Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dinner and dancing

Cocktails in the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at The New York Botanical Garden’s annual Rose Garden Dinner Dance.
The New York Botanical Garden’s annual Rose Garden Dinner Dance was two weeks ago today (September 20) at the Botanical Garden. The evening began with cocktails in the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden, and was followed by dinner and dancing on the Garden Terrace.

Social events at the Botanical have a bit of a different quality, perhaps because they are out of Manhattan (in the Bronx). There is something more naturally elegant and relaxing about them even when they are very formal. It’s being there; it’s another world. And a good one.
The Garden Terrace Room
The evening celebrates the second annual flowering of the Garden’s magnificent rose collection. Today the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden has 4000 plants displaying more than 600 varieties of roses. The Garden has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful rose gardens in America, and the only one surviving in New York City that was designed by Beatrix Jones Farrand, the landscape architect.

The chairs for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Biggs, Mrs. and Mrs. Harry Burn III, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson. This year they paid tribute to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Davidson.

This is an important event for the Botanical. Tickets start at $1000. The proceeds help to maintain and build the Rose Garden collection, and support the curators’ care and development of one of the world’s premier rose venues. This event attracted 200 members of the Garden’s extended family and raised $575,000 to support the collection.
Ann and Charles Johnson with Friederike Biggs
Beth and Beau Taylor
Caroline Wamsler and friends
Chris and Grace Meigher
Charles and Deborah Royce
Coleman and Susan Burke
Dotty and Lionel Goldfrank
Maureen and Richard Chilton and friends
Gregory Long and Maureen Chilton
Mary Davidson and Ellie Naess with friends
Jean Burn and friends
Jeffrey and Diane Jennings
Kathie Moore, Coleman Burke, and Ellie Naess
Jeremy Biggs, Friederike Biggs, Jeanne Jones, and friends
Marvin and Mary Davidson
Peter Kukielski, Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden Curator
Richard and Maureen Chilton
Roly Nolen and Gregory Long
Jeanne Jones, Mary Davidson, Ellie Naess, and friends
Friederike and Jeremy Biggs
This past Sunday before more than a thousand guests at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, NYU Langone Medical Center and the Hassenfeld family unveiled a $50 million gift that will create a comprehensive pediatric hospital at NYU Langone Medical Center. The $50 million gift from the Hassenfeld family, led by longtime NYU Langone Medical Center trustee Sylvia Hassenfeld, spans three generations and underscores the family’s belief in both giving back and to children.
Patti Kim, Laurie Block, Sophia Louisa, and Olivia
The announcement was made during a festive celebration with over 1,000 children, parents and grandparents in attendance, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Barbara Walters, who served as the mistress of ceremonies at the family-friendly event.
The gift will help create the Hassenfeld Pediatric Center, a new 160,000 square foot state-of-the-art pediatric hospital on the Medical Center’s main campus on the east side of Manhattan. Integral to the design of the pediatric hospital will be all private rooms, making it the only pediatric inpatient facility in Manhattan to have this feature.  Private rooms increase patient safety by decreasing exposure to infections, as well as serve to provide a private, supportive environment for the patients and their families.
Sylvia Hassenfeld, Barbara Walters, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Ken Langone, Alan Hassenfeld, and Ed Meyer
Lauri Perlmutter and Elizabeth Cohen
Ken Langone, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Barbara Walters
Sandra and Ed Meyer
Edward and Nancy Goodman
Jim and Susan Dunning
Elaine Langone, Alice Tisch, Sylvia Hassenfeld, and Barbara Walters
Dr. Nirav Shah, Catherine Manno, and Robert Grossman
Alice and Billie TIsch
Dr. Binkas Lebobids, Daniel Erem, Alan Hassenfeld, and Gabriel Erem
David and Sarah Fiszel with Leo and Henry
Ellen Block and Phylllis Mailman
Paul Porsberi, Laurie Block, and Ron Shaffer
This past Sunday night Ann Nitze held a cocktail reception at her Upper East Side penthouse for Edmund de Waal, author of The Hare With Amber Eyes. The place was packed with people who had already read it and wanted to merely pay tribute to the author for this wonderful book.
Jill Sackler, Raul Suarez, and Kathleen Hearst
Mary McFadden and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia
Edmund de Waal, Barbara Goldsmith, and Jackie Wogan
Joanne Hardy Clark, Edmund de Waal, and Agnes Gund
Geoffrey Bradfield, Sharon Handler, and Michael Arguello
Donald Blinken and Catherine Cahill
Noreen Buckfire, Ken Buckfire, and Daisy Soros
Encarnita Quinlan and Lily Pumarejo
Bill Bernhard and Evelyn Tompkins
Stella Sicael
Emily Frick and Ann Nitze
John Herring, Cinda Herrick, Charles Moffett, and Paul Herring
Patty and Henry Tang
Nadette Cohen and Peggy Danziger
Rod and Jackie Drake
Rick Beinecke and Susan Pillsbury
Paul Herring and Andrew Kepler
Michael Pillsbury, Stephanie Stokes, and friend
David Beer and Evelyn Tompkins
Marife Hernandez, Joel Bell, and Sharon Handler
Victoria Smith and Laurie Tisch

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com (NYU, Edmund de Waal).
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