Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Couture and Carnivals

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University held its 22nd Annual Wild Wild West Carnival.
The Couture Council of the Museum at FIT held its annual summer party this past Wednesday at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.
Valentine Hernandez, Yaz Hernandez, and Valentine Hernandez Jr
Liz Peek
Carmen D' Alessio, Tom Murro, and Arianne Ruiz
Mark Gilbertson and Susan Magrino
Michele Gerber Klein
Natalie Stewart and Ratha Mikkilieni
Peachy Deegan and Ellen Christine Millinery
William Ivey Long
Michel Heredia, Whitney Wolfe, and Omar Heredia
Steven Stolman and Jack Bochonok
Sarah Huebinger and Rebecca Janoss
Susan Shin and Tracey Stern
Tom Murro and Cassandra Seidenfeld
Alexandra Lebenthal
Liliana Dominguez and Gabrielle Rivera
Richard Turley and Frederick Anderson
Whitney and Sarah Wolfe
Rose Hartman and George Guidotti
Charlotte Moss
Rod Keenan and Katherine Fleming
Zach Posen and Valerie Steele
Tiffany Koury
Alex McCord, Simon van Kempen, and Tia Walker
Alva Chinn and Sandra Long
Chiu-Ti Jansen, Montgomery Frazier, and High Voltage
Alexi Panos, Meggan McCabe, and Kimberly Mann
Beverly Mack, Mouro Wolfe, and Leslie Talbot
Alyson Cafiero and Vevlyn Wright
Anna Kuchna
Allan Mason and Tziporah Salamon
Adriann Wanner and Elizabeth Jacoby
Alexa Winner and Maggie Norris
Craig Dix and Miche Lazzi
Devon Scott
Cathie Hardwick
Cece Cord, Jon Marder and friend
Douglas Hannant, Lisa Anastos, and Frederick Anderson
Dennis Bleason, Priya Mohindra, and Mark Grischke
Chance and Kathleen Spiessbach
Malik So Chic, Tia Walker, and Benjamin Le Hay
Carl Goldstein and Nicole Bandklayzer
Evie Cutscaw, Susan Tabak, and Martha Kramer
Deborah Chatman and Phyllis Hollis
Edmundo Huerta, Barbara Regna, Lauren Roberts, and Cassandra Seidenfeld
Hunt Slonem and Liliana Cavendish
Geoffrey Bradfield, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Chiu-Ti Jansen, and Roric Tobin
Eric Javits, Yliana Yepez, Michelle Smith, and Mark Gilbertson
James D'adamo and Kristen Seudeman
Meredith Mccue, Jackson Berg, and Kiim Simons
Karen Ko and Tyler Williams
Mary Pulitzer, Laurance Kaiser, and Paola Rosenshein
Eleanora and Michael Kennedy with Anna Safir
Jesus Torres, Fabiola Arias, and Alexis Zambrano
Hillary Scott, Ulrich Saeuberlich, and friend
Mark Davidovich and Mani Zarrin
Nicole Romano, Anya Assante, and Carolyn Rowley
Mary Jo Diehl and James D'adamo
Lisa Boone
Lacary Sharpe and Lisa Yon
Melissa Berkelhammer and Daniel Colon
Maria Cornojo
Michelle Smith and Yliana Yepez
Romy Fey, Janine Jansen, Hillary Scott, and Ulrich Saeuberlich
Patricia Mears and Rosemary Ponzo
This past Sunday at the Ross School in Bridgehampton, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University National Women's Division, New York Chapter held its 22nd annual Family day presenting a Wild Wild West Carnival for the whole family.
Silverbaum Family
Mindy Feinberg, Jackie Harris Hochberg, Amanda Poses, Alison Brettschneider, and Bari Katz
Kara Stein with Alexis, Zach, Danny, Jordan, and Tim
Dani, Amanda, Jesse, Ben, Dylan, Roxanne Palin, and Dean Palin
Ty Katz, Robin Katz, Mia Katz, Noah Katz, and Anton Katz
Linnaea McGuinness, Michelle Claeys, and Jackson McGuinness
Oliver Roman, Reese Roman, Brad Roman, Carol Roman, Lyla, and Lucas
Beau Bikoff, Julie Tolentino, and Ella Bikoff
Benjamin Barkoff, Jessica Barkoff, and William Barkoff
Sidney Brewer, Bill Brewer, Ainsley Brewer, and Nicole Brewer
Dell Silberstein, Olivia Silberstein, and Jack Silberstein
Natalia Echavarria
Nina Rennert Davidson, Mitch Davidson, Joshua, Gabriella, and Eliana
Andy Brod, Austin Brod, Spencer Brod, and Alison Brod
Christie Hubbard
Barry Klarberg and Sarah Herbert Galloway
Benjamin Davis
Larry Heyman, Kim Heyman, and Si Heyman
Cooper Gronfein and Kelly Meyers
Dayna Cipriano, Noora Raj, and Jayme Felson
David Stogsdill
Erika Katz and Cozy Friedman
Erika Millet, Kelley Millet, and Karis Millet
Emily Post and Isabella Stitt
Jackie Harris Hochberg, Robert Hochberg, and family
Lotus Cohen, Karma Cohen, Kari Cohen, Bari Schwartz, and Tucker Scwartz
Gabriella Pinheiro, Anna Pinheiro, and Luis Felipe Pinheiro
Erica Karsch, Tinya Vuckerbroc, and Roxanne Palin
Harrison Mack, Tucker Mack, Chris Mack, and Dylan Mack
Hayden Lewis, Lisa Lewis, Lucy Lewis, and Jeff Lewis
Jackie Harris Hochberg and Amanda Poses
Lindsay Taylor, Matthew Taylor, Maxwell Taylor, and Charlie Taylor
Debbie Sroka
Kassie Schellinger and Casey Zaharek
Jake Sobel, Gayle Sobel, and Dr. Howard Sobel
Kara Hoblin
Marlo Klein, Joelle Klein, Lilly Love, Zachary, Madison, and Selby
Melina Spadone Palmer
Keith and Neal Sroka
Shoshana and Kenny Dichter
Michelle Podolsky, Lea Podolsky, Gabby, Helena, and Rebecca
Jack Feinberg, Marc Feinberg, Eliza Feinberg, and Mindy Feinberg
Phil Berkowitz, Ryan Berkowitz, Devin Berkowitz, and Meredith Berkowitz
Lara Metz, Macy Metz, Corey Metz, and Avery Metz
Sebastian Pinheiro, Luis Felipe Pinheiro, Gabriella Pinheiro, and Anna Pinheiro
Michelle Wolkoff
Nina Rennert Davidson with Joshua, Gabriella, and Eliana
Nicole Romano and Gina Grassi
Sophia Sosa and daughter
Campion and Tatianna Platt with children
Jessie Minikes, Jenny Minikes, and George Minikes
Gary Spitalnek and family
Stephanie Hirsch, Dash Hirsch, and Izzie Hirsch
Steve Sands and Sarah Herbert Galloway
Tyler Wolkoff, Zachary Wolkoff, Alexi Wolkoff, David Wolkoff, and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
Stone Abramson, Erika Katz, and Somer Abramson
Katlean de Monchy and Emily Post
Sydney, Avery, Lisa Licht, Skylar, and Carly

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com

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