Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

The scene at the Brooklyn Artists Ball
Last Wednesday night at the Brooklyn Museum the Brooklyn Museum held its annual Brooklyn Artists Ball, hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler.
The evening's honorees were artists Fred Tomaselli, Fred Wilson, and Lorna Simpson. 600 people attended the art-themed party.
Alexis Tobin and Nell Constance
Paul Johnson, Doreen Remen, Eileen Guggenheim, and Bettina Prentice
Bob Colacello, Dustin Yellen, and Vito Schnabel
Michelle Ochs and Carly Cushnie
Hannah Bronfman
Yvonne Force Villareal, Doreen Remen, and Casey Freemont
Vanessa Lawrence and Bettina Zilkha
Carlton DeWoody, Gillian Schwartz, Kyle DeWoody, and Gordon Hull
Cynthia Rowley and Brad Kahlhamer
Liv Tyler
Lorna Simpson, Fred Wilson, Arnold Lehman, and Fred Tomaselli
Susan Hort, Michael Hort, and Laura Tomaselli
Sarah Jessica Parker and Arnold Lehman
Two weeks ago on Thursday April 21, East Side House Settlement hosted the 12th Annual Gala Preview of the 2011 New York International Auto Show at the Jacob K. Javits Center. More than 1,400 guests from the worlds of Wall Street, fashion, arts, sports, and society enjoyed a private viewing of the entire auto show before it officially opened to the public. The Gala evening included cocktails, a private dinner for benefactors and a specially curated display of iconic Lotus cars from the brands’ glorious past and new product exclusives.

The evening’s highlight included the North American debut of two additions to the award-winning Evora range, the supercharged Evora S and Evora with IPS. Christie’s auctioneer Lydia Fenet auctioned off the Evora IPS, followed by important college scholarships for East Side House Settlement students.
Scholarship Chair Steve Cho talks over the Lotus Evora IPS
The evening was chaired by Philip L. Yang, Joan P. Young, Chris LaSusa, and Elia Zois and the benefit committee was chaired by Fe Fendi and Mariana Zois. The media sponsor was New York magazine.

They raised more than $500,000 to support East Side House Settlement, a leading social service agency that serves the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx. The event was made possible through the generosity of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association and the New York International Auto Show, as part of a proud tradition of dedicated community service.

Among the guests: Fe and Alessandro Saracino-Fendi, Mariana and Elia Zois, Phil and Maria Yang, Chris LaSusa, Yaz and Valentin Hernandez, Lake Bell, Lydia Fenet, Susan Fales Hills, Peter Bacanovic, Geoffrey Bradfield, Emma Snowdon-Jones, E.J. Viso (Indy Driver), Jade Brownfield, Courtney Booth, Lisa Yom, Candida Romanelli and more.
Jimmy Vassar and E.J. Viso in Lotus Evora IPS
Fe Fendi in Lotus Evora IPS
Emma Snowdon-Jones
Yaz Hernandez
Elizabeth Kurpis
Susan Fales-Hill
Fe Fendi, Elia Zois, and Mariana Zois
Mayra Tozzi, Mariana Zois, and Aline Nakashma
Courtney and Tom Booth
Bob Lutz, E.J. Viso, and Guillaume Chabin
Tatiana Platt and Fe Fendi
Maria and Phil Yang
Kari Pinkernell
Lydia Fenet
Fe Fendi, Yaz Hernandez, and Patricia Shiah
Peter Standish, Maria Yang, Barbara Byrne, Tom Byrne, and Phil Yang
Lisa Yom
Lake Bell
E.J. Viso and Jade Brownfield
Joan Young, Barbara Byrne, and Maria Yang
Elia and Mariana Zois
Jade Brownfield, E.J. Viso, and John Sanchez
Justin Concannon, Roric Tobin, Chiu Tijansen, and Geoffrey Bradfield
John Sanchez and Candida Romanelli
Caitlin Delaney and Lydia Fenet
Alexis and Priscilla Zoullas
Peter Bacanovic and Susan Fales-Hill
Joan Young, Phil Yang, Elia Zois, and Chris LaSusa
Alison Minton and friend
Elia Zois and Chris LaSusa
Last Thursday night over at Sotheby’s on York Avenue and 72nd Street, the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation held its 5th annual Connoisseur’s Dinner which included an exclusive preview of Impressionist and Modern Art that goes on sale today at auction.

This year they honored Nancy Corzine, who happens to be President of the ADDF, with the inaugural Chairman’s Award. Ms. Corzine has served as President of ADDF since 2005. Her mother Rita Johnson was a victim of the disease and Ms. Corzine is profoundly committed to finding a cure. It is the kind of commitment that often leads the way, opens the doors to opportunity and finds solutions in life.

Her acceptance speech about her personal experience with her mother’s struggle with, and eventual passing away from Alzheimer’s deeply touched the evening’s guests. They raised a total of $1.3 million that evening.
Mel Goodes, Nancy Corzine, Nancy Goodes, Beth Goodes, and David Goodes
In memory of her mother, the ADDF also announced granting of funds to support the research of Dr. Lennart Mucke, a world renowned scientist and the current Director and Senior Investigator at the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease (GIND) as well as the Joseph B. Martin Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience in the Department of Neurology at the University of California at San Francisco. The doctor’s work involves investigating new drugs that may protect brain cells from dying by decreasing the production of “tau protein,” a key component of the “tangles” associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

The ADDF was found in 1998 by the Lauder family and grants awards to leading scientists conducting breakthrough drug discovery and early clinical research and programs. It has granted more than $45 million to fund more than 325 Alzheimer’s drug discovery programs and clinical trials in academic centers and biotechnology companies in 17 countries. Scientists funded by the foundation have test more than 30 new drugs in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Since the founding of ADDF and its critical initial funding, our grantees have received commitments of more than $2 billion in follow-on funding from government, pharmaceutical companies and venture capital firms to further advance their drug research.
Dan Loeb, Alexandra Lebenthal, and Nancy Lynn
The evening’s chairs were Leonard Lauder and Nancy Corzine. Honorary Chairs were Cece Cord, Audrey and Martin Gruss, Jamie Niven, Bill and Ophelia Rudin, Betsy and Bill Ruprecht, and Barbara and Donald Tober.
Leonard Lauder and Evelyn Lauder
Elliza Osborne, Alfred Taubman, and Judy Taubman
Nancy Phelan and Michael Williams
Eliza Osborne and Dr. Peter Scheer
Jeanne Saunders, George Saunders, and Nancy Goodes
Evelyn Lauder and Barbara Fields
Sharon Sager and Loring Swasey
Leonard Lauder and Jacquie Garrett
Tia Walker and Josh Gray
Leonard Lauder, Nancy Lynn, Lisa Dennison, and Terry Lundgren
George Schiele, Joan Schiele, Irene Zelinsky, and Carl Zelinsky
Dr. Howard Fillit
Yuri Gevorgian, Siri Ekman, and Dr. Lars Ekman
Mia McChesney and Sarah Wieber
Jennifer Miller, Jamie Niven, and Hoda Kotb
Daniel Loeb
Muffie Potter Aston and Alexandra Lebenthal
Diane Bazelides, Philip Bazelides, and Nancy Lynn
Donny Deutsch
Jeffrey Weinberg, Nancy Lynn, Nancy Corzine, and Deborah Krulewitch
Cornelia Guest and John Demsey
Last Friday night, The Spring Show Young Patrons Arts’ Night Out, co-chaired by Emily Collins, Margaret Moore and Abigail Starliper, took place, in conjunction with The New Traditionals, the next generation of designers selected by editors of “Trad Home/Lonny,” the new digital edition of Traditional Home. On-hand for one-on-one design consultations were Lisa Sternfeld, from Studio LSID and Ron
The auction table
Guests also had the opportunity to place their silent bids for a one-hour design consultation by Patrick Lonn Design, Sara Gilbane Interiors, Bonestreet Trout Hall, Tinton-Fenwick, and Megan Rice Yager Interior Design, all of whom have donated their services to benefit the ASPCA.
Elia Monte-Brown, Kristine Kaplan, and Josh Fert
Ethan and Lisa Litwin with Andrew Flescher
Diana Stuffer, Richard Mimitri, Myra Klenicki, Christianne and John Dimitri
Naomi Wolff, Ron Marvin, and Bethany Matia
Joe Johnson, Juan Manso, Katie Murtha, and Naomi Weinstock
Ali Reboul and Dara Perlmetter
Vanessa Fusco, Jeffrey Lee, and Rebecca Kellog
Vicki Hubbard, Him Carra, and Beth McDonough
Christine Cachot and Patricia Harterneck
Carlton Hobbs and Vicomtesse Bianca Irwin
Maggie Moore and Nathaniel Bentley
Sarah T Morrow
Francesca Perez, Luke Gay, and Karen Chia
Kristine Kaplun
Jing Huang and Richard Ravini
Lisa Sternfeld and Sheila Mahoney
Mita Singh, Hadley King, LiMin Ching, and Philip Starck
Andrea Lawn and Jared Longhitano
Emma Snowdon-Jones and Zev Eisenberg
Matthew Boland and Peter Costanzo
Kristina Gabler and Stephanie Kuchs
Sara Meyer, Dana Reder, and Abby Vedder
Mia and Eva with Cameron Shay
Andrea Lawn and Jared Longhitano
Abby Starliper and Sima Jalili
Bridgett Fitzpatrick and Efraim Chalamish
Madeleine Barbara and Marcia Levy
Angela laPick and Louise Levin
Tom Danilek, Julie Oimoen, Donna Davies, and Hanna Oimoen
Clinton Howell and Marcy Masterson
Clinton Howell with Catherine and Donald Heald
Luis and Carolyn Accorsi
Emily Collins, Abby Starliper, and Maggie Moore
Carlton Hobbs and Stefanie Rinza
Jon Neckes and Tara Price
Michael Franks and Clinton Howell
Simon Stock and Bruno Francois
Andretti and Kat Hollander
The Morgans
Heidi Skolnik
Lara Shirvinski and Glenn Hillman

Photographs by ANN WATT (Spring Show); PatrickMcMullan.com (Alzheimer's)
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