Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hamptons forays

Rebecca Krohn and Amar Ramasar perform at LONGHOUSE Preserve's Summer Benefit, WHITE HOT and BLUE.
On Saturday in East Hampton, LongHouse Reserve celebrated its 20th anniversary with a summer benefit, “White Hot and Blue.” They honored artist Dale Chihuly with the LongHouse Award and philanthropist and LongHouse patron Barbara Slifka with the LongHouse Art Leadership Award.

Mr. Chihuly installed his first outdoor glass sculpture at LongHouse in the mid-1990s. LongHouse’s founder Jack Larsen had encouraged Chihuly to foster his focus on the blown glass sculpture he is now known for. Mr Chihuly made a new piece to celebrate the anniversary and it was unveiled at the gala.
A rapt audience
Kevin Brine, Jessica Smith, Joanna Smith, Sherry Robertson, and Michael Camerini
Steven Reiner, Stephanie Reiner, John Gilman, Sam Guest, Cindy Bergsma, and Ennius Bergsma
Adam Forbes, Amy Gropp Forbes, Nicholas Lowry, Lauren Gropp Lowry, and Ben Lowry
Guests were greeted by performers from the Big Apple Circus, and there was a special performance by the New York City Ballet that was a tribute to Ms. Slifka. The company wanted to honor her contributions. Four principal dancers presented two dances by George Balanchine.
Terrie Sultan, Dorothy Lichtenstein, and Vincent Covello
Robert Kleinschmidt, Joan Wendt, and Cameron Forbes
Natasha Sigmund, Nada Barry, and Citizen Sigmund
Karrie Wright
Lisa Salvani and Peggy Ampster
David Slivka andß Michelle Slivka
Mitch Wasterlain and Christine Stanton
Peter Olsen, Randy Slifka, and Susan Gullia
Stephen Bernard and Sheila Bernard
Robby Browne, Tina Maria Birch, and Alan Rogers
John Driscoll and Marylyn Dintenfass
Josh Sawyer and Zach Sawyer
Naomi and Irving Benson
Patricia Conway
Rand and Jan Slifka
Peggy D and James DePasquale
Marie Pucci, Nicole Pucci, Ralph Pucci, and Ann Pucci
Bill Earle and Aidan Mooney
Michael Azerrad, Laurie Anderson, Ann Carson, and Bob Currie
Pamela Morton, Dean James Morton, and Mary Jane Brock
Robert Wilson and Lys Marigold
Rebecca and Ronald Chapman
Robert Wilson and Dorothy Lichtenstein
Tamara Braverman and Richard Meier
Diane Tepper
Jim Sajdak, Jack Larson, and Richard Egan
Madeline Noveck, Charlie Cowles, and Joan Price
Ida Nicolaisen, Sherry Dobbin, and Marc Fasanella
Alex Rosenberg, Michael Halsband, and Carol Rosenberg
Debra Hare, Noel Hare, Cheryl Jacobs, and Al Spok
Besna Babic, Paul McKevitt, Mary Power, and Kei Holl
Hazel Lyons and Sandra Becker
Deirdre Durkan, Patricia Durkan, Tara Durkin, and Abagail Durkin
Christopher French and Terrie Sultan
Carol and Michael Weisman
Rebecca and Faith Popcorn
Howard and Ann Chwatsky
Gillis Addison, Ron Chapman, and Rebecca Chapman
Dean James Morton, Amanda Bowling, Godon Bowling, and Pamela Morton
Edward Albee and Charlie Cowles
Elysia Dawn, Amar Ramasar, and Lauren Lovette
Francesca Valerio, Michael Tannen, and Almond Zigmund
Hala Schlub and James Salomon
James Kennedy
Jay Schneiderman and Julie Stone
Jane and Michael Wind
Edwina von Gal, Cindy Sherman, and Jenny Muldaur
Kati Van Milgers and Sophie Bruynoghe
Peter Olsen, Faith Popcorn, Cindy Bergsma, and Ennius Bergsma
WeAdvance.org, GlobalDirt.org, and Plum Hamptons Magazine hosted a Hamptons For Haiti brunch and cocktails at The Ross School in East Hampton this past Sunday to benefit Cité Soleil in Haiti—the poorest region in the Western hemisphere.

There was a musical performance by The Diva of Haiti Barbara Guillaume and a live auction featuring items such as a three-night trip to Haiti with actress Maria Bello, a visit to her new NBC’s Fall series Prime Suspect set with actor Aiden Quinn, a set visit to NBC’s Law & Order Special Victims Unit with actress Mariska Hargitay, and a voyage on Nicole Ross’ private yacht, just to name a few. All proceeds will go toward establishing the first-ever ambulance service in Cité Soleil, as well as the organizations’ other ongoing efforts within the Haitian community.
Sponsors for this year’s Hamptons for Haiti benefit included: The Ross School, Plum Hamptons, Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, Distinctive Resort and Residences at the Panoramic View, TCG, Urban Zen Foundation, Magnolia Bakery, Kristine Szabo, East Hampton Florist, Smartwater, Soft Serve Fruit Co, Brugal Rum, Bond No. 9, and Lenume.
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, Mariska Hargitay, Maria Bello, Jean Shafiroff, and Patricia Arquette
Co-founded by actress Maria Bello after the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, We Advance is a micro-NGO that seeks to empower the mind, body and spirits of Haitian women. Their clinic services hundreds of women and children a week with health care, community outreach, English class and play programs. The organization brings in volunteer experts to train local community leaders in the aspects of health, safety and education. The ultimate goal of We Advance is to foster the program’s foundation and, in the near future, leave the organization in the hands of Haitian women.
Global DIRT (Disaster Immediate Response Team) is a micro-NGO, also founded in January 2010 by Adam Marlatt shortly after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Using their experiences as members of the United States Marine Corps, Marlatt and fellow Marine Robert Sullivan have constructed a small, all-volunteer force dedicated to providing immediate assistance to victims of disasters all around the globe. DIRT acts as an intermediary between larger organizations, hospitals, military, and the victims. DIRT has provided water, food and medical supplies in areas that have not always been reached by larger organizations. The team specializes in emergency patient transfers and works diligently to improve communication between local hospitals and clinics. Global DIRT's goal for future situations is to be the first responder on the ground after a disaster. It plans to use its experiences in Haiti to provide fast, efficient and accurate information to responding groups in order to organize and expedite the recovery and rebuilding process.
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Fisher Stevens, Maria Bello, and Liev Schreiber
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Rob Damrow, Dina Pinos, Mwata Dyson, and Kristine Szabo
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Terry Quinn, Carolyn Benitez, and Reya Benitez
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Aleda Frishman
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Ian Christie, Peter Tunney, and Brian Sirgutz
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Cristina Cuomo, Liev Schreiber, Mariska Hargitay, and Fisher Stevens
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Darius Narizano, Nicole Ross, and Rita Narizano
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Brooke Milstein
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Christopher Fischer
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Clare Munn
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Ahmed Abdirahman and Maria Diaz
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Mariska Hargitay, Maria Bello, and Patricia Arquette
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Elizabeth Jordan and Melky Jean
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Sean Avery and Hilary Rhoda
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Alison Thompson and Donna Karan
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Barbara Guillaume and Mike Taylor
Deborah Cox drew everyone to their feet
Beth O'Donnell and Sonja Nuttall
This past Saturday night at the home of Ellen and Chuck Scarborough, Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation hosted “Unconditional Love,” a “drinks and bites” evening honoring Karen LeFrak and her champion poodle Gem, and benefiting the Foundation.

Mrs. LeFrak who raises and shows Standard poodles adores her dogs and even writes children’s books about them encouraging children to become familiar with the lifelong joys of unconditional love provided by our furry friends.
Karen LeFrak, Chuck Scarborough, Ellen Scarborough, Gem
Karen LeFrak with Gem and Chuck and Ellen Scarborough
Roger Matloff, Erica Matloff, Christopher Obetz, Charles McConnell,  Emma Jesberg, Merritt Piro, Bella
Roger Matloff, Erica Matloff, Christopher Obetz, Charles McConnell, Emma Jesberg, Merritt Piro, and Bella
Ellen Scarborough, Chuck Scarborough, Ann Madonia, Susan Madonia, Linda Clifford
Ellen Scarborough, Chuck Scarborough, Ann Madonia, Susan Madonia, and Linda Clifford
Bob Schonfeld, Amber
Bob Schonfeld and Amber
Sophie, Bella
Sophie and Bella
Sandra McConnell and Chris Obetz and Liz Brown and Leslie Alexander were co-chairs. Junior Committee Chairs were Elizabeth and Jacqueline Shafiroff and Charles McConnell. Ellen and Chuck Scarborough are big supporters of animal rescue, adoption and medical treatment. They have often opened their lovely Southampton home and grounds for evenings such as this. They know about those lifelong joys.
Susan Ellen, Robert Liberman, Babara Liberman
Susan Ellen, Robert Liberman, and Babara Liberman
Emma Jesberg, Charles McConnell, Merritt Piro,
Emma Jesberg, Charles McConnell, and Merritt Piro,
Kevin Conway, Cotton
Kevin Conway and Cotton
Chuck Scarborough, Ellen Scarborough, Melanie Wambold, John Wambold
Chuck Scarborough, Ellen Scarborough, Melanie Wambold, and John Wambold
Jacqueline Berg, Odie
Jacqueline Berg and Odie
Andy Sabin, Panda, Sally Sanfa
Andy Sabin, Panda, and Sally Fan
Jackie Shafiroff, Jean Shafiroff, Martin Shafiroff, Elizabeth Shafiroff, Daisy, Charlie
Jackie, Jean, Martin, and Elizabeth Shafiroff, and Daisy, Charlie
Mike Kaviani, Lottie
Mike Kaviani and Lottie
Tom Gregory, John Chaney, Susie
Tom Gregory, John Chaney, and Susie
Katherine Porter, Lee Fryd, Janet Tekworth
Katherine Porter, Lee Fryd, and Janet Tekworth
Mark Ambrico, Bella
Mark Ambrico and Bella
Matt Miele, Sara Gore
Matt Miele and Sara Gore
Chuck Scarborough, Sheri Kaufman, Bill Sclight
Chuck Scarborough, Sheri Kaufman, and Bill Sclight
Noel Patton, Catherine Adler
Noel Patton and Catherine Adler
Sandra McConnell, Zita Davisson
Sandra McConnell and Zita Davisson
Howard Lorber, Dr Frank Weiser
Howard Lorber and Dr Frank Weiser
Lee Sable, Sandra McConnell
Lee Sable and Sandra McConnell
Wendy Diamond, Lucy, Karen LeFrak, Gem
Wendy Diamond, Lucy, Karen LeFrak, and Gem
Gail Tobias, Linda Shapiro
Gail Tobias and Linda Shapiro
Nikki Phillips, Sony Schotland, Cassandra Seidenfeld Lyster
Nikki Phillips, Sony Schotland, and Cassandra Seidenfeld Lyster
Lisa Hartman
Lisa Hartman
Terri Gold, Bruce Lewin, Kristina Lewin
Terri Gold, Bruce Lewin, and Kristina Lewin
Howard Lorber, Christopher Obetz, Bella
Howard Lorber, Christopher Obetz, and Bella
Ellen Scarborough, Timothy Martin
Ellen Scarborough and Timothy Martin
Dawn Rowan, Liz Alter
Dawn Rowan and Liz Alter

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com.
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