Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home at Last

The scene at Bergdorf Goodman on Fashion's Night Out.
Last Saturday night Martha Stewart hosted a cocktail (and hors d’oeuvres) to celebrate Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Holden’s September issue of Martha Stewart Living. The invitation read featuring Kevin Sharkey’s “Home at Last” story.

Mr. Sharkey is the decorating editorial director of MSL. The apartment, in the far West Village, has views and views and light like nobody’s business. We should all live so long. It also has 2500 square feet and he’s lived there for two years. It’s also in one of those Richard Meier towers overlooking the Hudson. As I said, we should all live so long.
Kevin Sharkey, Martha Stewart, Colin Cowie, Luke Bailes, and James Bailes
The fashion note at the sunset soiree was the waitstaff who all looked like Tom Ford dresses Cary Grant.

Some of the fashionable guests, on the other hand, looked like their mothers mighta said: “you leavin’ the house dressed like that?” “Farmin’, that’s the fashion (of our great celebrities of today)”, as Cole Porter once wrote. Although he was kidding.
The waitstaff
The view from Kevin Sharkey’s “Home at Last”
Meanwhile Martha was there. And her daughter Alexis; and Colin Cowie, Scott Currie, David Kleinberg, Pamela Fiori, Ralph Rucci, Lorenzo Martone, Vanessa von Bismarck, Brad Ford, Beth DeWoody, Elie Tahari, Laura and Harry Slatkin, Tom Browne, Matt Tyrnauer, Simon Watson, Diana Picasso, Todd Eberle, Tory Burch, Linda Fargo, James Reginato, David Easton, Naeem and Ranjana Khan, Alexa Hampton, Reed Krakoff, David Chang, Wendy Goodman. And dozens more just like ‘em. And they were all saying to each other: “I wanna place like this. Twenty-five hundred square feet.” Who needs to leave the house; you could get lost just staying home. In your very own barnyard.
Aziz Ansari and David Chang
Andrew Eccles, Sarah Stathes, and Stephen Boyle
Ian Berry and Emerson Barth
Michel Perrin and Matt Tyrnauer
Sandro Suppnig and David Kleinberg
Brad Ford, Tracy Ellis Ross, Terry Tsiolis, and Oscar Mora
Chef Pierre Schaedelin and Blake Morris
Alexis and Martha Stewart
Cobus Gauche and Jimmy Steinmeyer
Fiona Thomas and Peter Buchanan Smith
Alexis Stewart, Jim Dunning, and Susan Magrino
Daniel Wolf, Rachel Wolf, India Wolf, and Maya Lin
David Easton and Amrei Fumian
Gael Towey, Tom Delavan, and Jim Hedges
Kevin Sharkey and Vanessa Holden
Darcy Miller Nussbaum, David Lipke, Kate Berry, and Oscar Mora
Brooke and Mariette Gomez
Francois Disthinger
James Dunning and Katie Stuhlemmer
Richard Lambertson and Wendy Goodman
Suzannah Smith and Jeffrey Bilhuber
Melanie Tigrett, Kerr Tigrett, Pat Kerr, and Jim Dunning
Richard Pandiscio and Todd Eberle
Derek Hester
Simon Watson and Hela Watson
Richard Christianson
Sara Garrison and Dart Parker
Scott Currie, Matthew Foley, and Thom Browne
Bergdorf Goodman's Fashion Night Out was a great party scene.
Monique Lhuillier, Tabitha Simmons, Tinsley Mortimer, and Kelly Rutherford
Just ask Monique Lhuillier, Tabitha Simmons, Tinsley Mortimer, and Kelly Rutherford for starters.
Naeem Kahn, Linda Fargo, and Patrick McMullan
Catherine Malandrino and Hamish Bowles
Tinsley Mortimer and Kelly Rutherford
John Barrett
Danny Deleno, Jesse Garza, Trish McEvoy, and Joe Lupo
Harry and Laura Slatkin
Jason Wu
Adrienne Landau
Jasmin Gonzalez
Andrew and Andrew
Charles Chang-Lima
Jesse Garza, Bank Matzamai, Trish McEvoy, and Joe Lupo
Alexandra Videl and Jose Turullols
Francesco Civetta (aka DJ CASH)
Carlos Falchi
Rita Wilson and Patty Smyth
Tom Ford
Jeffrey Banks and Fern Mallis
Patrick McDonald
Roopal Patel
Tom Ford
Keren Craig
Kimberly McDonald
Joe Lupo, Bank Matzamai, and Sandra Peliken
Mark Badgley and James Mischka
Kara Ross
Simon Spurr
The Calvin Klein Collection's Fashion Night Out was also a party scene. In fact Madison Avenue, Chelsea, Fifth Avenue, were all party scenes on Fashion Night Out. The city was electric.
Bryan Adams
The weather was great and the crowds were moving all over town. The streets were packed and so were the stores and party venues. It was a combination of the ballyhoo and the excitement around the upcoming Fashion Week.
Edward Enninful, Virginia Smith, Malcolm Carfrae, and Victor Glemaud
?, ?
Emma Snowdon Jones
Fernando Verdasco and Italo Zucchelli
Isabel Lucas
Kelly Klein
Desiree Rogers and Francisco Costa
Evie Gimbel and Tonne Goodman
Fabien Baron and Italo Zucchelli
Katie Lee
Mila de Wit and Jamie Burke
Susan Bartsch
Sara Paxton and Nico Tortorella
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, and Malcolm Carfrae
Marilyn Minter
Tonne Goodman and Bryan Adams
The Charlotte Ronson After Party last Saturday at Avenue brought out all the Ronsons and the Joneses including mama Ann Dexter Jones, and DJ Sam and Annabel Dexter Jones and lotsa their lotsa friends.
Charlotte Ronson, Ann Dexter Jones, and Annabel Dexter Jones
Kid Sister, Samantha Politzer, and Adam Brawan
Russell Simmons
Christopher Campbell, Dani Stahl, Miguelle, and Jay Errico
Kathy Prounis
Sam Ronson and Ann Dexter Jones
Victoria Mukovozov
Dori Cooperman and Josh Grolin
Mia Moretti
Nick Haramas and Garrett Eruter
Natalie Willebrand
Courtney Peterson, Kristian Laliberte, Katie Durko, and Natalie Obranovich
Mark Lu and Veronica Kim
Henrietta Ronson, Ferras, Tarek Chamma, and Nishma Shanka
Morad with Shelly Brom
Enae Erimen and Amy Smith
Heather Lunny
Melony Bergwall and Ashley Fortune
Fashion Night Out up on Madison Avenue and 75th Street: Carolina Herrera hosted the party at CH Carolina Herrera. Anna Wintour was there, all smiles. Carolina, of course, was there looking her drop dead chic; and Reinaldo, and Robert Risko illustrating, and Whitney Port, camera-ready.
Amy Fine Collins
Anna Wintour and Carolina Herrera
Gillian Miniter
Carolina Herrera and Paula Patton
Emma Snowdon-Jones
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos
Christina Hendricks
Eva Lorenzotti
Elizabeth Meigher and Flo Fulton
Reinaldo and Carolina Herrera
Patricia Lansing and Carolina Herrera Baez
Fern Mallis
Kelly Klein
Whitney Port
Yana Balan
Kate Schelter
Robert Risko
Lauren Remington Platt
Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com
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