Friday, December 17, 2010

New York Unleashed

Unleashed Board members Erin Riggins, Dr. Stacey Radin, Mindy Miller, Susan Toffier, Christina Del Balso, Shelly Wimpfheimer, and Cheryl Benton at The Carlisle Collection's New York City penthouse to celebrate Unleashed, a recently launched non-profit, created by Dr. Stacey Radin. The goal of Unleashed is to develop confidence in middle school girls so that they will become active participants in their communities.
This past Tuesday night at Urben Zen on 711 Greenwich Street, Lauren Bush and friends hosted the 3rd Annual Feed-Raiser and Market to benefit the children of Haiti.

The holiday cocktail party featured a market of artisan-made and environmentally friendly goods. A $100 ticket will feed a school child in Haiti for one year. Guests received a newly launched FEED 10 bag which reminds that 925 million citizens of the world don’t have enough to eat.

Among those attending: Amanda Hearst, Donna Karan, David Lauren, Christy Turlington-Burns, Norman Jean Roy, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Alexis Maybank, Cynthia Rowley, Patrick Robinson, Sam Talbot, Sonja Nuttal, Ellen Gustafson, Nicole Sexton, Ubah Hassan, Kristi Jacobson, Lori Silverbush, Scott Harrison.
Ryan Ibsen
Ryan Ibsen
Participating vendors were: Basis Foods, NEST, By the Stone, Object Mythology, FEED Projects, Free Fingers by Nina, Green Soul Shoes, Hello Rewind, Lauren Pierce Atelier, Lem Lem, Object Mythology, Pip Squeak Capeau, Prosperity Candle, Same Sky, SurEvolution, Teddy Share.

The venue – Urban Zen Foundation which was founded by Donna Karan. The foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring change by preserving cultures and empowering children.
David Lauren, Lauren Bush
David Lauren and Lauren Bush
Karen Koeningsberg, Arick Jones
Karen Koeningsberg and Arick Jones
Kathleen Ryan, Jen Bawden
Kathleen Ryan and Jen Bawden
Karen Chien
Karen Chien
Kelly Jamieson, Ellen Gustafson
Kelly Jamieson and Ellen Gustafson
Kate Werlein, Hayley Bloomingdale
Kate Werlein and Hayley Bloomingdale
Emilia Ewert, Marc Baptiste, Jessica Houghton
Emilia Ewert, Marc Baptiste, and Jessica Houghton
Sharon Bush, Laura Harring, Kathleen Ryan
Sharon Bush, Laura Harring, and lean Kathleen Ryan
Amy Schoenberger
Amy Schoenberger
Amanda Hearst, Zani Gugelmann, Theresa Perkery
Amanda Hearst, Zani Gugelmann and Theresa Perkery
Chris Lee, Blair Kincaid, Marjorie Docking
Chris Lee, Blair Kincaid, and Marjorie Docking
Ruth Levy, Mark Seliger
Ruth Levy and Mark Seliger
Alexandra Wilikis Wilson, Alexis Maybank
Alexandra Wilikis Wilson and Alexis Maybank
Francine LeFrak, Donna Karan
Francine LeFrak and Donna Karan
Laura Nigro, Kristy Morrone
Laura Nigro and Kristy Morrone
Mark Kapnick, Amy Kapnick
Mark and Amy Kapnick
Jenna Arnold, Nicole Patrice Johnson
Jenna Arnold and Nicole Patrice Johnson
Deborah Stone
Deborah Stone
Lotay Rinchen
Lotay Rinchen
DJ Wolf
DJ Wolf
Betsy Goldin
Betsy Goldin
Patrick Robinson, Virginia Smith
Patrick Robinson and Virginia Smith
Cynthia Rowley
Cynthia Rowley
The Carlisle Collection hosted a reception in their New York City penthouse to celebrate Unleashed, a recently launched non-profit, created by Dr. Stacey Radin. The goal of Unleashed is to develop confidence in middle school girls so that they will become active participants in their communities.

Unleashed programs are in New York City public and private schools. Based on the principal of “Saving One Girl, One Dog, and One Community at a Time,” it uses the animal rescue community as a ‘teaching lab’ to achieve its goals. Dr. Radin and a team of talented women representing many areas of expertise, developed the concept of using animal welfare to empower girls to become social-change agents and develop their leadership potential.
Christina Del Balso speaking to the group
Isabella tells the group about her experiences
They called the event a “friend-raiser.” Unleashed board members as well as several of the participating girls spoke about the unique opportunity the program provides. Christina Del Balso, Chairman of the board of Unleashed said, “We have found the combination of girls and dogs a very powerful concept. Once people hear about what we’re doing, they immediately want to know how they can get involved.”

Radin developed the idea of Unleashed following a three-year research study. It became the basis for her book, The Pink Elephant in the Room: The Truth about Women and Power. Her findings demonstrated that no matter what the generation, ethnicity, industry or region of the country, early influences have a profound impact on a woman’s perception and experience of power.
Unleashed wrist bands
The study also showed that women were more likely to use their power effectively when they were committed to a cause. Radin realized that if you could tap into what girls are passionate about, such as rescuing animals, in their critical, early teen years, you could have a profound impact on their confidence and potential power.

Guests included Anne Akers, Cheryl and Stuart Benton, Leena Gurevich, Katy Lyons, Dani Djokic, Mindy Miller, Catherine Sacks, Patricia Dillon, Sharon Marantz-Walsh, Erin Riggins, Debra Appelbaum, Michelle Alfandari, Hana Rubin, Shelly Wimpfheimer, Caitlin Hudson, Patti Lynch, Peggy Conlon, Janet Thomas, Wendy Timmons, Nicole Jardim, Barbara Kurz, Isabella Jazrawi, Sylvia Lee, Melissa Thoen, Sasha Green, Deirdre Hudson, Stacey Locker, Joanne Levine, Susan Toffier, Shari Cohen, Erica Rubin and Bascom, one of the happy dogs rescued by the group.
Wendy TImmons and Nicole Jardim
Dr. Stacey Radin, Founder of Unleashed
Mindy Miller and Erin Riggins
Janet Thomas and Anne Akers
Dancayra, Ginelly, Ciarcedes, and Brandi Lee
Christina Del Balso and Dr. Stacey Radin
Catherine Sacks and Barbara Kurz
Dr Stacey Radin and Michelle Alfandari
Shelly Wimpfheimer and Patti Lynch
Isabella with her mom and pop
Stacey Locker
Cheryl and Stuart Benton with Bascom, an Unleashed rescue
Peggy Conlon and Stuart Benton
Leena Gurevich, Sharon Marantz-Walsh, and Anne Akers
Leena Gurevich with Isabella, Brandi Lee, Ginelly, Dancayra, and Ciarcedes
Katy Lyons
Bascom, always smiling for the camera
Dancayra, Melissa Thoen, and Ginelly
Sylvia Lee and Sasha Green
Cheryl Benton and Peggy Conlon
Dani Djokic
Erica and Hana Rubin
Brandi Lee and Patricia Dillion
Caitlin and Deirdre Hudson
Debra Appelbaum
Susan Toffier and Joanne Levine
Shari Cohen
Earlier this month (on December 6th) at its National Benefit, The MacDowell Colony honored broadcaster Robert MacNeil, its retiring chairman, and announced Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon as its new chairman at its National Benefit.

A full cast of celebrities joined nearly 300 guests at The TimesCenter in New York City to celebrate MacNeil’s more than 17 years of service to the distinguished artist residency program.

Presenters included Jonathan Franzen, Calvin Trillin, Colson Whitehead, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson composer Michael Friedman, Cherry Jones, and the Alvin Ailey Dancers, who performed work by MacDowell Fellow choreographer Donald Byrd.
Donald Byrd, Michael Chabon, Lisa Kron, Paul Moravec, and Calvin Trillin
Playwright and performance artist Lisa Kron hosted the program, directing and performing an original scene based on her experiences at the Colony. Karen Chilton introduced a clip of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s latest film, It’s Kind of a Funny Story. An excerpt from Paul Moravec’s Pulitzer-winning Tempest Fantasy was performed. And theatre and film director Stephen Daldry finished the evening of performances and tributes with a toast to MacNeil.

Joining Daldry as honorary chairs for the event were photographers James Casebere and Lorna Simpson, composer Philip Glass, and fashion artist Isaac Mizrahi.

The National Benefit raised more than $360,000 a significant portion of the Colony’s annual $3.5 million investment in artists and their work. The proceeds will help fund fellowships providing residencies to more than 250 artists in the coming year. The Benefit also brought the New York City announcement of MacDowell’s $13 million Campaign for the Second Century, which aims to endow residency fellowships and to renovate and expand the Colony’s work spaces for artists, including its beloved Savidge Library.
Dancers from Ailey II performing Donald Byrd's Shards
A prominent writer and nine-time MacDowell Colony Fellow, Chabon is uniquely poised — with his standing in the literary world and his first-hand knowledge of the impact of MacDowell’s mission — to propel the Colony forward into its second century while fostering and remaining true to its history and enduring character of place. “MacDowell is a miracle that has come through for me many times over the years,” he says. “Serving as board chair gives me the opportunity to repay my indebtedness just a tiny bit.” 

The MacDowell Colony, founded in 1907 as America’s first multidisciplinary artist residency program, nurtures the arts by offering creative individuals of the highest talent an inspiring environment in which they can produce enduring works of the imagination. The Colony supports more than 250 architects, composers, filmmakers, interdisciplinary artists, theatre artists, visual artists, and writers each year.
Kenneth Austin and Board President Susan Davenport Austin
Stephanie Marie Lemp and Gregory Gerard
Russell and Elizabeth Gaudreau
Benefit Chairs Bob and Stephanie Olmsted with Rick Stone
Executive Director Cheryl Young and Resident Director David Macy with friends
Actor Karen Chilton
Ed Sherin and Jane Alexander
Honorary Chair Stephen Daldry
Colson Whitehead, Suki Kim, and Andrew Ginzel
Actor Cherry Jones
Benefit Chair Stephanie Olmsted, Mary Carswell, and Board President Susan Davenport Austin
Jane Alexander and Honorary Chair Philip Glass
Brittain and Rina Stone
Jonathan Franzen, Calvin Trillin, Michael Chabon, and Robert MacNeil
Julia Jacquette, Dan Hurlin, Louise Eastman, and Peter Watrous
Writer Anthony Schneider and Resident Director David Macy
Jim Lehrer and retiring Chairman of the Board Robert MacNeil
Kurt Locher and Anne Stark
Third Street Music School Settlement, the nation’s oldest community music school, celebrated its 116th Anniversary at its annual luncheon. The annual fund-raising event serves as the occasion for Third Street to honor extraordinary artists and supporters of the arts.

This year’s event honored Steven Blier, concert pianist and Artistic Director, New York Festival of Song; and Mark O’Connor, Grammy-award winning violinist and founder of the O’Connor Violin Method, who received the award for Distinguished Achievements in the Arts. Also honored was Jesse Mills, Grammy-award nominated violinist and Third Street alumnus, who received Third Street’s Rising Star Award. This year's special guest award presenters were George Steel, Twyla Tharp and Barbara E. Field, respectively.
Third Street’s honorees, important guests, and student performers
Third Street’s honorees, guests, and student performers
Third Street jazz band students
Third Street jazz band students
Serving as Master of Ceremonies for the fifth year was television news anchor Jim Watkins of PIX News at 10. Co-chairs of the Luncheon were Peter Flint and Sarah Gordon and Teresa and David Bull. Luncheon Committee Members included Jennifer Allan Soros, Laura Chang and Arnold Chavkin, Barbara E. Field, Edmée and Nicholas Firth, Prue Gary, Holly Glass, Philip Glass, Diana and David Huggin, Anna-Maria Kellen, Joan Long, Jeannie Park, Harold Prince, Judy Sanger, Jonathan Sheffer, Stella and Peter Sichel, Ellsworth George Stanton III, Linda Thompson and Robert White.

Guests enjoyed performances by Third Street students. The School’s String Ensemble performed moving repertoire selected from the newly published Mark O’Connor String Method Books. Mark O’Connor and Jesse Mills accompanied the students. The audience was also wowed by Third Street’s Jazz Big Band, whose lively performance of Louis Armstrong classics filled the room with joy and excitement.
String students perform with Mark O’Connor and Jesse Mills
String students perform with Mark O’Connor and Jesse Mills
Maya Sheehy, Emilee Kitmahawong
Maya Sheehy and Emilee Kitmahawong
Jacob Savransky, Zoe Douthit, Ruben Sonz-Barnes
Jacob Savransky, Zoe Douthit, and Ruben Sonz-Barnes
Touching presentation and acceptance speeches were given by all the honorees and their special presenters, inspiring both love and appreciation for the arts and arts education. To round out the afternoon, the Jazz Big Band took to the stage yet again as a postlude hurrah for a wonderful event and its honorees.

Proceeds from the Luncheon benefit Third Street’s students in need. Nearly 75 percent of all youth served benefit from need-based financial aid, merit-based scholarships and free/discounted enrichment programs.
The Very Reverend James Parks Morton, Pamela Morton, Audrey Boughton, Lisa Tsitsera, Jan Amorosi, Anna-Maria Kellen
The Very Reverend James Parks Morton, Pamela Morton, Audrey Boughton, Lisa Tsitsera, Jan Amorosi, and Anna-Maria Kellen
Joan Forsyth, Lee Koonce, Dan Miceli, Bethany Rose
Joan Forsyth, Lee Koonce, Dan Miceli, and Bethany Rose
Holly Glass, Peter Flint
Holly Glass and Peter Flint
Jim Watkins
Jim Watkins
Stowe C. Phelps, William Butler, Evelyn Peterson, William Peterson
Stowe C. Phelps, William Butler, Evelyn Peterson, and William Peterson
David Huggin, Diana Huggin, Teresa Longyear Bull, David Bull
David Huggin, Diana Huggin, Teresa Longyear Bull, and David Bull
Guest, Lila Prounis, Stella Sichel
Guest, Lila Prounis, and Stella Sichel
Nancy Newcomb, Susan Nitze, Edmée Firth
Nancy Newcomb, Susan Nitze, and Edmée Firth
Ozgun Tasdemir, Yukiko Kubo Gatheral, Jeannie Park
Ozgun Tasdemir, Yukiko Kubo Gatheral, and Jeannie Park
Barbara Field, Ellsworth G. Stanton, Byron Bell
Barbara Field, Ellsworth G. Stanton, and Byron Bell
Terry Hueneke, Emilie Roy Corey, Lee Koonce
Terry Hueneke, Emilie Roy Corey, and Lee Koonce
Stephanie Palmer, guest, Maria Orengo
Stephanie Palmer, guest, and Maria Orengo
Lee Koonce, Honoree Steven Blier, George Steel
Lee Koonce, Honoree Steven Blier, and George Steel
Risa Young, Shannon Curry Hartman, Mary Seidman
Risa Young, Shannon Curry Hartman, and Mary Seidman
Reiko Aizawa, Barbara Field, Honoree Jesse Mills
Reiko Aizawa, Barbara Field, and Honoree Jesse Mills
Judy Sanger, Susan Wadsworth, Seth Dubin
Judy Sanger, Susan Wadsworth, and Seth Dubin
Elizabeth Hurwitt, Honoree Steven Blier
Elizabeth Hurwitt and Honoree Steven Blier
Honoree Mark O’Connor, Twyla Tharp
Honoree Mark O’Connor and Twyla Tharp
Teresa Longyear Bull, Laura Chang, Arnie Chavkin
Teresa Longyear Bull, Laura Chang, and Arnie Chavkin
Last Saturday night, Beth Ostrosky Stern helped Pacha New York toast its 5th anniversary at a benefit for the North Shore Animal League for a night of fun and awareness at the West 46th Street hotspot.

The night raised awareness of the plight of orphaned pets and the need to find the best possible homes for the lovable, furry friends by allowing guests to bring their own four-legged friends and by having a playpen of puppies in the lounge.
Michael Wachs and friends
Eddie Dean and Pacha models
One-hundred percent of the $50 cover fee went to the Animal League, which they raised more than $5000 and among those donating were Tinsley Mortimer, Brian Mazza, “The Millionaire Matchmaker’s” P.J. Marks and Michael Wachs, Dr. Robert Grant, Mark Smith, Dr. Laura Torrado, Frank Cilione, Michele Gerber Klein, Elaine Sargent and Dr. Shawn Sadri.
Brian Mazza and Tinsley Mortimer
Michele Gerber Klein
Beth Ostrosky, Christine Farrell, and Dr. Robert Grant
Michael Wachs, Beth Ostrosky, and PJ Marks
Dr. Laura Torrado and Dr. Shawn Sadri
Mark W. Smith
Yass Grayeli and Dr. Shawn Sadri
Frank Cilione
Click here to donate to the North Shore Animal League

Photographs by (Feed-Raiser); Ann Watt (Unleashed)
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