Monday, March 14, 2011

Awards for Leadership and Excellence

The crowd at the New York Junior League's Award for Leadership and Excellence.
Mary J. Blige was presented with the New York Junior League (NYJL)'s Award for Leadership and Excellence at the organization's 59th Annual Winter Ball was held at the Plaza Hotel the Saturday before last, March 5.

The evening also honored the NYJL's Outstanding Sustainers Deane Allen Gilliam and Diann Rohde and Outstanding Volunteers Shari Elizabeth Aser, Desiree Fish, Suzanne Manning, Laura Matiz and Caroline Tyburczy. These notable women stand for their dedication to making the New York Junior League a better organization and for leading by example. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) served as mistress of ceremonies. More than 500 guests attended the black tie gala.
Lisa Castra, Laura Matiz, Patti Aser, Shari Aser
Shawni Harris and Mary J. Blige
Jennifer Newberry, Chloe Carmichael, Dayna Cassidy, Amy Glaser, Bridget Duffy, Merissa Neira
Julie Naughton and Mary J. Blige
Julian Romano, David Wilson
Jackie Finley and Mary J. Blige
Lisa Castra, Laura Matiz, Patti Aser, Shari Aser
Chryssi Mikus and Mary J. Blige
All proceeds from Winter Ball ticket sales will support the New York Junior League's charitable activities, including its community outreach initiatives. To ensure consistency and a concentrated level of direct service, the NYJL's community programs are focused on four areas: Outreach Education, Youth Education, Youth Mentoring and Adult Mentoring.

The community programs are staffed with NYJL volunteers who work in partnership with nonprofit, public and community-based organizations. Community partners include the American Cancer Society, Bayview Correctional Facility, Children's Aid Society, New York Presbyterian Hospital's Domestic & Other Violence Emergencies program, New York Foundling Hospital, and Mentoring U.S.A.
Lisa Castra, Laura Matiz, Patti Aser, Shari Aser
Lisa Castra, Laura Matiz, Patti Aser, and Shari Aser
Tervill Whelan, Melissa Richards, Marie Esposito, Laura Matiz
Tervill Whelan, Melissa Richards, Marie Esposito, and Laura Matiz
The NYJL is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Since 1901, the NYJL has been a leader in identifying and responding to unmet community needs. Through direct service, collaborations with other community organizations and advocacy, the NYJL provides a positive force for change within the communities it serves. Each year more than 2,500 trained volunteers donate more than 250,000 hours of their time to better the lives of women and children in New York City. The NYJL works with more than 20 community-based organizations and public agencies to deliver services and assistance directly to women and children in need.
Jennifer Newberry, Chloe Carmichael, Dayna Cassidy, Amy Glaser, Bridget Duffy, Merissa Neira
Jennifer Newberry, Chloe Carmichael, Dayna Cassidy, Amy Glaser, Bridget Duffy, and Merissa Neira
Julian Romano, David Wilson
Julian Romano and David Wilson with friends
Jeff Polack, Leah Wenger
Jeff Polack and Leah Wenger
Rina Ebert, Chris McGlimm
Rina Ebert and Chris McGlimm
Chris and Christine Hayden
Chris and Christine Hayden
Dana Wolf, Ben Garrity
Dana Wolf and Ben Garrity
Christina Flach, Marina Fullerton, Lisa Flach-Fulcher
Christina Flach, Marina Fullerton, and Lisa Flach-Fulcher
Pat and Lloyd Kaufman
Pat and Lloyd Kaufman
Lisa Hathaway Stella, Mary J. Blige, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney
Lisa Hathaway Stella, Mary J. Blige, and Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney
Emily Griset, Drew Chin
Emily Griset and Drew Chin
Brian and Shanette Cohen
Brian and Shanette Cohen
Missy Saint-Amour, Chryssi Mikus, Cassandra Henry
Missy Saint-Amour, Chryssi Mikus, and Cassandra Henry
Dayna Cassidy, Amy Glazer, Merissa Neira
Dayna Cassidy, Amy Glazer, and Merissa Neira
Anne Marie Peterson McMann, Brooke Moorhead, Emily Martin
Anne Marie Peterson McMann, Brooke Moorhead, and Emily Martin
Katie Fenz, Michael Wassserman, Lauren Eni
Katie Fenz, Michael Wassserman, and Lauren Eni
Justine and Josef Oddo
Justine and Josef Oddo
Cara Brugnoli, Brian Ali
Cara Brugnoli and Brian Ali
David Taub, Leigh Bishop Taub
David Taub and Leigh Bishop Taub
Leonard and Tracey Genovese
Leonard and Tracey Genovese
Bryan Wetherall, Patricia Daughn
Bryan Wetherall and Patricia Daughn
Lawrence and Maureen Atinsky
Lawrence and Maureen Atinsky
Robert and Claire Mungiguerra
Robert and Claire Mungiguerra
Andrew and Sara Paterson
Andrew and Sara Paterson
David and Trisha Moffitt
David and Trisha Moffitt
Brad Minor, Erin Maxwell
Brad Minor and Erin Maxwell
Josh and Amy Glazer
Josh and Amy Glazer
Mary Bradley
Mary Bradley
Stephanie Owens, Mary Steuart
Stephanie Owens and Mary Steuart
Melissa Cook
Melissa Cook
Michael Biggers, Linda Blatz
Michael Biggers and Linda Blatz
Jennifer Short, Melissa Lesher
Jennifer Short and Melissa Lesher
Rina Ebert, Jayne Johnston
Rina Ebert and Jayne Johnston
Elizabeth Finan
Elizabeth Finan
Chloe Carmichael
Chloe Carmichael
Amanda Pennfield
Amanda Pennfield
Caroline Tyburczy
Caroline Tyburczy
Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney, Lisa Stella, Melissa Bernstein
Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney, Lisa Stella, and Melissa Bernstein
Lauren Eni, Matt Fink
Lauren Eni and Matt Fink
Stacey and Brian Kane
Stacey and Brian Kane
Courtney Hawes
Courtney Hawes
diane Rohde, Melissa Bernstein
Diann Rohde and Melissa Bernstein
Dean Allen Gillian, Melissa Bernstein
Dean Allen Gillian and Melissa Bernstein
Christina Hagglund
Christina Hagglund
Theodora Blanchfield, Jennifer Farrell
Theodora Blanchfield and Jennifer Farrell
Shannon Whitt, Gillian Gaeta
Shannon Whitt and Gillian Gaeta
Shawni Harris, Jackie Finley
Shawni Harris and Jackie Finley
Phil and Pat Kemp, Jeffrey Aiser
Phil and Pat Kemp, and Jeffrey Aiser
Al Demaria, Laura Matiz
Al Demaria and Laura Matiz
Felicia Burch-Smalls, Nia van der Velden
Felicia Burch-Smalls and Nia van der Velden
John Sellers, Dani Harkin
John Sellers and Dani Harkin
James Small, Fiona Grant, Sabrina Abbott, -Steven Byron
James Small, Fiona Grant, Sabrina Abbott, and Steven Byron
Katherine and Tom Duckiewicz
Katherine and Tom Duckiewicz
Dervill Whelan, Maria Esposito
Dervill Whelan and Maria Esposito
Keith Salvatore, Helen Loorents
Keith Salvatore and Helen Loorents
Ariel Patrick, Eric Taylor
Ariel Patrick and Eric Taylor
Gena Lovett, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney
Gena Lovett and Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney
Lisa Leid, Nicole Risdall, Kaeisha O'Neal
Lisa Leid, Nicole Risdall, and Kaeisha O'Neal
Lacey Blue, Kimberly Berrins
Lacey Blue and Kimberly Berrins
Robert and Mary Bradley
Robert and Mary Bradley
Nina and Lewis Eni
Nina and Lewis Eni
Lisa Conway, Terrence Schroeder
Lisa Conway and Terrence Schroeder
John Gilliam, Edward and Charles Allen
John Gilliam, and Edward and Charles Allen
Lauren Doyle, Suzanne Kuligowski
Lauren Doyle and Suzanne Kuligowski
Suzanne Manning, Mike Donohue
Suzanne Manning and Mike Donohue
Jim Spanier,Julie Horner
Jim Spanier and Julie Horner
Kathryn Chalmers, Gillian Gaeta
Kathryn Chalmers and Gillian Gaeta
Michael Sareyani, Monika Plocienniczak
Michael Sareyani and Monika Plocienniczak
Joe and Caroline Reece
Joe and Caroline Reece
Jennifer adams, Amanda Miller, Bob and Becky Thomas
Jennifer adams, Amanda Miller, Bob and Becky Thomas
Alandis and Thallen Brassel
Alandis and Thallen Brassel
William Brenner, Sharon Ullrick, Donna and Bill Parsons
William Brenner, Sharon Ullrick, and Donna and Bill Parsons
Lauren Giordani, Andrew Pivta
Lauren Giordani and Andrew Pivta
Anne Marie Peterson McMann, Emily Martin, Brooke Moorhead
Anne Marie Peterson McMann, Emily Martin, and Brooke Moorhead
Sara and Andrew Patterson, Yasmin Saeed
Sara and Andrew Patterson, and Yasmin Saeed
Peter Markowitz, Merissa Neira
Peter Markowitz and Merissa Neira
Tanaya Brewer, Kevin Rogus
Tanaya Brewer and Kevin Rogus
Claude and Marianna Dubois
Claude and Marianna Dubois
Margo and Bill Bierds
Margo and Bill Bierds
Jim Cavanaugh, Wilson Kimball
Jim Cavanaugh and Wilson Kimball
Christina Koverdanz, Campbell and Allison Hyers
Christina Koverdanz, and Campbell and Allison Hyers
Maurice Natiz, Anjelica Matiz
Maurice Natiz and Anjelica Matiz
Last week I went down to Gramercy Park's venerable National Arts Club for the Dinner honoring Wynton Marsalis and Jazz At Lincoln Center.

Wynton Marsalis was celebrated for being one of the world's most outstanding classical Trumpeters, a big band leader in the tradition of Duke Ellington, a brilliant composer and a dedicated advocate and educator for the Arts.

A winner of nine Grammy Awards, Marsalis has also been awarded with the United States National Medal of Arts, (the highest official award given to Artists), and the 2001 appointee as the United Nation's Messenger of Peace. The French Ministry of Culture honored him with the rank of Knight in the Order of Arts and Literature, Britain celebrated him by granting Honorary Membership in the Royal Academy of Music, and among seemingly endless tributes, Wynton Marsalis became the first jazz musician to ever win the Pulitzer Prize for Music.
Wynton Marsalis Jamming at his Celebratory Dinner
Bassist Mathew Rybicki
Ole Timer
Pacquito D'Rivera Plays His Famous Horn
Pianist Zaccai Curtis and Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra member Sherman Irby
As Artistic Director of Jazz At Lincoln Center, Marsalis is committed to discovering and encouraging new musical talent. He gleefully described how at a preliminary audition he discovered the new and brilliant talent of the saxophonist, Erica von Kleist – who now plays with him.

It truly was one of those most rare historical, ecstatic times, being just a few feet away, from the amazing Wynton Marsalis on Trumpet, jamming with the Lincoln Center Band - including Zaccari on Piano, Mathew Rybicki on Bass, Tom Dempsey on Guitar, and John Davis on Drums, as well as the sounds of additional Jazz greats.

May their fantastic sounds and great educational work continue on.

Let us remember that Music is a unique unifying force, transcending social and cultural differences, and in these tough financial times, continue to support Institutions such as Jazz At Lincoln Center.

Jill Lynne for NYSD
National Arts Club President O. Aldon James
NAC Member and VintageFashion-Fashionista Linda Zagaria.
Jazz Artist Marian McPartland, George Wein 2003 NAC Gold Medal Recipient (in background)
Michelle Kidwell and friend
Barbara Carroll
Holistic Dentist Robert G. Veligdan
Babette Bloch
Musician Dick Hyman
Lawyer and Jazz Pianist Robert C. Griffitts
NAC Members David E. Sykes and Douglas R. Friedlander
Over 540 of New York's most influential executives in Architecture, Design & Real Estate attended the opening of HOK's new offices overlooking Bryant Park. HOK, one of the largest architecture & design firms in the world, unveiled its new offices overlooking Bryant Park -- 34,000 square feet of space designed to reflect HOK's position as world leaders in sustainable design.
Danine Alati, Tom Polucci, Christopher Laul, Tracy Sawyer, and Tara Mastrelli
Top HOK executives attending included: President Bill Hellmuth, Vice Chairman Clark Davis, Senior Principals Carl Galioto, Juliette Lam, Thomas Polucci, Kenneth Drucker, Thomas Quigley; HOK Principals Christopher Laul, Jim Berge, Chris Korsh, Stephen Weinryb; HOK VP Partho Dutta & HOK's Kimberly Dowdell. VIPS attending the event included Mary Ann Tighe, Warren Fink, Sheila Lennon, James Jennings, Tracey Sawyer, Alison L. Maiore, James Grant, Tara Mastrelli, Danine Alati, Rachael Kun, Leyla Fayyaz, and Tiffany Townsend.
Sheila Lennon, Thomas Quigley, and James Jennings
Juliette Lam and Mary Ann Tighe
Bill Hellmuth, Clark Davis, and Tom Polucci
Warren Fink, Alison L. Maiore, and Stephen Weinryb
Anthony Musumeci, Christopher Laul, and John M. Sullivan II
Christopher Laul and Tom Polucci
Stephen Weinryb, Stu Klein, and Joseph Goldstein
Alana Farkas and James Grant
Carl Galioto and Kimberly Dowdell
Lee Kosmac, Jody Brown, Keith Keppler, and Jan Johnson
Deborah Ippolito and Jim Berge
Warren Michelsen and Robert Chicas
Mark Strauss and Rick Focke
Two weeks ago, the Latin American Experience weekend celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's (MFAH) Latin American Art Department and Collection and its companion research institute, the International Center for the Arts of the Americas (ICAA). The MFAH marked this milestone with a series of exhibitions, programs, and publications, including the first large-scale retrospective of the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez.

The weekend kicked off Thursday evening with El Encuentro (The Encounter) and Gala Auction Preview hosted by Sofia Adrogué and Sten Gustafson on behalf of the Latin American Subcommittee.

Special guests mingled with emerging artists and established gallerists inside the Audrey Jones Beck Building. In honor of the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Latin American Art Department, there was a birthday cake fashioned after a Carlos Cruz- Diez painting, followed by dancing to Latin and Salsa music by DJ Hector.
Latin American Experience Gala 2011
On Friday evening, Cornelia Long, Chairman, and the Board of Trustees of the MFAH hosted a reception and dinner to celebrate the opening of the Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color in Space and Time exhibition, on view through May 30, 2011. The dinner, catered by City Kitchen, was held in the Upper Brown Pavilion of the Caroline Wiess Law Building.

On Saturday night, The 2011 Latin American Experience Gala and Auction was hosted by Dr. Luis Campos and Mrs. Mary Lile inside the Caroline Wiess Law Building. Auctioneer Augie Uribe, Senior VP of Sotheby's New York, conducted the live auction of Latin American works of art.

Special guests that attended the weekend festivities included: Dr. Mari Carmen Ramirez, Chairman Dr. Luis Campos and his wife Cecilia, Chairman Mary Lile and her husband Tom, International Chairman Mr. Luis Benshimol, Honoree Tanya Brillembourg, Leslie and Brad Bucher, Adolpho Leirner, Cornelia and Meredith Long, Mary and Roy Cullen, Linda and George Kelly, Sara and Bill Morgan, Gail and Louis Adler, Karol and Paul Barnhart, Eduardo Grüneisen, Maria Ines Sicardi, Cecilia de Torres, Patricia Ready, Sofia Adrogue and Sten Gustafson, Michele Sartori, Mary and Bernie Arocha.
Mari Carmen Ramirez, MFAH Wortham Curator of Latin American Art and ICAA director
Eduardo and Eugenia Gruneisen
Jay and Karen Guerrero
Mary and Roy Cullen
Sten Gustafson, Sofia Adrogue, and family
Mari Carmen Ramirez, MFAH Wortham Curator of Latin American Art and ICAA director
Nicole Schindler, CEO, Cruz-Diez Foundation
Carlos Cruz-Diez, Mari Carmen Ramirez, Luis Campos
Sima Ladjevardian
Sergio and Carolina Weitzman with Rusty Wortham
Tanya Brillembourg
Gabriele Cruz-Diez and Carlos Cruz-Diez
Celina Hellmund
Amy Purvis and Augie Uribe
Gail and Louis Adler
Luis Benchimol
Michele Sartori and April Allen
The opening night of 16th annual Rendez-Vous with French Cinema presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center was held at the Paris Theatre with an after-party at Rouge Tomate. Among those attending were Cathernie Deneuve, and her daughter Chiara Mastroanni.
Catherine Deneuve
Chiara Mastroianni
Bertrand Tavernier
Benoit Jacquot
Francois Ozon and Judith Godreche
Eric Lartigau
Chiara Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve
Gaspard Ulliel
Martin Provost and Rene Feret

Photographs by ANN WATT (Junior League);; Ken Korsh (HOK).
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