Monday, July 19, 2010

Ready, willing, and available

The second annual sunset cruise benefit for Friends of Animal Rescue on the Atlantis.
By all accounts, the second annual sunset cruise benefit for Friends of Animal Rescue (FOAR) was a barking success. The cocktail, dinner, silent auction and raffle on the luxury yacht Atlantis raised over $34,000.

Even before boarding the Atlantis, helmed by Captain Fred Ardolino, guests passed several rescue dogs that were on the dock. They were ready, willing and available for adoption. There was Bolt and Penny, brother and sister Jindos, also known as Korean Hunting Dogs; Max, a Pit Bull puppy; Brutus, a 3-year-old American Bulldog mix; Pebbles, a 6-year-old purebred English Staffordshire and Lenny, a Shiztsu.

Once on board, guests roamed the three desks. The Top-deck offered panoramas of the City. Mid-deck was the showcase for the silent auction and First-deck served as the dining room.
Katy Hansen, Veronica Hanzinger, Scott Hanzinger, Suzanne La Forgia, and Jesse La Forgia
A buffet by Swifty’s Catering under the guidance of Jay Jolly offered Poached salmon, baked ham, Swifty’s classic meat loaf, string beans and salad. Martin Howard presented a cake to FOAR that was delicious.

Friends of Animal Rescue provides financial aid to individuals and rescue groups who save homeless and abandoned animals. They provide payment directly to Veterinarians, medical facilities, dog walkers and pet supply stores.

The slogan for the fledging 501c(3) is: “We keep the dream alive, that individuals make a difference.” And the yacht was filled with people who believe.

In addition to Betsy Goldman, President, and Blaine Caravaggi, Treasurer, other board members on board included: Katy Hansen, Michael Wolf, Tazz Latifi, Rita Duffy, Jane Caplan and Michael Plosky.
The silent auction
Michael Wolf, Blaine Caravaggi, and Betsy Goldman with raffle prize-winner
Among the guests were rescuers FOAR has supported including: Nancy Moran, who has saved thousands of stray and feral cats; Jen Brooks and Lisa Blanco, Co founders of Second Chance Rescue; Kristen Edmonds, President of Treasured K9’s; Susan Richard, hosts All for Animals TV and an animal show on 1010WINS radio; Susan Cava, President of Rescuezilla Rescue Group; Holly Staver, founder of City Critters; Jen Panton, President of United Action for Animals and Jenny Coffey, Consultant for the Mayors Alliance for Animals.

Others enjoying the night were interior designer Jennifer Bradford Davis; Swifty’s owners Robert Caravaggi and Stephen Attoe with his wife Pat; Robert Burton; Carmina Perez; Haley Atwell; Sinead and Jerry Whelan; Ilse Singer; Joe Marascciullo; Catherine Lavner; Kristen and Shane Edmonds; Elizabeth Newson, Veronica and Scott Hanzinger; Lisa Alexander; Michael Paskoff; Lynn Spencer; Suzanne and Jesse La Forgia; Karen James; Donna Lental; Helen Debenney; Jane Kemp; Emma Danks; Jay Marshall; Claudette Dukas; Camilla Hansen; Jade Boulet; Amy Barker; Mark Howard; Samantha Sloane; Caroline Lavner; Linda Giddens; Katy Hansen; Janaki Patel and Patti Brotman.
Betsy Goldman and Blaine Caravaggi
Haley Atwell and Jennifer Bradford Davis
Camilla Hansen with Lenny
Karen James, Blaine Caravaggi
Elizabeth Newson, Lisa Alexander, Lynn Spencer, and Donna Lental
Wild Horses of Sable Island photograph by Robert Dutesco
Samantha Sloane and Betsy Goldman
Amy Barker and Brutus
Helen Debenney, Jane Kemp, and Emma Danks
Claudette Dukas, Jerry Whelan, and Sinead Whelan
Joe Marascciullo and Janaki Patel
Cake by Award-winning baker Martin Howard
Michael Paskoff
Haley Atwell, Robert Burton, and Jennifer Bradford Davis
Kristen Edmonds, Shane Edmonds, Susan Cava, and Jade Boulet
Betsy Goldman and Blaine Caravaggi
Caroline Lavner, Catherine Lavner, Cindy Pound, and Linda Giddens
Crew of Atlantis
Ilse Singer and Patti Brotman
Baker Mark Howard
Claudette Dukas, Robert Caravaggi, and Blaine Caravaggi
Stephen Attoe and Patricia Attoe
The Co-Chairs of the Junior Committee for the Southampton Hospital Benefit held a summer cocktail party kick-off for the upcoming annual Southampton Hospital benefit hosted by Stephanie Hessler, Ali Edwards and Lauren Bush, at Ms. Hessler’s house in Southampton.
A look around Stephanie Hessler's Southampton house ...
John and Jennifer Duffy, Carol and Tim Reed, and Ali Edward
Click here to purchase tickets to the 52nd Annual Summer Party to be held August 7, 2010.
Alexis Theodoracopulos and Kate Conroy
Ann and Mike Minick
Blair and Alistair Clarke
Jennifer and Josh Neren
Briggs Jones, Jennifer Duffy, and Tara Germino
Carol and Tim Reed
Cheyne Beys, Daisy Platt, and Heather McCauliff
Ali Edwards, Jean Shafiroff, and Stephanie Hessler
Vivian Duenas, Ali Edward, Lily Maddock, and Amy Singer
Cate and Graham Stafford
Jessica Perez, Jennifer Dance, and Elizabeth McNamara
Peggy Hill and Jeremy Smith
Christina and Phil Warner
Brodi and Greg Borchardt
John and Pam Henes
Stephanie Fagan and Celia Maysles
Nick Coleman, Malcolm Kutner, and Christian Leone
Stephanie Hessler and Ali Edwards
This past Thursday at 535 West End Avenue at 86th Street, Nancy Corzine, Sara Gore, and Maurice DuBois hosted a reception to kick-off Holiday House 2010, the winter benefit for the New York City affliliate for Susan G Komen for The Cure.

The organization, Komen Greater NYC was founded 20 years ago by friends of the late television journalist Benita Feurey by friends committed to keeping her memory alive by providing breast health education, screening, treatment and other servies to individuals in the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, and in Westchester and Rockland Counties. Since its inception Komen Greater NYC has raised more than $50 million.
Mitchell Schulman, Sara Gore, Stephen Fanuka, Christina Juarez, and Stephan Sparta
Jill Esterman, Bunny Fensterhein, and Liz Nightingale Schumasher
Ron and Nancy Jackson
Diana Frankel, Babara Ostrom, Niva Donohue, and Barbara Gross
Claudia Katz, Jay Dankner, Barbara Schorr, Danielle Dankner, and Steve Celentano
Sherri Cohen and Jeff Shaw
Lauren Vernon and Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron
Susan De Angelis, Rita Lyons, and Sara Wainberg
Stephan Sparta, Susan Grossman, and Martin Grossman
Jackie Weeman and David Thiegartner
Mitchell Schulman and Sara Wainberg
Jason Campbell, Julie Noran, and Steven Brister
Stephan Sparta, Iris Dankner, and Maurice DuBois
Danielle and Nicole Dankner
Jessica Sirbu, Rebecca Wolsten, and Aileen Kirby
Mary Anne Davis, Nancy Corzine, and Liz Nightingale Schumasher
Dorothy Winkler, Stephan Sparta, and Iris Dankner
Also last Thursday at Mecox Gardens in Southampton, there was a book signing for architect and interior designer Bobby McAlpine and his new book “The Home Within Us; Evocative Rooms.” Mr. McAlpine, according to his publicists, creates “idyllic houses that wed historical precedent with gracious modern living.”

What I think they mean to say is that he creates grand houses that are luxurious and look very comfortable for living. Like you could move right in and stay forever. At least that’s what you can see in this book. His work is substantial. There is a look of lastingness and contemporary, if that’s possible. The book is full of his serenely expansive spaces that look like they’ve been built with staying power rather than resale value.
Jennifer Monaco, Sofia Monaco, and Gigi Grimstid
Linda Frankenback and MaryAnn Robbins
Hilge Hurford and Janice Cohen-Sharp
Lisa, Fred Perkins, Susan Herman, and Mac Hoak
Kelly Sorko, Chris Sorko, Kerry Medio, and Kendra Williams
Al Kato, Bobby McAlpine, and friend
Billy Kreitsck Jr
Christina Juarez, Michael Katz, and Vesna Babic
Lanka Dupont
Erin Jaffe
Sarah Hastings
Mary Gotvich
Sabina Streeter
Francis Kaye and Ruben
Bobby McAlpine, Alison Snade, and Elies Dies
Michael Hofstadter and Tricia Rayburn
On Wednesday, July 14, 2010, the new Andaz 5th Avenue hosted a kick-off party for The Art of Farming with leaders and visionaries in the farm-to-table movement. The event was held to thank members of The Art of Farming committee and was spearheaded by co-chairs Amy Todd Middleton, SVP Director of Worldwide Marketing for Sotheby’s, Brent Ridge, and Liz Neumark, Founder and CEO of Great Performances.

In September, Sotheby's New York will host the city’s first-ever edible auction titled The Art of Farming. This exciting event will celebrate edible heirlooms and the art involved in their creation. Jamie Niven, Chairman of Sotheby’s North America, will lead a live auction of heirloom vegetables from more than 40 local farmers from the tri-state area followed by a private dinner. This novel concept provides a unique platform for local farmers, purveyors, celebrity chefs, food industry experts and high-profile New Yorkers to join together for a shared interest in the vitality of the Greenmarket and to raise important funds for GrowNYC New Farmer Development Project and The Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm.
Clockwise from above: Andaz chefs preparing a sumptuous spread inspired by in-season produce; Guests enjoyed delicious canapés of fresh, locally sourced produce prepared by the Andaz chefs; Vegetables, cheeses and specialty meats were served from the stylish open kitchen and bar at the Andaz 5th Avenue.
At the kick-off party, guests milled around the stylish open kitchen and bar and sampled delicious canapés of fresh, locally sourced vegetables, cheeses, and specialty meats prepared by the Andaz chefs.

Attendees included: Amy Todd Middleton, Liz Neumark, Brent Ridge, Jamie Niven, Eliza Osborne, Michael Moore, Steve Cunningham, Terry and Libby Fitzgerald, Jeffrey Gimmel, Brian Halweil, Karen Karp, Jim Brodsky, Molly Middleton, Amy Chender, Jill Joyce, P. Allen Smith and Marcel Van Ooyen, Jean Graham and more.
Courtney Booth and Amy Todd Middleton
Phil McCarthy, Terry Fitzgerald, Libby Fitzgerald, and Jim Brodsky
Amy Todd Middleton, P. Allen Smith, and Chris and Lisa Goode
Anna Hammond and Phil McCarthy
Stephen Munshin, Liz Neumark, and Brian Halweil
Brent Ridge, Amy Chender, and Jean Graham
Eliza Osbourne and Courtney Booth
Carla and Craig Wenrich
Jonathon Frolich and Courtenay Dundy
Karen Karp, Maria Rodale, and Liz Neumark
Steven Orr and Steve Cunningham
Rod Waywell and Lisa Dennison
Tatiana and Campion Platt hosted the first Hamptons Social Series dinner on July 2nd at Lily Pond. The night saluted Best Buddies, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. A portion of the proceeds from every dinner reservation that evening benefited Best Buddies.

Guests including Sonja Morgan, Star Jones, Heidi Albertson, Melisssa Berkelhammer, Susan Shin, Devorah Rose, Blair Clarke, Emma Snowdon Jones, Mark Ein, Steven Haft, Robin Leacock, Sharon McKee, Richard Ziegelasch, and Allison Becker joined Frank Cilione at Lily Pond's new outdoor garden patio over Vision Vodka cocktails and an amazing meal by Philippe, while music by Lee Kat kept the crowd moving.
Heidi Albertsen, Star Jones, Frank Cillione, Beata Boman, and Tatiana Platt
Sharon McKee, Tatiana Platt, Campion Platt, Pooneh Mohazzadi, and Melissa Berkelhammer
Every Friday will bring a new party to the East Hampton hot spot with Patrick McMullan and friends hosting the July 9th Hamptons Social Series dinner to salute Eric Firestone's new art exhibition Warhol: Dylan to Duchamp benefiting The Watermill Center.
Allisun Church and Niki Jakueowicz
Pooneh Mohazzadi and Emma Snowdon-Jones
Sonja Morgan and Jay Norris
Rona Landman and R.Couri Hay
Margaret Luce
Joseph Alexander and Sweeny Hovhanessian

Photographs by; Rob Rich (Best Buddies); Robert Bean, Sotheby’s (Art of Farming).
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