Monday, October 3, 2011

Hope on the Horizon

Mel Goodes and Leonard Lauder at Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation's 2nd annual luncheon and symposium.
The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation held its 2nd annual luncheon and symposium – “Hope on the Horizon: New Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease – at the Jumeirah Essex House Wednesday, September 21st.

With Executive Chairs Leonard A. Lauder, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, and Nancy and Mel Goodes, and Honorary Chairs Bonnie Pfeifer Evans and Alice Shure, the event brought together approximately 275 guests and raised $600,000 for Alzheimer’s drug discovery research. Paula Zahn was emcee.
Dr. Howard Fillit
Paula Zahn
A door prize drawing raised over $50,000 and featured an Imperial Shih Tzu puppy. 100% of the proceeds from this event will be used to fund promising drug research and early clinical studies for Alzheimer’s disease.

Joan Sutton Straus introduced Dr. Howard Fillit, who presented a progress report on the development of Alzheimer’s drugs. Leonard A. Lauder, Co-Chairman of the Foundation, welcomed guests at the Luncheon. Bonnie Pfeifer Evans and Alice Shure, trustees of the Charles Evans Foundation, presented the inaugural Charles Evans Award for Excellence to Dr. Daniel Skovronsky, Founder, President, and CEO of Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, Inc.
Paula Zahn and Dr. Eric Kandel
Following the award presentation, Paula Zahn conducted an onstage interview with Dr. Eric Kandel, distinguished neuroscientist, world-renowned researcher, and winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

“Our strategy is distinctive. We focus on innovative Alzheimer’s drug research in biotechnology companies and at universities, financing programs to catapult successful projects to the next stage of development,” Leonard A. Lauder told guests. “Investors with deeper pockets can then step forward to support our grantees in bringing new drugs to market and getting them in the hands of patients.”
Frances Scaife and Beth Rudin de Woody
Paula Zahn and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild
Alexandra Lebenthal and Robin Meltzer
Susie Elson and Harriet Weintraub
Paul Fribourg and Jo Carole Lauder
Bobba Paul Hauserman and Amanda Grove Holmen
Jennifer Miller, James Cohen, and Lisa Cohen
Bobba Paul Hauserman, Amanda Grove Holmen, and Ted Hartley
Elise Lefkowitz and Steven Stolman
William Lauder and Lynn Forester de Rothschild
Stephen Sands and Dr. Howard Fillit
Mary Farrell and Sharon Sager
Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Alice Shure, Nancy Lynn, and Dr. Howard Fillit
Jo Carole Lauder and Ronald Lauder
Dr.Daniel Skovoronsky, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, and Alice Shure
Dr.Eric Kandel and Paula Zahn
Leonard Lauder, Mari Skovronsky, and Dr. Daniel Skovronsky
Dr. Howard Fillit, Elise Lefkowitz, and Marc Lefkowitz
Suzy Wahba
Mel Goodes and Nancy Goodes
Elise Lefkowitz
Mitch Eichen, Annette Eichen, Terri Lazo, and Frank Lazo
Paul Wagner and Jeanette Wagner
Leonard Lauder and Joan Sutton Straus
Allison Johnson, Nancy Lynn, Sharon Johnson, and Chris Johnson
The Pediatric Support Committee of the NewYork-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Center for Children's Health, including Martha Busconi, Angela Clofine, Merrill Curtis, Amy Dieterich, Alison Pappas, and Jennifer Pinkos, hosted a shopping event at EDIT New York on September 26 to help kick-off the hospital's annual signature pediatric fundraiser, Light Up A Life.

Guests mingled and delighted on cocktails as they shopped to support programs to benefit pediatric patients at the Komansky Center. Light Up A Life will take place on Saturday, October 22 at the Field House at Chelsea Piers.
Event Co-chairs (clockwise from bottom left) Martha Busconi, Alison Pappas (green), Jennifer Pinkos, Dr. Gerald Loughlin, Angela Clofine, Amy Dieterich, and Merrill Curtis
Kathy Burns and Brenda Lewis
Valerie Feigen, co-owner of EDIT, Valerie Aston, and Alissa Emerson, co-owner of EDIT
Kathleen Kocatas and Marcie Pantzer
Alison Pappas and Angela Clofine
Barbara Loughlin and Dr. Susan Bostwick
Evette Ferguson, Jennifer Pinkos, Donya Bommer, and Sarah Meister
Laura Carr and Alison Pappas
Erica Armstrong and Nancy Eaves
Dr. Jonathan Chen
. Fabiana Ramirez and Angela Clofine
Barbara Loughlin, Dr. Gerald Loughlin, and Erica Samuels
Tracey Huff, Suzanne Studier-Feldman, Angela Clofine, and Shannon Henderson
Valerie Feigen, Dr. Gerald Loughlin, and Alissa Emerson
Travis Acquavella, Annie Hildenbiddle, and Merrill Curtis
Allison Aston, Valerie Aston, Dr. Gerald Loughlin, Marcie Pantzer
Wendy Yevoli and Amy Dieterich
Last Tuesday night, PAOLA QUADRETTI hosted a Kick-Off Reception For Sloan-Kettering's International Antique & Art Show at the Paola Quadretti Pop Up Store, 937 Madison Ave. The preview night is Thursday, October 20th.
Roann Costin and Paola Quadretti
Barbara Regna, Kathleen Giordano, and Eleanora Kennedy
Annette Rickel and Catherine Carey
Karen Koeningsberg
Martha Glass, Coco Kopelman, Melinda Blinken, and Nicole Limbocker
Rodney Hilton Brown and Sarah Beth Shrager
Barbara Regna and Kathleen Giordano
Roann Costin and Elizabeth Miller
Michel C. Witmer and Eleanore Kennedy
Nicole Limbocker, Annette Rickel, Melinda Blinken, Roann Costin, and Elizabeth Miller
Douglas Hickman and Karen Koeningsberg
Jane Crary and Roann Costin
Karen Klopp, Paola Quadretti, and Leslie Johnson
Amy Fine Collins and Kevin Costin
Scalamandré the legendary decorative fabric, wallcovering and trimmings house, rolled out its zebra carpet in support of the Irish Georgian Society-–those lovely folks who raise funds and awareness to restore and preserve the great architectural treasures of Ireland.

Steven Stolman, Scalamandré’s president, welcomed guests to the company’s iconic East Side townhouse, where everyone was literally surrounded by extraordinary damasks, brocades and prints as waiters passed spectacular hors d’oeuvre from King’s Carriage House courtesy of Liz King, an IGS board member. IGS president Peter Haveles fondly remembered Desmond FitzGerald, the Knight of Glin, who died recently, while Sheila O’Malley Fuchs announced that the society’s upcoming gala would be a tribute to The Knight’s lifetime commitment to the Irish Georgian Society.

There was sipping and schmoozing in true Irish style. Among the guests were Joe Fuchs, Kay and John McEnroe, Ambassador Anne Anderson, Loretta Brennan Glucksman, Jean Hutar, Louise Peabody and Edgar Lansbury, Amy Hoadley and Bob Gianos, Michel Witmer and Dr. Dino Rivera, Robert Rufino, Duane Hampton, author John Tiffany, Grace and Chris Meigher, Ellen Fitzsimons, Suzy Slesin, costume designer William Ivey Long, editors Jason Kontos, Carolyn Englefied, Eugenia Santiesteban Soto and a host of interior design luminaries that included Judy Hadlock, Scott Sanders, Keith Carroll, James Andrews, Dennis Rolland, Jonathan Tait, Christopher Spitzmiller, Eric Hilton, Ronald Bricke and Robert Passal and Pauline Metcalf.
Amy Hoadley and Bob Gianos
Steven Stolman, Gillian Miniter, and William Ivey Long
Michel Witmer and Grace Meigher
Annette Lester and Ellen FitzSimons
Scott Sanders, Sheila O'Malley, and John McEnroe
Kay McEnroe and Ellen FitzSimons
Karen Hughes and Kay Gilman
Steven Stolman and Duane Hampton
Joe Fuchs, Melanie Wambold, and Peter Haveles
Christopher Mason and Laura Freeman
Sunday night a week ago at Chelsea Pier 60, New Tang Dynasty (NTD) held its Emperor’s Banquet, which served up a luscious and lavish 10 course feast combining the finest of Imperial China and the delicious delectables of 21st CenturyAmerica. The Banquet was the amazing culmination of a global competition of the finest Chefs of Chinese Cuisine from around the world, a blending of Five Thousand Years of Chinese History and culture, with the elegance and beauty of a New York Gala.

The evening included a stunning Han Couture Fashion show with the most beautiful Chinese models in 500-year-old dresses. Violinist Corin Lee was given a standing ovation for his performance.
Cocktail hour at Pier 60
Chef's for the Emperor's Banquet
Chef's for the Emperor's Banquet
Cory Lee Violinist
Cory Lee
Dr. Samuel Zhou
Dr. Samuel Zhou
Martial Artist Long Fei
Martial Artist Long Fei
More than forty top chefs, from competed for two days in the heart of Times Square. The winning Chefs, in five distinctive regional cuisines, prepared the extraordinary meal at Pier 60.

A special presentation during the evening was made to Kerry Kennedy, President of The RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights. Their mission is to realize Robert Kennedy’s Dream of a Peaceful and Just World by Advancing Human Rights. Ms. Kennedy gave a riveting speech and quoted the eloquence of her father.

Food Networks celebrity host Marc Summers served as a special guest host.
Han Couture
Han Couture ...
Han Couture
Han Couture
Han Couture
Han Couture
Han Couture
Celebrities and VIPs, added to the excitement and glamour of the event. Patrick Harvey and Catherine Saxton, co-chairs of the event, Zhong Lee, chairman of NTD, Samuel Zhou, VP of PR and Development, Pia Maria and Stephen Norris, Bob and Paula Butler, Dick and Donna Soloway, Ava Roosevelt, Jane Holzer, Tim Gannon and Jamie Figg attended the banquet. Maribel Alvarez led a glittering Palm Beach contingent headed by Judy Grubman.

New Tang Dynasty (NDT) was established 10 years ago and is a nonprofit, multi-language TV network. The station serves more than 250 million potential viewers in China and around the world. With reporters in over 70 cities worldwide, NTD is a pioneer in broadcasting uncensored news directly into mainland China via satellite and the Internet. NTD is a longtime proponent of the human rights of journalists in their never ending quest for “Freedom of the Press.”
Steve Norris, Lilly Chang,Miya Zhu, Pia Maria Norris
Steve Norris, Lilly Chang, Miya Zhu, and Pia Maria Norris
Zhong Lee, Nadia Ghattas
Zhong Lee and Nadia Ghattas
Gail Rachlin, Dana Cheng
Gail Rachlin and Dana Cheng
Max Boot, Lilly Chang, Sue Terry
Max Boot, Lilly Chang, and Sue Terry
Donna Soloway, Dick Soloway
Donna and Dick Soloway
Stuart Sundlun, Natalie White
Stuart Sundlun and Natalie White
Ava Roosevelt, Judy Grubman
Ava Roosevelt and Judy Grubman
Art Benvenuto, Anne Akers, Kerry Kennedy, Gail Rachlin, Dr. Jingduan Yang, Kean Wong
Art Benvenuto, Anne Akers, Kerry Kennedy, Gail Rachlin, Dr. Jingduan Yang, and Kean Wong
Zhong Lee, Patrick Harvey, Kerry Kennedy, Tim Gannon, Jane Holzer
Zhong Lee, Patrick Harvey, Kerry Kennedy, Tim Gannon, and Jane Holzer
Jane Holzer, Felice Taylor
Jane Holzer and Felicia Taylor
Judy Grubman, Jamie Figg
Judy Grubman and Jamie Figg
Kean Wong, Kerry Kennedy, Pithet Ong, Greg Grossman
Kean Wong, Kerry Kennedy, Pithet Ong, and Greg Grossman
Carrie Hung
Carrie Hung
Tim Gannon, Kerry Kennedy, Catherine Saxton, Jamie Figg
Tim Gannon, Kerry Kennedy, Catherine Saxton, and Jamie Figg

Photographs by Rob Rich (AADF & Emperor's Banquet);
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