Monday, November 8, 2010

The Fall Party

850 members of the fashion industry gathered at the Empire Ballroom to honor Ronald Frasch, Glenda Bailey, and Josie Natori for their contributions to fashion and their dedication to the Phoenix House Foundation.
Last Thursday night Gucci hosted a kick-off party for The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s annual Fall Party at the Fifth Avenue Gucci store on 58th Street.

The Fall Party Co-Chairmen Allison Aston, Veronica Swanson Beard, Ferebee Taube, and Eleanor Ylvisaker were in attendance, sporting Gucci’s latest collection. At this exclusive shopping event, guests were able to browse and mingle, with 10% of all proceeds from sales donated to The Society of MSKCC to support The Pediatric Housing Endowment.
Heather Leeds, Laura Lendrum, Lisa Errico, Ferebee Taube, Allison Aston, Eleanor Ylvisaker, and Veronica Swanson Beard
The SMSKCC’s Fall Part will be held at The Four Season’s Restaurant, a week from tomorrow – November 16th. It will be hosted by Camilla Belle, Amber Heard, Dree Hemingway, Evan Rachel Wood, and Kerry Washington.

Guests include at Gucci that night: Heather Leeds, Laura Lendrum, Lisa Errico, Kate Allen, Lisa Selby, Leslie Stevens, Annie Churchill, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Michael and Eleanora Kennedy, Melanie Holland, Eugenie Goodman, Mark Gilbertson, Blair Husain, Chiara Edmands, Elizabeth Pyne, Betty Sherrill, Catherine Carey, Kathy and Othon Prounis.
Event Co-Chairs Veronica Swanson Beard, Ferebee Taube, Eleanor Ylvisaker, and Allison Aston
President of The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Heather Leeds, with Dr. Annette Rickel
Alexandra Fritz, Emma Snowdon-Jones, and Allison Aston
Elizabeth Pyne and Betty Sherrill
Allison Aston, Bronson Van Wyck, and Andrew Frye
Kathy Prounis and Othon Prounis shopping
Lisa Errico, Veronica Swanson Beard, and Dara O'hara
Michael and Eleanora Kennedy
Sarah Smith, Max Jones, and Cynthia Smith
Liz Walker and Cena Jackson
Blair Husain, Libi Gerson, Dara O'Hara, and Chiara Edmands
Dalia Oberlander and Annie Churchill
Melanie Holland and Eugenie Goodman
Kate Allen and Lisa Errico
Also last Tuesday night in New York, 850 members of the fashion industry gathered to honor Ronald Frasch, Glenda Bailey, and Josie Natori for their contributions to fashion and their dedication to the Phoenix House Foundation. Mr. Frasch is President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Saks Fifth Avenue, Ms. Bailey is the Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar, and Ms. Natori is President and CEO of the Natori Company. The event was a tremendous success, raising $1.2 million for the Phoenix House Foundation and its initiatives for individuals and families affected by substance abuse.

Before the presentation of awards, two young Phoenix House clients, Matthew and Onieka, shared their powerful stories of addiction and recovery. Joseph Abboud, Francisco Costa, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vera Wang were among the guests who witnessed their testimonies of struggle and triumph.
Howard Meitiner, Mitchell Rosenthal, Ronald Frasch, Josie Natori, and Glenda Bailey
“Like all of you, I was so moved by Matthew and Onieka’s stories,” said honoree Glenda Bailey in accepting her award. “I am humbled to be honored tonight by an organization I admire so much. Phoenix House is an angel to those who are battling their demons.”

“All of us would like to think that substance abuse and its cruel effects happen to other people,” added honoree Josie Natori, “but I sincerely doubt that there is anyone here tonight who not been affected. The work Phoenix House does to help the whole person—not only to beat the addiction, but also to get their lives together—is so vital.”

Honoree Ronald Frasch praised Phoenix House’s “counselors and support staff who make recovery a reality.” He also thanked fellow members of the fashion industry for their “compassion and concern” for those battling addiction.
Tommy Hilfiger, Glenda Bailey, Susie Hilfiger, and Rose Marie
Ronald Frasch, Jenny Dyer, Andrew Rosen, Vera Wang, Josephine Becker, and Howard Meitiner
The event included a reception and dinner, with musical entertainment provided by DJ Donna D’Cruz. Designer Alber Elbaz presented the award to Ms. Bailey, Cardinal Edward Egan to Ms. Notori, and retired Neiman Marcus Group CEO Burton Tansky (via video) to Mr. Frasch.

Dinner Co-Chairs were Joseph Boitano, Rose Marie Bravo CBE, Tina Brown, Frank Doroff, Brendan L. Hoffman, Cody Kondo, Laurence C. Leeds, Jr., Ashley and Jeff McDermott, Thomas Ott, Richard L. Plepler, Andrew Rosen, Shirley Lord Rosenthal, Burton M. Tansky, Annette Tapert, and Deborah Walters. The event’s Dinner Committee included George Friedman, Jeff Leatham, Stanley Tucker, Phoenix House President and CEO Howard P. Meitiner, and Phoenix House Founder, Mitchell S. Rosenthal, M.D.

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Donna D'Cruz
Andrew Rosen, Vera Wang, and Arthur Becker
Rebecca Minkoff
Andrew Saffir and Daisy de Kanovos
Stacey Bendet
Derek Lam and Francisco Costa
Sadove, G. Frasch, Glenda Bailey, and M. Gubelman
Nancy Jarecki and A. McDermott
Carolina Herrera
Steve Gan
Amy Astley
T. Shaffer and Carolina Herrera
Joseph Altuzarra and Prabal Gurung
Edward Cardinal Egan
Glenda Bailey and Elie Tahari
Annette Tapert
Shirley Lord Rosenthal, Mitchell Rosenthal, and Larry Leeds
Gene and Christine Pressman, Andy Spellman, and Amy Singer
Howard Meitiner, Edward Cardinal Egan, Josie Natori, and Mitchell Rosenthal
Lisa Ellis
Howard Meitiner, Rose Marie Bravo, Ron Frasch, and Mitchell Rosenthal
As you may have noticed, Halloween has morphed over the past few decades from a trick-or-treat night for kids in the neighborhood to a signature national celebration day for the adults. Or, those who are above the age of 21. Or even 61. It’s becoming more popular than Christmas, which makes me think that it is only this far from becoming a major staple for retailers and fashion manufacturers. Looking to the future, it may mean people dressing in costume year round. We’re almost there with some people already, as you may have noticed.

A friend of mine in Los Angeles told me that their West Hollywood Halloween Parade brought out 500,000 people. That sounds a little bit of a “hype,” but then it is Hollywood. I do know that in the past twenty years it’s become a vacation destination for people from all over the world, and a major tourist attraction for the city. So this is good. For business. And monkey business. Los Angeles also has the advantage of being the center of the huge industry of entertainment. Halloween let’s those fertile visual imaginations run wild. Eventually it may even become a Reality TV show.

However, here in sedate, little ole Manhattan, there were a variety of parties, lots and lots of parties, not to mention the parade in the Village which is the political version of Halloween.
Invites for R. Couri Hay's Le Bal Vampire II and New York Restoration Project's Hulaween 2010.
What’s interesting to me about all of these party pictures are not so much the innovativeness of the costumes but the sheer delight expressed by just about everybody but the very small children who still look like they’re new to this world and haven’t quite figured out what we’re all about. Alas, of course, they may never.

Meanwhile, tour ...

Wendy Carduner over at Doubles, festooned the club with cobwebs, skeletons, spiders, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, bats, and witches. And out came many wee ghosties and big goblins for the annual Doubles Ghosties and Goodies party for children in the afternoon and the Goblin Gala for the “adults” in the evening.
Pretty young goblins
Watching Magic Al do his tricks
Among those doing the Flying Purple People Eater were: Tony Award winning Costume Designer William Ivey Long; Hudson Heinemann celebrating his birthday with Michelle Marie and Jon Heineman; Kamie Lightburn; Catherine Carey and twins; Mary Van Pelt and twins; Barbara de Portago; Janna Bullock and family Nicola, Zoe and Towson Remmel; Barbara and Hugh McLaughlin; Douglas Steinbrech; Sheri Babbio; Martha and John Glass; Amy Hoadley and Bob Gianos; Webb Egerton; Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen, Kristina Stewart and Arthur Ward; Lisa Selby; Barbara and Peter Regna; Alison Minton; R. Couri Hay; Katlean de Monchy and Emily Post; Blair Clarke; Christine and Stephen Schwarzman; and Kathryn and Gentry Beach and family.
Barbara de Portago, Michelle Marie Heinemann, and William Ivey Long
Hugh McLaughlin
Kamie Lightburn and Wendy Carduner
Sheri Babbio
Jon and Hudson Heinemann
Catherine Carey
Kathryn Beach
Mary Van Pelt
Darren Henault
Barbara and Peter Regna
Damen and Herren
Doug Steinbrech
Janna Bullock
Bob Gianos and Amy Hoadley with the Bed Bugs
Webb Egerton and Lisa Selby
Kristina and Arthur Ward
Webb Egerton and Arthur Ward
Pontiac and Pocahontas
Bed Bugs
Princes Verde
Weird Artists
Arlene Dahl
John Glass and Lisa Selby
Costumed revelers
Herr Moustaché
Cave Woman
Cowgirl and Astronaut
John and Martha Glass
Meanwhile, the Divine Miss M’s New York Restoration Project (NYRP) invited “the ghoulish glam to the green scene on the Friday night before Halloween to the “Hulaween” at the Waldorf. This is some party. The invitation says it all. And Ms. Hulaween Herself does not disappoint.

She knows how to get what she wants. And what she wants is to make this a better city to live in and also throw a party that will loosen up those deep pockets and get you in a give-it-away mood. Everybody loves this party.
“Hulaween” at the Waldorf.
Dia de los Muertos Ellen Hanson, Richard Perlman
Dia de los Muertos
Bette serenades
Costume Winner, A Few Of My Favoite Things
Costume Winner, A Few Of My Favoite Things
Then, after the party there’s an After-Party hosted by The Buds (“junior ambassadors”) for NYRP. DJ Jay McElfresh kept the night alive and screaming and they had a costume contest and they had fun. You can see it in the pictures.

However, what the formerly outrageous-herself Divine Miss M is doing, besides entertaining the troops with a good time under the Halloween umbrella, is recruiting volunteers and financial sources to carry out her objective.
Carole and Roger Maxfield, Charles Baker, Cheryl Eisen
Carole and Roger Maxfield, Charles Baker, and Cheryl Eisen
Nancy armstrong, Marlo Thomas, Bette Midler, Gloria Steinem
Nancy Armstrong, Marlo Thomas, Bette Midler, and Gloria Steinem
Tim Armstrong, Marlo Thomas, Bette Midler, Phil Donahue
Tim Armstrong, Marlo Thomas, Bette Midler, and Phil Donahue
Each volunteer not only gets to party but more than that, they get to participate in a major ecological event, The After-Party, for example, is a potential cauldron for getting people who want to become involved, to meet people, to know the city, can do it. They don’t call her Divine for nuthin’ I’m telling ya.
Suzan and Jerry Kramer
Suzan and Jerry Kramer
Suzannah Drake, Paul Cassidy
Suzannah Drake and Paul Cassidy
Jeffrey and Nancy Halis
Jeffrey and Nancy Halis
Judy Gold, Elysa Halpern
Judy Gold and Elysa Halpern
Michael Clinton, Liz Smith, Ellen Levine, Dick Levine
Michael Clinton, Liz Smith, and Ellen and Dick Levine
Bette Midler, Gilles Marini
Bette Midler and Gilles Marini
Emily Jaffe, Paulette Bogdanoff
Emily Jaffe and Paulette Bogdanoff
John McEnroe, Patty Smyth, Bette Midler
John McEnroe, Patty Smyth, and Bette Midler
John Sulpy, Tom Conroy
John Sulpy and Tom Conroy
Larry Gluck, Seth Mille
Larry Gluck and Seth Mille
Tommy Motola, Thalia
Tommy Motola and Thalia
Javier Avila, Lau Cheung
Javier Avila and Lan Cheung
Camy and Joseph W. Sprouls
Camy and Joseph W. Sprouls
Jon Recor, Daniel Stuart
Jon Recor and Daniel Stuart
Elaine May
Elaine May
David Vincent
David Vincent
Joy Behar
Joy Behar
Roberta Green, Liz smith
Roberta Green and Liz smith
Bette Midler look-alike
Bette Midler look-alike
Mike Milano, Greg Raby
Mike Milano and Greg Raby
Christine Schwarzman, Ronni Galliea
Christine and Steve Schwarzman
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter
Jimmy Nederlander, Margo McNabb Nederlander
Jimmy Nederlander and Margo McNabb Nederlander
Clancy McArty, Max Neuman, Sophie Frederica Von Haselberg
Clancy McArty, Max Neuman, and Sophie Frederica Von Haselberg
John Demsey and Jennifer Creel
Emily Conner
Emily Conner
Ron Egozi
Ron Egozi
Mary Rohrer, Lance Le Pere
Mary Rohrer and Lance Le Pere
Randy Travis
Randy Travis
Eric Cruz, Milta Sano
Eric Cruz and Milta Sano
Robert Diamond
Robert Diamond
Laura Roth, Florence Zagruzny
Laura Roth and Florence Zagruzny
Sandra and Laurence Cluck, Jennifer Miller
Sandra and Laurence Cluck, and Jennifer Miller
aaron Samuel Breslow, Daniella Pined
Aaron Samuel Breslow and Daniella Pined
Douglas Little
Douglas Little
Roger Altman, Juiate Kazickas
Roger Altman and Juiate Kazickas
Michael Kors, Lance Le Pere
Michael Kors and Lance Le Pere
Julien Sardaru, Tanya Chalupa, Andrea Chalupa
Julien Sardaru, Tanya Chalupa, and Andrea Chalupa
Ernesto Hernandez,Maria Santoro
Ernesto Hernandez and Maria Santoro
US Senator John Kerry
Senator John Kerry
Randi and Eric Sellinger
Randi and Eric Sellinger
Chris Sims, Bosede Opetubo
Chris Sims and Bosede Opetubo
Alexis Braxton
Alexis Braxton
Andrew Douglas
Andrew Douglas
Dr. Tim Cordes and Vicky Cordes
Dr. Tim Cordes and Vicky Cordes
Alex Kerry
Alex Kerry
R. Couri Hay's private Halloween Party at his Central Park West townhouse.
Alice and Paul Judelson
Andrea Correale
Baroness De Cabrol, Roger Webster, and Campion Platt
Svetlana Kaliniskaya, Angelica Ronson, and Olga Krutaya
Sharon Sondes and Whitney Schott
Charles and Janice Cecil
Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Nathan Bernstein, and Paul Bernstein
Heath Bizin, R Couri Hay, and Bill Tew
Dina, Andre, and Michelle Divickont
Campion and Tatiana Platt
Douglas Hannant and Frederick Anderson
Hunt Slonim and Geoffrey Bradfield
Christina Oxenberg and Gefilte Fishman
Gillian Hearst Simonds and Christian Simonds
Janna Bullock, Stuart Sundland, and Olga Krutaya
Paul Katz
Dr Howard Sobel, Gayle Sobel, and Jake Sobel
R Couri Hay, Ralph Destino, and Henry Destino
Steven Schott, Meredith Schott, Whitney Schott, and Christine Schott
Finbar Slonim, Jeff Slonim, and R Couri Hay
Jackie Shafiroff, Jean Shafiroff, and Sharon Bush
Michele Gerber Klein and Davis Braunschvig
Natale Piro
Dr Howard Sobel and R Couri Hay
Rose Hartman
While over at the National Arts Club Jill Lynne captured the ghosts, goblins, gals, and pals ...
Photographs by Ann Watt (Hulaween); (Couri); Cutty McGill (Doubles)
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