Monday, October 17, 2011

New York After Dark

Barbara Harbach, Dr. Thomas Fahey, Elizabeth Savage, Bill Harbach, Eleanor Fahey
The Director’s Council of the Museum of the City of New York's “New York After Dark.”
Last Wednesday night at the Four Seasons restaurant in the Pool Room, the Director’s Council of the Museum of the City of New York held their annual fund-raising benefit, “New York After Dark.”

Among those wearing Valentino that night were Allison Aston, Tara Rockefeller, Alexandra Lind Rose, Sara Ayres, Jill Roosevelt, Adelina Wong Ettelson, Marisa Noel Brown, Kara Georgiopoulos, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, Ferebee Taube, Celerie Kemble, Fernanda Niven, Dayssi Kanavos, Rachel Hovnanian, Whitney Fairhild, Gigi Mortimer, Jennifer Creel, Carol Mack.
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
The Pool Room at The Four Seasons
The evening’s committee included chairman Mark Gilbertson, Phoebe Gubelmann, Heather Mnuchin, Allison Rockefeller, Shafi Roepers, Andrew Roosevelt, Calvert Moore and Burwell Schoor. Valentino and Graff sponsored the event.
Alixe Laughlin, Emilie Ghilaga, and Elizabeth Edelman
Adelina Wong Ettelson and June Haynes
Allison Rockefeller, Peter Rockefeller, and Shafi Roepers
Alexandra Lind Rose and Christina Coleman
Amy Hoadley and Nina Richter
Charlie and Sara Ayres
Junquera Amelia and Anjali Melwani
Bobbie Arnot, Caroline Dean, and Mark Gilbertson
Andrew Fry and Tom Felicia
Bettina Zilkha and Alexandra Lebenthal
Burwell Schorr, Calvert Moore, and Deborah Norville
Elizabeth Meigher and Nicole Mellon
Eric Villency and Caroline Fare
Hilary Dick, Allison Aston, and Jennifer Creel
George Lewis and Pamela Owens
Ferebee Taube and Nathalie Leeds Leventhal
Jill Roosevelt, Mary Snow, and Kathryn Navab
Kara Young and Larry Creel
Kathy Prounis and Othon Prounis
Hamish Bowles
Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer
Helene Comfort and Susan Henshaw Jones
Peggy Siegal and Marisa Noel Brown
Libby Fitzgerald and Evelyn Tompkins
Leslie Godridge, Mark Godridge, and Heather Leeds
Leslie Stevens, Claude Shaw, and Lara Meiland-Shaw
Marina Conner and Mark Gilbertson
Mark Gilbertson and Julia Koch
Rachel Hovnanian and Susan Henshaw Jones
Robert de Guardiola, Joanne de Guardiola, and Charlie Ayres
Peter Davis and Fernanda Niven
Roberta Armani, Alice Tisch, and Jamie Tisch
Whitney Fairchild
Scott Snyder and Audrey Gruss
Yaz Hernandez
Somers Farkas, Jonathan Farkas, and Alexandra Lebenthal
Sasha Lazard and Andrew Allen
Wendy Carduner, Cynthia Lufkin, and Claudia Overstrom
Last Tuesday night in the Rose Room of Jazz at Lincoln Center, the New York Stem Cell Foundation held its 6th annual Gala and Science Fair. They honored the artist Christo and Julian H. Robertson, chairman and CEO of Tiger Management.
Fifteen years ago Mr. Robertson and his wife Josie founded the Robertson Foundation, focusing on high impact grants in medical research, the environment, religion, and education.
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Christo, and Susan Solomon
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Julian H. Robertson Jr. and Susan Solomon
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Peter J. Coffey addresses the crowd in the Rose Room of Jazz at Lincoln Center
Among its major initiatives is the NYSCF-Robertson Investigators, a program that provides five years of seed funding to outstanding early career scientists engaged in translational stem cell research. The foundation supports the initiative with a $200,000 prize for a major stem cell advancement performed by a young scientists. Last Tuesday night the prize was inaugurated by Mr. Robertson (Mrs. Robertson died a year ago last June after a long, valiant battle with cancer).
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Chuck Close and Susan Solomon
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Sirgay Sanger, Judy Sanger, and Nathan Silverstein
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Bonnie Pfeiffer Evans
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Marcia Mishaan
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
CeCe Cord
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Paul Goldberger and Joel Fleishman
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Faical Miyara and Gadi Bornstein
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Elizabeth Star
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Panos Douvaras, PhD., Jennifer Becht, PhD., and Darja Marolt, PhD.
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Peter J. Coffey, DPHIL, and Dominic Meiklejohn, OBE
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Wendy Sarasohn
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Nancy Goodes
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Martha Stewart
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Keren Weiss and Carmen Dusenberry
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Kristin A. Smith, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, and Mary Hynes
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Stephen and Arlene Genatt
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Ruth McKernan and Peter J. Coffey, DPHIL
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Gabsang Lee, Julie Giacobassi, and Zach W. Hall, MD.
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Richard Mishaan and Michael Schultz
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Roy Geronemus, MD
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Marguerite Soderberg and John Newsom
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Anne G. Kreamer and Kurt Andersen
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Mickey Strauss, Clifford Ross, and Chuck Close
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Stefano Acunto, Carole Acunto, Mary-Louise Pierson, and Thomas Knapp
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Karen Burke and Stefan Acunto
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Mahendra Rao
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Ariel Ashe and David Shuman
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
John Newsom
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
John and Jolie Eastman
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Lee Rubin, MD
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Julian H. Robertson Jr. and Dr. Dieter Egli
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
C. Hugh Hildesley, Mark Zelman, Louis Zelman, and Connie Hildesley
Last Wednesday night at Bergdorf Goodman, Fairchild Books hosted a party for Ira Neimark and his second book The Rise of Fashion and Lessons Learned at Bergdorf Goodman.

Click to order The Rise of Fashion and Lessons Learned at Bergdorf Goodman.
Mr. Neimark, who ran the great store for 17 years (1975 to 1992), shares nearly 50 years-worth of anecdotes illustrating how he and his fashion and merchandising team brought Bergdorf’s to the pinnacle of luxury fashion retail where it remains today.

Covering one of the most significant periods of world-wide growth in fashion and culture, the book features more than 150 photos of designers, celebrities, royalty and business associates at lavish happenings that welcomed such luminaries as: Jacqueline Onassis, Diana Vreeland, Yves Saint Laurent, Princess Diana, Esteé Lauder, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors.

Mr. Neimark’s goal in writing this book is to share his experiences with the next generation of business, retail and style leaders.

While at Bergdorf’s he opened the largest luxury men’s store in the country, The Men’s Store on Fifth Avenue. Starting his career in 1946 as an assistant to the president at Bonwit Teller, throughout the 1950s, '60s and '70s, he rose through the retail ranks, holding top management positions at Gladdings, Brown Thompson, G. Fox and B. Altman. Neimark.
Ira Neimark, Jackie Neimark
Ira and Jackie Neimark
Calvin Klein
Dick Siderowf, Al Feinman
Dick Siderowf and Al Feinman
Bill Cummingham, Ira Neimark
Bill Cummingham and Ira Neimark
Calvin Klein and Jackie Neimark
Michael Schulter, Olga Kontzias
Michael Schulter and Olga Kontzias
Dawn Mello
Fred Seegal, Larry Leeds
Fred Seegal and Larry Leeds
Robert Reiss, Barbara Reiss
Robert and Barbara Reiss
Janie Neimark Lewis, Dr. Michael Lewis
Janie Neimark Lewis and Dr. Michael Lewis
Christina Alexander, Christiano Isidoro De Rossi
Christina Alexander and Christiano Isidoro De Rossi
Linda Fargo
Linda Fargo
Michael McGraw, Mary Bertin
Michael McGraw and Mary Bertin
Fern Mallis
Fern Mallis
Hilary Dick, Karen Klopp
Hilary Dick and Karen Klopp
Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen
Last Wednesday night at Sotheby’s, there was a gala dinner and preview for The Africa Foundation’s Art For Africa. Works from artists including Andy Warhol and Alexander Calder, Peter Beard, Alex Katz, Hunt Slonem were donated as part of the charity auction that will be held on November 17, 2011.
Debra Beard, Peter Beard, Nejman Beard, James Mellon, Vivian Mellon, Anson Beard
Debra Beard, Peter Beard, Nejman Beard, James Mellon, Vivian Mellon, and Anson Beard
Justin Kennedy, Jenny Kennedy, Mary Davis Kennedy, Justice Anthony Kennedy
Justin Kennedy, Jenny Kennedy, Mary Davis Kennedy, and Justice Anthony Kennedy
Nan Goldin, Carrie Mackin, Clair Carter
Nan Goldin, Carrie Mackin, and Clair Carter
Audrey Irmas, a philanthropist who is involved in the project, said that most money that goes to African charities’ work is “very watered down” because of the many groups who dip “into the honeypot.”

The Africa Foundation, however, is one that she trusts. She also announced during the evening that she would match any donation made that night up to $100,000. Shortly thereafter, they raised, including Mrs. Irmas’ contribution, $180,000.
Natasha Silver, Krista Krieger, Jenny Kennedy
Natasha Silver, Krista Krieger, and Jenny Kennedy
Benjamin Le Hay, Porsha Ellis, Danielle Choi
Benjamin Le Hay, Porsha Ellis, and Danielle Choi
Paul Balmer, Caitlyn Duffy-Cabana
Paul Balmer and Caitlyn Duffy-Cabana
Charles Cecil, Janis Gardner Cecil
Charles Cecil and Janis Gardner Cecil
Ramona Singer, Matt Czuchry
Ramona Singer and Matt Czuchry
Paulo Oliveira, Diandra Douglas
Paulo Oliveira and Diandra Douglas
Carlton DeWoody, Sarah Connolly
Carlton DeWoody and Sarah Connolly
Lawrence Benenson, Kajahl Benes, Janis Gardner Cecil, Charles Cecil
Lawrence Benenson, Kajahl Benes, Janis Gardner Cecil, and Charles Cecil
Liliana Cavendish, Kristin Kennedy Clarke, Jenny Kennedy, Julia Pruitt, Mary Judelson
Liliana Cavendish, Kristin Kennedy Clarke, Jenny Kennedy, Julia Pruitt, and Mary Judelson
Chris Mack, Bill Smith, Jennifer Creel
Chris Mack, Bill Smith, and Jennifer Creel
Maija Garcia
Maija Garcia
Tiffany Dubin, Archie Panjabi
Tiffany Dubin and Archie Panjabi
Krista Krieger, Frances Schultz
Krista Krieger and Frances Schultz
Nejma Beard, Peter Beard, Cristina Cuomo
Nejma Beard, Peter Beard, and Cristina Cuomo
Nina Griscom, Leonel Piraino, Charlotte Mourlot, Aisha Craig
Nina Griscom, Leonel Piraino, Charlotte Mourlot, and Aisha Craig
Last Wednesday night at the Decoration and Design Building, they held the 2011 Stars of Design. This award was inaugurated more than ten years ago and represents a cross section of the creative world with each recipient chosen for their significant achievements and contributions to their respective discipline of design.
Thomas Schutte, Charles Cohen, Lisa Spears, Christopher Quiles, Alejandra Eyzaguirre, Susanna Rautila, Nikko Torres
Thomas Schutte, Charles Cohen, Lisa Spears, Christopher Quiles, Alejandra Eyzaguirre, Susanna Rautila, and Nikko Torres
Tucker Viemeister, Paula Scher, Seymour Chwast, Thomas Schutte, and Tess Schutte
Vicente Wolf, Jamie Drake, Julia Noran, Matthew Yee
Vicente Wolf, Jamie Drake, Julia Noran, and Matthew Yee
Mario Buatta, Juan Carlos Menendez, Peter Marino
Mario Buatta, Juan Carlos Menendez, and Peter Marino
Albert Hadley award was for Lifetime Achievement; Diller Scofidio + Renfro for Architecture; Jean Michel Othoniel for Art; Paula Scher for Graphic Design, Tucker Viemeister for Industrial/Product Design; Matthew Patrick Smyth for Interior Design; James Orner for Landscape Design and Architecture, and Jason Schmidt for Photography.
Mitchell Wolfson Jr., Michele Oka Doner, Alexander Gorlin
Mitchell Wolfson Jr., Michele Oka Doner, and Alexander Gorlin
Alix Browne, Cory Jacobs, Jason Schmidt
Alix Browne, Cory Jacobs, and Jason Schmidt
Pilar Molyneux, Juan Pablo Molyneux
Pilar and Juan Pablo Molyneux
Tess Schutte, Thomas Schutte
Tess and Thomas Schutte
Charles Cohen, Clo Cohen
Charles and Clo Cohen
Matthew Patrick Smyth, Vicente Wolf
Matthew Patrick Smyth and Vicente Wolf
Robert Contini, Harry Benson, Paige Rense
Robert Contini, Harry Benson, and Paige Rense
Elizabeth Chamberlain, Windsor Smith
Elizabeth Chamberlain and Windsor Smith
Keira Alexandra, Tucker Viemeister
Keira Alexandra and Tucker Viemeister
Jennifer Levene Bruno, Scott Frances
Jennifer Levene Bruno and Scott Frances
Ann Maine, Bunny Williams
Ann Maine and Bunny Williams
Randall Tarasun, Scott Salvator, Charles Pavarini III
Randall Tarasun, Scott Salvator, and Charles Pavarini III
Ben Gilmartin, Britt Smith
Ben Gilmartin and Britt Smith
Patti Weinberg, Dara Caponigro, Carolyn Englefield
Patti Weinberg, Dara Caponigro, and Carolyn Englefield
Robert Contini, Brad Ford, Patrick J. Hamilton
Robert Contini, Brad Ford, and Patrick J. Hamilton

Photographs by (Art for Africa, Stem Cell, Stars of Design).
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