Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Galas, Appeals, and Children's Rights

Guests at 583 Park Avenue for the Hispanic Society of America's annual gala.
Last Thursday night the Hispanic Society of America held their annual gala at 583 Park Avenue. The black tie evening honored Fundacion Godia with the award accepted by Liliana Godia; and Museo Soumaya Fundacion Carlos Slim. That award was accepted by Soumaya Slim de Romero. The Hispanic Society of America is one of the great museums of this country and yet one of the least known.
Mitchell Codding
Mariette Scott
It was founded in 1904 by Archer Huntington in a beautiful building where it remains today on Audubon Terrace and 155th Street. Huntington endowed it financially and with a collection that rivals the best of them. It is a center for research on the history, art and culture of Spain Latin America and Portugal. Its annual fundraising gala reflects the museum's spirit of that civilization.
George Moore, Liliana Godia, and Frank Lorenzo
Patricia Lansing
Mitchell Codding and Amparo Codding
Hugo Castejon and Marta Sanchez
Frigo Ramirez de Haro and Oscar de la Renta
Liliana Godia and Soumaya Slim de Romero
Tomas Rossang and Lauren Gibbs
George Moore, Soumaya Slim de Romero, and Mariette Scott
Marian Pedro
Amparo Codding
Eva Marcessas and friend
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Eulalia Puig, Rafael Puig, and Androsa Puig
Kathie Moore
Amparo Codding, Philippe de Montebello, and Soumaya Slim de Romero
Bill Morton and Kay Morton
Alexis Zambrano, Gabriel Rivera-Barraza, and Jesus Torres
Gabriela Poler and Josefina Perez- Simon
Rolando and Maria Santana
Victoria Febrer
Jose Ciria and Alberto Esperanza
Lia Porcella de Costa
Laura Codosero, Helene Fontoira, Daniel Silva, and Patricia Dusmet
Vanessa Rezuelta, Lisa Rezuelta, Fiona Ferrer, and Isabel Espany
Begonia Oiarzun and Natalia Andueca
Roberta and Richard Huber
Fernando Romero and Soumaya Slim de Romero
Nicca Wang, Bianca Pratt, and Mariana Zois
Memrie Lewis and friend
Fabiola Arias
Claudia Rohn
Ester Herrero Gaffron and Tony Bechara
Marta Altolea, Enrique Lakuaya, and Cristina Valls-Taberner
Dyson Dryden and Anna McKnight
Marcos Tamargo, Ester Repiso, and Angel Luis Samper
Fred Gradin and Michele Gradin
Christopher Getty and Bianca Pratt
Carla Celamora, Diego Boyx, and Cristina Domenech
Gabriela Lobo, Fernando Tubilla, and Nour Tubilla
Natalie Salas and friend
Michele Gradin, Fred Gradin, and Ester Herrero Gaffron
Arturo Lopez Martin and Gabriela Poler
Federico Sporani, Sebastian Barriga, and Fidel Andueza
Patricia Estany Puig and friends
Nour Tubilla and Fernando Tubilla
Lisa and Vanessa Rezuelta
Costanzio del Alamo and Elizabeth
Margaret McQuade, Daniel Silva, and Laura Codosero
Lucia Regalen and Pere Pons
Inma Miquel, Manuel Eguillor, and Cristina Sanaranch
Andrew Bolton, Cristina Romero, and friend
Inmaculada de Habsburgo and Santiago Saavedra
Helio Campos, Candy Pratts Price, and Gabriel Rivera-Barraza
Fabiola Arias and Alex Gonzalez
Yazmin Sentis and Daniel Silva
The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center held a kick-off at the New York Racquet and Tennis Club, hosted by the Annual Appeal Committee. The Annual Appeal raises funds to support various projects. Last year they raised $1.4 million for "Targeting Melanoma."
Barbara Harbach, Dr. Thomas Fahey, Elizabeth Savage, Bill Harbach, Eleanor Fahey
Barbara Harbach, Dr. Thomas Fahey, Elizabeth Savage, Bill Harbach, and Eleanor Fahey
Robyn Joseph, Eleanora Kennedy, Heather Leeds, Kamie Lightburn
Robyn Joseph, Eleanora Kennedy, Heather Leeds, and Kamie Lightburn
Leslie Heaney, Andrew Heaney, Suzie Kovner
Leslie Heaney, Andrew Heaney, and Suzie Kovner
Bill Stutt, Carolyn Stutt, George Moss, Joyce Moss, Chuck Leonard, Brian Fitzgerald
Bill Stutt, Carolyn Stutt, George Moss, Joyce Moss, Chuck Leonard, and Brian Fitzgerald
Sandy Warner, Patsy Warner, Jamie Niven, Leslie Jones
Sandy Warner, Patsy Warner, Jamie Niven, and Leslie Jones
Sully Bogardus, Marcia Gowen, Toni duBrul, Ines Bausili, Luly Duke
Sully Bogardus, Marcia Gowen, Toni duBrul, Ines Bausili, and Luly Duke
?, Brian Fitzgerald, Mark Gilbertson
Kirk Henckels, Brian Fitzgerald, and Mark Gilbertson
Joyce Moss, Flis Blum, Mimi Curtis
Joyce Moss, Flis Blum, and Mimi Curtis
Stephanie Griswold, Alexis Waller, Ellen Haddigan
Stephanie Griswold, Alexis Waller, and Ellen Haddigan
Allison Aston, Jamie Beard, Veronica Beard
Allison Aston, and Jamie and Veronica Beard
Mark Gilbertson, Elizabeth Smith, John de Neufville
Mark Gilbertson, Elizabeth Smith, and John de Neufville
Claudia Overstrom, Kate Allen
Claudia Overstrom and Kate Allen
Robyn Joseph, Martha Webster
Robyn Joseph and Martha Webster
Nancy Planitzer, Ruth Fleischmann
Nancy Planitzer and Ruth Fleischmann
Dr. Craig Thompson, Coco Kopelman
Dr. Craig Thompson and Coco Kopelman
Judith Kelman, Dr. Annette Rickel
Judith Kelman and Dr. Annette Rickel
Anna Safir, Michael Safir
Anna and Michael Safir
Mrs. Scher, Dr. Howard Scher, Gerry Slattery
Mrs. Scher, Dr. Howard Scher, and Gerry Slattery
Stephanie Griswold, Melinda Blinken
Stephanie Griswold and Melinda Blinken
Joel Pashcow, Bonnie Pfeifer-Evans
Joel Pashcow and Bonnie Pfeifer-Evans
Dr. Peter Scardino, Dr. Howard Scher
Dr. Peter Scardino and Dr. Howard Scher
Maria Villalba, Mary Darling
Maria Villalba and Mary Darling
Kelly Forsberg, Lars Forsberg
Kelly and Lars Forsberg
Gerry Slattery, Dr. Pram Sogoni
Gerry Slattery and Dr. Pram Sogoni
David Koch
David Koch
Meredith Martin, Tucker Martin
Meredith and Tucker Martin
Joyce Moss, Chuck Leonard
Joyce Moss and Chuck Leonard
Michelle Wolfson, Michael Wolfson
Michelle and Michael Wolfson
To raise awareness and support for its ongoing fight to defend the lives and legal rights of abused and neglected children in foster care across the nation, CHILDREN’S RIGHTS held its Sixth Annual Benefit — honoring Douglas Durst, real estate developer and chairman of The Durst Organization — on Tuesday, October 4, 2011, at the Plaza Hotel, with over 400 guests attending, including Swizz Beatz, Governor David Paterson, Cece Cord, Alexandra and James Stanton, Paul Leclerc, Food Network Chef Chris Nirschel, Neila Radtke, Cathy Hardwick, Mario Buatta, Cori and Dan Galpern, Dolores and Merril Halpern, Cristina Civetta, and Bruce Carbone.

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, a groundbreaking musician and founding member of the hip-hop trio Run-DMC, performed. McDaniels received the 2010 Children’s Rights Champion Award and now serves on the organization’s board of directors.

Douglas Durst carries on the Durst family’s long history of supporting children, families, and communities through a wide assortment of causes and charities. Children’s Rights recognized Mr. Durst with its annual Children’s Rights Champion Award for his overwhelming generosity and outstanding philanthropy in lifting communities in New York City and beyond.
David Paterson, Anita Durst, Richard Emery, Douglas Durst, Marcia Lowry, and Darryl McDaniels
The packed ballroom of the Plaza Hotel
Co-Chairs for the evening were Helena Durst, Cori and Dan Galpern, and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels. Honorary Co-Chairs were Lewis and Louise Hirschfeld Cullman. The Benefit Committee included Jordan Barowitz, Karen Mroz, Theresa Petree, and Liv Tchividjian.

Members of the I AM ONE Committee: Alisyn Camerota, Patti LaBelle, Natalie Morales, Hannah Storm, Denise Richards, and Marsha Wallace. The Young Leadership Committee: Moises de la Renta and Diane and J. Alejandro Longoria, and committee members include Halley Abramson, Rachel Balaban, Federico Baptista, David Benattar, Elizabeth Bickford, Rahil D. Briggs, Jessica and Paul Davis, Peter Davis, Vivienne Decker, Frank Hentic, Rebecca Kysar, Cleo Lettry-Vauban, Michael Martin, Sarah Rosenwald Varet, Pamela and Douglas Stern, Alex Winner, and Arden Wohl.
Chris Nirschel, Tom Murro, Patricia Field, and Darryl DMC McDaniels
Alexa Winner and Philip Gaucher
Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Joan Siffert, and Mario Buatta
Cori Galpern and Julie Macklowe
To raise support for CHILDREN’S RIGHTS during the evening, a live auction was conducted by Hugh Hildesley, Executive Vice President and Senior Auctioneer, Sotheby’s.

CHILDREN’S RIGHTS protects the lives and legal rights of America’s abused and neglected children by advocating for the reform of failing child welfare systems across the United States. Since 1995, Children’s Rights has used legal action and policy initiatives to drive lasting reform in child protection, foster care, and adoption. The organization has been instrumental in spurring the reform of dysfunctional foster care systems from New Mexico to New York, and has dramatically changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.

To learn more, visit and follow Children’s Rights on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Anita and Douglas Durst, Darryl DMC McDaniels, Swizz Beatz, and the Parrish Family
Marcia Lowry and the Winner Family
John Siffert and Alon Plitt
Richard Emery, Gary Bradhering, former Governor David Paterson, and Douglas Durst
Chris Nirschel, Tom Murro, and Nicole Bandklayder
Swizz Beatz gives an autograph
Irvina Moody, Darryl DMC McDaniels, and Tiffany Smith
Swizz Beatz, Douglas Durst, and Darryl DMC McDaniels
Phillip Barber, Joan Siffert, and Emanuel and Liv Tchividjian
Cece Cord, and Mario Buatta
Larry Fox and Marcia Lowry
Alexia Thermiotis and Sarah Brodenval
Cece Cord and Jonathan Marder
Janette Avanessians, Merril Halpern, Dolores Halpern, and Karen Mroz
Alexandra Stanton, former Governor David Paterson, and James Stanton
Sam Natapoff, Thomas Giovanni, and Alexandra Stanton
Jim Stanton, Kelli Shaughnessy, and Darryl DMC Mc Daniels
Mike and Paul Reali with Governor Paterson
Neila Radtke, Catherine Biron, and Theresa Petree
Barbara Bent and Mindy Ursini
Cece Cord and Pamela Fabrikant
Princess Kristina Kovalenko and Cathy Hardwick
Darryl DMC McDaniels and DJ Charlie Chan

Photographs by (Hispanic Society, MSKCC)); (Children's Rights).
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