Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The feted

Heidi Michitsch, Maria Esposito, Amy Phelan, Tandra Johnson, and Mitra Margolis at Pink Elephant for New York Junior League's Most Outstanding Volunteer Party for Amy Phelan.
Last Friday night, Placido Dominigo was feted at Doubles with a birthday party by his friends and supporters of the Washington National Opera. Among the guests were the Honorable Selwa (Lukcy) Roosevelt, former US Chief of Protocol, Jane Lipton Cafritz, chairman of the WNO and her husband Calvin, Bass-bariton James Morris, Clarice Smith (DC philanthropist and wife of recently deceased former National Gallery President Robert H. Smith), and Emily Rafferty of NewYork.
Daren Thomas and Bonnie McElveen-Hunter
Connie Kline, Geoffrey Pohanka, and Anne Kline
Nina Lesavoy and Robert Steel (former US Under Secretary of the Treasury)
DPC, The Hon. Brenda Johnson, and Michele Rollins
Marcia Mayo, Bothwell Lee, and Chafi Kappaz
Connie Kline and Geoffrey Pohanka
Shayne Doty and Kenneth Feinberg
Michael and Chafi Kappaz
Wilma and Marcello Giordani (renowned tenor), and Christina Scheppelmann
The Hon. Brenda Johnson, Maestro Domingo, and Michele Rollins
Harriette and Allan Fox
Antoine and Emily van Agtmael
Bothwell Lee and Marcia Mayo
Larry Franks and Ellen Berelson
Maestro Domingo, Dede Feinberg, Kenneth Feinberg, and Caroline Kennedy
Calvin Cafritz, Jacqueline Mars, and Max Berry
The Ambassador of the Russian Federation Sergey Kislyak and Jacqueline Mars
Wendy Carduner and Maestro Domingo
Max Berry and Nina Lesavoy
Maestro Domingo and Jacqueline Mars
Diana Prince, Jay Haft, and Marta Domingo
Clayre and Jay Haft
Photographs by Cutty McGill

Monday in New York ... Grammy Award winning violin virtuoso Joshua Bell teamed with chef Brian Lewis of the Bedford Post Inn to host an intimate salon and cocktail reception for “Education Through Music,” a non-profit organization with Bell’s Music Unites. Both are dedicated to bringing music instruction to at-risk children at inner-city public and parochial schools who would otherwise have no or limited exposure to the arts.
Katherine Dankholer, Emily Suskind, and Michael Schaefer
Ed Schroeder and Walter Dankohler
Allison Hogan
Allison Threadgold, Walter Dankohler, Katherine Dankholer, and Jacqueline Threadgold
Brian Lewis and Dana Lewis
John and Linda Scopaz
Leni Munal and Harriet Lipsitz
Bill Miller, Stephanie Miller, and Betty Pforzheimer
Heidi Frederick, Joshua Bell, and Michelle Edgar
Julia Moore and Jill McLennon
Jenny Leibovits, Roy Neiderhoffer, Jim Melcher, and April Benasica
Jade Yoon
Joshua Bell, Ron Glickman, and Lauren Glickman
Lisa Winning and Tatiana Berman
Louise Sedotta, Eilieen Rogan, and Gary Sedotto
Jacqueline Threadgold, Katherine Elliot, and Allison Threadgold
Lottie and Yuki Oakley
Scott Hazleton and Angela Barkan
Stephanie Gravelle and Richie Rich
Kimberlea Rea and Allison Threadgold
Raymond Mikulich and Karen Karlsrud
Photographs by Patrick McMullan

Also on Monday ... New York Junior League held its Most Outstanding Volunteer Party honoring Amy Phelan at Pink Elephant.
Adam Dugas, Amy Phelan, and Casey Spooner
Chris Stone, Mark Janssens, Juliette Janssens, and David Fox
Amy Phelan with Andrew and Andrew
Jennifer Beerman, Sarah Powers, and Susan Harriot
Erica Cullmann, Kristen Meadow, and Laura Norwalk Cornelius
Serra Eken, Jackie Finley, Brooke Moorehead, and Emily Martin
Bill Miller, Amy Phelan, Marilyn Minter, and Matthew Weinstein
Heidi Michitsch, Carol Sleeper, and Mitra Margolis
David and Melissa Bernstein
Lisa Anastos
Nanette Heide and Kelly Foley
Jason Griffith, Michael Beerman, Jennifer Beerman, and Melanie Griffith
Derval Whelan, Patti Miranda, and Julia Zawislak
Jamie and Lee Niven
Julia P. Knowlton and Erica Cullmann
Josephine Meckseper and Richard Phillips
John Phelan and Glenn Furhman
Whitney Kneisley, Jill Ferrari Rosen, Jephtha Tausig-Edwards, Kara van Norden
Karen Dean, Susan Manning, Christine Drinan, and Barbara Etzel
Lori Silverstein and Josette Winograd
Kate Mahon, Windy Cook, Tricia Laird, and Logan Talbot
Melanie and Jason Griffith
Mary Cooper and Emily Martin
Michaela King Roth and Mari DuBois
Sarah Hoover, Tom Sachs, Amy Phelan, and Nir Hod
Sara Romero, Cassie Rosenthal, and Janet Phelps
Brook Christopher, Amy Phelan, Lindsey Pisarcik, and Kristin Pisarcik
Rosemary Dackerman and Caroline Tyburczy
Beth Rudin DeWoody, Amy Phelan, and Anne Pasternak
Photographs by Patrick McMullan

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