairman Marian S. Heiskell.
Bill Irwin’s sister Nan Irwin with friends.
Curtain Call.
New Vic Teaching Artists lead gala guests to dinner down 42nd Street.
Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere and Carey Lowell were co-chairs of the 16th annual ARTWALKNY honoring James Rosenquist and Gail and Al Engelberg, presented in collaboration with Fendi at Skylight Studios last Thursday.
Aileen Agopian and Alec Baldwin
Bettina Prentice
Agnes Gund
Casey Fremont
Devon Radziwill
Carey Lowell_Richard Gere, and Mary Brosnahan
Matthew Settle and Emily Huang
Joyce and John Varvatos
Nicole Trunfio
Valerie Boster
Lesley Blume
James Rosenquist
Elizabeth Cohen, Louis Dubin, Bettina Zilkha, and Peter Davis
Michael McCarty
Miguelina Gambaccini and Kristian Laliberte
Olympia Scarry and Genevieve Bahrenburg
Waris Ahluwalia
Mary J. Blige was honored this past Tuesday at the HELP USA 2010 Domestic Violence Graduate Scholarship awards luncheon hosted by Marcia Gay Harden and Deborah Roberts.

HELP USA’s mission is to provide housing and the supportive services necessary for the homeless and people in need to become and remain self reliant. Through the development of quality housing with on-site support services, HELP USA provides resources for its residents to become independent and self-sufficient. HELP USA breaks the cycle of dependency by addressing underlying causes in a way that respects the dignity of those we serve. HELP USA helps their clients help themselves.
Mary J. Blige, Marcia Gay Harden, Deborah Roberts, and Ray Halbritter with Graduates
The comprehensive continuum of services offered at HELP USA residences includes employment training and placement, life skills education, childcare, and domestic violence counseling. As clients build confidence and skills, they take control of their lives and find a new beginning.
Mary J. Blige and Evelyn Lauder
Clifford Hudis M.D., Morton Hertzmark, Jane Hertzmark Hudis, and Ellen Hertzmark
Ray Halbritter, Jane Hertzmark Hudis, Maria Cuomo Cole, and Kenneth Cole
Carolyn Murphy poses with a graduate
Deborah Roberts, Kenneth Cole, and Marcia Gay Harden
John Demsey, Guest, Evelyn Lauder, Jane Hertzmark Hudis, and Anne Keating
Deborah Roberts and Jane Hertzmark Hudis
Mary J. Blige and Timothy Regan
Rosanna Scotto and Cory Booker
Deborah Roberts and Marcia Gay Harden
Ray Halbritter with a graduate
Beth Stern and friends
Robyn Troob and Carolyn Gang
Photographs by; Alexis Buatti Ramos (42nd Street)
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