Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Horses rule the Hamptons

Nacho Figueras and Rico Mansur with children from Work-to-Ride.
This past Sunday, Avantair, a private jet company hosted the first Annual Sunday Classic with Nacho Figueras to benefit Work-to-Ride, a non-profit that helps inner city kids develop self-discipline and life skills by learning how to ride and care for horses.
Eleonore de Bernis, Coca Conbrea, Adina Osipow, Arianna Osipow, Dr. Joesph Osipow, Alexandra Osipow, and Andrew Vissicchio
Tom Cera, Roberta Bosanka, Maty Buss, Martin Buss Carloine Barsoum, Michael Cafarella, and John Biegler
The event took place at Two Trees Farm on Hayground Road in Watermill. Supporting sponsors included Ferrari, Voss Water, Almond Restaurant, Maria Bonita Salon.
Rachel Heller, Mark Heller, Debra Heller, and Michael Heller
Michael Porrico, Ingnacio Laprida, Martin Pepa, and Helmut Wieser
Jolie Warbet, McNair Zimblist, and Erin Lurie
Brad Waywell and Isabelle Escher
Kelly Bensimon, John Biegler, and Maty Buss
Allison Ecung and Monika Plocienniczak
Aroura Figueras, Rico Mansur, Figueras, Nacho Figueras, Artemio Figueras, and Delfina Blaquier
Mark Daniels and Caroline Walter
Marths Skoglund
Michelle Travis and Amanda Sagefka
Isabelle Escher and Brad Waywell
Mariana Guerrico, Sophia Blaquier, Maria Pepa, and Mercedes Figueras
Maty and Martin Buss
Sid Bensimon, Kelly Bensimon, Teddy Bensimon, and Maty Buss
Coca Conbrea, Adina Osipow, Alexandra Osipow, and Arianna Osipow
Paige Allardice, Martin Pepa, and Michael Porrico
Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri and Adriel Reboh
Melissa Berkelhammer, Lucas Bscher, Rachel Heller, Isabelle Escher, and Brad Waywell
Shari Senzon and Heather Sarg
Last Friday afternoon at the Vered Gallery in East Hampton, Delfina Blaquier celebrated the opening of her newest exhibit, Horses, with a special champagne reception. Photographer and horse enthusiast Delfina hails from a distinguished Argentine family with polo in its bloodline. Raised around horses she’s spent her life observing and admiring them. In 2003 Delfina traveled the Polo circuit with her husband Nacho Figueras and their son. Using a Polaroid 210 camera, she documented the entire season. All material was then made into an as of yet unpublished book that she herself created.

Four years ago she discovered digital photography and started using her “fragmented” approach to her work, offering a Zen-like approach to the viewer with an aim to “liberate the mind.” In 2008 her friend Kelly Klein published her oversized photography book Horse featuring Delfina’s image, Vasco Negro. Horses runs through September 24th
Andrew Benedict, Delfina Blaquier, Marty Richards, and Andrew Saffir
Benjamin Segal
Alex Georgakos
Jorge Pepa, Jorge Pepa, Maria Pepa, and Sylvia Pepa
Damien Roman and Crystal Lamiroult
Delfina Blaquier, Roger Berman, and Rachel Zoe
David Shorr and Kimberly Zimmerman
Eileen Epstein, Regina Kravitz, and Babette Walter
Vered, Ron Rosenzweig, and Rachel Zoe
Eti Gutman and Patrick Christiano
Jeffrey Slonim and Neil Hirsch
Elena Lucenti and Suzy Drasnin
Julia Kolomiyetm, Sviata Alexandrova, and Sandra Riczi
Gloria and Rona Kitsch
Emily Wilson and Felix Hagen
Janet Lehr, Delfina Blaquier, Verad, and Nicholas Hoyos
Kelly Klein and Nick Manifold
Kai Kalb and Helen Carr
Jane and David Walentas
Michael Cancellare and Marty Richards
Ellen Gifford
Katie Zheng
Michelle Campos and Sara Semprini
Ingrid Deutsch
Lance Miletich
Jorge Pepa, Verad, Nacho Figueras, and Mercedes Figueras
Trevor Kaufman, Scott Sinclair, and David Restrepo
Irene and Michael Lo
Michael Wudyka and Ingrid Brownyard
Maria Farias, Patricia Rizzi, and Cida Mota
Sabrina Turner, Gina Larucci, and Alessia Turner
Michael Warren, David Shorr, and Nacho Figueras
Marcy Warren, Kimberly Zimmerman, and Roger Berman
Sara Gehrke
Ron Rosenzweig and Rachel Zoe
Steven Romm
Yvonne Morabito and Ron Dagar
Patricia Rizzi, Maria Farias, and Cida Mota
Kent and Kristina Skipper
Last Friday night at Lily Pond the Hamptons Social Series celebrated their final weekly gathering for Emma Snowdon-Jones' birthday salute to Autism Speaks and Charity: Water.

Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism. Since then, Autism Speaks has grown into the nation's largest autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. We are proud of what we've been able to accomplish and look forward to continued successes in the years ahead.
Steve Barber, Rob Siegel, Samantha Daniels, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Lacary Sharpe, and Joanna Goldenstein
Charity: Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. We use 100% of public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need. Just $20 can give one person clean water for 20 years.

90% of the 42,000 deaths that occur every week from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions are to children under five years old. Many of these diseases are preventable. The UN predicts that one tenth of the global disease burden can be prevented simply by improving water supply and sanitation. Guests at the event were treated to a dinner provided by Phillippe and music by DJ Airloom and DJ Lee Kalt.
Emma Snowdon-Jones and Michael Wallace
Dave Matthews and Jonathan Finegold
Cindy Farkas Glanzrock and Althea Viafora-Kress
Danny David, Rob Siegel, and Brian Levy
Liz Hershfield, Betsy Polley, and Carley Fairclaw
Dr. Kimberly Williams and Dr. Eric VanNoy
Alicia Colodner, Zach Colodner, and Jennifer Suzuki
Emma Snowdon-Jones and Lacary Sharpe
Emma Snowdon-Jones and Joanna Goldenstein
Corrin Naughton and Melissa Kalbacker
Britta Lofgren, Ariel Moses, and Troy Allen
Owen Leary, Katie Hutchinson, and Gavin Turner
Jonathan Finegold and Bruce Bailey
Lana Smith and Olga Kny
Joe Alexander, R. Couri Hay, and Patirck McMullan
Joanna Goldenstein, James Goll, Alicia Colodner, and Zach Colodner
Britta Lofgren and Ariel Moses
Tina Wilson and Niki Kofsky
Orly Genger
Joe Alexander, Artin Bay Archer, Emma Snowdon-Jones, R. Couri Hay, and Frank Cilione
Steuart Anderson and Jennifer Suzuki
Lacary Sharpe, Lindsey Jernigan, and Ann Clark

Photographs by
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