Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hamptons Rocks

Anne Hearst McInerney, Lawrence Bender, Jay McInerney, Delfina Blaquier, Nacho Figueras, and Jeffrey Sachs at Plum Hamptons magazine's a Literary Evening
Last Thursday night in East Hampton, Hamptons Rocks for Charity presented its premiere event, a Crosby, Stills & Nash concert to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) and Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA).

Hamptons Rocks for Charity is an annual summer charity concert to benefit OCRF and CCFA. Each year a major musical act headlines the event. The evening fundraiser featured gourmet food prepared by celebrity chef, restaurateur and author Geoffrey Zakarian. There was a special 90-minute performance by CSN; a live auction of luxury items including two guitars to be signed backstage following the show by David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash; a seven-day all-inclusive vacation to a Dorado Beach Residences/Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton with no date restrictions; and a raffle for a chance to win a customized 2012 E550 Mercedes convertible.
David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash
David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash
Bob Nystrom, Michelle Nystrom, Ed Blumenfeld, Susan Blumenfeld, Sarah Riegerd, David Blumenfeld
Bob Nystrom, Michelle Nystrom, Ed Blumenfeld, Susan Blumenfeld, Sarah Riegerd, and David Blumenfeld
Donny Deutsch, Mark Miller, Nicole Miler, Jennifer Wexler, Hoda Kotb, Tanya Zuckerbrot
Donny Deutsch, Mark Miller, Nicole Miler, Jennifer Wexler, Hoda Kotb, and Tanya Zuckerbrot
James Salomon, Susan Mullen, Jack Mullen, Donald Mullen
James Salomon, Susan Mullen, Jack Mullen, and Donald Mullen
Cindy Keaveny
Cindy Keaveny
Michael Bebon
Michael Bebon
This year's sponsors include LiveNation, Free Country Outerwear, Bombay Wines, Ketel One, Dorado Beach Residences, Mercedes Benz of Southampton, Inside Sports, Coca-Cola and The Palm Restaurant.
Stephen Stills (performance)
Stephen Stills
Graham Nash
David Crosby (performance)
David Crosby
Michael Bebon, Ron Delsener
Michael Bebon and Ron Delsener
Gerry Curatola, Alex Taman, Grace Curatola, Georgia Curatola
Gerry Curatola, Alex Taman, Grace Curatola, and Georgia Curatola
Heather Bail, Cameron Rokasar, Steve Levy, Dina Casson
Heather Bail, Cameron Rokasar, Steve Levy, and Dina Casson
Kate Kogan, Andrew Zaro, Dawn Drapkin
Kate Kogan, Andrew Zaro, and Dawn Drapkin
Dev Chodry, Jodi Schwalb, Michael Schwalb
Dev Chodry, Jodi Schwalb, and Michael Schwalb
Jennifer Miller, Mark Miller, Hoda Kotb, Jennifer Wexler
Jennifer Miller, Mark Miller, Hoda Kotb, and Jennifer Wexler
Kyle Rosko, Joan Macra, Paul Anthony
Kyle Rosko, Joan Macra, and Paul Anthony
Michael Warren, Marcy Warren, John Cappalardo
Michael Warren, Marcy Warren, and John Cappalardo
Geoffrey Zakarian, Margaret Zakarian
Geoffrey Zakarian and Margaret Zakarian
Marina Albright, Daniel Laub, Gregory Quinn, Lindsay Friedland
Marina Albright, Daniel Laub, Gregory Quinn, and Lindsay Friedland
Jim Cohen, Marian Cohen, NancyJane Loewy
Jim Cohen, Marian Cohen, and Nancy Jane Loewy
Elena Gretch, Harry Chernoff, Raquel Bodmer
Elena Gretch, Harry Chernoff, and Raquel Bodmer
Joan Macra, Cindy Stern, Lin Calver
Joan Macra, Cindy Stern, and Lin Calver
Jennifer Miller, Mark Miller, Hoda Kotb, Jennifer Wexler
Jennifer Miller, Mark Miller, Hoda Kotb, and Jennifer Wexler
Jeffrey Kogan, Dylan Kogan, Kyle Kogan, Fallon Kogan
Jeffrey Kogan, Dylan Kogan, Kyle Kogan, and Fallon Kogan
Gwen Bokinne, Christine Huhn, Debra Halpert
Gwen Bokinne, Christine Huhn, and Debra Halpert
Katlean de Monchy
Katlean de Monchy
Jan Slifka, Randy Slifka, Anne Van De Weghe
Jan Slifka, Randy Slifka, and Anne Van De Weghe
Bob Roberts, Alan Leiberman
Bob Roberts and Alan Leiberman
Lee Jennings, Jennifer Bebon
Lee Jennings and Jennifer Bebon
Corey Greenbaum, Lisa Nativo
Corey Greenbaum and Lisa Nativo
Victoria Mukovozov, Kyle Rosko
Victoria Mukovozov and Kyle Rosko
Karol Laure, Misa Amoilf, Renee Platt
Karol Laure, Misa Amoilf, and Renee Platt
Mark Freundlich, Cal Freundlich
Mark and Cal Freundlich
Lauren Auslander, Vincent Georgetti, Liza Mandell
Lauren Auslander, Vincent Georgetti, and Liza Mandell
Last Wednesday night, Plum Hamptons magazine held a Literary Evening and dinner hosted by the mag's editor Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Taylor Plimpton, Jay McInerney, Jonathan and Marc Sherman at the Southampton Social Club.
Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Michael Mailer, Natasha Silver, and Joe Driscoll
Alvaro de Marichalar and Camille Hunt
Edwin Chavez and Ellen Rullman
Anne Hearst McInerney and Lawrence Bender
Taylor Plimpton, Jay McInerney, and Jonathan Marc Sherman
Brian Goldman, Joanna Ifrah Goldman, and Jonathan Marc Sherman
Gigi Howard and Lara Shriftman
Camille Hunt, Lisa Ellis, and Joanna Ifrah Goldman
Ilene Antelman
Denise Bornschein, Ian Duke, and Cassie Spreitzer
Dan Loeb, Alexandra Shiva, and Josh Lehrer
Gina Larucci and Mark Turner
Holly Peterson and Shane Dyckman
Tiffany McKay, Jackie McKay, and Tisha Collette
Harry Hurt and Zelina Belagdem
Jason and Samantha Katcher
Zelina Belagdem and Michael Showalter
Robert Lipsyte and Lois Morris
Pricilla Dwyer, Dennis Dwyer, and Denise Bornschein
Carlos Matos and Nina Combs
Cassie Spreitzer and Pam Weir
Delfina Blaquier, Nacho Figueras, and Jeffrey Sachs
Ellen Rullman and Savannah Buffett
Jonathan Marc Sherman, and Seth Herzog
Tripoli Patterson and Eric Freeman
Nick Leighton, Eben Hall, and Jenelle Ferri
Lisa Schultz and Adam Schultz
Jared Isaacson, Jennifer McCool, and Glenn Isaacson
Lisa Ellis and Eden Williams
Jesse Harris, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, and Bill Dobrow
Lynn Glantz and Samantha Katcher
Leslie Reingold, Tom Clavin, and Ilene Antelman
On Friday, this past August 19, Alex Soldier and the Princess Grace Foundation-USA hosted an exclusive charity shopping event with cocktails that benefited the Princess Grace Foundation-USA. Graciously hosted by Amy G. Treitel, guests toasted the end of the summer with elegant jewelry and fabulous shopping for a wonderful cause.
Maria Soldier, Alex Soldier, and Galiana Soldier
Yolanda F Johnson, Martin von Grossman, Susan von Grossman, and Toby Boshak
Andrew Yaffe, Maria Soldier, Alexa Winner, and David Williams
Bonnie Pfeifer Evans and Eileen Gallagher
Amy G. Treitel, Alex Soldier, and Ruth Miller
Last Saturday afternoon in East Hampton, Emil and Jody Henry hosted a reception for Mitt Romney and his wife Ann. Governor Romney, as the world now knows, is a Republican candidate for the Presidency in 2012. Mr. Henry, a former Treasury official in the George W. Bush administration, was the first Bush loyalist to publicly endorse him.

The cocktail party had originally been scheduled for the weekend that Irene hit, sending the campaign staff scrambling to find time on Romney's schedule to come to the Hamptons.
Ann and Mitt Romney with Tom Edelman
The Governor and his wife mingled with guests for about an hour after which Henry introduced him. 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft interviewed him. NY Jets owner Woody Johnson spoke.

Guests were a mix of Wall St., big business, hedge fund and private equity kingpins, politicians and television personalities including Woody Johnson, Steve Kroft, Julian Robertson protege John Griffin and his wife Amy, Charlie and Sara Ayres, Ed Cox, East Hampton Mayor Bill Wilkinson, Will and Judy Hiltz, Federal Reserve Governor Kevin Warsh and wife Jane Lauder, Larry and Stephanie Flinn, Henry and Debbie Druker, Michael and Dale Garstin, Bill and Cory Laverack, Louis Bacon, Mickey Strauss, Peter and Maily Smith, David and Brooke Laughlin, Pat Breen, Jim and Linda Brandi, Curt and Angel Schade, Lewis and Diane Van Amerongen, Joseph and Franci Rice, Tom Edelman, Dr. Wayne and Pat Isom, Anthony and Laurence Magro, Sharyar and Laura Aziz.
Mitt Romney, Michael and Dale Garstin, and Derek Schuster
Jody Henry, Parker Henry, and Emil Henry
Peter Smith, Maily Smith, and Woody Johnson
Mrs. Jim Dahl and Woody Johnson
The Romneys with the Henry family
Mitt Romney, Emil Henry, Jim Marver, and Lewis van Amerongen
Chairman Ed Cox (Chairman of NY Republican Party) and Mickey Strauss
Stephanie Flinn and Mitt Romney
Bill Wilkinson and Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney, Emil Everett, and Tracey Duryea
Mitt Romney and Governor Kevin Warsh
John Griffin, Emil Henry, Charlie Ayres, and Mitt Romney
Henry Druker, Debbie Druker, and Woody Heller
Dr. Wayne Isom and Jeff Moses
Woody Johnson and Mitt Romney
Steve Kroft and Pat Isom
Emil Henry and Ted Terry
Tome Edelman, Mickey Strauss, and Pat Breen
Mary Lee and Robert Citrino
Charlie Ayres, Tom Edelman, and Bill Laverack
Jody henry, David Walker, and Linda Brandi
Laurence Magro and Will Hiltz
Amy Griffin, Mike Clifford, and Robert Levy
Curt and Angel Schade
Parker Henry and Shary Aziz family

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com; Richard Lewin (Romney).
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