Thursday, February 24, 2011

New seasons to celebrate

A performance by Mai Ueda at Freight + Volume gallery in Chelsea.
This past Tuesday night in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Museum (known locally as LACMA) was the site of a party hosted by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter in honor of LACMA trustee Wendy Stark Morrissey (who is the Los Angeles editor to VF) at the museum’s new restaurant and bar. The restaurant is named Ray’s, after Ray Stark, Wendy’s father and the late film producer known for such works as Funny Girl and Steel Magnolias.

Graydon Carter, Wendy Stark Morrissey, and Terry Semel
Anne Kreamer, Kurt Andersen, and Arianna Huffington
Ray Stark was a LACMA Trustee, as is his daughter who currently sits on the board. Executive Chef Kris Morningstar, who was most recently Executive Chef at District and Mercantile, and prior to that worked at such top L.A. establishments as AOC, Patina, and Blue Velvet, presided over the kitchen. The restaurant and bar names honor gifts to LACMA’s Transformation campaign from The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation, through the generosity of museum trustee Wendy Stark Morrissey. The bar is aptly titled the Stark Bar.

Among those attending were, of course, LACMA Director Michael Govan and his wife Katherine Ross as well as Suzanne Saperstein who donated generously towards the acquisition of the Kamer/Ruf costume collection (currently on view in the Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915), a transformative addition to LACMA’s permanent collection.

 Also: Ed Ruscha, the internationally renowned L.A. artist was there as was Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg, Jacqueline Bisset, Betsy Bloomingdale, Arianna Huffington, Peter and Jamee Gregory, Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel, Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker, Michael and Jane Eisner, Irwin and Margo Winkler, Julian Sands and Evgenia Citkowitz, Selim Zilkha and Mary Hayley, Irena Medavoy, Kurt Andersen and Anne Kreamer, and of course, Graydon Carter and his wife, Anna Scott Carter.

Ray’s provided the food which included ahi tuna with jardinière olive salad, crispy confit potatoes with local goat cheese and chives, sweet peppers stuffed with chorizo and almond sauce, cannellini beans with wilted beets greens, pickled fresnos and local olive oil on house bread, mushroom, sage truffle cheese flatbread, etc. The food was fabulous!
Brie Larson and Sarah Ramos
Whitney Able and Azita Ghanizada
Jacqueline Bisset and Darren Ramirez
Victoria Brynner, Laura Cunningham, and Fred Jones
Joan Collins and Percy Gibson
Amy Ephron, Diane von Furstenberg, and Alana Stewart
Wendy Stark Morrissey and Allison Gorsuch
Fiona Lewis, Alex Hitz and Marin Hopper
A. Scott Berg
Alan Finklestein and Angela Janklow
Mitch Glazer
Kris Morningstar, Greg Wiele, Wendy Stark Morrissey, Joachim Splichal, and Betsy Bloomingdale
Eric Charbonneau and Erica Mueller
Lynn Collins
Lisa Eisner and Krista Smith
Barry Diller
Andrea Aberegg
Andrew Saffir, Katherine Ross, Daniel Benedict, and Ari Graynor
Heather Wilson
Michael Govan and Lynda Resnick
Barry Frediani and Wanda McDaniel
Angela Janklow and Jeff Stein
Stavros Merjos and Alan Finklestein
Tim O'Shea and Barbara Pflaumer
Ben Walker and Mamie Gummer
Eva Chow and Cynthia Yorkin
Colleen Camp and Punch Hutton
Brian Grazer and Carly Craig
Veronique Peck, Tony Peck, and Paula Rice
Katherine Ross and Anna Carter
Dasha Zhukova
Harry and Florence Sloan
Jamie McCourt
Arnold Kopelson, Alan Hamel, and Suzanne Somers
Jacqueline Bisset and Margo Winkler
Irena Medavoy
Susan and Jerry Weintraub
Julian Sands
Ed and Danna Ruscha
Stephanie Barron and Melody Kanschat
Nick Berggruen and Arianna Huffington
Dani Janssen and Lynda Resnick
Devaughn Nixon and Lorenzo Eduardo
Marc Mani and Suzanne Saperstein
John Burnham, Michael Eisner, and Jane Eisner
Jamee Gregory, Peter Gregory, and Wendy Goldberg
Marc and Jane Nathanson
Tessa Thompson and Jesse Nolan
Matt Ullian and David Foxley
The Paul Taylor Dance Company opened its new season on Tuesday night with a gala performance at City Center, followed by a dinner at Cipriani 42nd Street.
The dinner scene
A table setting
Eran Bugge, Robert Kleinendorst, James Samson, Amy Fleet
Eran Bugge, Robert Kleinendorst, James Samson, and Amy Fleet
Betsy Whitters, Norton Belknap
Betsy Whitters and Norton Belknap
Paul Taylor Dancers
Paul Taylor Dancers
Denise Hurlin Roberts, Damian Woetzel
Denise Hurlin Roberts and Damian Woetzel
Michael Novak, Eileen Roehl, Michael Apuzzo
Michael Novak, Eileen Roehl, and Michael Apuzzo
Nicholas Gulde, Henry Butler, Melinda Krasting, Michael Sottile
Nicholas Gulde, Henry Butler, Melinda Krasting, and Michael Sottile
Richard Feldman, Judy Kinberg
Richard Feldman and Judy Kinberg
Judith Selkowitz, Betsy Whitters
Judith Selkowitz and Betsy Whitters
Mary Ann Beyington, Rosario Perez, Larry McAffrey, Mary McAffrey
Mary Ann Beyington, Rosario Perez, and Larry and Mary McAffrey
Maryann Kinkead, Jordan Kinkead
Maryann Kinkead and Jordan Kinkead
Ray Bragar, Robin Hertz
Ray Bragar and Robin Hertz
Roberta Cook, Michael Cook
Roberta and Michael Cook
Eileen Robert, Charles Curkin
Eileen Robert and Charles Curkin
Sean Mahoney, Amy Young, Jody Arnhold, Michelle Fleet, Michael Trusnovec
Sean Mahoney, Amy Young, Jody Arnhold, Michelle Fleet, and Michael Trusnovec
Maryann Kinkead, Frank Ellsworth
Maryann Kinkead and Frank Ellsworth
Barbara Kowalski, Michael Kowalski
Barbara Kowalski and Michael Kowalski
Bjarne Rieber, Yvonne Rieber
Bjarne Rieber and Yvonne Rieber
Beverly D'Anne, Guy Mognaz
Beverly D'Anne and Guy Mognaz
Ariane Reinhart, Lisa Arbisser, Carolyn Adams, Joan Bowman, Yvonne Rieber
Ariane Reinhart, Lisa Arbisser, Carolyn Adams, Joan Bowman, and Yvonne Rieber
Ken Garen, Christine Sisley
Ken Garen and Christine Sisley
John McErnan, RoAnnCostin
John and RoAnnCostin
Parissa Khobdeh, Holden Kellerhals
Parissa Khobdeh and Holden Kellerhals
David Nadler, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans
David Nadler and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans
Palencia Turner, Kirstin Ellsworth, Ken Garen, Christine Sisley
Palencia Turner, Kirstin Ellsworth, Ken Garen, and Christine Sisley
Darcy Gilpin, Rachel Berman
Darcy Gilpin and Rachel Berman
Mary Beth Alberlin, Larry McCaffrey
Mary Beth Alberlin and Larry McCaffrey
Michael Trusnovec, Paul Taylor, Damian Woetzel
Michael Trusnovec, Paul Taylor, and Damian Woetzel
Lucy Lang, Scott Asher
Lucy Lang and Scott Asher
John McErnan, Mary Belknap
John McErnan and Mary Belknap
Hugh Hildesley
Hugh Hildesley
Kipton Cronkite
Kipton Cronkite
Last Friday night at Freight + Volume, the gallery at 530 West 24th Street and 10th Avenue, Richard Butler opened his show: hyprochondriacattegramercyparkhotel, along with a performance and a video project by Mai Ueda titled Bird Choir.
Anabel Murillo and Michael Felder
Kevin Kay, Mai Ueda, Nick Lawrence, and Richard Butler
Bodo Korsig and Ann Marlowe
Adina Popescu and Carlos Soto
Annie Walker, Jagger James, and Anna Valencia
Anthony Haden-Guest and Nick Lawrence
Asuka Nakamura and Chris Romeo
Greg Land, Jules Watson, Erika Anderson, and Joe Watson
Cipriana Quann and Nikisha Riley
Dana Balicki and Nick Lawrence
Cindy Hetzel and Alex Ogle
Daniel Haiter and Maria-Theresia
Maggie Butler and Richard Butler
Emilio Steinberger
Koubadja Abdel-Quteer
Ying Yue Li and Curt Goodwin
Diane Schmit and Eun Hye
Eric Gleason, Tom Sanford, and Ryan Schnieder
Hye Rim Lee and Julie Bills
Ellen To, Edwin Chong, and Geraldine Chung
Heather Lilleston and Ying Yue Li
John McKay, Haywood, and Jessica Riccardi
Emilya Naymark and Samantha Keely Smith
Kai Brambilla and Marco Brambilla
Marcus Burrowes and Amhara Rein
Yuko Torihara and Daphane Park
Lance Rautzhan, Megan Ronney, and Gordon Austin
Ying Yue Li and Nick Atkinson
Nadia Sinno, Madeline Butcher, and Stephanie Knight
Elle Muliarchyk
Samantha Rex, Jessica Riccardi, and Cindy Hetzel
Jimmy Bruch and Jagger James
Ying Yue Li and Peter Makebish
Hanne Lauritsen and Gi Gi
Emma Garrity and Maggie Butler
Ann Marlowe, Jack Dempsey, and Steve Zimmer
AJ Mason and Jonas Mason

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