Friday, September 3, 2010

Playwrights, photographers, and polo players

Curtain Call for "It Must Be Him."
Veteran Hollywood comedy writer and playwright Kenny Solms (The Carol Burnett Show) debuted his autobiography comedy "It Must Be Him" Wednesday night at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on Theater Row. Solms and many of his Hollywood friends celebrated with him after the opening at the 48 Lounge.
Anjelica Huston
Bob Ari and Alice Playten
Joan Rivers and Kenny Solms
Jessica Tyler Wright
Joel Grey
Gail Parent and Kenny Solms
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Jonathan Kaplan, Harris Doran, and John Treacy Egan
Liz Torres, Peter Scolari, and Ryan Duncan
Ryan Duncan and Anthony Rapp
Peter Scolari, Harris Doran, and Edward Staudenmayer
Wendy Seyb and Jason White
Also Wednesday night in New York Patrick McMullan hosted the opening night of "Me, Nycelf, and Eye," a solo exhibition of photographer Amber De Vos (who works for Patrick) at BoConcept Chelsea on 144 West 18th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues).
Patrick McMullan, Bruce Davidson, Amber De Vos, Chuck Close
Patrick McMullan, Bruce Davidson, Amber De Vos, and Chuck Close
Portia Holt, Amanda Desimone
Portia Holt and Amanda Desimone
Kim McCall, Anita Sarko
Kim McCall and Anita Sarko
Chance Yeh, Peter Sung, Dimitrios Kambouris, Jimi Celeste
Chance Yeh, Peter Sung, Dimitrios Kambouris, and Jimi Celeste
Allison Mizzola, Lillian Cavendish, Sharon Bush
Allison Mazzola, Lilliana Cavendish, and Sharon Bush
Kira Saltzman, Amber De Vos, Emilie Bosak
Kira Saltzman, Amber De Vos, and Emilie Bosak
Emma Snowdon-Jones, Rachel Sheedy
Emma Snowdon-Jones and Rachel Sheedy
Lael Osness, Andrew Matsumoto, Erica Taylor
Lael Osness, Andrew Matsumoto, and Erica Taylor
Laura Carlucci, Susan Blond, Amy Skarbnik
Laura Carlucci, Susan Blond, and Amy Skarbnik
Thibaut Asso, Emilie Bosak
Thibaut Asso and Emilie Bosak
Ymirsy Connor, Ino El, Inoisell Miranda
Ymirsy Connor, Ino El, and Inoisell Miranda
Lorena Frias, Valeria Picerno, Silvia Davoli
Lorena Frias, Valeria Picerno, and Silvia Davoli
Amy Ontiveros, Peter Spark
Amy Ontiveros and Peter Spark
Jessie Tu, Jan Cohen, Monique Frumberd
Jessie Tu, Jan Cohen, and Monique Frumberd
Raz Morris, John Gauld
Raz Morris and John Gauld
Wendy Diamond, Sharon Bush, Lady Liliana Cavendish
Wendy Diamond, Sharon Bush, and Liliana Cavendish
Monica Belatorre, Henry Rivas, Jessie Tu
Monica Belatorre, Henry Rivas and Jessie Tu
Christine Matava, John Magzalcioglu
Christine Matava and John Magzalcioglu
Grace Forster, Rento Spirit Buffalo, Christina Bobrowsky
Grace Forster, Rento Spirit Buffalo, and Christina Bobrowsky
Mimi Adams, Richard Gin, Beth Melillo
Mimi Adams, Richard Gin, and Beth Melillo
Kristen D'Arcy, Katie Crnkovich
Kristen D'Arcy and Katie Crnkovich
Julie Hayek, Bobby Chani
Julie Hayek and Bobby Chani
Trish Diaz, Peggie Walker
Trish Diaz and Peggie Walker
Nari Manavong, Lael Osness
Nari Manavong and Lael Osness
Terry Miles, Wendy Diamond
Terry Miles and Wendy Diamond
Emilie Bosak, Thibaut Asso, Kira Saltzman
Emilie Bosak, Thibaut Asso, and Kira Saltzman
Sabrina Cho, Kelly Maroney
Sabrina Cho and Kelly Maroney
Casey Kelbauch, Paul Miller
Casey Kelbauch and Paul Miller
Adrial Reboh
Adrial Reboh
Alva Chinn
Alva Chinn
Michael Kleinman
Michael Kleinman
Bianca Kawecki
Bianca Kawecki
Philippe Bigar, Gigi Tang
Philippe Bigar and Gigi Tang
Tess Visser, Carlo Romero
Tess Visser and Carlo Romero
Terry Friedberg, Kim McCall
Terry Friedberg and Kim McCall
Robert Chacona, Kabath Kalou, Michael Prenez-Isbell
Robert Chacona, Kabath Kalou, and Michael Prenez-Isbell
Danny Feilds, Rose Hartman
Danny Fields and Rose Hartman
Debbie Dickinson, Evan Lagache
Debbie Dickinson and Evan Lagache
Sally Wu, Philippe Quint
Sally Wu and Philippe Quint
Miles Coolio, Chuck Attix
Miles Coolio and Chuck Attix
Liam McMullan, Nicole Miller
Liam McMullan and Nicole Miller
M. Aparition, Michael Anthony Pegues
M. Aparition and Michael Anthony Pegues
Debbie Dickinson, Evan Lagache
Debbie Dickinson and Evan Lagache
Sally Wu, Philippe Quint
Sally Wu and Philippe Quint
Althea Duffy, Dylan Paige
Althea Duffy and Dylan Paige
Sharon Bush, Jay Snyder
Sharon Bush and Jay Snyder
The closing day last Saturday of the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge hosted by Hamptons Magazine at Blue Star Jets Field in Bridgehampton.
Richard Jefferson, Andrew Azoulay, Karen Azoulay, and Ian Duke
Wilmer Valderrama, Jason Binn, Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, and Jeff Gordon
A portion of the proceeds from the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge will go to the South Fork Breast Health Coalition.
Gabrielle Union
Adam Manson and Elizabeth Pildes
Tora Matsuoka
Alex McCord, Paul Wharton, and Simon Van Kempen
Ingrid Vandebosch, Ella Sofia Gordon, and Jeff Gordon
Angelo David and Robyn Pisacreta
Dwyane Wade
Jean Shafiroff and Sharon Bush
Richard Johnson, Samantha Yanks, and Beth Ostrosky Stern
Begaya Abdrraeva, Zach Erdem, Paula Petrava, and Loruna Lapougee
Mark Masone
Solange Knowles and Mel Clements
Ranee Bartolacci-Meir

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