Friday, October 1, 2010

The fete of fetes

Mayor Bloomberg the center of attention at the Fete de Swifty.
This past Wednesday night up on East 73rd Street between Lexington and Third they were holding the annual Fete de Swifty, which is a big, friendly, fund-raising block party under a tent. The recipient is the Mayor’s Fund.

This is always a fun party with lots of food in many varieties, right down to the popcorn, pretzels, hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as the hors d’oeuvres, and the seafood bar and buffet tables; the DJ, the amusements and most of all, the people. It’s the ideal after work cocktail party in New York.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Liz Smith with the Fete de Swifty Junior Leader Chairs Jake Bright, Keri Ingvarsson, Mia Morgan, Sora Caetano, and Mike Muse
Megan Sheekey (President, Mayor’s Fund); John Rhea (NYCHA Chairman), Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Commissioner Yolanda Jimenez of the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence
Liz Smith, New York’s Ex-Officio ambassador of Glamour, Glitz, Gossip, Good Will and Good Works (yes, all of that and then some), introduced the mayor. The Mayor’s speech was short and meant only to thank the guests for their contribution and to praise the cause. After that, it was back to the business of being at an enormous cocktail/buffet/drinks party with several hundred guests. Even the mayor stayed on with his significant other, Diana Taylor, gnoshing and chatting with everyone.

The Fete is a recipe for success for New Yorkers after one of our hectic weekdays, and it was a success: they raised more than $500,000 for the Mayor’s Fund and its work assisting underserved families in New York City. Photographer Ann Watt and I took a lot of photos. We ran some on yesterday’s Diary and here are a few more.
Gillian Miniter and Dr. Pat Allen
Fete juniors
Marcia Levine and Jonathan Farkas
Grace Miegher and Bob Hardwick
Liz Smith, Peter Rogers, and Mayor Bloomberg
Jim Kaufman and Lisa Gulley
Cece Cord
Joe Pugliese with his sister Susan
Jon and Lizzie Tisch with Chris Meigher
Michael Witmer and Michele Gerber Klein
Barbara de Portago and Michele Gerber Klein
Lee and Cece Black
Robert Caravaggi and Countess Dagmar de Brantes
Konrad Kessee and Roberta Sanderman
Ellery Gordon, Marjorie Reed Gordon, and Cetie Ames
Ann Rapp, Charlie Scheips, and Roy Kean
Denise RIch
Jackie Rogers
Wendy Carduner and Mayor Bloomberg
Anka Palitz and Beth Hardwick
Peter and Jamee Gregory
Jim Kaufman and friend
Laurie and Daniel Colon
Charlie Scheips, Blain Caravaggi, and Roger Webster
Jamie Figg and Cetie Ames
Barbara and Kevin McLaughlin
Mark Gilbertson and Mary Hilliard
Barbara de Portago, Sabrina Forsythe, and Christopher Walling
Mayor Mike greeted by Susan and Donald Newhouse
Bob and Beth Hardwick, Stephanie Krieger, Brian Stewart, and Margo Langenberg
Gail Karr in Carlisle
Nancy Baker and Tobie Roosevelt
Mimi Strong, Polly Onet, Diana Oswald, and Iris Love
Sherlock Hackley and Carolina Richards
Cynthia McFadden
Sotheby’s blockbuster exhibition “Divine Comedy” opened on Wednesday night with a private preview hosting guests such as Julianne Moore, Padma Lakshmi, Alan Cumming, and Emily Mortimer. The show which features over 80 works by artists such as Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, and Takashi Murakami highlights how artists have harnessed the power of humor in their work. James Frey and Rob Pruitt signed catalogues for guests, marking each book with a personal anecdote. Meanwhile, artists Sante D’Orazio, Will Cotton, and designer Dennis Basso explored the three different main rooms which were themed Inferno, Purgatory, and Heaven. Of the works available for purchase prices range from $30,000 to $10 Million.
Salvador Dali
The Vision of Hell
Tord Boontje
The Fig Leaf
Maurizio Cattelan
Daddy Daddy
Francis Bacon
Study for Portrait (Man Screaming)
George Condo
Other notable guests included: A very pregnant Yvonne Force Villareal, Casey Freemont, Linda V, Jeisa Chimanazzo, Mary Boon, Charlie Schaffer (Anna Wintour’s son) Murray Moss,Teen Vogue photo Director Jennifer Pastore, Sabine Heller, photographer Francis Tulk Hart and many others.
Rob Pruitt
Bart Freundlich, Julianne Moore, and Lisa Denison
Amy and John Phelan
Jeisa Chiminazzo and Linda Vojtova
Anthony Grant, Julianne Moore, and Bart Freundlich
Mary Boone and John Thompson
Dennis Basso and David Ganek
Bill Powers
Padma Lakshmi and Alan Cumming
Frances Tulk-Hart and Sabine Heller
Emily Mortimer
Lisa Anastos and Natascha Theis
Lisa Dennison, James Frye, and Amy Phelan
Julianne Moore
Will Cotton
Yvonne Force Villareal
This past Tuesday night down in Tribeca, Richard and Laura Parsons hosted a cocktail reception at their Duane Street loft to celebrate The American Folk Art Museum’s “Advocates for the Arts 2010.” They are: Betsy Bloomingdale, Edythe and Eli Broad, Mario Buatta, Sheila C. Johnson, Latifa Kosta, and Kiki Smith. The Advocates will be formally recognized at the Museum’s upcoming annual Fall benefit.
Kiki Smith, Richard Parsons, Alexander Smalls, Jerry Lauren, Cicely Tyson, Cy Rapaport
Kiki Smith, Richard Parsons, Alexander Smalls, Jerry Lauren, Cicely Tyson, and Cy Rapaport
Marisela Staller, Yaz Hernandez, Joel Klein, Eleanor Kennedy, Carey Staller, Toni Colon
Marisela Staller, Yaz Hernandez, Joel Klein, Eleanor Kennedy, Carey Staller, and Toni Colon
Katie Hush, Blair Hartley, Maria Ann Conelli, Kim Hartswick, Elizabeth Kingman, Christine Corcoran, Jonathan Marder, Catherine Petree
Katie Hush, Blair Hartley, Maria Ann Conelli, Kim Hartswick, Elizabeth Kingman, Christine Corcoran, Jonathan Marder, and Catherine Petree
Among the guests were: Betsy Bloomingdale, Hayley Bloomingdale, Henry Buhl, Claudia Cisneros, Mrs. Edgar M. Cullman, Charles Danziger, Lucy Colman Danziger and Mike Danziger, David and Joyce Dinkins, Jackie Weld, Cathie Hardwick, Yaz and Valentine Hernandez, Genevieve Jones, Police Commissioner and Mrs. Ray Kelly, Eleanora and Michael Kennedy; School Chancellor Joel Klein and Nicole Seligman, Michelle Gerber Klein, Rikki Klieman and Bill Bratton, Ronald and Jo Carole Lauder, Jerry Lauren, Diahn and Tom McGrath, Georgette Mosbacher, Charlotte Moss, Agnes Nixon, Jessye Norman, Judy and Peter Price, Kimberly and Steve Rockefeller, Kiki Smith, Cecily Tison and Veronica Webb.
Jan Willem van Bergen Henegouwen, John Wilkerson, Phyllis Kossoff
Jan Willem van Bergen Henegouwen, John Wilkerson, and Phyllis Kossoff
Leonard Perfido, Ronald Davenport
Leonard Perfido and Ronald Davenport
Henry Buhl, Sabine Anton
Henry Buhl and Sabine Anton
Michael Martin, Suhair Khan
Michael Martin and Suhair Khan
Jeffrey Rogers, Lia Rogers
Jeffrey and Lia Rogers
Ellie Cullman, Petra Levin
Ellie Cullman and Petra Levin
Christine Corcoran, Gregory Hedberg, Margaret Hedberg
Christine Corcoran, Gregory Hedberg, and Margaret Hedberg
Vaughn Subren, Lauren Cox
Vaughn Subren and Lauren Cox
Catherine Petree, Margaret Hedberg
Catherine Petree and Margaret Hedberg
Veronica Webb, Emily Smitt
Veronica Webb and Emily Smitt
Louise Tilzer, Bill Rhodes
Louise Tilzer and Bill Rhodes
Renata M. Black, Veronica Webb, Alexander Smalls, Cicely Tyson
Renata M. Black, Veronica Webb, Alexander Smalls, and Cicely Tyson
Diahn McGrath, Alexander Jilkes
Diahn McGrath and Alexander Jilkes
Regina Bronson, Francesa Petrucci
Regina Bronson and Francesa Petrucci
Monty Blanchard, Che Tcheyan, Richard Parsons
Monty Blanchard, Che Tcheyan, and Richard Parsons
Yaz Hernandez, Toni Colon, Eleanor Kennedy
Yaz Hernandez, Toni Colon, and Eleanora Kennedy
Angela Chen, Lucy Danziger, Henry Liu
Angela Chen, Lucy Danziger, and Henry Liu
Rod Drake, Jackie Weld Drake
Rod and Jackie Weld Drake
Lucy Danziger, Rich Levine, Lisa Cholnoky
Lucy Danziger, Rich Levine, and Lisa Cholnoky
Janeen Saltman, Maria Ann Conelli, Christine Corcoran
Janeen Saltman, Maria Ann Conelli, and Christine Corcoran
Alexander Jilkes, Misha Nonoo
Alexander Jilkes and Misha Nonoo
Jerry Lauren
Jerry Lauren
Valentine Hernandez, Alberto Cribiore
Valentine Hernandez and Alberto Cribiore
Richard Parsons, Jessye Norman
Richard Parsons and Jessye Norman
Anne Livet
Anne Livet
Kimberly Rockefeller
Kimberly Rockefeller
Audrey Heckler, Ray McGuire, Laura Parsons
Audrey Heckler, Ray McGuire, and Laura Parsons
Maria Ann Conelli, Kendra Daniel, Penny Katz
Maria Ann Conelli, Kendra Daniel, and Penny Katz
Charlotte Moss, Barry Friedberg
Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg
Robert Wachs, Tess Wachs
Robert and Tess Wachs
Bill Bratton, Rikki Klieman
Bill Bratton and Rikki Klieman
Jo Carole Lauder
Jo Carole Lauder
Barbara Winston, Sabine Anton
Barbara Winston and Sabine Anton
Evelyn de Rothschild, Lynn Forester de Rothschild
Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild with Richard and Laura Parsons
Carlo Tunioli, Pernilla Holmes
Carlo Tunioli and Pernilla Holmes
Emily Smitt
Emily Smitt
Leo Yoshimura, Marcy Carsey
Leo Yoshimura and Marcy Carsey
Photographs by Ann Watt & DPC (Fete); (Folk Art); Billy Farrell Agency (Sotheby's).
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