Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fundraisers and birthdays out east

Linda Wells and Savannah Buffet hosted a charity benefit for Playing For Change at Surf Lodge in Montauk.
Last Saturday night at Surf Lodge in Montauk, Allure editor-in-chief Linda Wells and Savannah Buffet hosted a charity benefit for Playing For Change (to learn more about the Playing for Change Foundation and what they do, click here.
Richard Gere. Carey Lowell, Jimmy Buffett, Playing For Change Band
Richard Gere. Carey Lowell, Jimmy Buffett, and Playing For Change Band
Jimmy Buffett took the stage and played “Happy Birthday” while his wife Jane presented a cake to Linda Wells.
Linda Wells, Richard Gere
Linda Wells and Richard Gere
Bryan Calvert, Vicky Land, Elizabeth Bliss, Tricia Olds, Matthew Stucky
Bryan Calvert, Vicky Land, Elizabeth Bliss, Tricia Olds, and Matthew Stucky
Lysa Cooper, Natalie Holst
Lysa Cooper and Natalie Holst
Ashley Ramos, Jeff Slonim, Andrew Saffir, Katie Lee
Ashley Ramos, Jeff Slonim, Andrew Saffir, and Katie Lee
Kristy Clark, Pier Didonna, Christina Floyd
Kristy Clark, Pier Didonna, and Christina Floyd
Patrick Cooney, Louisa Stelle
Patrick Cooney and Louisa Stelle
Betsy Cronley, Raan Williams, Louisa Stelle, Mike Ramos
Betsy Cronley, Raan Williams, Louisa Stelle, and Mike Ramos
Leilani Bishop
Leilani Bishop
Vicky Land, Elizabeth Bliss
Vicky Land and Elizabeth Bliss
Adam Kohn
Adam Kohn
Marcia Mishaan, Jeff Slonim
Marcia Mishaan and Jeff Slonim
Emmanuel Di Donna, Jim Clark, Rob Neder
Emmanuel Di Donna, Jim Clark, and Rob Neder
Bjorn Iooss, Alyssa Miller
Bjorn Iooss and Alyssa Miller
Eva Iooss, Alyssa Miller, Bjorn Iooss, Walter Iooss
Eva Looss, Alyssa Miller, Bjorn Looss, and Walter Looss
Eva Iooss, Walter Iooss, Bettina Stelle
Eva and Walter Looss with Bettina Stelle
Stefano Tonchi, Delphine Krakoff, Reed Krakoff
Stefano Tonchi, Delphine Krakoff, and Reed Krakoff
Carey Lowell, Linda Wells, Jane Buffett, Jimmy Buffett
Carey Lowell, Linda Wells, and Jane and Jimmy Buffett
Cateiina Heil, Elizabeth Cutler
Catelina Heil and Elizabeth Cutler
Elizabeth Cutler, Rique Uresti, Julie Rice, Laurie Cole
Elizabeth Cutler, Rique Uresti, Julie Rice, and Laurie Cole
Delphine Krakoff, Reed Krakoff
Delphine and Reed Krakoff
Andrew Saffir, Katie Lee, Giada De Laurentris, Todd Thompson
Andrew Saffir, Katie Lee, Giada De Laurentiis, and Todd Thompson
Mike Ramos, Jane Buffett, Carey Lowell, Linda Wells
Mike Ramos, Jane Buffett, Carey Lowell, and Linda Wells
Heather Lilleston, Elby Meade
Heather Lilleston and Elby Meade
Antonia Salm, Adam Hadgiag, Tyra Hadgiag
Antonia Salm with Adam and Tyra Hadgiag
Giada De Laurentris, Todd Thompson
Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson
Carrie Imberman, Zeb Stewart
Carrie Imberman and Zeb Stewart
Henry Broughton, Meredith Waterman, Justin Waterman
Henry Broughton, and Meredith and Justin Waterman
Lourie Cole, Katie Lee, Rosanna Scotto
Lourie Cole, Katie Lee, and Rosanna Scotto
Rob Simonson, Holly Parmelee
Rob Simonson and Holly Parmelee
Cristina Cuomo, Savannah Buffett
Cristina Cuomo and Savannah Buffett
The East Hampton Library held its 7th Annual Authors Night, a lavish fundraiser to benefit the East Hampton Library. All proceeds go directly to the Library. The co-founders, Alec Baldwin and Barbara Goldsmith, began in 2005 with a handful of dinners and a few hundred attendees, it has grown to be the premier literary event of the Hamptons with over 160 authors and more than 1,000 people in attendance.

Co-chairs for the event included: Robert A. Caro, Dick Cavett, Nelson DeMille and Michael Connelly. Featured authors included Georgina Bloomberg, Jennet Conant, Kathy Freston, Victoria Hagan, Shere Hite, Duane Hampton, Stewart F. Lane, Katie Lee, Robert Lipsyte, Susan Lucci, Jeffrey Lyons, Adam Ross, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Beth Ostrosky Stern, and Colson Whitehead.

The evening began under the tent at the Library with fabulous hors d'oeuvres and wine. Guests met the authors, had an opportunity to buy their books and have them autographed. The evening continued as some of the authors discussed their books at dinner parties held in private homes throughout the Hamptons.

For more information see: www.authorsnight.org.
Carol Sue Gershman: The Jewish Lady & The Black Man
Katie Lee: Groundswell
Andrew Gross: Eyes Wide Open
Jene Luciani: The Bra Book
Dr. Lewis Gross: Montauk Tango
Susan Lucci: All my Life
Christina Oxenberg: Will Write for Compliments
Tom Clavin: Last Men Out
Dick Cavett: Talk Show
Stewart Lane, Bonnie Comley, Frankie Lane, Leah Lane: Jews on Broadway
Dana Ravage, Debra Halpert, Jill Martin: I have Nothing to Wear
Nelson DeMille: The Lion
Beth Ostrosky Stern: Oh my Dog, Lisa Hartman: Dial a Dynamite Dog
Kathy Freston: Veganist
Charla Krupp: How to Never Look Fat Again
Robert Klein
Richard Wiese: Born to Explore
Alec Baldwin
Jack deLashmet: Hamptons Gardens
Christina Haag: Come to the Edge
On August 12th, award-winning journalist Soledad O'Brien and banker Brad Raymond hosted the inaugural fundraising event, "New Orleans in the Hamptons" for their eponymous foundation dedicated to providing promising young women a bridge between obstacles and opportunities.
Soledad O'Brien, Pharrell Williams, and friends
Irvin Mayfield & the New Orleans Jazz Playhouse Revue
O'Brien, who has built a broadcast career giving voice to under served communities, knew that a lack of resources often limits the success of disadvantaged young women. "We take young, talented young women who really just lack money, and pay for their tuition, their books and their daycare. Whatever they need," said O'Brien. "It's incredibly rewarding."
Alina Cho and Kim Cho
Sheba Turk, Melissa George, Russell Simmons, and Tierra Moore
Soledad O'Brien and son Charlie Raymond
Star Jones and Herb Wilson
Irvin Mayfield, Soledad O'Brien, and Charlie Raymond
Kirk Franklin and Tammy Franklin
daughter, Soledad O'Brien, and son Charlie Raymond
Star Jones, Keith Reinhard, and Soledad O'Brien
Cameron Hough and Soledad O'Brien
Cicely Tyson
Eva Simmons O'Brien and Soledad O'Brien
Russell Simmons, Pharrell Williams, and Melissa George
Brad Raymond and Soledad O'Brien
Pharrell Williams and Ms. Reinhard
This past Saturday night at The Capri Hotel in Southampton Harboring Hearts co-founders Michelle Javian and Yuki Kotani hosted a Summer Fete and raised over $50,000. The event was underwritten by The Phoenix Foundation.

250 turned out to support the charity’s efforts to provide heart patients and their families with support through a home-like haven and a nurturing community of resources. Samantha Ronson provided the soundtrack for the night as guests including Lisa Morse, Joel Warren of Warren Tricomi, Christine Grace, Nobu co-owner Richie Notar, ZocDoc.com founder Cyrus Massoumi, Roc Nation’s Rich Kleiman, Phoenix Partners Group CEO Nicholas Stephan and Joanna Pallante enjoyed poolside cocktails by Moet Hennessey and Sushi by Nobu.
The Summer Fete also featured a live auction where partygoers bid on priceless experiences including passes to Douglas Hannant’s upcoming PINK collection fashion show in September, tickets to Book of Mormon, Giants tickets and two nights at The Plaza. Guests who made an additional donation at the event also received $50 gift certificates to Airbnb.com.

Harboring Hearts Housing Foundation is dedicated to providing housing and a support system for patients and caregivers hospitalized for heart-related diseases in the New York City area. For more information on Harboring Hearts, please visit the charity’s newly re-launched website at www.harboringhearts.org.
Yuki Kotani, Samantha Ronson, and Michelle Javian
Sarah Beaulac, Lila Gerson, and Michelle Banovic
Buck Sexton and Michelle Javian
Rebecca Geis and Joanna Pallante
Heart Patient Kayla Trolle and her mother Stephanie Trolle
Joel Warren and Yuki Kotani
Cyrus Massoumi
Jonathan and Jennifer Greening

Photographs by Rob Rich (Author's NIght, New Orleans in the Hamptons); PatrickMcMullan.com (Playing for Change); Sunny Norton (Harboring Hearts).
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