Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Frick Collection’s Diamond Deco Ball

The Garden Court lighting having gradually changed from sunset to dusk to midnight at The Frick Collection’s Diamond Deco Ball, hosted by the Young Fellows to commemorate the museum’s 75th Anniversary.
The snow was really coming down last Thursday night in New York when the Frick Collection was holding its 2010 Young Fellows Ball. By that hour – it was scheduled from 8:30 to midnight - the storm was taking on blizzard force. There were a lot of people who were thinking they might stay home rather than go to this party which is normally considered one of the best parties of the year in New York. But it turned out there were a lot more people who decided to brave it. More than 630 arrived amidst the driving snow bundled up to protect their black ties and designer long dresses from the elements.

They were celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Frick art collection and mansion officially becoming the Frick Collection. That opening party was attended by 700 prominent New Yorkers and included Carnegies, Astors, Mellons, Rockefellers, Strauses, Sulzbergers and Vanderbilts among them.
Andrew and Zibby Right, Stephen and Christine Schwarzman, and Frick Associate Director and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator Colin B. Bailey; photo: Christine A. Butler
Tatyana Miron Ahlers, Whitney Wolfe, and Zondra Pappas enjoy the 1935 East Gallery.
Guests enjoy the West Gallery.
This year’s celebration was dubbed the Diamond Deco Ball and it was the11th annual fundraiser hosted by the museum’s Young Fellows. The Art Deco soiree was held mainly in the Garden Court and the Music which were added to the residence in 1935 by architect John Russell Pope.

So there it was, storm and all, with no regrets. They raised $235,000 in support of the museum’s education program. Vera Wang and Tiffany sponsored and they all partied on into the snow-laded night.
Models and Chairmen in Tiffany and many in Vera Wang.
Coralie Charriol Paul, Alexandra Lebenthal, Lydia Fenet, and Hilary Fenet.
The Music Room.
Among the attendees: Allison and Jay Aston, Colin B. Bailey, Edward Barsamian, Fiona and James Benenson, Clement Benenson, Leslie M. Blume, Christa Carr, Frances Cashin, Margaret Chi, Alina Cho, Alexis Clark, Carrie Cloud, Catherine Cox, Stonington Cox, Chris and Jennie Tarr Coyne, Stephanie Cozzi, Kipton Cronkite, Paul Cruickshank, Caitlin and Michael Davis, Christian de La Chapelle, Justin de La Chapelle, Charles de Viel Castel, Alexandra Lebenthal and Jay Diamond, Cornelia Ercklentz, Pauline Eveillard, Lydia Fenet, Mark Gilbertson, Tom Gold, Phoebe Gubelmann, Michael Hamburger, Faith Harty, Kimball Hastings, Kim Hicks, Astrid Hill, Lauren Hubbell, Sarah Irwin, Stephanie A. Koch, Megan E. Kultgen, Nicholas Landrigan, Lucy Jane Lang, Christopher T. Leach, , Harrison T. LeFrak, Page Leidy, Elisa Lipsky-Karasz, Julie Macklowe, Amanda Mallan, Amory McAndrew, Sloan McClure, Clare E. McKeon, Lara Meiland-Shaw, Sylvester and Gillian Miniter, Lisa D. Morse, Francie Nagy, Charlotte-Anne Nelson, Sarah Ogilvie, Alexander Overstrom, Joann and Julie Pailey, Caroline Palmer, Emily Pataki, Coralie Charriol Paul, Caroline Perkin, Di Petroff, Lauren Remmington Platt, Susan Quintin, Brian Reyes, Andrew and Zibby Right, Caroline Rowley, Alexander Saint-Amand, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Angel Sanchez, Lauren Santo Domingo, Austin Scarlett, Georgina Schaeffer, Kate Schelter, Sabina and Wilfred B. Schlumberger, Christopher Schumacher, Christine and Stephen Schwarzman, Juliana Starbuck, Glenn and Tiffin Schwarzkopf, Alexandra Steel, Zoe Tananbaum, Sarah Thanhauser, Philip Alden Thomas, Tielman Van Vleck, Annabel Vartanian, Holly Wamser, Linnea Wilson, Christina Winters, Wright, Laura Zukerman.
Alexis Light
Olivia Wu, Lisa Mou, Patricia Figueroa, and Sonia Yoon
Rafael and Yliana Gill
Patricia Figueroa, Lisa Mou, Olivia Wu, and Sonia Yoon
Gina Busch and Jackie Stewart
Jen Araki and Heather Ann Burton
Hye Won and Jason Miller
Event Chairman Coralie Charriol Paul
Greg Sherman and Anne Martin
Alexandra Lebenthal
Chairman Lydia Fenet and Laura Hill
Larissa Szczupak and Paul Mateyunas
Austin S and Kelsea Scarlett
Peter Bogardus, Ulrich Kratz, and Alex Daniels
Lucy Jane Lang, Caitlin Davis, Clare McKeon, and Joann Pailey
Jeffrey Brown, Chairman Elisabeth Saint-Amand, and Connie Brown
Annika Connor and Evan Geoffroy
Leora Kadish and Joshua Stein
Fred Mwangaguhunga and Notoya Green
Jen Araki
Jennifer Argenti and Clare McKeon
Heather Ann Burton
Jackie Stewart
Charlotte-Anne Nelson and Chairman Elisabeth Saint-Amand
Gina Busch
Chairmen Lydia Fenet, Joann Pailey, Allison Aston, and Elisabeth Saint-Amand
Scott Asher and Lucy Jane Lang
Chairmen Lydia Fenet, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, and Joann Pailey
Annabel Vartanian and Allison Aston
Lara Meiland-Shaw and Jay Aston
Carrie Cloud
Kim Hicks and Jay Diamond
Sarah Irwin and Abby Simmons
Chairmen Joann Pailey, Coralie Charriol Paul, Lydia Fenet, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, and Allison Aston
Faith Harty and Brad Mitchell
Sam Gustin and Andrea Chalupa
Lesley Blume and Andrew Bevans
Jane Keltner and Lisa Salzer
Emily Pataki and Michael Hamburger
Chris and Jennie Tarr Coyne and Zoe Tananbaum
Laura Hill and James and Fiona Benenson
Eleanor Banco, Frank Mazzarella, and Elizabeth Grimaldi
Frick Trustee Stephen Schwarzman and Christine Schwarzman
Michael and Nina Patterson
Clement C. Benenson and Stephanie Beneneson
Tim Garcia and Jaclyn Smith
Phillip Alden Thomas and Carson G. Elias
Laura Zukerman and Tom Trowbridge
Lauren Santo Domingo
Adam Rozencwajg and Emma Reitman
Elizabeth Right and Marc A. Lewinstein
Stephanie Cozzi and Brendan Maher
Cheong H. Kwon and Hannah Kwon
Anne Huntington
Christine and Matt Davis
Pam Foster
Kate Schelter and Christopher Schumacher
Kimberly Guilfoyle, Susan Shin, and Beata Bonam
Anne Bracegirdle and Nathan Vantzelfde
Carolyn Angel, Sloan McClure, and Caitlin Davis
Andrew Fenet, Lydia Fenet, Chris Delaney, Julie Pailey
Becky Collins, Linnea Wilson, and Ryan Hayward
Lauren Remmington Platt
Hilary Fenet, Lydia Fenet, Chris Delaney, Katelyn Delaney, and Andrew Fenet
Rachel Nordlinger and Rachel E. Randolph
Sloan McClure and Alexander Overstrom
Elizabeth Grimaldi
Elizabeth Hartnett and Kelici Odu
Kara Findlay, John Overbay, Sarah Wimmer Overbay, K. C. Anthony, and Bill Artemenko
Alberic Paradiso and guest
DJ Harley Veira-Newton
Nico Landrigan, Fiona Benenson, Jennie Tarr Coyne, and Kim Roosenburg
Lydia Fenet and Kate Schelter
Larissa Bucholtz
Tom Trowbridge and Laura Zukerman

Photographs by Christine A. Butler & John Calabrese

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