Through the Kitchen

The Cancer Research Institute's 28th Annual “Through the Kitchen” Dinner at the Four Seasons.
Last Sunday night the Cancer Research Institute held its 28th Annual “Through the Kitchen” Dinner at the Four Seasons. This is the only charity event in New York where guests are invited to walk through a great restaurant’s legendary kitchen and help themselves to whatever their little hearts (probably with eyes bigger than their stomachs) desire.

The evening benefits the Irvington Fellowship Program of the Cancer Research Institute, a non-profit organization that is advancing the next wave in cancer treatment with a new class of therapies, such as cancer vaccines that harness the immune system’s natural ability to target and eliminate cancer and prevent its recurrence.
Entering the Pool Room at The Four Seasons ...
They had a huge turnout evening including our Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Diana Taylor, Deputy Mayor Patty Harris, Chancellor Joel Klein, Nicole Seligman, Commissioner Ray Kelly, Veronica Kelly, former NY Comptroller Carl McCall and Joyce Brown, former NY Governor George Pataki and Libby Pataki, Charles Gargano, Prince Palden Namgyal, Lynn, Lady de Rothschild; Nicole Miller and Kim Taipale, Evelyn and Leonard Lauder, Peter Duchin, Gillian Miniter, Cy and Peggy Vance, Leonard and Allison Stern, Zarin Mehta, Laurie Tisch, Lally Weymouth, Kenneth and Elaine Langone, Thierry Despont, Carol and Earle Mack, Liz and Jeff Peek, Rand Araskog, Joanne and Roberto de Guardiola, Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Amelia Ogunlesi, Adebayo Ogunlesi, Marlene Hess and James Zirin, Mrs. Stephen M. Kellen, Ronnie Heyman, Richard Ziegelasch, Ashley Leeds, Christopher Harland. Event Chairs were Perri Peltz and Eric Ruttenberg, Christine and John Fitzgibbons, Lee and Jamie Niven, and Margaret and Andrew Paul, and founding chairs were Lauren and John Veronis.
Diana Taylor and Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Nicole Seligman and Chancellor Joel Klein
Carl McCall and Arie Koppelman
Jill O'Donnell-Tormey and Commissioner Ray Kelly
Leonard Lauder
Maria Stainman and Jill O'Donnell-Tormey
Cecilia and Jim Herbert
Bill and Beth Fischer
Coco Koppelman and Paula Root
Jamie Niven, Diana Taylor, and Patty Harris
Linda Johnson, Dr. William Haseltine, and Evelyn Lauder
Gillian Miniter and Roger Webster
Kiane and Charlie von Mueffling
Ira Statfeld and Jennifer McGuire Isham
Kim Taipale and Nicole Miller
Jamie Niven and Perri Peltz
Elizabeth Fekkai
Judy Arnhold and John Rosenwald
Lynda Maselli
Ken Langone, Lauren Veronis, Elaine Langone, and John Veronis
Liz Peek, Carl McCall, and Joyce Brown
Pat Rosenwald, Jill Rappaport, and Veronica Kelly
Nancy Missett, Joe Missett, Holly Espy, and John Espy
Marilyn Alfeld and Charles Gargano
Robin Lefcourt and Gerald Lefcourt
Sophie Veronis and Kesang Namgyal
Dana Hammond
Joanne de Guardiola and Somers Farkas
Debra Peltz
Holly Winter Stewart
George Pataki, Joel Klein, Lally Weymouth, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg
George and Libby Pataki
Lindsay Cropley, Sandra Coudert, and Lawrence Benenson
Virginia Coleman
Lynne Harmer, Anita Schmidt, and Brian Brewer
Lady de Rothschild
Ron Weiner, Naomi Fertitta, and George Fertitta
Sharon Cocoziello
The Mann Foundation held its 5th Annual Mann of the Year Awards, an event honoring the prominent men and women from Wall Street, Real Estate, and Fashion. The Mann of the Year Awards, as they are called, in honor of founder, publisher Jeff Mann, pay tribute to individuals who go out of their way to provide excellent service to clients as well as the community.

This year the Awards were held at Cipriani 42nd Street.
The crowd
David and Denise Kleinman, Jeff and Ann Mann, and Tracy and Peter Gaslow
ESPN SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn was the presenter having received the prestigious Woman of the Year at last year’s gala. Honored were award winning NBC journalist Dawn Fratangelo as “Women in the Year; Dr. Larry Rosenthal, The Rosenthal Apa Group as “New Yorker of the Year”; Mann of the Year Awards also went to Bruce Gomberg of Amper, Politziner & Mattia for Apparel; Cory G. Zelnik of Zelnik & Company LLC for Commercial Real Estate; Investment Management Group, at Schulte, Roth & Zebel LLP and R. Douglas Rice of R.D. Rice for Residential Real Estate.
Dr. Mary Sano, Ann and Jeff Mann, and Bruce Cohen
Stuart Kreisler, Andy Jassin, Nancy Mizrahi, and Michael Burns
As always, the gala benefited the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) at Mount Sinai. With much support from friends and family The Mann Foundation believes that a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease is on the horizon. Together with the ADRC, the Mann Foundation hopes to one day find a cure for the devastating disease which took the life of Mr. Mann’s mother, Marion Mann.
Alyse Ruth, Eric Rosenthal, and Shanna Assenzio
Dawn Fratangelo
Anne Marie Alexander and Jim Errant
Robert and Bonnie Konigsberg
Michael, Jeff, and Bobby Mann
Lisa Smith, Nick Perseghin, and Michelle Kubacki
Larry Wohl and Ms. Rowland
Emily, Carmelina, and Ricardo Pagano
Dr. Larry Rosenthal with Mom Mitzi and Ann Mann
Jeff Mann and Roxanne Donavon
Lauren Arpel and Ann Mann
Mark Kalik and Rhona Silver
Matt Voity and Linda Cohn
Michael Appa with Marina and Alex Balniesky
Sheila and Jimmy Soufian
This past Saturday, on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Maria Snyder, former model now fashion designer and eco-pioneer, debuted her Eco Boys and Girls in an eco-friendly art installation and animated educational film at the Liberty Science Center.

The event began with a ferry ride across the Hudson for her guests – parents and children including Helena Christensen and son Mingus and Kelly Killoren Bensimon and daughter Sea, to Liberty State Park.

Dr. Emlyn Koster, president and CEO of the Liberty Science Center, along with Lisa Jackson, Chief of the Environmental Protection Agency (EP), welcomed guests. Dr. Noel J. Brown, Founder of Friends of the United Nations (FOTUN), endorsed the Eco Boys and Girls as the Millennium Kids and the youngest Members of the United Nations. John I. Wilson, Executive Director of the National Education Association (NEA), approved a partnership with the Eco Boys and Girls to create curriculum for classrooms across the nation.

Eco Boys and Girls was created by Maria to encourage children to take ownership of the planet. The characters she created include Ernie Earth, Lulu Love, Patsy Peace, Ray Recycle, and Sammy Sun. All were on hand to teach messages of love, peace and environmental awareness during the fun filled adventure for children.
Layla Daniels and Maria Snyder
Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Maria Snyder, and Alek Wek
Scott and Sarah Somerville
Luca Babini, Bonnie Young, and Aamba Chavis
Coleman Feltes, Jacquie Venable, and Bond Feltes
Anne Maffei, Lily Eaton, John Eaton, and Jack Eaton
Halla Elias, Ciel Calvert, Oden Calvert, and William Calvert
Matthew Walton, Ava Walton, and Alecia Hearst
Mercy Carpenter, Emily Carpenter, Beverly Bond, Candace Jones, Kuvia Croft, Tiye Kirtley, and Gyasi Kirtley
Spencer List, Phoenix List, and Tess Wilson
Helena Christensen and Mingus Reedus
Maria Snyder and Layla Daniels
Poppy Clarke, Blair Clarke, and Georgina Clarke
Blair Clarke, Poppy Clarke, and Georgina Clarke
Suze Yalof Schwartz, Tyler Schwartz, and Cooper Schwartz
William and Oden Calvert
Tatiana Platt, Fox Platt, and Campion Platt

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