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Swellagent, elegant evenings

LTA Staff Student Docents at the opening of A Year with Children 2010 at the Guggenheim Museum.
The Guggenheim Museum hosted a special evening to celebrate the opening of A Year with Children 2010, an annual exhibition showcasing artwork by elementary school students from participating New York City public schools on Thursday, May 20 at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Student artists were on hand.

The exhibition presents selections of artwork by second- through sixth-grade students from 10 public schools throughout New York City, who participated in the Guggenheim’s Learning Through Art (LTA), a pioneering arts education program now in its 40th year. The colorful and imaginative works on display will include prints, acrylic paintings, works of clay and fabric and other sculptures, masks, collages, architectural models and more.
Co-Chairs Suzanne Plotch, Barbara Murstein, and Annik Wolf
Learning Through Art (LTA) places professional teaching artists into New York City public elementary schools, where they collaborate with classroom teachers to develop art projects that allow students to learn art skills and techniques and explore ideas and themes related to school curriculum. The program encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and ongoing collaborative investigation.

Proceeds from the night benefit the exhibition of student work, A Year with Children, and the LTA program.
Alan and Pat Harris
Lois Olshan, PS 134 teacher; Reva Gluck-Schneider, Principal PS 134; Sarah Kwok, student docent, with Taylor, Ella, and Jeanne Kwok
Anna Kovner, granddaughter of LTA founder Natalie K. Lieberman, with Ava and Zachary Meisel
Kim Kanatani, Bill Keller, Gail Engelberg, Wendy L-J McNeil, and Suzanne Plotch
Marjorie Harris, Amy Berlin Wolpert, and Barbara Murstein
Raul Semboo and Patricia Dunnington, PS86 Docent
Gail Everett and friend
Southampton, NY – This Memorial Day Weekend, over 800 people took part in “Kites for a Cure,” a family kite fly benefit on Coopers Beach in Southampton, NY. Rechler Equity Partners acted as the primary sponsor for the event that was held on Saturday, May 29th and raised nearly $200,000 for Uniting Against Lung Cancer, which funds innovative lung cancer research around the country.
Ron and Stephanie Kramer, Lisa Rechler, and Arthur Bockal
Tony Ferreira and Gregg Rechler
Uniting Against Lung Cancer President Mary Ann Tighe and board member Tom Scarangello
Rob and Cole Kay
Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley (Center) with Marianne Epley, and John Wambold
Roberta Amon with Bob Wachs and Tess Wachs, event co-chair
Khephra Burns, Susan Taylor, Ester Ahram, Daisey Holmes, and Ernie Rudloff
Jill Braufman and Roxanne Donovan
Ali Pomeroy and Lee Harris Pomeroy with Talia, Jesse and Nate and the kite decorating table.
Lara, Talin, and David Schlachet
Betty Saks, Bart Kavanaugh, and lung cancer survivor Mark Ogonowski and his wife, Janet
“Please Hurry” kite flown by a lung cancer survivor speaks to the important mission of Uniting Against Lung Cancer, raising money for research to find a cure.
We’re late on this but it is never too late to review because it is a very special cause and one that arouses some of the grandest of passion in its supporters and aficionados.

On a Monday evening, April 26, in fact, as a gusty rainfall blew across the island of Manhattan, all was Palladian spring inside Delano & Aldrich’s 583 Park Avenue, for the 5th annual benefit dinner of the Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation unfolding in that grand neo-classical space.

“Bravo Palladio,” as the gala was entitled, was timed to coincide with Palladio and His Legacy: A Transatlantic Journey at The Morgan Library, an exhibition the Soane Foundation had had a small but crucial role in organizing.  

The evening honored three individuals who have contributed greatly to architecture, art, and design: the architect A. Eugene Kohn of the international firm Kohn Pedersen Fox; Susan Weber, the founder and director of Bard Graduate Center; and the Yale University Press, with director John Donatich accepting. The mission of Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation is to provide an expanding forum for appreciation of these disciplines and assist financially Sir John Soane’s Museum in London.

If you’ve never heard of John Soane’s or never been to John Soane’s, it only means you’re missing something if you have serious interest in those matters, which are so strong in composing your community. And it’s not necessary because it’s supporters are impassioned. Let me just say I share the appreciation, although not the passion. But I am not well-versed or educated in my assessment of these matters. For me it’s purely the inner response it (they) provoke(s). But the impassioned ones know that the museum that was once John Soane’s house in London is considered one of the great treasures of the design and arts communities.

Among the partygoers that night were the Kristin and Tom Kligerman. Kligerman is the Foundation’s new president. He is also an architect of some note who has recently published a new book, Ike Kligerman Barkley Houses (Monacelli Press), on his architectural practice, with a foreword by Robert A. M. Stern. 

Mr. Stern, a Soane awardee in 2008, was also there. Another Soane Awardee, Jaquelin T. Robertson (2009), presented the Soane award to Mr. Kohn, while still another, Richard H. Driehaus (2007) partnered with Foundation Trustee Kathleen Springhorn on a celebratory toast.
Past Foundation President Chippy Irvine opened the evening by singing special lyrics to the Cole Porter ditty, “Farming,” archly and appropriately altered to:

“…The Veneto is perfect for your farm,
acres of unclaimed land now is tamed land,
rustic grandeur for our top who’s who, so if it’s OK
for il conte e contessa…”

In from London, Tim Knox, director of Sir John Soane’s Museum in London. Also West Coast “Soanics” John and Cynthia Gunn and Paul Wiseman, and East Coast architecture lovers Hamish Bowles, Elizabeth von Habsburg and Dr. Geza von Habsburg, Kathleen Hearst, Shelby White, Count Nicholas Wenckheim, Sandra Ourusoff and M. Holt Massey, Keith Irvine, Stephanie Stokes, Lucy and Nat Day, Susan Zises Green, and Barry Bergdoll and Bill Ryall.

Bob Hardwick and the Bob Hardwick Sound played. The dance floor was crowded and to paraphrase Mr. Porter in another one of his ditties, what a swellagent, elegant evening it was.
Jamie and Lisa Dworkin, Tom and Kristin Kligerman, and John Gunn
Lucy and Nat Day with Susan Zises Green
Holly Block and Belmont Freeman
Judith Hernstadt, Mindy Papp, Helen Marx, and Stephanie Stokes
John and Cynthia Gunn with Sophie Cox
Lady Holmes and Tim Knox
John Ike and Faye Cone
Sky and Dick Field with Cynthia Everets
Susan Weber, Tim Knox, and Wendy Moonan
Sandra Ourusoff and Holt Massey
Thomas A. Kligrerman
Chippy Irvine
A. Eugene Kohn
Jane Chermayeff and Chas Miller
Susanna Sirefman, Alexander Shapiro, and Anne Edgar
Sophie Cox and Paul Wiseman
Michele and Cameron Mactavish
Robert A.M. Stern and Niall Hobhouse
Presenter Charles Miers and Honoree John Donatich
Men concerned about their health will soon have a new health facility designed especially for them, thanks to the generosity of New York’s pre-eminent philanthropist Iris Cantor, who donated $20 million toward its establishment. The first of its kind in the region, the Iris Cantor Men’s Health Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center will provide one-stop comprehensive medical services for men. The Center is scheduled to open in 2012.

The Iris Cantor Men’s Health Center will be located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the same building as the Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center, which was established in 2002 through a $5 million gift made by Mrs. Cantor. It will allow NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell to expand its current medical services and at the same time fulfill an important gap within the community.
Dr Mehmet Oz, Dr. Lisa Oz, John Mack, Iris Cantor, Dr. Herbert Pardes, Dr. Antonio Gotto, Jr., and Dr. Steven Corwin
“Forty percent of patients currently treated at the Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center are men, most of whom were likely brought in by the women in their lives. This signaled to me that there is a real need for a dedicated men’s health center,” says Iris Cantor. “It is time for men to have a place of their own for comprehensive health care.”

The Iris Cantor Men’s Health Center will occupy 9,500 square feet on the 12th floor of a state-of-the-art medical facility at 425 E. 61st St., which also includes clinical programs in the areas of mental health, radiology, dermatology and sleep medicine.

For more information, patients may call (866) NYP-NEWS.
Dr. Orli Etingin, Charlotte Ford, Iris Cantor, and Lisa Perry
Drs. Andrew Schafer, Peter Okin, and Chu Wong
John Mack and Dr. Peter Schlegel
Drs. Shari Midoneck and Mark Pochapin
Drs. Lisa and Mehmet Oz
Drs. Charles Bardes, Steven Kaplan, Andrew Schafer, and Peter Schlegel
The Mount Sinai Medical Center held its 25th Crystal Party on Thursday, May 6th. The event was held at the Conservatory Gardens at Fifth Avenue at 105th Street. Over 1,200 guests attended and raised almost $3 million which goes toward research initiatives at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. The dinner was chaired by Peter W. May, Chairman of the Mount Sinai Boards of Trustees, and his wife, Leni.

The Mount Sinai Medical Center encompasses The Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai School of Medicine. The Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the nation’s oldest, largest and most-respected voluntary hospitals. Founded in 1852, Mount Sinai today is a 1,171-bed tertiary-care teaching facility that is internationally acclaimed for excellence in clinical care. Last year, nearly 50,000 people were treated at Mount Sinai as inpatients, and there were nearly 450,000 outpatient visits to the Medical Center.
Back Row: Jake Silverman, Steve Mott and Magic Johnson. Front Row: Dorothy Morrison, Jordanna Davis, Bonnie M. Davis, MD, Kenneth L. Davis, MD, and Daniel Davis.
Andrew and Leslie Blauner, Leni and Peter W. May, and Juliana and Jon May
Jonathan Right, Elizabeth Right, Teddy Schwarzman, and Zibby and Andrew Right
Mount Sinai School of Medicine is internationally recognized as a leader in groundbreaking clinical and basic science research, as well as having an innovative approach to medical education. With a faculty of more than 3,400 in 38 clinical and basic science departments and centers, Mount Sinai ranks among the top 20 medical schools in receipt of National Institute of Health (NIH) grants.
Adrianne and Bill Silver
Alex Silverman and Lauren Hochfelder Silverman
Ellen and Ian Holzman, MD
Andrew and Leslie Blauner
Burt Drayer, MD, Michaele Drayer, Andrea and Dennis S. Charney, MD, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, The Mount Sinai Medical Center
Edgar Cullman, Louise Cullman, Ellie Cullman, and Edgar Cullman, Jr.
Michael Brodman, MD and Nancy Klein
Joel and Maura Surnamer
Howard and Ellen Katz
Katherine and Clifford Goldsmith
Bonnie M. Davis, MD and Kenneth L. Davis, MD, President and CEO, The Mount Sinai Medical Center
Jon and Juliana May
Leni and Peter W. May
Stacey and Eric Mindich
Mary Magee Landrigan and Philip Landrigan, MD
Richard and Susan Friedman with Stuart Katz and Jane Martin, PhD
Alma and Barry Salky, MD
Stacie Deiner, MD and Jeff Silverstein, MD
Susan Friedman, Leni May, Peter W. May (2010 Crystal Party Chairmen), and Richard Friedman
Stuart and Sue Feld
Wayne Keathley, President, The Mount Sinai Hospital and Delphine Mendez de Leon
Tammy and Steven Weinfeld, MD
Michèle Gerber Klein and Fiona Donovan, Co-Chairs of the Library Fellows of the Whitney Museum of American Art invited members and their friends to an “End of Year Celebration” in the studio and home of contemporary artist Michele Oka Doner and her husband Frederick Doner.

During the cocktail reception at the Mercer Street duplex loft, Library Fellows and friends explored Oka Doner’s studio, which was filled with works in progress. The library has shelves of books on art, philosophy, and nature as well as several well-worn years of the National Geographic. The living room is punctuated with Doner’s celebrated ceramics, wax sculpture, metal sculptures, furniture and pieces collected from nature as well as a tabletop display of artifacts.

The Whitney Museum of American Art invited members and their friends to an “End of Year Celebration” in the studio and home of contemporary artist Michele Oka Doner and her husband Frederick Doner.
Michèle, who is known for her fashion writing as well as her support for the arts, introduced the evening. “The Whitney's Library is at the heart of every Museum exhibition, an it documents the story of American art. The Library Fellows provide essential support for our Library and sponsor an ongoing calendar of stimulating events.”

She introduced her friend Michele Oka Doner, who talked about her own library. “I’ve had some of these books since I was five. They’re like a collage, annotated.” She went on to say that the library included books her children made and that she made.

Dinner was catered by “At Your Service,” which included roasted asparagus, potatoes au gratin, salad and a poached salmon encrute with brown rice and spinach”.

Guests included Joanne Cassullo, Chauncie McKeever, Peter M. Wolf, Ilona and Chad Oppenheim, Michel Witmer, Ann and Alfred Ruesch, Mike Latham, Steve and Sandy Abramson, Susan Kappa, Joan and Marc Sherman, Johan Stylander, Loreen Arbus, Alexander Campos, Marysol Nieves, Aaron Yassin, Betty Stolten, Karen Huang, Carol Rusk, Michele Snyder, Dana Buckley, Stephanie Adams, Emma Hall, Hanneke Enthoven, Barbara Dalio, Hikari, Joost Elffers, Kathleen Giordano, Laurel Cutler, Ted Israel, Chauncie McKeever, Sarah Milestone, Matt Zucker, Isotpa Meoni, Roz Jacobs, Laurel Cutler, Ted Israel, Susan Inglett, David Platzker, Waquas Wajahat, Spring Dautel, Spencer Tomkins, Tarra Reddi, Joan Sherman, Joan Hardy Clark and Ivy Blackman.

The evening was one of those special New York nights when you learn the value of a group like the Library Fellows and how important they are to institutions like the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Ann and Alfred Ruesch
Fiona Donovan and Michele Gerber Klein
Chauncie McKeever
Joanne Cassullo and Carol Rusk
Steve and Sandy Abramson
Hanneke Enthoven and Barbara Dalio
Joan and Marc Sherman
Hikari Yokoyama and Mike Latham
Ilona and Chad Oppenheim
Michele Oka Doner and Frederick Doner
Michele Oka Doner, Joanne Cassullo, and Michele Gerber Klein
Matthew Zucker, Isotpa Meoni, and Steve Abramson
Johan Stylander
Roz Jacobs
Loreen Arbus
Michel Witmer and Kathleen Giordano
Spencer Tomkins and Dana Buckley
Laurel Cutler and Ted Israel
Susan Kappa and Roger Webster
Susan Inglett and David Platzker
The Charles B. Benenson Grove was unveiled in a ceremony at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday, May 20, 2010. This major gift was donated by Charles B. Benenson’s three sons, Bruce W. Benenson, Frederick C. Benenson and Lawrence B. Benenson in memory of their father, a highly regarded real estate industry leader with a strong commitment to philanthropy and a devoted patron of Lincoln Center.

The Charles B. Benenson Grove, one of Lincoln Center’s redevelopment projects to renovate the 16-acre urban campus, anchors the new Lincoln Center Promenade on Columbus Avenue.
Frederick Benenson; Reynold Levy, President of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; Lawrence Benenson; Frederick Benenson; Ben Gilmartin, RA, Associate at Diller Scofidio + Renfro; Fred Benenson
Lloyd Stabiner, Richard Kessler, Lawrence Benenson, Frederick Benenson, and James Stifel
Deborah Ciolfi, Lawrence A. Benenson, Lawrence Benenson, and Claire Benenson
Jack Annunziato, Sheila Anunziato, Mitchell Stollar, Kenson Wong, Peggy Wong, Theresa Chung, and Siak Chan
Sandra Coudert, Lawrence Benenson, Marjorie MacFarlane, and James Stifel
Last Wednesday night a week, St. Bart's Island Club held its annual "Return of Summer" event. The Island Club is a non-sectarian group of St. Bartholomew's Church that serves the philanthropic needs of the Park Avenue Episcopalian church's annual budget.
Ronnie Gensler, Vince Stroop, Chris Ventresca, Jeremy Kotin, and Allan Robinson
Evan Mulvihill, James Brooks, Timo Weiland, Lauren Painter, Hattie Gruber, and Asher Simcoe
The group includes many notable New Yorkers, including top global economists, Managing Directors from more than a few banks, and entertainers.
Mike Rataczak, Charlie Bates, Mark Polinski, and Albert Crescenzo
Christopher Clowdus and Tom Vaughn
Warren Wilson, Chris Shirley, Guy Cleveland, and Michael Foss
Bob Potter and Scott Davis
James Brooks, Charlie Johnston, Greg Scarffe, and Yann Coatanlem
Tom Fernandez and Richard Edwards
John Olavarria and Jared Clark
Manny Rodriguez, Joe Hughes, and Brian Schumann
Darren Spedale
Buddy Stallings
Lee Tucker
Richard Anderman, Raffaele Pasarin, and Lloyd Bailey
Ken Kuchin and Gary Tisdale-Woods
Richard Tesler and Ann Craig
Ben Doller, Foster Witt, and Ken Kuchin
Jeff Sholeen, Dennis Cowell, and Bruce Whipple
Chris Ventresca and Jonathan Gentry

Photographs by Steve Caicedo (Kites); Christine Butler (Guggenheim); Steve Friedman (Benenson); (Whitney); Longview Photography (Crystal Ball).
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