Friday, August 12, 2011

New York, Newport, and Aspen

Isherwood Gallery
Last Friday in Newport, Rhode Island, Isherwood Gallery hosted an Opening Reception for artist Frederick Ames Cushing.
This past Wednesday, Sheila Nevins, Tina Brown, Katie Couri and Ann Curry hosted a luncheon at La Grenouille for Gloria Steinem and the new documentary "Gloria: In Her Own Words."
Ann Curry, Sheila Nevins, Gloria Steinem, Katie Couric, and Tina Brown
Amy Richards, Dyllan McGee, Carol Jenkins, and Cindi Lieve
Faye Wattleton and Sheila Nevins
Gayle King and Ann Curry
Jackie Glover and Dyllan McGee
Lana Iny and Rula Jebreal
Joni Evans, Kim Cattrall, and Sheila Nevins
Marie Brenner, Sheila Nevins, and Jodi Evans
Christine Baranski and Chloe Malle
Christine Baranski and Kirsten Powers
Candice Bergen and Fran Lebowitz
Carol Jenkins, Amy Richards, and Jackie Glover
Cindi Lieve and Gayle King
Deborah Roberts and Cindi Lieve
Chloe Malle and Kim Cattrall
Debra Winger and Christine Baranski
The Children's Museum of the Arts’ Young Professionals Committee hosted their 2nd Annual Summer Benefit, “Wild About Art,” on Tuesday, August 9th at Aspen Social Club. Proceeds from the event support CMA Stripes, an art program for families with children on the autism spectrum. Guests enjoyed drinks courtesy of sponsors Brooklyn Brewery, The Bubble Lounge, and IZZE Sparkling Juice, as well as delicious sliders courtesy of The Diner and treats from Fresh Direct. Squarespace generously sponsored the event. For more information about CMA and the Young Professionals Committee, please visit
Betty Chen and Li Jun Xian
Angelica Campanaro, Jonathan LaSala, Rachael Tella, and Emily Tella
Matthew Singleton, Emily Liu, and Brenda Wu
Conrad Benham and Anita Surendran
Julian Harper, Phil Issa, Adam Libove
Bidding at the auction, Nicole Loprena, Elissa Steinberg, Stephanie Sit, and Allison McGuinn
Meg and Steve Smith, Ashby Andrews, and Lori Feren
Cindy and Frank Pellegrino with Rachel Rapoport
Jessica French, Brenda Wu, and Julian Harper
Last Friday in Newport, Rhode Island, Isherwood Gallery hosted an Opening Reception for artist Frederick Ames Cushing. More than guests along with members of the family and close friends attended the private preview featuring 30 of Fred’s oil and watercolor paintings.

The artist is the grandson of Howard Gardiner Cushing, a renowned portraitist and muralist who came to an untimely death in 1917 at the age of 47. The Cushing Gallery at The Newport Art Museum was built in his memory; spearheaded by his good friend and fellow artist Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. It houses a permanent collection of several portraits of his wife Ethel, as well as a number of decorative works which occupied much of his later career.
Amy Berkowitz, Robert Manice
Amy Berkowitz and Robert Manice
Justine Cushing, Mary Mc Fadden, Thomas & Dee Cushing
Justine Cushing, Mary Mc Fadden, and Thomas and Dee Cushing
Jamie Cushing
Jamie Cushing
The Cushing family came to Newport in the mid 1860s when Robert Cushing, the eldest son of J. P. Cushing the China Trader from Boston, bought a piece of land by the sea on which he built a summer house. This property is still occupied by his descendants today. As several of Robert’s children displayed artistic talent he also built an attached studio where Howard completed several large portraits.

In the 1890s Howard studied painting at the Academie Julien in Paris. There he befriended many of the well known artists of the time including Whistler, Cassatt, Helleu and Sargent. Some of his works are in the collections of The Metropolitan and The Whitney Museums in New York, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as well as the Gardner Museum.
Fred Cushing & Mr and Mrs Duncan Chapman
Fred Cushing and Mr and Mrs Duncan Chapman
Brownie Warburton, Jackie Astor Drexel, and Robert Cowley
Brownie Warburton, Jackie Astor Drexel, and Robert Cowley
Frederick Cushing’s early career was in international finance, followed by the creation of a production company for industrial videos. He had no formal art training, but growing up was constantly exposed to his grandfather’s work while surrounded by the exceptional beauty of Newport. This led him to try to capture these images in oil and watercolors. His favorite occupation in Newport and during some winters in Central America, is to capture, with his brushes, the light bathing serene landscapes and seascapes.

The Cushing exhibit is on display through September 4th at Isherwood Gallery, 108 William Street, Newport, Rhode Island. For information please visit
Didi Lorillard & Robert Cowley
Didi Lorillard and Robert Cowley
Robert Manice & Lisa Goddard
Robert Manice and Lisa Goddard
Jessica Bradley & Amy Smith
Jessica Bradley and Amy Smith
3 Andrew and Julie Burdon, Fred Cushing, Alix Flood and Nick Benson
Andrew and Julie Burdon, Fred Cushing, Alix Flood, and Nick Benson
Caterine Milinaire, Fred Cushing & Nancy Isherwood
Caterine Milinaire, Fred Cushing, and Nancy Isherwood
John Slocum Jr
John Slocum Jr.
Elizabeth & Earl Mc Mille
Elizabeth and Earl Mc Mille
Dee and Richard Gordon
Dee and Richard Gordon
Sukey Bolton & Tom Blake
Sukey Bolton and Tom Blake
Chandler Hovey
Chandler Hovey
Nancy Isherwood & Steve Lipman
Nancy Isherwood and Steve Lipman
Caterine Milinaire and Fred Cushing
Caterine Milinaire and Fred Cushing
Fred Cushing & Dorrance Hamilton
Fred Cushing and Dorrance Hamilton
Jackie Astor Drexel and Richard Nelson
Jackie Astor Drexel and Richard Nelson
Diana Prince & Topsy Taylor
Diana Prince and Topsy Taylor
Sandra Cavanaugh
Sandra Cavanaugh
Colette Harron, Fred Cushing & Peter Harron
Colette Harron, Fred Cushing, and Peter Harron
John & Victoria Woodhull Cushing & Papaya
John and Victoria Woodhull Cushing with Papaya
Jamie, Monique and Jane Owen Coleman
Jamie, Monique, and Jane Owen Coleman
Jill Roosevelt & Tania Smith
Jill Roosevelt and Tania Smith
Lewis Rutherfurd & James J. Coleman Jr.
Lewis Rutherfurd and James J. Coleman Jr.
Minnie Coleman and Caterine Milinaire
Minnie Coleman and Caterine Milinaire
Mary Mc Fadden & Fred Cushing
Fred Cushing and Mary Mc Fadden
Mr R. Flemming, Mrs R.H.Charles & Jack Eeden
Mr R. Flemming, Mrs R.H.Charles, and Jack Eeden
Last Friday the Aspen Art Museum hosted its 7th annual ArtCrush summer benefit, raising an all time best of $1.7 million in support of the museum’s contemporary art programming. ArtCrush honoree and recipient of the AAM’s 2011 Aspen Award for Art Roni Horn was celebrated as guests from New York to Los Angeles and beyond witnessed the artist’s Clowd and Cloun (Gray) (2000/2001) auction for a record-breaking $420K—the highest raised by a single work of art in the 7-year history of the ArtCrush benefit.

Other results from the evening’s live auction conducted by Sotheby’s Deputy Chairman, Principal Auctioneer and Worldwide Head of Contemporary Art Tobias Meyer, included Rashid Johnson’s Alternator (2011) sold at $52K; Julian Opie’s Christine Swimming (2003) at $42K; Damián Ortega’s Supermodernismo IV (2009) at $63K; James Surls’s Stem Cells 1 (2011) at $35K; AAM’s 2011 Jane and Marc Nathanson Distinguished Artist in Residence Haegue Yang’s Oblique Gymnastic (2010) at $45K; Jim Lambie’s Reflections in Gold (2002) at $30K; David Altmedjd’s Untitled (2011) at $45K; Jason Middlebrook’s You and I and Other Just Like Us (2011) at $30K; Richard Avedon’s Suzy Parker, Evening Dress by Dior, Paris Studio, August 1956 (1981) at $42K; and Gary Simons’ Savage Sisters (2010) at $38K.
View of ArtCrush silent auction
The 2011 ArtCrush Live Auction raised a total of $842K, which, along with a host of silent auction lots of fine art and wine—helped set the evening’s record-setting total.

Chaired by veteran ArtCrush Chair and AAM National Council member Amy Phelan, the main Friday night gala marked the culmination of the museum’s annual three-day ArtCrush benefit hosting 350 of the world’s most influential art collectors, wine connoisseurs, artists, gallery owners, museum directors, curators, and global business leaders.
Perry Rubenstein, Sara Fitzmaurice, Alexander Gilkes, and Misha Nonoo
2011 event attendees included such notables as internationally renowned cycling legend Lance Armstrong and fashion-world icon Domenico DeSole. The ArtCrush gala, “an evening at the ice hotel,” was preceded by associated events WineCrush, a private wine tasting and dinner at the home of John and Amy Phelan guided by master sommeliers; PreviewCrush, a public viewing of donated artworks featured in the ArtCrush live auction on view at Richard Edward’s Baldwin Gallery; and was followed by a sizzling AfterPartyCrush at Aspen’s Syzygy with entertainment by DJ Samantha Ronson.
Bill and Brad Bell
Christopher Canizares, Manish Vora, Jonathan Lee, and Alex Lee
Artists Nir Hod and Delia Brown
Artists Lawrence Weiner and Rashid Johnson
Eleanore and Domenico De Sole
Dustin Yellin, Vinoodh Matadin, and Inez van Lamsweerde
Rose Dergan and artist Will Cotton
Marc and Jane Nathanson
Isabella and Theodor Dalenson
Tobias Meyer
Jennifer Stockman and Ari Wiseman
PreviewCrush ...
Chris Stone and David Fox
Richard Phillips, Josephine Meckseper, and Michelle Rubell
Jay and Jill Bernstein
John and Lisa Runyon
Shari Applebaum
Baldwin Gallery's Richard Edwards, Toby Lewis, and Jonathan Lewis
WineCrush ...
2011 Aspen Award for Art Recipient Roni Horn
Lance Armstrong and Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson
Jamie Tisch and Nicola Marcus
Rod Waywell and Lisa Dennison
Paul and June Schorr with Gabriela and Ramiro Garza
Bob and Soledad Hurst
Amy and John Phelan
Bob and Linda Gersh
Paul and Gayle Stoffel

Photographs by (Steinhem); Peter Harron, Caterine Milinaire, & Laurie Warner (Newport). Yun Cee Ng (Children's Museum).
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