Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekends in the Hamptons, weekdays in Manhattan

God's Love We Deliver Board of Directors at the 9Tenth Annual Midsummer Night Drinks at the home of Chad Leat in Bridgehampton, NY.
Last Saturday in Bridgehampton, God's Love We Deliver held its 10th Annual Midsummer Night Drinks benefit.

God's Love We Deliver's mission is to improve the health and well-being of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses by alleviating hunger and malnutrition.
Chad Leat's Bridgehampton home
Chad A. Leat, Jennifer Brooks Clark, and Michael Sennott
Daniel Klaus, Chad A. Leat, Tony Ingrao, and David Kleinberg
Brad Coleman, Kyong Coleman, and Chad A.Leat
Arline Blake, Sara Throne, Martin Markowitz, Tim Olfon, Karen Simon, and Valerie Coster
Valerie Coster, Vivian Polak, and Karen Simon
Andrew Gordon, Linda Wells, and James Hunniford
Alan Rogers, Mati Weidrpass, Ian Reisner, and Markus Riva
BIll Keoningsberg, Rich Thompson, Amy Eagle, and Jon Bond
Doreen Atkins
David Scott
Pipa Cohen and Steven Ganeless
Callum McLachlan
Deric Bradford, Margaux Guerard, and David Perrott
Karen Pearl, Desiree Gruber, and Callum MacLachlan
David Post and Katlean de Monchy
Erika Ineson, Susan Oher, Robin Lander, and Pat Pilkonis
Gus Butera, Cookie Schrier, Dylan Schrier, Neal Schrier, Zoey Schrier, and James Warren
Desiree Gruber and Jeffrey Slonim
Jack Delashmat and Mary Puris
Gabi and Mark Lehrer
Brian Reynolds, Pamela Branch, Jeff Calhoun, and John Wade
Vicente Wolf, Margaret Russell, Sylvia Vogelman, and Matthew Yee
Margot Fooshee and Hobby Holmes
Jeff Applegate, Markus Riva, Jamie Monas, and Mati Weidrpass
John Bartlett, John Gillman, John Esty, and Chad A. Leat
John Burger, Arline Blake, Richard Feldman, and Sara Throne
Marjorie Gubelmann
Michael Katz and Christina Juarez
Rose Adkins and Lisa Yom
John Gillman, Jon Nathanson, Nina Maria Birch, Alan Rogers, and Richard Feldman
John Whittier, Doug Pi, Anne Gentile Pi, Stephanie Whittier, and Michael Sennott
Kyong and Brad Coleman
Jennifer Brooks Clark, Rich Donahoe, and Chris Seelig
James Hunniford and Andrew Gordon
Karen Pearl, Alan Rogers, and Michael Sennott
Lorraine Bracco, Robby Browne, Deric Bradford, Margaux Guerard, and David Perrott
Nicole Brewer, Greg Delia, and Stacey Kaplan
Sue Chalom and Geoffrey Bradfield
Peter Huffine and Jeff Pfeifle
Richard Feldman, Rita Sherr, Mark Moskowitz, and Yuval Hadadi
Shayne Doty, Nina Lesavoy, Janet Szabo, and Penny Zuckerwise
Stacey Kaplan, Nicole Brewer, Stephanie Whittier, Rich Thompson, and Amy Eagle
Tenile Amore, Rick Inniss, Alexi Panos, and Adison Caridad
Peter Hallock and Mary Sculley
Soomi Thompson, Valerie Hsia, and Monica Zamiska
Leslie Klotz, Scott Currie, and Mary McBride
Mikel Fox, Emily Findley, Stephen Cavello, and Kate Suhr
Nancy Alerston, Eric Winkler, Holly Palm, and Donald Palm
Barbara Goodstein, Rob Rosenblatt, Sylvia Vogelman, Jon Bond, and Rebecca Bond
David Manning and Maria Pashby
Last Tuesday night at the Gramercy Park Hotel Rooftop, Carole Holmes McCarthy hosted a private dinner to introduce some prospective supporters to Ernie Allen, President of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The Center is a global network of organizations fighting child-sexual exploitation and abduction.

In 1996, Belgium was shaken by the tragic “Dutroux Affair”. Over the course of many years, Marc Dutroux, an unemployed electrician and father of three, committed a series of kidnappings, rapes, and killings of an unknown number of teenage girls.
As the atrocity of the crimes was disclosed, the public became very critical of the way the authorities handled the case. More than 300,000 Belgian citizens expressed their anger in the now-legendary “White March,” and shortly thereafter, Belgian Prime Minister Dehaene visited The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

He asked NCMEC’s President, Ernie Allen, if he would establish a Center in Brussels at which point Ernie answered, “You do not need an American solution to this problem – you need a Belgian solution. But we will help.” And NCMEC worked with the Belgian government, private sector leaders, victim parents, and law enforcement to create the Brussels-based Child Focus.
Carole Holmes McCarthy, Anne Michele Eisen, and Marion and Elie Wiesel
Other countries began visiting NCMEC and asking for help and while NCMEC was able to provide assistance through training, technical assistance, and support, it was difficult for the organization to become too involved in international programs and operations without diverting time and resources from its core mission of serving America’s missing and exploited children.

In May 1997, the NCMEC Board of Directors authorized the creation of The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC). ICMEC’s Board of Directors held its first meeting in May 1998, and ICMEC was officially launched in April 1999 at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Nancy Dube, Eli Wiesel, Ernie Allen, and Marion Wiesel
ICMEC works to identify and coordinate a global network of organizations fighting child-sexual exploitation and abduction. ICMEC’s work brings promise to children and families by:

Establishing global resources to find missing children and prevent child sexual exploitation;

Creating national operational centers and affiliates worldwide;

Building an international network to disseminate images of and information about missing and exploited children;

Providing training to law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, legal professionals, nongovernmental organizations, and government officials;

Advocating and proposing legislative changes in laws, treaties, and systems to protect children worldwide;

Conducting international expert conferences to build awareness, encourage and increase cooperation and collaboration between and among countries; and

Working alongside the financial industry and law enforcement to combat commercial child sexual exploitation.
Sara Herbert Galloway, Cygalle Dias, and Nicolle Miller
Carole Holmes McCarthy, Arlene Dahl, Lisa Hagen, and Anne Michele Eisen
Anthony Cascio, Marc Rosen, and Stefan Lemperle
Barry Slotnick, and Barbara Taylor and Bob Bradford
Barry Cohen, Carole Holmes McCarthy, and Patricia Duff
Chosan and Barry Cohen
Glorimar O'Hara
Marc Rosen, Stanley Zareff, and Christina von Bargen
Philippe de Louvrier, Carole Holmes McCarthy, and Barbara Taylor Bradford
Felice Burns, Jeff Koons, and Patricia Duff
Last weekend in the Hamptons Liz Cohen threw a birthday dinner for her husband Jimmy Hausman.
Liz Cohen and Jimmy Hausman
Justin Gomm, Vanessa Willett, Scott Willett, and Phil Barney
Miranda Spano, Stephen Spano, Jennifer Silverstein, and Matt Silverstein
Doug Hand, Katie Hand, Eric Cahan, and Fernanda Niven
Ralph Davidson, Lucia Davidson, Sandy Gross, and Nachem Gross
Good times had by all, as you can see ...
Natalie Costantino, Laurie Costantino, and Marlene Cohen
Patrick and Rachel Thomas
Danielle Levine and Laurie Costantino
Rodney and Eleanor Propp
Bettina Zilkha and Patrick McMullan
Meagan Odabash and Denise Rich
Liz Cohen, Todd Goergen, and Emma Goergen
Jane Karp, Dick Karp, and Kenny Hausman
Topper Mortimer and Meredith Ostrom
Dax Miller and Alexandra von Furstenberg
Alexi and Priscilla Zoullas
Wendy Hirschberg and Michael Clurman
Dan Abrams and Vicky Ward
Sade Lythcott and Dave Sokolin
David and Lesley Schulhof
Sara Gambrelli and Sasha Leviant
Debora Oppenheimer and Roy Ostrom
Sheba Ejman
Alex Kramer
Meredith Ostrom
Karina Lepiner
Liz Cohen and Jimmy Hausman
Cynthia Clift and David Wassong
Jordan Terkowitz, Heather Terkowitz, Courtney Glasser, and Mike Geschwer
Malcom Kutner and Christian Leone
Dave Schlachet and Lara Schlachet
Katheryn Hausman, Helaine Hausman, and Kate Parker
Chris Cuomo, Dori Cooperman, and Dan Abrams
Phil Barney and Justin Gomm

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com; Mia McDonald (ICMEC).
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