Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New York gems

Paul Blum, Carl Barbarto, Maria Valim, David Yurman, Sybil Yurman, Carol Pennelli, and Lee Tucker
The Jewelry Information Center held its 8th annual GEM Awards, honoring Madeleine Albright at Gotham Hall last Friday night.
Alix Jurick, Scott Nehar, and Lindsay Price
Admiral Herbert Bridge and Edie Hilliard
David Grayson, Myriam Gumuchian, Richard Eiseman, and Patricia Grayson
Alice Eiseman Adelkind and Alan Adelkind
Matt Runci
Sybil Yurman, Madeleine Albright, David Yurman, and Tina Brown
Andrea Hansen and Heather Severs
Krista Collinsa, Helena Krodel, and Erin Cohen
Ed Ventimiglia and Karen Uzel
Jim Kerwin, Doug Dollan, and David Yurman
Robert Rottenberg
Richard Eiseman
Madeleine Albright, Simon Doonan, and Tina Brown
John Bridge and Justice Bobbe Bridge
Robert Verdi and Scott Nehar
Russell Simmons
Yael Lilienseld and friend
Veronica Varekova
Photographs by Patrick McMullan

The week before Christmas, on December 18th, Helac and Wirth Art Advisory, inconjunction with Kitchen Habitat, presented the first of a series of “New Boom Collective” art shows. There were 20 emerging artists with works ranging in price from $450 to $10,000, and works in all kinds of mediums such as sculpture, paintings, collage, photography, video, drawings and even textiles.

H & W are partnering with brokers and organizing shows throughout Manhattan's vacant spaces. They will also be partnering with non-profit organizations to whom they will donate a large percentage of art sale proceeds. Fifty percent of the proceeds from this show were donated to the Food Bank of New York City.
More than 300 people stopped by over the course of the evening.
Soraja Helac, Kristy Leibowitz, and Sabrina Wirth sitting on Kristy's chairs that she made.
(photo: Pearl Gabel).
Reet Das in front of his painting.
Andres Serrano's girlfriend, Sabrina Wirth, and Andres Serrano
Soraja Helac, Gregory Crewdson, and Sabrina Wirth (photo: Pearl Gabel).
Dawne Marie Grannum, Sabrina Wirth, and Mohamed Yaktub (owner of the Kitchen Habitat where the show was held).
The Institute for Civic Leadership held a fundraiser at Cipriani's "The Vault" last Thursday night.
Ashley Melisse Abess and Michelle Varad
Andrea Ross, Candice Miller, Amanda Church, and Michelle Barish
Everard Findlay and Daren Khairule
Andreas Vaun Joseph
Brandon Miller and Mitchell Slade
Brandon Short
Bruce Wilpon, Todd Katz, and Ray Charles White
Carolyn Goldberg, Joanna Simone, Alison Markowitz, and Danielle Simone
Candice Miller, Lauren Gray, and Jacque Vicknell
Jen Insel, Samantha Levy, and Max Levy
Jeisa Chimiazzo, Oliver Ripley, and Nicola Steiner
Candice Miller and Jessica Wilpon
Michelle Barish, Kim Norcott, and Andrea Ross
Charles Moreau and Kira Cohen
Kelly Florio and Carolyn Zakrebski
Farzam Kamel and Mark Selden
Ngaere Durling, Peter Cocoziello, Charles Clarke, Charles Darling, and Rebecca Regan
Ryan Friedman, Robert Vecsler, Lesley Thompson, and Betsy Low
Joseph Meyer, Kirk Spahn, and Jared Kushner
Tayler Carson Sandvick
Whitney Sprayberry, Louis Levy, and Max Levy
Photographs by Patrick McMullan

Fashion executive Ken Wyse hosted a holiday cocktail/housewarming for himself, his new West Palm Beach digs, all designed by his best buddy Larry Laslo (NYSD HOUSE). Among the guests admiring the Laslo touch: Anka Palitz, Tom Shaffer, Susan Goodfriend, Spencer Antle, Bob Dowling, Maribeth and Ellen Welsh, Myrna and John Daniels, Ross Meltzer, Earl Crittenden, Melissa Parker, Beth De Woody, Lee Bierly and Chris Drake, Laurie and Phil Sprayregen, Mickey and Alan Berman, Burt Minkoff, Dennis LaMarsh creating a buzzy crush reminiscent of the cocktail party scene from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”
Ken Wyse, Richard Lambertson, and John Truex
Spencer Antle and Larry Laslo
Spencer Antle and Lynn Flynn
Scott Moses and Chip Freeman
Melissa Parker and Steven Stolman
Carter Potash, Sarah Gavlak, and Ken Wyse
Ed Hinckley, Tom Shaffer, and Susan Goodfriend
Linda Uribe and Earl Crittenden
Patrick Flynn
/Kirk de Gooyer and Stephen Mooney
Ellen Welsh, Scott Velozo, Dennis Miller, and Maribeth Welsh
Anka Palitz and Larry Laslo

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